Hey there guys, this is Reckles with WTBGold and today I wanted to show you guys how to make gold. Like, not a specific route to farm, not a drungeon guide, or material farming spot. But how do these professional gold makers and YouTubers make millions and millions of gold each month? After implementing this, you should be able to buy any gear or any mount Blizz comes out with and buying a years worth of WoWTokens will just be pocket change. Oi! Dave here.

I’ve heard this clickbait B.S. nonsense a hundred times. Can you get to the point? Hi…Dave. Didn’t know we were gonna add new characters to this channel today. Also, is that an Australian or a British accent? Don’t you worry about what I am, mate! Just answer me questions! Oh. Oh, I get it. You’re literally the personification of a strawman argument. Oi! Maybe. But at least I’m not usin da troll model. No, you’re right, Dave. This could have been much lazier filmmaking. Ok, so, experienced gold makers who subscribe to the channel have been asking for a Tradeskillmaster setup video for a long time. Problem with that is that a comprehensive guide for that is incredibly boring. So, I need to make it exciting, but also there are new subscribers and new players who are honestly intimidated by the auction house. So, if I did a setup video, I’d also have to cover, gold making mindset and the basics of gold making as well, so people can realize just how easy it is to earn 10,000 gold a day or 10,000 gold a week. 500,000. A million gold a week! Oi! You talk to much, mate. ‘Urry it up! Alright.

Fine, Dave. Let’s do this guide! So, if you just installed the game, or you know someone who’s pretty new, here’s the very very basic concept of making gold. Sell things for more than it takes you to get them. There’s a couple ways to do this and honestly they kind of flow together. The cheapest way if you’re just starting is by farming raw materials, things like ore, and herbs, and cloth, and enchanting mats. Then any leftovers you have can be used to craft stuff. Sop, you’d turn 1000g worth of materials into a 2000g chestpiece. Once you have a little bit of a bankroll from that and you’re familiar with the ebb and flow of your server’s material markets, you can start to reinvest in cheap stuff that then you repost on Tuesday to Thursday.

You buy low and you sell high, although honestly sell high doesn’t work, you want to sell medium. Eventually you’re not flipping cheap stuff anymore but you’re flipping TCG mounts that sell for 100,000 or a million gold each. Also, each expansion kindof has its own goldmaking method that everyone latches on to. Legion is crazy about ore and herb farming. Cata was old raids, MoP was all about pets and spirits of harmony. Warlords was all about raw gold farms through your garrison and potion of luck, along with the rise of legit transmog markets.

Oy! Alright, we’re doin this again. That’s great that you can make gold on your server but my server sucks, so tell me what works for me or I’m gonna unsubscribe! Alright, alright. Listen, you went a lil Texan there. There aren’t any good or bad economies. They’re all just different. On high pop, you have alot more people selling gathering materials, so the prices drop as they approach perfect competition, but that population to price inverse log means there more real profit available for crafting professions and since the demand is so high, you can sell a lot… OI! Don’t give me that econ mumbo-jumbo! YOU ASKED! I didn’t ask for nothin! Ok, ok, you may not have literally asked, but… Roight! Can’t believe I’m listenin to a guy who thinks transmog is worthwhile. Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw! What?! Of course transmog is worthwhile. I sell hundreds of thousands of… Yah you might POST a lot of transmog, but that don”t mean it sells.

Pics or it didn’t happen. Yes. It sells. I don’t post a video of it because it takes a couple of weeks. I have to set up a different seperate bank toon, just for the the items for that one farm, and then hold off on releasing that video for an entire month or two just until the results come in. Really though, where are you getting this really negative impression of gold making? All I’m sayin mate is that Asmongold did a video on how bad transmog is to…

Look, I don’t have anything against him personally. He and a handful of other streamers out there are pretty much just like Donald Trump. They’re tools. They’re ignorant douchebags that use popularity gained from one area of expertise to spread uninformed misinformation about other areas. Now, other than that though, Dave, if you could just take my side every once in a while, you’d be a lot more interesting of a strawman character than the 2 dimensional harvest golem you currently are. Oh, I’ll do my best sweetheart, but it still sounds like you’re just a lil butthurt.

Great but let me just give you an example. A guy did a video on a transmog farm in Stonetalon Mountains and claimed 120,000 gold per hour. So, I did a response video giving him credit where I went through point by point and analyzed his route, talked about how to set up the addon he was using, and went into how to accurately price the items you recieve based on your server and your preferences. After that vid got popular, asmongold did one without giving either of us credit and after 5 minutes of farming, went to the auction house… OYoiOIOYoy! He only farmed for 5 minutes?! Yah, I know right? It might have been 15 minutes, I don’t know, doesn’t matter.

But you gotta farm for longer than that… Takes at least an hour to get good results! Right right! So, he goes to his auction house, and says that this one item that’s worth 10,000 gold is only up on his auction house for 50 gold, so the whole farm is worthless. Oy! Wait. But, couldn’t he have just bought that item for 50 gold and reposted it for 10k? That’s what I’m trying to say Dave! Yes! You know more about gold making than a random streamer does. And if you want to get better at this or anything, you need to talk to people and learn from people who know more than you do. Now, personally, I’ve still got a lot to learn, but I popularized the zul’farak farm, and AQ20, the Bastion of Twilight cloth farm, the legion shuffle, the murloc cave, so just…trust me on this. Now, are there any other common misconceptions our viewers might have that you want to suggest? No? Alright, let’s go. So, all that said, here’s the daily routine that I do regardless of what the fashionable gold making strat is that week. I log in to a max level toon with max level professions.

I open my profession window, click one button, and make a list of everything profitable. Next I go to my bank and the auction house and hit one button to gather up all the materials needed to craft that stuff. Then I hit one button and just craft everything. Then I go to the auction house, just scroll my mousewheel, and everything posts for the best possible price, automatically undercutting or overcutting as I prefer. And that’s it. That’s how you get gold capped. That’s how you make 100,000 a day and buy the Swift Spectral Tiger. Almost every other gold making method out there is included in those 5 steps. Now, I also do a reset scan and a sniper scan, but I’ll talk about those after I show you how to set up TSM the basic way.

So let’s set up Tradeskillmaster so you can do this too. OY! Ahv ‘eard of TSM an it’s bloody confusin’ dat is, ininnit? Well, two of the things I don’t like about TSM are that it’s really ugly and it’s obviously made by computer programmers. But its whole goal is to automate the entire goldmaking process as much as Blizzard will allow. It’s designed specifically to be as easy to use as possible, it just takes a little bit of setting up to mimick and automate how you sell stuff.

Sounds like a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo stuffin nonsense to me! Dave, if we’re gonna do this thing, I really need you to pick an accent ok? Just follow along with this example and we’ll try to figure out what your personal mindset is for making gold. Imagine you go to the Auction House to sell your wares and you aren’t using any addons whatsoever. You aren’t going to sell every BoE item your bags, so what are you gonna sell? Well, that depends on how ham you wanna go with goldmaking, but for starters, for startes let’s just say you want to sell all your crafted items. So, for instance, you’re a Jewelcrafter and have 1 quick dawnlight to sell which cost you 1,000 gold to make.

They normally run for 2,000 gold on your server. You’d obviously post it in stacks of 1 rather than stacks of 20, and maybe you’d post 10 at a time. But what about price? Would you ever sell this rare gem for 1 silver? No, that’s dumb. First off, you’d never sell anything in the entire game for less than the vendor price. The minimum you’d sell a crafted item for would be at least a little more than the crafting cost. But, what if there aren’t any up? You want it to sell quickly, but also, you’ve got a little monopoly so maybe a little more than the normal market price? Hey there, guys.

Editor Reckles here, and I just needed to take a quick second because I realized that I never actually explained what the heck we’re talking about here. Why it matters. Some of you may be confused by DBMarket and DBRegionMarketAvg. Like, what those are. So, just high level: this way of thinking about how you sell things, that in tradeskillmaster is called an operation. And every possible thing you can sell you can group these into different groups and subgroups and then you apply a single operation, you can apply it to multiple different groups to save time and be more efficient. Now, the DBMarket and DBRegionMarketAvg, those are called name tags for pricing sources, or as we say in the biz, tags and sources. So, you use the pricing sources to explain how you sell things, and pretty much, if a friend comes up to you and he has a 925 socketed BoE that he just got that he’s super excited about and he asks you “Hey, how much is this worth?”, the pricing source explains how you determine the answer.

So, if for a 925 socketed BoE, there aren’t going to be any up on your auction house, so you go to a website and you look at how much things like it are selling for on all different servers, then that would be a global pricing source rather than a local one that’s just your auction house. However, if your friend rather than being a pro mythic raider, is just a noob, and he says “Hey! I just got mining and I leveled it up and I got a full stack of felslate!” And he’s super excited, and he wants to know how much it’s worth. Do you say, “Well you know what, I’ve been following the market for the past 2 months, and there’s one guy who always trolls and posts his felslate for a million gold, but ignoring him, you can generally sell your felslate…you’ll normally see it for about 50 gold.” Then that is a 2-month, weighted local average.

And specifically it’s a median, but we’re fine with a mean or a median for this. So, that in tradeskillmaster is called DBHistorical. Now, if a market is maybe tanking a little bit and you don’t want to look back to all two months and you just want to look back two weeks, then that is DBMarket. That’s the most common one you’ll see out there. But if instead of that you just look at your friend and you’re like, “Hey! Tom, did you go to the auction house? How much is the cheapest one?” And he says “23 gold.” And you’re like, “THEN IT’S 23 GOLD! Stop bothering me, Tom! Bahdabadahba!” Then that, is DBMinBuyout.

So, here’s the thing, all of these are correct. The local and the global, and DBMinbuyout and DBMarket and DBHistorical and there are a bunch of others. They’re all correct, but this is why you need tradeskillmaster, because sometimes you want to use a more reliable 2-month long pricing source and other times, markets are fluctuating so you want to use only a two week source. and then other times, you’re buying something off the auction house and you want to know the price for it right now.

That would be minbouyout. so, what I want you to do. I want you to go into WoW and I want you to craft something, and pay attention. Tell me…Write down in the comments, craft something, tell me what you crafted and how much it’s worth. And then I want like, an explanation for why it’s worth that. Did you craft something and it’s worth 150 gold because that’s literally what it’s up for on the AH right now, or is that how much you sold your last one for? Or is that how much it’s normally the cheapest on the auction house, not how much it normally sells for, but that that’s normally what the price is.

Or did you look at a bunch of different servers. So, I know this is a long aside, but I didn’t want anyone to get confused with any of the higher level stuff, or the terms before we started getting into the very specific “Do this, then do this, then do this.” So, let’s go on with the guide. What if someone had one up but posted it for 100,000 gold, would you undercut them? No, that’s also just silly. That guy’s not going to sell anything, it’s too high. But, what if the cheapest was 10,000 gold? Ehhhhhhh. 8? Eh. For sure 4k. Maybe 5 or 6 depending on your market, how greedy you are, lots of things. So what TSM does is just automate that entire process for every single item. So you can post 10,000,000 gold worth of stuff in 10 minutes. BUT, you gotta tell it how you think first. The gem would go in a group, maybe called Legion Jewelcrafting Gems, and the thought process behind selling it is called an operation, and you link that operation to the group and you’re good to go, you’re done.

So let’s go back through our routine and set this up. Ok, Dave, pay attention now, we’re actually starting the setup portion of the guide. ‘Ight. Watifya tak too fast though? Well, Dave, feel free to pause the video as we go along. First, before you log in, make sure WoW is closed, and go download the core TradeSkillMaster addon from curse, and also download any modules. The ones made by Sapu94, he’s the developer. Now, this gives you the program and the framework, but it doesn’t automatically give you the actual auction house data. The pricing. You can get prices for your server in game, by manually scanning the auction house, but I highly recommend going to tradeskillmaster.com and downloading the TSM desktop app.

This gives you calculated current prices for every single item in the game live while you play without needing to go to the auction house. Next, we’re going to set up our groups, Oy! Oy! ‘Old onaminut! That’s fine, Dave. Pause if you need to. That’s fine. So, next we’re going to setup out groups all the items and crafts that we actually want to sell. Press K to open your professions, click the profession you want to make gold with. Eyyyyy! Nothin changed ya wanka! Your accent is just awful Dave. If you’re still seeing the default window, there’s a little TSM in the top left corner. Go ahead and click that. Click TSM Groups and create profession groups. This automatically puts everything you can craft and all the materials used to craft those items in their own groups and subgroups.

Next we’re gonna fiddle with this because you don’t sell everything the same way. I might craft and post 3 legion leatherworking bracers but I’m not gonna make 3 Knightbane Carapace chestpieces from Trial of the Crusader. So, let’s make current content subgroup and another for anything you want to sell in stacks of 20 or 50. Type in /TSM to open the admin window, click on the mana crystal groups section, and then click on the plus icon next to the green “Groups.” Keep dropping down until you see “Crafts.” Click it.

Go to the management tab, and in the New Subgroup name, create one called Current Content. With this new current content subgroup selected, click the items tab in the center. Make sure “ignore random enchants on ungrouped items” is turned off. This would put Blank…of the firefall, in a different group from …of the windburst. ‘URRY it up, mate! Murda she wrote’s on at seven.

What?? That show hasn’t been on in… Alright, we’re going to add whatever items we want to be selling in stacks of 1 to this new group by either clicking them directly in the list or just typing in the filter. Before you click add, make SURE to scan through these. I almost always find something I forgot about or messed up on. If it’s all correct, click add. Repeat this process but do it for anything you want to be selling in multiples. I like stacks of 20 because it’s a good middle ground that doesn’t annoy buyers. You can call it Alchemy Stack or Blacksmith Multiples. Whatever you want. There’s also a faster way to make groups and that’s by just importing everything. We’ll do this for an overarching Transmog group. Make sure you do this after you set up all your profession groups in case some of these are crafted. Select groups. And make a new subgroup called Transmog.

Select it and go to the import export tab.I have a pastebin down in the description of about 3000 different items. It’s almost everything I’d consider worthwhile transmog. If I’m missing anything let me know in the comments below but you can always manually add to this as you play. You can also do this import thing for recipes, mounts, pets, and I like to have one for miscellaneous, because sometimes you just don’t care and you just wanna post stuff up right now without having to worry about categorizing it. Alright, all the items are seperated into their own groups, now we have to tell TSM what to do with those groups.

‘Old on, Mate! “Ere’s a roadtrahn ahtsade. A can’t ear ya! Alright, Dave. Well feel free to pause the video here and whenever your roadtrain has passed, we’ll move on to crafting operations. The crafting operation is going to put eveything profitable into a crafting queue, so it just needs to know your threshold… [He’s losing it] The crafting operation is going to put eveything profitable into a crafting queue, so it just needs to know your threshold and how many you want to make. for most of the items in your spellbook you only want to make one and bububububu The crafting operation is going to put eveything profitable into a crafting queue, so it just needs to know your threshold and how many of these items you want to make.

Go to the nuts and bolts “Operations” main tab and the sub tab Crafting to set these up. For most of the items in your spellbook, you’d only want to make 1 and we and we determined a nice catch all breakpoint earlier with our Jewelcrafting scenario. Apply this new operation to the main Professions group by clicking the mana crystal, clicking professions, and going to the operations subtab, and that’s it! You’re done! You never have to worry about what’s profitable again. But for glyphs, I want to make sure I always have 2 at a time not just one, so make a second operation and call it profitable x 2, Repeat this for the things you want to make 20 of or 100 of at a time. Profitable x 20, profitable x 100. OY! Amma just nayme this group Glyphs! Nonono! Don’t name these after the profession or the item, because you can apply the same operation to different professions, different groups.

That’s the whole point of TSM and the automation. There’s no reason to have 10 different operations that do the same thing and honestly whtat’s why we’re not using gold values or setting things up into tiers or setting things equal to 100g or 1000 gold or 5000 gold. Because this operation sets things equal to what they should normally sell for. ‘Old ahn MATE! Inneda fix me sum toast an marmaduke! Wait, what? Don’t you mean marmite? I’m just gonna keep going, but if you need to pause for whatever reason, feel free, Dave.

Next, let’s make shopping operation for flipping you know, those times a noob sellls a piece of glorious gear for 3g. Just like crafting, it just needs a threshold so let’s go with the fairly reliable source DBMarket, this is the 2 week weighted average of prices on your realm, you can use a global source if you’d prefer, one that prices it according to all servers, the go to there right now is DBRegionMarketAvg, but experiment around to see which one most reliably prices things according to your server. To see everything available, type in /tsm sources and you’ll get a nice little list in you r chat window. So let’s set the threshold at 10%. The goal of this is to never lose money on this flipping stuff. And at 10% you may not see a bunch of items but you’ll double your money even if you repost for an entire month and end up selling it for only 50% of it’s normal price. You’re still gonna make a ton of gold. Make sure all these operations are assigned and let’s go. Oy! One sec mate, eatin some more marmalade! Ok, wait, we already made a marmite joke, and marmalade is actually a thing, like that’s something people actually…

Queueing everything is simple, select the groups you want to craft and click restock. You’ll see the approximate price of all the materials you don’t have that you can buy off the auction house and from vendors and you can see the potential profit along with all the items that you need to make that. Now, we’re gonna get all the materials we don’t have. So click Gather, start gathering, and it’ll show you what you need to finish everything in your crafting queue and where it is. Pay attention to the options, because for things like herbs, I only really care about herbs in stacks of 5. If you need things from a vendor, go to that vendor and click Gather.

After we gather from the bank, mailbox and vendors, we go back to the auction house and click buy items. It’ll move on to the next in the list once you have enough of that material. If those items need to be disenchanted, the TSM destroy window will pop up and let you do that. And as a quick side note, this is all a simple setup. I’m assuming you don’t have multiple accounts and 10 max level alts, a 2 dedicated posting toons, each with their own max professions and inventory and guild banks.

If you have a lot of alts, you can imagine why a lot of people recommend personal guild banks. It just makes sharing materials back and forth so much simpler. Alright, so we’ve set up groups, established what will make up money, and crafted it all. Let’s sell it now. First thing, we’re going to setup the ability to just scroll our mousewheel to post. Type TSM to open the main window, and on the first page, go to the Macro Setup tab.

At the bottom of the page there’s a “Create Macro and Bind Scroll Wheel” button. When you click it, Ctrl plus scroll will now automatically post items, craft everything, cancel all your auctions, buys out eveyrhting, and vendors everything. Adjust this to your preferences. And finally, we’re going to set up Auctioning operations so you can start making money. First we’ll make one for singles. I like to name these by the source tag and the amount, so I know what they do. We’ll call it DBGlobal Singles. In the general sub tab, ignore low duration auctions with less than 30 minutes on em. In the post subtab, let’s set a stack size of 1 and post cap of 2, the maximum we ever want up at a time.

Down in the posting price settings, there’s a neat little trick. The standard auction house UI sorts by bid, not post price, and sets Bid price on a lot of addons is automatically set to 95%, so if you do 94%, you’ll show up as cheaper in the standard UI even if someone undercuts you by a couple silver. Always undercut by 1 copper. Buyers don’t care how much you undercut, they just wanna buy the cheapest. Seriously, if you undercut by more, you are the reason markets tank. You are the reason why your server has a “messed up economy.” We already established the prices we’ll put in here. The lowest you’ll go depends on the vendor price, crafting price, and for noncraftables, the market price. The maximum and normal only depends on the market price.

For things like transmog and old world crafted stuff, you can use the global price, and for current content stuff, I recommend creating a second that uses local sources and a third that posts in a stack size of 20 with an appropriate post cap. Click “allow partial stack” on this multiples operation. To make these additional ones, select the original operation, go to management, type in the new name and click duplicate operation. For the When below minimum and when below maximum, I always post at normal price just to get the things out of my posting toon’s bag, but that’s up to you.

If you don’t sell a lot of stuff, you might not want to do that. Pay attention to how you auction. Apply these to your groups as you see fit, by going back to the mana crystal, selecting the group and applying the auctioning operation from the drop downs. You’re done! You’re completely setup! Congratulations! Thank you for listening! Buuuut, there are a few little bonus tips. Craftable items that use soulbound mats like the Blood of Sargeras need a custom reference for that material.

Otherwise, blood of sargeras items won’t show up in the crafting queue when you click restock because it doesn’t know how much to value that at. So, to set a custom value for blood of sargeras, go and set it equal to everything you can buy with it. Click the Crafting screws, then materials, then blood of Sargeras and enter this atrocious string of nonsense. Occasionally this string will mess up because some jerk will reset the bear meat market and try to get 100,000 gold each from bear meat, but otherwise it works fine. Next tip. If you’re using a posting alt, you can create a mailing operation and assign that to subgroups you’d want to automatically mail off. If you have a personal guild vault, I’d recommend spending a day and taking all of the items from each individual professions subgroup, all the material items, and putting that into a seperate higher level material group that is also seperated by profession and usage.

This way you can easily assign warehousing operations that the TSM bank UI can use to just deposit all without second guessing it. But it takes a while and you need to go through pretty much item by item to make sure you don’t put “Flask of…” there are lots of items that are used in Blacksmithing that are actually alchemy craftables and things like that. So, you want to set this up and go through it line by line. Next tip, you can also create additional shopping operations for flippable pets and mounts, but you need to adjust the buyout %, how much you’re willing to pay based on your own comfort level.that’s it.

And my last tip is to delete the whole thing once every six months. As you start working the auction house, you’ll figure out how you want to play the game and you’ll make a lot of mistakes along the way in your setup. And that’s fine! Starting over every six months allows you to really optimize for your favorite markets and streamline everything once you learn TSM a little better. So finally, I have 6 steps for you to follow even if you’re brand new so you can get to gold making and get to making 30-100k a day per toon. Step 1: Get a character to max level and max professions. Don’t worry about goldmaking until then. It’s so much easier when you’re max level. Step 2: Download and Setup TSM. Rewatch this video and follow along.

I’ll put timestamps in the description for each section. Step 3: Do a daily Sniper Scan. Technically, this is just a shopping scan, because sniping involves only scanning the most recent items and buying something majorly underpriced 5 seconds after it gets posted. That’s a different thing that involves camping the AH. That’s not what we’re talking about. For this. Go to your auction house, click the shopping tab and scan your transmog group, along with any other favorite flipping markets. There will be a ton of super low priced stuff that you can repost higher and earn almost pure profit. IF YOU GET any amazing deals, make sure to send them to me on twitter. I love hearing those, those make my day. There’s a link in the description to an amazing guide by Sterling if you want to read up more on how to set up these sniper groups.

He uses a different group setup though, so don’t try to implement both. The same goes to any guide group setup or import written by Phatlewts or Xionik and Sheyrah or the gold queen. They all work and do the same basic thing but they’ll conflict with each other. Step 4: Rinse and repeat until you have 1 million gold worth of product posted up on the Auction house. You’ll be selling anywhere between 10 and 100,000 gold a day and a lot of that is going to be profit. Oy! Ah toldya I don’t ‘ave time to spend all day on the Auction House! This is nonsense, Ah just wanna play da game! Hi, Dave. Are you…Scottish now? Look, I know we’ve had our differences, but that’s the point of all this. Using this basic setup it only takes me like, 10 minutes to post up 2,000 items. Reckles. I don’t wanna do that. I don’t wanna post 2000 items. And that’s fine. If you just wanna post current content stuff from one profession, that’s ok. If it takes me 10 minutes to post 2,000 things and you only have 20 items, it’ll only take you seconds.

You’ll never spend more than a minute in Stormwind or Ogrimmar. And that’s Step 5: This is the most important. Evaluate. You’re fine here. You’re making enough gold to buy anything you want and you’re only spending a couple seconds, a couple minutes a day on goldmaking. But if you want to be mega rich and buy chicken mounts for all your friends, go back to step 1 add on another toon or another profession and do this each week. Add on another toon or another market until it starts to feel like work. 10 minutes a day for 10-100,000 gold is fine for pretty much eveyone, but multiply that 10 toons and pretty quickly you’re reposting 4000 items twice a day and even though you have a few 500,000 gold days, it can feel like a job. The whole point of this channel is not to give you a second job, but to make gold making as quick and efficient as possible so it’s not a job, so you can get out there without the burden of being broke and just have fun in WoW however you see fit.

And Step 6 is Keep setting goals. If you have a million gold worth of stuff posted up on the Auction House at any one time, and you still want to do more, shoot for 10 million, see if you can do it. Then have 100 million up on the auction house. If you can get there then I will bow down to you as the ultimate gold maker and invite you on the show to interview you.

So, that’s it. Thank you so much for watching, I really hope you liked it. And coincidentally, if you did, youtube has implemented a way to show me that you liked it. So go click that like button. Subscribe. And if you want to be notified of whenever I stream, there’s a little bell next to the subscribe button, go ahead and click that. But! Thank you for watching, I’ll talk to you guys later..

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