So you’ve booted up ZELDA Breath of the Wild in Cemu and have been scanning Amiibo ad nasuem thanks to the TheComplainingGamers tutorial on infinite Amiibo scans and you *still* can’t get an entire Fierce Diety clothing set, that double helix sword or even get Epona to spawn! FRUSTRATING! There are a couple of different methods you can use, but I’m going to share with you the *easiest solution* that I’ve found so far to fill up your inventory with the rarest clothing, weapons, shields and even rare horses like Epona that you can only obtain via Amiibo. As we know, the rare loot like this all come from from scanning various Zelda related Amiibos and TheComplainingGamer has an excellent tutorial on how to by-pass the 1 Amiibo scan per day limit. This is pretty cool to up some common items in your inventory without going a lot of running around the forest gathering and in theory this should work to get your rare loot as well via the chest drops, however, even with the unlimited Amiibo scans, I found that I was wasting an insane amount of time scanning NFC Amiibo files.

I still only picked up a couple rare items after scanning for a very long time! The drop rate for these items is incredibly low! So here’s how to save your time and get the rare loot that you’re craving RIGHT NOW! I’m going to show you how to use Marc Robledo’s HTML5 Save Game Editor to get the rare loot that you’re after! But first, a short disclaimer. I highly advise against using this to cheat in the game. ZELDA BOTW is an amazing experience and I hope that you give yourself the opportunity to play it the way the devs intended. With that being said, there is obviously a little room to save our sanity here.

No one is going to want to scan Amiibo all day just to get some rare loot that can *only* be obtained via Amiibo. So this is what you have to do.. 1) Go to save game directory for ZELDA BOTW. You’ll know that you’re in the right directory because the number will match the directory number that is present on the Cemu title bar when you’re running the game. Select the first save game slot folder. Here you’ll find a file called Game_Data.sav 2) Copy this file elsewhere! This is the version we’ll be using to make our edits on.

I highly suggest that you make copies of all files that you edit. Just in case something goes wrong. You don’t want to mess up your save game file by mistake! 3) Now upload this file to the HTML5 Save Game Editor. 4) Edit! This is the interesting part! This is where you get to go through all of the items in the game. You can add pretty much anything you want into your save game file with this tool. But I’m only using it to obtain rare loot that can only be obtained with Amiibo. You can play the game as you wish of course and use this tool to add whatever you’d like! But personally, I only use it for rare weapons, equipment and to obtain Epona! 5) Once you’re done making changes to your save game file, scroll back up to the top and save your game changes.

6) Put this newly generated save game file file back into Cemu save directory and then boot your game! 7) And the last step of course is PROFIT! Check out your new Rare Loot!! And it’s really as simple as that! No more scanning Amiibo ad-naseum. You can’t now travel Hyrule with all of that rare Amiibo exclusive swag! If this video helped you, then please give it a like and share it with a friend! Considering subscribing to the REGNR8 channel and join the community over in the REGNR8 Discord server. The link is in the description. We have a small but growing community of amazing people and we’d love to have you join us there. Until Next Time: Have Fun! Game On! And Remember… Don’t forget to Smile! 🙂

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