How To Reach & Climb Ridgeland Tower Very Easy In Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide (Botw) How To Reach & Climb Ridgeland Tower Very Easy In Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide (Botw) Hey guys, it’s going to gaming here, and today. I’m gonna be doing a tutorial on the Richland Tower And this is the easiest way possible to go up this tower I know this one is giving everyone a hard time because it gave me a hell of a time I actually gave up on it earlier the game, but I came back to Round 2 So like you can see here.

I’m kind of just getting ready you want to make your way over to the right like I’m doing You don’t have to but if you have the gear you might as well quit add your defense And basically I would stock up on a lot of arrows and some hearts some like food so you can reflect The Stamina doesn’t matter too much and the gear you don’t really need to it’s more overkill but you’re basically just want to sneak over to the side here and take this guy out see I Didn’t know if he was gonna notice me or not, but I just figured you don’t want him In the way later on so you’re gonna want to stock up on at least 30 arrows so You know do that before this makes your life a lot more easy You don’t have to but I’d get a few ice and shot arrows or fire arrows, two Arrows is the big key here These guys all electrocute you kill you in like one or two heads knock you off the tower the whole way up I’m sure you guys try this in the nightmare.

You’re basically just gonna take out this die first Should be done like I don’t know four to five arrows Try to hit him in the head. It makes it so much easier once you drop him You’re basically just gonna want to swim over here because you can stand up over here And there’s me two electric blizzards that patrol this area. You’re gonna want to take out want this one first Well, it doesn’t matter which one you take over is. I just chose this one because it’s closer And it’s gonna keep firing arrows at him and dodging his tags He just spits out at you once in a while But if you get too close he will electrocute you and kill you in like one or two hits So I ended up getting them both engaged, so I froze them both but if this happens What I would do is maybe retreat, and then hopefully one follow you And then just try to take them up one at a time But they didn’t prove to be too much of an issue because they don’t fire at you very frequently so Once I took them out.

I just grabbed their weapons I grabbed his weapon anyway, and then I just make my way over to the tower on this side Now this we can probably get away with without taking him out if you don’t have any arrows you can Fly away, I really didn’t feel like dealing with this that’s why it’s good to have a lot of arrows just leading up to this so you can just Look this now and at this point. You’re pretty much good to go Now I personally like to climb in the nude, so I’m just going to take all my quipment off And tree guys know how to climb at this point, so it’s just your run-of-the-mill stop and go And the thought is pretty much it now like I said I recommend getting about 30 arrows with a few ice and fire arrows it’s Not completely necessary, but it just makes it so much easier like ayahuasca I like one heart doing it this way and Also, the armor helps do so if you can afford that I already have it it just makes your life that much And on that note. Thank you guys so much for watching I know this tower is giving I think it’s one of the harder towers in the game at least it was for me.

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