Hello Youtubers and welcome back to The Great Casuals gaming guides. Today we want to cover which race to choose, and most importantly which class would be best for you. So without further delay let’s jump right in. When you choose a race the first decision is to decide which team is known as the fraction you want to participate. There is no obvious “best” team, but it should be noted that people are is considered to have the edge in PVP due to their racial ability-every man for himself; which allows them to break becomes anesthetized more regularly. Thus, the alliance has one small edge in PVP versus Horde. Or so some would say. Horde is considered the best for raiding due to numerous racial skills that can Increase damage by a small amount across a battle that can last a long time. Really the racial differences do not make much of a difference for the big casual players, It is only for the top 0.1% of elite players that they make any real impact.

That’s it guys who are top in pvp or reach the world’s firsts in raids. For the beginner playing the first choice should be which fraction appeals most to you. If you was in a world of Azeroth what would you be? A member of an alliance of self-righteous goody treats, or a bad ass horde of grabbing conquerors (no prizes to guess my favor fraction!) This should always be offset by whether You have friends who already play the game when you choose a faction you can not play with players of the other fraction.

So you need to choose the one as your friends already play on. Once you have chosen your fraction, it is time to choose your race. Each race comes with their own race ability, these include improvements to injury or healing, occupation and statistics like haste. At the end game they do not matter That much (except people in PVP), so really the main question is which one run most appeals to you – and remember you are going to have many many hours stare on your grades ass, so choose carefully! So now that you have chosen male Tauren we move to the most important decision throughout the game. Which class should you choose? Almost any other creation character decision can be later changed, either free of charge in the game, or for a fee via your battle.net account.

Once you have picked a class but you are stick with it unless you create a brand new character from the bottom. The first point to grab when picking a class is what role on the team you want to play. In Warcraft, as with many role-playing games, there is something called the saint trinity. This consists of the thought, the healer and the injury dealer. The idea is a defensive player who seems to make all the enemies focus their harm on him, then the rest of the team is protected from pain. The healer does very little harm, but she is able to keep his teammates alive through a dizzying range of healing abilities. Finally The damage dealer, otherwise known as DPS (which represents damage per second), She is dealing with the great damage that hurts enemy quickly so that the team can develop onwards. The team needs all three, like the tank and Healer do much damage and find progression slow, but the damage the dealer is too squishy to attack a big enemy on their own and need support if she wants to win.

Each class is divided into three specializations, except for druid having 4. Each specialization fits into the tank, healer or DPS category and you will be able to switch between one specialization at the same time out of combat. There is no 1 major specialization that is better than anyone else who with every update to can reduce game specializations known as downstairs, or increased in power, known as polishing. But some specializations Note is: Protection Warrior: This is the most basic idea, they were the only idea when the game was first released and always seem to do quite well in a given meeting. They are quite easy to learn and is definitely the best starting point if you want that thought. I will state though that New players should not really be refueling on their first character, as the thought is normal group leader and need to understand game mechanics very well.

The discipline priest. It is a relatively easy healing class that offers shields their allies to help heal them. This means that healing may occur before the injury begins so you can cure satisfactorily without the need to know when the injury spikes will occur in the meeting. The hunter. While a whole class not only A specialization, many people think that hunter is the easiest class to play as they bring a pet that can take a lot of damage to you and it will be as you play as power 2 characters instead of one. Also some of their abilities allow you to escape death very easily. Overall, I would suggest taking a DPS class when you first begin, it is far easier to level up to maximum with these in contrast for thought or healers.

Also, when in a group the situation a group can succeed or fail far More based on the skill of his mind or healer, DPS is far friendlier to play with in one first character. So, these are my suggestions for a good first character to try, many people will disagree. But just remember this is no one amazing class that will always be the best, the very best a class can hope for is to be taste In the month, although Demon Hunter may be a little overpowered in the first place.

So really you should choose based on which character’s taste appeals to you most. This will be covered in later videos on specific classes. Then you are welcome to check them out and thank you for watching!.

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