Master, Biggoron, fairy, Ordon, Goddess. Throughout the Zelda series Link has wielded a number of legendary swords and other deadly items. Nevertheless, what we have seen so far is mearly peanuts compared to what awaits us in Breath of the Wild. Namely the greatest arsenal ever witnessed in a Zelda game. With countless types of swords and sword-like items, clubs, shields, spears and even armour. But to get the full picture of weapons in post-apocalyptic Hyrule, we need to take a closer look Inside Breath of the Wild. Since the introduction of Hyrule and the Great Plateau in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, one of the most significant convention changes, is tied to the organisation of items.

From one menu of designated items in past Zelda games, the traditional pouch has this time been divided into a total of six classes: Hm, this reminds me of a certain other game As we all know collecting food and culinary skills will be tested in the game and is key to efficiently replenishing health as no hearts will appear in the grass. Nevertheless this is not a cooking show, so let’s get over to where it counts namely weapons. Breath of the Wild offers easily the greatest variety of swords in the Zelda franchise.

From the E3 demos we learned that different weapons, deal different level of damage and durability. almost every sword, axe and club can break or be thrown at enemies in Breath of the Wild. No wonder why the Master Sword will be hard to obtain in this world. Only counting swords the Great Plateau could offer four types of them. The Rusty Broadsword, which has some punch, but due to its condition breaks easily.

The traveler’s sword, which is the most common sword of the plateau, a durable blade, but not too powerful. Of the heavier type the Plateau had the heavy two-handed Claymore and finally the powerful soldier’s broadsword, which was once wielded by the soldiers of the Kingdom of Hyrule. Additionally to the traditional swords a number of other weapons were present in the demos An inclusion to the game brought back and expanded upon from the Wind Waker is claiming or stealing weapons from enemies. The demos did as well demonstrate these ”unconventional” weapons such as a boko club Beginning from the 2014 E3 reveal, bows have been signified as central to the gameplay of Breath of the Wild. The demo was no exception as an entire class in the pouch is designated for bows. the Great Plateau hid four types of bows with varying strenghth: from the weaker boko and traveler’s bow to the more powerful spiked boko bow and the made for conflict soldier’s bow.

Similarly to the remaining weapons, bows have different durability and will over time deteriorate, break and even burn up when held to close to a source of fire. But what is a bow without arrows? Thankfully Breath of the Wild has an abundance of them ranging from traditional arrows, fire arrows, bomb arrows to the new Sheikah/Energy/Guardian arrow. What is noteworthy though, is that fire arrows, bomb arrows and the new energy arrow are separate ammunition from the traditional arrows. As a result you will not deplete traditional arrows when using the fire arrow or vice versa, and bless it since you wouldn’t like to run out of energy arrows when facing an activated guardian! The shields in Breath of the Wild have different durability and will take damage and break in combat or when shredding/shield surfing too hard.

Obviously, the Boko shield or the pot lid are not among those you want to enter a battle. But a spiked boko shield on the other hand… The point is each class of weapon has its version of the traveler and soldier edition, and together they make a kit, apart from this steel shield which looks remarkably similar to a Hylian shield. We guess the unbreakable Hylian shield will appear sometime late in the game. it seems that some equipable armor and cloth will protect you from environmental hazards. An example of this is the mountaineer quilted shirt, which retain body heat and is required when exploring colder areas of Hyrule.

We still don’t know if there will be heat or water resistant clothing sometime later on in the game, or if Link will have to go shirtless when for instance close to the crater at Death Mountain. What we do know is that some armour will offer greater protection than other. A perfect example of this is the champion shirt and Hylian trousers compared to the old shirt and pants you get when leaving the resurrection shrine.

However, the title trailer of Breath of the Wild contained a stronger piece of armor, which we believe is soldier armor, another hint of what awaits us beyond the Plateau. Since some enemies in the provinces outside the Plateau in Breath of the Wild might deal greater amount of damage, exploring these will most likely require extensive preparations and correct equipment to stand any chance in these battles. these preparations might be to utilise materials, minerals and ancient gear and springs to craft new weapons, upgrade armor pieces and enhancing your blades or bows.

Just imagine the layer of depth and possiblities this level of customization could offer! With tougher opponents and challenges waiting outside the Great Plateau, it is natural that deadlier and more durable weaponry and armor will be appear along your quest to claim the green Hero’s tunic, the indistructable Hylian Shield and finally the legendary Master Sword to take down calamity Ganon and free Hyrule from the shadows of darkness with Fire and Sword. With that in mind we will give you the following choice for the next episode of Inside Breath of the Wild.

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