For players interested in leveling a character much quicker, there are currently 3 main buffs to consider. Recruit a friend, Elixir of Ancient Knowledge, and Elixir of the Rapid Mind. These buffs boost your experience rate by 300% each, and they all can stack. Links with more details on these will be in the description. Elixir of Ancient Knowledge is a B on A potion with a very low drop chance in nagrand and dread wastes. The buff lasts 1 hour, and does not persist through death. This is a nice potion, but getting these requires a lot of time and a lot of luck. Elixir of the Rapid Mind is a potion which comes from a garrison follower mission. These currently can sell for about 2-5 thousand gold each. The buff lasts 15 minutes, and it will persist through death. Having a high level character clear dungeons for a leveling character can be one of the fastest ways to level.

This requires either a friend’s help, or 2 accounts. I’ll make a video with more details on this later. If you’re leveling solo, and want to be more efficient without spending much time planning, a simple way is to go to a questing zone, finish as many quests in an area as you can, but don’t turn them in yet. Queue a random dungeon and elixir buff before the last boss dies. Leftover elixir time can be spent turning in quests, and quickly doing more quests while waiting for the next dungeon queue to fill.

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