This video will be diving straight into item values and auction house flipping. If you don’t enjoy being near an auction house very much, I’d recommend other gold making methods, like clearing through older dungeons for some of the rare transmog items, or queing savage satchel runs. Basically something a bit more active. I find hunting for rare items and auction house flipping both to be fun. I’m currently sitting on over 10 million gold throughout quite a few servers, in addition to some pets, mounts and other materials as well. 10 million really isn’t that much, when you consider that players often spend up to a million gold at a time for some of the black market auction house items. The very first thing I’d suggest is using a mod like trade skill master or The very first thing I’d suggest is using a mod like trade skill master or The very first thing I’d suggest is using a mod like trade skill master or undermine journal, if, for nothing more than the item tooltips.

Quickly knowing the relative server and region values makes buying and selling way easier. The battle-pet market is a good place to start. As well as good flipping items, you can add battle pets to your collection, go on another server, right-click “put in cage” and sell them. This is very useful if you want to move gold between servers or factions. Most of the time, flipping items is essentially just grabbing some of the gold between a seller and a buyer. However, flipping pets between servers can actually be a useful service, as lower population servers often don’t have a well-stocked auction house pet market, while high-population servers are over-stocked making selling difficult. Next thing is, if you’re not a pet-battler, you can only add a level 1 pet, or the highest level of pet you do have, to your collection. Also, I put a macro to quickly uncage a pet, in the description.

Anyone flipping pets will likely find this useful. Each server, or server group, as it is for connected realms, has its own auction house. The amount of servers you should flip items on mainly depends on how many auction house markets you feel like getting into. Links for the auction-house mods I use, as well as the wow-pets website, which is useful for looking up pet values, are all in the description below. I’ll be making videos with more details about auctioneer, which I use mainly for flipping pets, tradeskillmaster sniper, which is something I do a bit in windowed-mode while web-browsing, etc, and item notifications, which use the world of warcraft mobile auction house data to alert you when an item falls below a certain price..

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