How To Reach & Climb Akkala Tower Very Easy In Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide (Botw) How To Reach & Climb Akkala Tower Very Easy In Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide (Botw) Hey, what’s going on YouTube its grunty gaming and today? I’m just going to doing a quick guide on the akala Tower our Capella tower Whatever the fuck it’s called and Breath of the wild I’m just gonna be doing guides and the ones that I figured we’re the most hard So here is the Soraa domain and you’re gonna Collide off this cliff climb that waterfall glide its cliff And that’s where I’m right now just to get the exact location. I am I Recommend, you know getting some food ready, so you can just in case you need to heal up you know take them necessary precautions, but you shouldn’t have any problem, so I’m just gonna try and make this guide is really quick right to the points possible So you’re just gonna want to be sneaky and Avoid any conflict whatsoever? With these guys especially you will have to fight a few guys, but they’re not too bad So just gonna climb up this ball.

You know Should have enough Stamina to then you can actually sneak right by these guys it helps if you have the sheet their clothing but if you don’t and don’t worry about it, just kind of creep right by them like so and You should be able to get right almost to the top without even any problems Maybe take you a few tries. If they do happen to notice you but you can always just run away and climb I don’t think they have any projectiles, so Once you get up here the towers right there That’s gonna be the tricky part, so you’re just gonna want to take this guy out I thought I’d have to shoot him, but I really could just sneak up on him and kill him in one shot, so Sneak up behind him to avoid another fight And I basically and ended up lender storming and you do not want to climb all it’s raining So I’m just gonna sit by this to morning.

I recommend you do the same if it’s thundering And you’re just gonna want to climb up here For some reason the thunder always kills me every fucking time so you can open that chest you can get your bomb arrows and It’s up to you. I just split this guy up like a Christmas tree because I didn’t feel like battling them, so Then you’re basically just gonna climb up this Clyde if I can ever climb this wall and we’re getting there grab these things they kill this guy with arrows – Whatever, you don’t have to use any arrows I do recommend you know getting a few different And I’ll have some items just when you make this climb fist. It was tricky the first time I did it I’m gonna make sure I got full health here just in case Then you’re just gonna scale the sides here because you want to avoid the goop damage is deployed Allah then There’s gonna be one more guy So I’m just gonna freeze him and then stab him to death Grab the items he has a good shield and the King’s Knight’s broadsword grab that And basically what you’re gonna do cause it’s basically trench all the way around you’re gonna want to climb right here and sticking forever but I just wanted to really show it just a normal speed how I did it cuz I did put the Pink stuff the first couple of times, and you’re just gonna Do a nice little hop? glide over and basically that’s about it and I’m pretty sure you guys know how to climb a tower at this point So you’re just gonna climb all the way to the top? And that’s that also it is pretty cold up there So you’re gonna want to put on the warm doublet so you don’t lose hearts? and thank you guys so much for watching let me know if you found this helpful and Please feel free to share subscribe and like this video Alright until next time

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