Welcome to the World of Warcraft Feature Overview for the WoW Token. In this video, I will explain what WoW Tokens are and how you can exchange them with other players for gold, game time, or battle.net balance. The WoW Token is an in-game item that allows players to simply and securely exchange gold between each other. They can be purchased for real money from the in-game store, and traded to other players for gold through a special section of the Auction House. Once it has been sold, it becomes Soulbound and the player who purchased it can redeem it for game time or battle.net balance. To purchase a token to sell for gold, you will need to log into World of Warcraft and then find the WoW Token on the in-game store. Once you’ve purchased it, it willl appear in your inventory. Head to the nearest auction house, select the Auctions tab at the bottom, and drag the WoW Token from your inventory to the auction house.

The auction house interface will automatically witch into one specialized for selling WoW Tokens. You will see the amount of gold you will get for selling it, as well as an estimation of how long it will take to sell. Once you have confirmed that you would like to put your WoW Token up for sale, that amount of gold is guaranteed, regardless of the amount it actually sells for later. As soon as it does, you will receive your gold in the mail. If you would like to buy battle.net balance or game time using your in-game gold, you will need to go to the Browse tab on the Auction House and click on WoW Token at the bottom of the list.

You will see the current market price for WoW Tokens listed there, and the option to buy one. Once purchased, you just need to collect it from your mailbox and use the item from your inventory, then select whether you would like to use it for game time or battle.net balance. If your account is currently inactive you will have the option to purchase a WoW token for game time directly from the character select screen. The WoW Token is an easy and secure option for players who would like to purchase some extra gold from other players, or would like to pay for their WoW subscription, pets, mounts, and other Blizzard products using gold.

You can find more information on the official World of Warcraft website at Worldofwarcraft.com. Thanks for watching, and we will see you in Azeroth!.

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