Hello everyone I’m Hailey Gravelle, And I am going to tell you all every single method I know of how to get rupees fast. So all these methods require you to travel places And have a lot of patience, but you Can do them once you have gone to these locations so This first method you um talk to this vai name Ramella, and she offers you a deal for your oars near the end of the game she gives you The choice of diamond and diamond only I’m pretty sure but near the beginning of the game She gives you amber and rubies and sapphires and topazes She gives you more than a store would pay you, but you have to get ten of each. So that just boosts the way you get rupees. Another way to get rupees really really fast is Luminous stone and then go To Zora’s Domain Once you’re in Zora’s Domain and once you defeat Vah Ruta, This guy named Leto will be here, and you can exchange 10 luminous stones For a diamond.

And he’ll count them quite annoyingly But anyway, he’ll still give you a diamond and diamonds are worth 500 rupees each, and that’s a lot. Then there’s the diamond. Okay, so that’s how you get that. (TERRIBLE EDITING) All right, I have another method and it is to sell ores, again. Or star fragments, but you don’t want to sell those honestly So once you’ve collected a lot of things you probably won’t need a lot of (ores I will list) ones here at the end of the game, are rubies and sapphires and topazes. So I’m just gonna sell 20 of those and I’ll get four thousand two hundred and rupees Four thousand two hundred rupees geezus See that’s a good way to get a lot of them And this next method is a very well-known method and It requires a specific Movement I would say? To Use it? All right, so you can travel to the Hebra tower and from there, Pondo’s Lodge just Aw I’m going the wrong way 🙁 towards Death Mountain This Pondo guy, he’s pretty annoying Because he won’t let you play through a whole round without all this speech Alright so when you reach this guy Pondo with the afro and annoying puns It’ll cost 20 rupees a game And that’s not very bad at all.

So there’s two tricks that I know of to this game, and I would only recommend to one of them the other one is very unstable or (TOUCHY!!) Doesn’t work very often Anyway Pondo is gonna talk and talk and talk and it’s annoying This guy somehow has so much money … Rich Method number one for the snow ball game Put your right leg Left leg (Whoops :/) Whatever! Left leg! Put your left leg on the rock then face forward towards the pins Then get your Sheikah Sensor (icon) and put it on this guy’s left eye.

Gently face him forwards. Then throw the BEH (whoops), throw the ball towards the pins, and you should be able to get a strike. And then Pondo’s gonna talk a lot Before he gives you the rupees. That’s the only catch here. It’s just very annoying it takes some patience. Alright, and now I have a second method here, and I do not recommend this method very much, but you can try it if you want So this method you’re just gonna stand on the end of the rock here both legs on And face the trees. That middle tree right there you’re gonna face it, throw the ball and you should get a strike. Again I don’t recommend this method very much because it’s very delicate If your’re the tiniest bit off It’s not gonna work but this next method is Selling the ancient parts. When you sell them in bulk they sell very well Just 10 of them and I’m gonna get 300 rupees for that. You can get these by searching through Other Guardians that are no longer alive (DEAD GUARDIANS) Whoops, I almost sold it all.

I would never ever sell the giant ancient cores. I don’t know why I keep them around I just do. Maybe they’ll come in handy one day. Another way to get rupees. Also by selling things is by selling Monster parts in bulk. And this one will work for anyone, but as you can see I’ve sold mine recently You got to let it pile up first so you’ve got to have patience So I’m gonna sell 30 of these, and …

360 rupees! And it really adds up to a lot when you just are all the time out killing monsters and getting their parts. Another way to kind of “cheat” the money system Is to Take regular old chu chu jelly And It’s only worth I believe, maybe 2 (rupees) I’m not sure don’t quote me on it, and if you take five chu chu jellies, heat them up in a fire, you don’t even have to go to Death Mountain, and just take these and they’re worth five rupees, no ten. Ten rupees each. The same with the white and the yellow, but it’s much easier to get the red. Just beware that when you new cook the jelly it scares NPCs. And horses. All right we cooked all that. Or roasted it or transformed it or whatever We’re gonna talk to Nekk No idea what your name is Or you could talk to any Merchant they all sell at the same price, unlike previous Zelda games So I’m going to sell them all and it’s going to be 200 rupees just for that.

Now this is the last method I know of getting a lot of rupees it’s not the greatest method it takes a lot of time to do and you need monster parts. It is elixirs. I don’t use speed elixirs for anything, but if you do then this won’t be of any use to you (Or you can make other types of elixirs) Anyway hot-footed frogs are so common in the Tabantha plains Or the Tabantha area, it doesn’t really matter. If you’re looking for wheat you’re probably gonna find frogs more. So anyway, you just need one frog One horn (or any monster part) it doesn’t really matter which one you use. The more parts you use the more it’s worth. That’s all I’m gonna say I’m not gonna go cook every single one up (elixir) right now. Go talk to this Nekk dude here again, and … Here we have 2 hasty elixirs and they’re worth 10 each which is more than the frog and the monster part were worth combined Also when NPCs give you food after you’ve saved their lives Those can also be sold if you’re not gonna ever eat those Probably not gonna eat them so they can sell for a pretty good price They don’t seem very good once you have a lot of rupees But once it adds up it it’s a lot.

It’s like money, it adds up fast, so Anyways, that’s all the methods I know. Thank you for watching, and if this was helpful, share this video with someone you think might find it useful? I don’t know If you want to see more videos like this make sure to subscribe And if you liked this video then give it a thumbs up, it will really help me out guys, thank you And I’ll see you next time Charlotte Lawrence, Sleep Talking ’cause you’ve been talking in your sleep oh oh and you’ve been messing around on me (and you’ve been messing around on me) I thought I told you once before oh oh oh I guess you wasn’t listening (I guess you wasn’t listening)

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