Hey guys! Wowguy233 here and today I’m going to be presenting you with a beginner’s guide to the warrior class in World of Warcraft. Warriors are battle-hardened war machines that are determined to charge through battle and strike with the full force their blade. The roles a warrior can play are DPS or tank. A warrior has three different specializations Arms which is a DPS spec, Fury which is another DPS spec, and protection which is the tanking spec. We aren’t gonna be focusing on these specs however as we’re just looking at the warrior in general. Warriors can wear any type of armor but primarily they wear plate. The stats that their gear should have are strength and stamina. Rage is a warrior’s resource.

Rage is generated through combat and several abilities that a warrior has. How Rage is generated will vary based upon what stance the warrior has active. Defensive, Battle, or Berserker stance. Different stances will enhance your warrior in different ways, for example battle stance will generate a high amount rage from normal and auto melee attacks while defensive stance will reduce the amount of damage you take by 25 percent increase the threat you generate as well as generating one rage every three seconds. Berserker Stance will generate rage for you from damage taken as well as damage dealt. Shouts are another way that you can enhance your warrior as well as those around you. A Battle Shout can increase the attack power of raid and party members around you by 10 percent for five minutes, while a commanding shout can increase the stamina of all party and raid members around you by 10 percent. This also lasts five minutes. A warrior has many different ways to deliver AoE damage to the battlefield. Two examples are thunderclap and cleave. Warriors also have many survival abilities that will keep them alive in the heat of battle. Some of these abilities include shield wall, Defensive stance, Spell Reflection and demoralizing banner.

Warriors also have many damage enhancing abilities that allow them to strike down even the toughest foes with much ease. Some of these abilities include Battle Shout, Battle stance Berserker Rage, Sunder Armor, and Recklessness. If you want to make a warrior but you’re still not sure what race you wanna use, here some different advantages that each race can provide. Some of the most famous figures across Azeroth are warriors.

Varok Saurfang: “Strength and Honor”, Garrosh Hellscream: “You will serve the Horde or be crushed beneath it”, Grom Hellscream: “Our bond is iron our will, unbreakable”, and Cairne Bloodhoof. So I thank you guys for watching my beginner’s guide for the warrior class in World of Warcraft. Remember to subscribe, rate, and comment and I will see you next time! Oh oh, what are you gonna do, you’re jump over that? Doubtful! Bitch, I’m coming after you! Oh oh oh what are you gonna do? What are you gonna do? Oh, isn’t that a shame.

Threw my sword right into your head. Kaboom! Suck that. I’m gonna take that 51 copper, thank you..

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