Hey guys! This is Blue and welcome to World of Warcraft how to get the bubble wand. This is a toy which can be found in Gorgrond in Draenor. It is dropped from a rare called Sulfurious. He is located on the left hand side of Gorgrond just above Stone Mall Arena and he is located in the water pools and just like most of the rares in Draenor he only takes a few minutes to respawn. The drop chance for this is accordingly at 93 percent. So it’s pretty much almost guaranteed, So all you have to do is kill Sulfurious which is level 94 by the way. and he it will drop the bubble wand. Alright, the use of this says it will shoot a stream of bubbles for five seconds and it also has a five second cooldown so you will shoot a stream of bubbles and that’s what it looks like Alright guys I hope this helped and thanks for watching I will see you guys next time Good bye!

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