Hey what’s going on guys! If you need to install some add-on still, click the above link. once you have some add-ons installed we need to manage them. This includes keeping them updated, enabling or disabling them, and making sure we are not slowing our game down with certain add-ons or too many. And I’m also going to be going over the ones I have and why. So let’s get started! Alright so the easiest way to keep your addons updated is using the Twitch app. Under the “My Addons” tab you can just click “update all” and that updates all your add-ons.

Note: This only updates the ones that are installed through the twitch app. If you installed addons manually from a website you’ll have to go to that website and do it from there. Maybe check to see if your addons need updated every couple weeks or so, or after a big patch. Also to completely remove an addon, just right click it, and click delete. Ok. for in-game management of your addons it starts at the character select screen.

You are gonna click the addons button down here and here you see all of the addons you have installed. Here you can set which addons are enabled for each character. So maybe on your banker character you want your Auctionator addon enabled but on the rest of your characters you don’t. This saves up on memory, so that unnecessary addons aren’t running. Most of the time if it is not too out of date you can check the “load out-of-date addons” button and it will still work. (As it is with the sell junk addon I have right here) Now, let’s jump in game and see what we can do with our addons. When you are in game you can do the same thing. Just go to your game menu here and click on the “addons” button and you’re given the same options. Most of the time it will have you reload the UI after you make a change. Most of the time the addon settings can be found in the interface options here under the “addons” tab. So here’s all the options for each of my addons. If your addon isn’t listed in this list, then it might have a special command you have to enter in the chat.

This can usually be found on the mod page wherever you downloaded it. So the next thing I want to talk about is performance. You are going to find a lot of addons that you think you want at the time, but in the end you realize they are unnecessary and they are just bogging up your system. You only want to have the ones necessary you don’t want to have too much cosmetic stuff, or stuff with special effects on your screen. Like if you turn off all your addons and check your FPS, and then turn all your addons on, and check your FPS again, you will notice quite a big difference. Basically just just watch out for big addons that will slow your game down.

Performance can be an issue because if you download like a madman; just go and download all the addons you see that you like it will bog up your system over time. Try to only focus on getting addons that are really improving your gameplay and help you get the most out of the game. Ok now let’s go over my addons and I’ll explain to you why I think these are the best ones out there. So starting off with Auctionator. This one’s great for quickly posting auctions. You set an amount to undercut in the settings and then whatever item you drag in, it’ll automatically undercut it. All you have to do is set the stack size and the amount of stacks. Next up is Bagon. Bagon neatly puts all of your bags into one giant window for you.

I prefer this over the blizzard default. And to keep things organized, I usually put my profession stuff in the bottom left corner and the stuff I want to auction in the bottom right. BigDebuffs makes it easier to see what current debuffs and buffs you have on you. These are major ones, such as dash, stun, or sap. It just makes a little easier to quickly look. If you’ve ever played on the server “Illidan” or any of the other full servers, than I’m sure you’re used to seeing the trade chat spammed with Chinese text. Why this happens on NA servers I don’t know.. but thankfully we have an add-on called blocked Chinese just for this. It just does exactly that, removes any and all Chinese text from the chat.

All better! 😀 Coordinates does exactly what you would think it does it adds coordinates to your map so that you can spot a specific point. Next is Deadly Boss Mods (or DBM) what this does is show you alerts for the current fight so you have some kind of clue what the hell you’re doing. xD The other addon we’re gonna look at in this clip, is Skada.

This keeps track of your damage, healing, pretty much everything you would ever want to know about a fight and you can report it to your group or go into detail yourself and look at it. Without this, or any alternative addon like this, you wouldn’t have much of a clue how much damage you’re doing compared to everybody else. Next is favorites. I’m not gonna go too deep into this one. Just adds a few more options for your social tab.

So Greenwall and Prat are both good addons to use for your chat. Greenwall connects the guild chats for multiple guilds. No setup is required you just install it and you’re good to go. Prat is an addon i’ve used for years and what it does is slightly change the look of the chat. Let’s say you want to configure your UI and move some things around. Move anything lets us do just that, move anything! You go in the options here, through the game menu, move anything, and then you basically just find something you want to move (or hide). For me I usually take out the griffins on the sides as I feel like they’re not very necessary and just get in the way. So you just check the “hide” boxes, and bam! That’s it.

You can go crazy with this, and do all sorts of things with your ui. Sell junk is an amazing addon. Instead of ruffling through your bags trying to find grays to sell to the vendor, you just click one button and bam that’s. It even tells you in the bottom left in your chat how much gold you gained from selling your grays. These next two are great for leveling up your alts to 110. The first one, “WowPro Guides” is for quick, mindless questing. You can fly through the zones and it even shows you the treasures you can get along the way.

This is great, as you won’t be running through blind missing many of them… TomTom complements this with a nice little waypoint arrow. showing you where to go this next one is like a deadly boss mods for pvp. Listen closely.. (Cheap Shot).. What that just told me is that a rogue on the enemy team used cheap shot. Note: It is helpful but it can get annoying sometimes.. Continuing with the pvp addons, this one is PvP Grid and it shows you all of the players on the other team so you can easily select them and see how many healers they have, DPS, etc. Alright so this next one is called Omnibar. What it does is show you which interrupts are currently on cooldown so you have better knowledge of whether or not you might get interrupted. Well there you have it guys.

I hope this helped you out a little bit, if there was anything you liked or didn’t like about the video please, leave a comment, let me know, any feedback is very appreciated! Until next time though StelznerGaming out! :D.

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