So by taking the picture from the fountain, let’s go back and show the old man He is tired, almost dying. completing the mission and saying that he wants to give you something in return, and he helps you find a photo of the memories of the link that is in Sheika Slate. Remembering that I I created a video with all the locations of the Sheika Slate link memories. If you have not watched it yet and want to see where these places are, just watch this video here. Let’s go to the next and last mission. when it’s about 11 o’clock at night, enter this house and talk to this seated girl you will receive the mission By Firefly’s Light. I think I said it right … This Mission is very simple you simply have to light her house with five fireflies if you do not have enough fireflies, you can collect them close from the girl’s house after lighting up her night, and saying that the fireflies do not live for long she will be very irritated.

Entering Impa’s house after completing the missions you will see a Cutscene and Impa will link that the Orb was stolen. After that, wait in front of the Impa’s house exactly at ten o’clock at night. you’ll find a lot of NPC’s suspects who could have stolen the Orb, but ignore this NPC’s, you have to follow exactly Dorlan, one of the guardians of the house of Impa. It will lead us to the true thief of the Orb. after killing that clown who is a little strong for the beginning. Dorlan talks for you to use the Orb and in the end we can use it to activate the Shrine. Pretty fucking right? Then leave your liked, if you did not sign up sign up for the channel because there is a lot of zelda video waiting for you to watch and this stop together.

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