Hi Zelda players! Brickette here to show you the Flurry Rush – a special attack that you can use to nail those giant monsters in the next area. The option to do a flurry rush appears when you do a perfect dodge. To do a perfect dodge, you hold the ZL button – the left trigger – which brings up your shield and shows an orange arrow over the monster’s head. Then when the monster does a side-arm attack, you flip backwards by pulling the left stick towards you and hitting the jump button at the same time or immediately afterwards and keep holding the left trigger (ZL) the whole time. When he jumps up to do an overhead attack, you jump to the side by pushing your stick to the right or left and hitting the jump button at the same time or immediately afterwards. If your timing is right, a flurry rush prompt will come up telling you to press the Y button (the left button) to nail them. If you don’t get the timing right or the direction right then he’ll nail you.

These monsters I’m practicing with are easy to kill with just a club, but they’re great to practice on. You can practice the jumps before you come up to the monster. A great way to practice is to save the game at a point where smaller monsters are nearby. I chose this area down the hill from the Resurrection Point. If you start to lose too many hearts and run out of food, you could just reload the game you just saved and keep practicing. You can do that while you’re really playing too. Just save the game before you start a big battle. You can even create a new user just for practice so you can continue playing the game with your regular user. So, dodge an overhead attack sideways by moving to either side and jumping at the same time, and dodge a sidearm attack by flipping backwards. Pull the left stick towards you and jump and keep holding the left trigger (ZL) the whole time. If you like this video, please hit the like button and subscribe to notifications with the bell button to see when I upload more videos.

See you next time!.

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