Hi Warcrafters! Today I’m going to talk about player versus player or PVP. PVP is one of the 2 bastions of content in World of Warcraft, albeit more forgotten about younger siblings for PVE raiding. Although, in Legion there have been some major updates The PVPers can find interesting. So what is PVP? PVP stands for player versus player and is a mechanism as players from a fraction participate in the battle against players from the second fraction. This really is where Horde versus Alliance war really comes to the fore. These games take place in big battlefields 10 v 10, 15 v 15, 20 v 20 or even 40 v 40 man groups. These can be by chance group of players organized through the group finder tool, battlefields organized in this Way is known as random battlefields, or RBGs, and can queue to as early as level 10. Battlegrounds can also be arranged by your guild in a guild versus guild format known as an assessed battlefield. Rating battlefields give your guild a score, which then sets them against other orders that this score builds with each battlefield throughout the season.

The other type of PVP to battlefields is arenas, these are 2 v 2, 3 v 3 or 5 v 5 matches. They can be paired with random players from group the Finder tool, or you can make a premade group and enter a nominal arena. Unfortunately, You have to be the maximum level in order to be able to participate in the arenas. In terms of rewards, rated arenas and battlefields give a score that helps you to climb a leader table throughout the season. All battlefields and arenas, both random and assessed, have one chance to reward gear as well as the honor to go to release your PVP talents. The quality of the gear distributed from PVP is increased based on your rating so it is important to remember that if you never enter a nominal battlefield or arena (and therefore never improve your rating) The tools you get will always be of the same level and quality. Therefore, you should attend a guild that participates in PVP or have some friends want to play arena so you can make premade groups and improve your rating. join in PVP through the group Finder tool, to join a random group, will not count a score against Your overall rating.

So remember: Group Finder tool = Random battlefields and arenas. Creating a premade group = Rated battlefields and arenas. The higher yours rating, the higher and better quality of tools that are assigned to you. Next we will take a look at the PVP talents system: The PVP talents system is new to the Warcraft Legion. It is by far the biggest change to PVP in this extension, and hopefully will face the lack of new battlefields and arenas (As well as removing PVP gear!). When you reach the maximum level you will begin to earn honors by taking part in PVP. As you earn honorary points you will Increase your honor level from 1 to 50. Talents will be unlocked as you earn more of these levels, they will build up as their own separate experience point system.

The more PVP you play the more honorable points you will win. When you reach a certain number By honoring points you will earn an honorable level. Much the same way you earn experience points and enough of them give you a normal level up. PVP talents will only apply when you are in a battlefield or arena, but they will work in addition to a player’s normal talents in the battlefields and arenas. There are 6 levels of talents, each with 3 choices, only one choice from each team can unlocked at a given time. Therefore, a player must pick and choose the talents that most people complement their playing style. Therefore, the player has to break very reasonable. So in summary, as you play more PVP you want earn more honorable points, the more honorary points you earn the more glory levels you will get and the more PVP talents you want to lock. As you go through honor levels you want Get rewarded gear based on your PVP rating and this rating has been improved by making pre made groups and take part in assessed battlefields and arenas.

Whew! Did you stop? I do not think I did and I wrote that shit! Anyway, when you get into it it’s really not that hard to get your head around. It’s a little more complicated than that Before with the introduction of PVP specific talents, but whose complication scares you, you are in the wrong game my friend! So now that you’re familiar with Warcraft Legion PVP system go out and have fun! PVP is a hugely entertaining part of the game and this is just the start of your PVP career! of your PVP career!.

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