Hello everyone! My name is Gandalin and welcome back to my channel! In this video, I’ll be showing you how to complete the Legion quest achievement called “Why Can’t I Hold All This Mana?” This is my first guide that was requested by a subscriber. It was requested by Jazzlo on YouTube. So make sure, if there’s something you need help with, that you leave a comment, and I’ll try to help you out. So let’s start with some information about this achievement.

Ancient Mana is the special Nightfallen and current that you pick up in Suramar. It has a couple of uses including feeding the characters to prevent them from withering, using it for the withered army training scenario, and some quests require large amounts of it. Initially, you can only hold 300 Ancient Mana, but you can increase your capacity up to 2000. So the goal of this achievement is to collect all 10 increases to your carrying capacity. Five of those increases come from storyline quests, and the other five come from items that you can pick up around Suramar. Now while it is split down the middle five and five, the majority of the capacity increase comes from those storyline quests.

So let’s start with those. These are roughly in order of when you’ll find these quests as you progress through the Suramar story. You’ll also want to refer to the achievements “Nightfallen But Not Forgotten” and “Good Suramaritan” for the names of the specific storylines. Increase number one comes from the quest called “Feeding Shal’Aran.” This is at the end of the story line of the same name in the “Nightfallen But Not Forgotten” achievement. This quest has you activate the first leyline feed in Suramar and rewards you with 200 increased capacity. If you want to learn more about the ley lines make sure you check out my achievement guide for “Leyline Bling.” Increase number two is from the quest called “The Valewalker’s Burden.” This is at the end of “The Light Below” storyline in “Nightfallen But Not Forgotten.” This is also the same as “An Ancient Gift” storyline in “Good Suramaritan.” This quest asks you to acquire the seed of the arcan’dor from Falanaar, and return it to Shal’Aran. It rewards 300 increased capacity.

Increase number three comes from the quest called “Thalyssra’s Abode.” This is at the end of “The Waning Crescent” storyline in “Good Suramaritan.” The quest asks you to collect the Arcane Amplifier from Thalyssra’s estate and rewards 200 increased capacity. Increase number 4 comes from the quest “How It’s Made: Arcwine.” This is during the “Blood and Wine” storyline in “Good Suramaritan” and requires you to be Honored with the Nightfallen. This quest has you go to the Twilight Vineyards and learn how to make arcwine.

It rewards 200 increased capacity. Increase number five, and the final storyline reward, comes from the quest “Make Your Mark.” This is near the end of the “Blood and Wine” storyline and asks you to recruit some people to right a wrong. It rewards 300 increased capacity. So the total amount of increase that you get from storyline rewards is 1200. So let’s move on to the items you can pick up in Suramar. In order to see these items, you need to have completed the “Nightfall” storyline in “Nightfallen But Not Forgotten.” This is where you find Thalyssra and establish Shal’Aran. Each of these items rewards 100 increased capacity, and most of them are easily accessible during certain story lines, which I’ll point out as we go. Increase number six is Kel’danath’s Manaflask. You have easy access to this item near the end of the “Arcanist Kel’danath” storyline in “Nightfallen But Not Forgotten.” Otherwise, if you just need to find the item, start from Meredil, which is just outside Shal’Aran.

Head Northwest until you come to a T in the road. Go left, heading Southwest. Cross the two bridges and keep going, and stop just before you reach the two columns on the right side of the road. Head right, heading West down the hill, toward the building with withered and ettin mobs outside. On a bench in the center of the area is a small flask. That’s the item you’ll wanna to pick up. Increase number seven is Kyrtos’s Research Notes. This has somewhat easy access during the “Breaking the Lightbreaker” questline in “Good Suramaritan,” but it’s located inside Felsoul Hold, and it can be a pain to run or fight your way through all of the mobs there. So I’m going to show you a mob-free way to get to this item. It’s really easy to do after getting Kel’danath’s Manaflask. Start from the two pillars that I mentioned earlier and continue South along the road. Head down the hill toward the river that runs between Suramar and Aszuna. Follow the river South, and you’ll eventually see a path leading up on your left.

Follow the path, and when you get inside the Felsoul Hold area, there will be a cave on your left. In the back of the cave, behind a bench, is where you’ll find this item. Increase number eight is the Volatile Leyline Crystal. You can easily access this after you complete “The Light Below” storyline, where you go to Falanaar and pick up the seed of the arcan’dor. Once you bring it back to Shal’Aran, you’ll have an open portal back to Falanaar.

So take the portal, head back down to the Shattered Locus area, and go to the lower level. In the center there, in the middle of some mobs, you’ll see a crystal. That’s the item you want to pick up. Increase number nine is the Infinite Stone. You have easy access to this at the end of the “Moon Guard Stronghold” storyline in “Good Suramaritan.” If you missed it though, just take the portal to Moon Guard and continue up the stairs to the Northeast of the shield bubble. The stairs will turn Southeast, and you’ll have to run or fight your way through some mobs until you reach the large courtyard area called Highmist Terrace. At the base of the statue in the center, will be a box that contains the stone.

And finally, increase number ten is the Enchanted Burial Urn. You have easy access to this during the “Tidying Tel’anor” storyline in “Good Suramaritan.” Otherwise, take the portal to Tel’anor, go left after you exit the portal building, and go East across the bridge. Continue up short staircase and, at the top, turn left, and go up another spiral staircase that’s to the North. At the top of those stairs is a gazebo where you can find the urn next to a bench. If you need help with any of these portals, make sure you check out my achievement guide for “Now You’re Thinking With Portals.” So the reward for collecting all five of these items is that you’ll be able to carry 500 more Ancient Mana. And that’s it for this video. If this guide helped you, make sure you leave a comment, and give it a big thumbs up. Share this video with your friends, and let me know if there’s something else that you need help with. Subscribe to see all of my future videos. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time!.

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