Hi! I’m Hazel, and this a a guide to the Zek’voz, Herald of N’zoth raid boss in Uldir on Normal and Heroic difficulty. This is a three-phase fight with a lot going on, and I could easily see this becoming a roadblock in progression for some guilds. Titan Spark is random damage that the Titan Discs will zap out onto a few people at at ime. There’s no dodging or avoiding that, so healers will just need to deal. Might of the Void is a combo of moves that he’ll unleash on his current tank. It’s basically a Shatter in a Void Lash sandwich. Void Lash starts it, which reduces healing taken by half. He follows it with a Shatter, which increases Physical damage taken and then seals it off with a second Void Lash, which will make the tank immune to healing if they took the whole combo. Either a) use big cooldowns and tank swap right after the combo, or b) do the tank swap in the middle of the VOid Lash sandwich so nobody has to eat both slices of void bread. nThe Void Lash is a pretty big frontal cone so nobody except the active tank should be anywhere near the front of the boss.

At 100 energy, the boss uses Surging Darkness. That’s basically a series of Shadow Doughnuts that you need to get out of. They happen pretty quick and do devastating damage if you get caught, so stay on your toes until it’s done. It’s easier to dodge if you’re in the close to midrange zone since those dougnhuts aren’t quite as thick. Everything we’ve looked at so far happens through the whole fight. A short ways in, Phase One will officially start and bring in some new abilities.

Eye Beam targets random players and zaps them with a C’thuny chain lightining kinda deal. If anybody is within 10ish yards of the target when it goes off it’ll leap to them, and each leap it makes does more damage. Targets should get out of the group and everybody should give them some space. Silithid Warrior adds spawn in this phase, and those guys ignore threat. They’ll chase random people and chomp them with their Jagged Mandible bleed. Anyone with a Silithid friend should bring it onto the boss so people can cleave it down more quickly. At 65% the boss enters Phase Two. No more eye beam or Silithid Warriors to deal with now, but you’ll still have Shadow Doughnuts and Void Lash Sandwiches. I wrote this before lunchtime, don’t judge me. This phase gets new adds with the Nerubian Voidweavers. Those spam cast Void Bolt, which you can interrupt and you really should. They can be stunned as well as kicked so use what you have to prevent Void Bolts while you kill them. Roiling Deceit is a DoT that goes onto random players, spawning an Omninous Cloud when it expires.

If you get the DoT, run away from the group to drop the cloud somewhere out of the way. Do be careful of shadow doughnuts while you’re out there. Those clouds stick around, and if anybody touches them they spawn Guardian Of Yogg-Saron adds. Those will do raid damage at 100 energy or when they die, and they’re completely avoidable so just don’t touch the clouds. At 30%, the boss moves into Phase 3.

Or so I’m told by the Dungeon journal, none of my raid testing groups made it that far. Voidweavers and Cloud Dots will stop, Shadow Doughnuts and Void Lash sandwichs will continue and there’s one big new thing to deal with. Overload ramps up the random damage from Titan Spark in this phase, which isn’t the big new thing. That would be Orb of Corruption. From the sounds of it, it falls from the sky and needs to be intercepted by a player to prevent big raid damage. That player gets 100% health, damage and healing for some amount of time, and at the end of it they’re mind controlled with Will of the Corrupter. While Mind Controlled, they cast a kickable fear called Psionic Blast that needs to be interrupted.

On Normal difficulty you can break those MCs with damage so stun, CC and damage your friends out. On Heroic, the Mind Control lasts until death and triggers an 8 yard AOE fear called Void Wail when they do die. Hopefully by the time it gets to that you’ve nearly killed the boss, because otherwise it’s going to get realllly messy. Other changes to the fight on Heroic- the Jagged Mandible from the Silithid Warrior adds in Phase 1 will reduces movement speed by 50%, making it a bit slower to group them up. And the Nerubian Voidweavers from Phase 2 gain Shadowbind which means cannot be gripped or otherwise moved. And that is Zek’voz in Uldir. Thanks for watching! If this video helped you out please consider leaving me a like. Check out my channel for more raid guides and other WoW stuff and have a wonderful, wonderful day! Bye. .

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