Hey how you doing today? My name is Relyea and thanks for stopping by. Today I want to challenge you to a foot race in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. You may Or may not have Known that there’s a foot race in the game but if you didn’t know this is where you find it: Starting from Central Hyrule you can head directly East and you’ll find the Shae Loya Shrine It’s right next to the Tabantha Bridge stable From there you can head directly North and you’re gonna find the foot race Check in.

Once You get here you’ll be able to talk to Khumba and he’s gonna ask you if you want to race It’s gonna cost you 20 rupees to enter the race but you know What? I think you got rhis Mister Or Misses big spender I want to see you do this race. If you do beat Me I will go ahead and Shout you out in twitter all you have to do is send me some sort of link with a screenshot of your Best time and if You do I’ll shout you out on twitter and some sort of funny Way I’ll basically say your a god at Breath of the Wild, you’re the Best, I am not worthy Something along those lines and all making fun. I’ll go ahead and say that for each and every person who beats me you got to Have either picture proof or video proof and don’t even try to photoshop cuz that’s just cheating I’m not gonna lie it took me quite a few times to get through this thing as, quickly as possible Feel free to use whistle sprint if You want that’s not cheating Honestly after doing this for a little While I’ve got a whole new appreciation for speedrunners I’Ve seen some people ask whether or not you run, faster with or without weapons and after doing this over and over again Personally I think I don’t you have to think about it you run the same speed whether you’re holding weapons Or you’re not.

I was running with a savage lynel crusher then I found that I was running the exact same Speed. The only downside is every time you do this you’re only gonna get fifty rupees I wish this was on par with some of the other minigames that pay it out a lot more rupees but this One’s just for fun and my official best time IS 46 Seconds and 86 Milliseconds Go ahead Let me know if you can beat that and I’ll talk to you more soon My name is Relyea and thanks for stopping by.

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