Hi guys so in this video I will explain you how the warfronts are gonna work so im gonna split the video up in 5 sections. The first section being The resources, then we are gonna look at the Structures, Important areas that you must capture, and then we will finish off with some gameplay & talk a little about the rewards, so I hope your day has been amazing so far and also I hope you will enjoy this video. Resources So your main 3 resources are iron, wood and essence of storms. You can only carry 200 iron, 100 wood and 1 essence at a time. Caputuring the mine will allow your peons to gather iron and hatchet ridge will allow you gather piles of wood throughout the map. You will then use these resources to construct buildings, hire toops & ofc upgrade your units and yourself. Structures So the first structure we are gonna talk about is the great hall which is the most important building because you need it in order to build everything else and it can be upgraded 2 additional times.

The Stronghold which will increase the numbers of peons collection iron, increase the rate of unit production and unluck a specific units as well. The last and final upgrade will yet again increase the number of peons, the rate of unit production, and damage dealt by the demolishers. The 2nd structure is the altar of storms and here you’ll be able to purchase buffs that can stack up to 10 times. These buffs will increase your damage, healing and your health and can either be bought with 10 wood or 10 iron, whereas you’ll need to get an essence of storms to get the last buff and you get it kinda randomly if you get hit by the light. The 3rd structure is the war mill and its pretty much the same thing as the previous one but this one is for your units instead of yourself. The steel weapons will increases their damage and the steel armor will reduces all of their damage taken, which is pretty important as well.

So the Barrack is our 4th structure and here you can obviously hire different units to attack the opposing faction. You can buy the grunts which is the backbone of your army, axe throwers which are your ranged units, Shamans who are powerful casters, and wolf riders who can move fast between point a and b, we’ll talk a bit more about the shamans and the wolf riders later in the video because you will need to capture 2 points before you can recruit them. At the workshop you can build demolishers, however you can only have 3 active at once and they are pretty strong so make sure to always have 3 up at all times. Unfortunatly you cant control the demolishers which I kinda wish we could. Key Points: So now for the key points, there are 7 in total and they ARE protected by a commander and his unit that you’ll have to kill if you want to capture them.

So if you capture newstead you unluck the ability to purchase the wolf riders and kodo riders and then on the opposite side of the map you have the circle of elements which is protected by a huge elemental that you’ll have to kill to get the option to hire the powerful shamans. The rest of the key points are pretty important as well especially the point right outside of the keep you need to capture it in order to siege the city and destroy the gates.

You then have to enter the keep and kill one of the bosses which I will show during the gameplay. Gameplay The gameplay is pretty simple eventho it might look chaotic at first, so when you first join the warfront you will spawn on a ship that’s hoovering above the battle field. Now your first step is to jump off and establish a base and ofc start gathering the resources. So basically you have to capture and protect the key points, build and upgrade your army & Siege the city and kill the boss inside of the keep. During the test I fought against Turalyon, Muradin and Trollbane so it seems like different bosses and some npcs will change depending on which boss it is, which is pretty cool.

Also during the battle different commanders will spawn and try to push towards your base so make sure to kill them as soon as possible, their difficulty will range anywhere between 1 to 3 stars where the 3rd star is obviously gonna be the hardest ones to kill. So that’s it for this video guys, I hope you enjoyed it and if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to my channel if you haven’t already. Also make sure to join my discord channel where all of our giveaways will happened, thank you for watching, and remember to always stay positive. Cya next time..

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