The Lost Woods is always a maze in each Zelda game. Navigating the twisting trees can be tricky, especially when a wrong turn can put you right back at the start. And the Lost Woods in Breath of the Wild is no different. But there’s actually a very easy way to make your through. Follow me. When you first arrive at the Lost Woods, you’ll see a series of fires. Naturally you’ll want to follow them since they’re your best indication of where to go. But eventually, they disappear. And there’s no clear clue of what to do next. At least at first because the last pair of fires have a torch next to them.

Light it and it will show you the way. It’s not flashing signal, but a subtle hint that even the previous fires had. Their embers fly in the direction that you’re supposed to go. The torch does the same thing. So what you have to do is move in the direction indicated and stop on occasion to see if the embers have changed direction. If they have, go that way and eventually through this method, you’ll find your way to a valley that leads into the Korok Forest. Alternatively, you don’t need the torch at all. Instead use the same method to watch where the light particles flying around the Lost Woods go and follow them. No matter the method, you’ll find your way through. Now you can explore everything that the Korok Forest has to offer as well. Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe to GameXplain for more on Zelda and other things gaming..

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