Hey, how you doing today? My name is Relyea, and thanks for stopping by. Today We’re gonna go over the most expensive Elixir recipes in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Let’s go ahead and jump right into cooking this elixir recipe and then I’ll go back and explain the formula for you. The first thing that you want to do is go ahead and grab four Lynel guts. You’re also gonna need one energetic rhino beetle. Let’s cook this up And then we’ll go ahead and make two more recipes, after we’re done cooking We’ll see what we can sell them for at the store. The next recipe calls for four lynel guts and one tireless frog The last expensive lynel elixir recipe is gonna require four lynel guts and one hearty lizard Now if we quickly run off to the armor shop we can go talk to the merchants and ask her how much she’ll give us for all of these recipes She’s gonna give us two thousand three hundred (2,300) rupees for the elixir that used the hearty lizard We’re also gonna get two thousand three hundred (2,300) rupees for the elixir That was with the tireless frog each of those ingredients sell for twenty rupees a piece Last the energizing elixir is going to sell for a max of two thousand three hundred and thirty rupees (2,330) Which is the most rupees that you can get from a single elixir recipe in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild when it comes to the selling price of a recipe.

It all boils down to a formula You’re gonna take the sum of those ingredients and multiply it by And that is gonna give you the total selling price of your recipe. Lynel guts go by themselves go for 200 rupees each. four of those put together equals eight hundred (800) rupees plus another thirty (30) from the energized rhino beetle Multiply that by 2.8. You’re gonna get the two thousand three hundred twenty four (3.324) rupees Rounding it up to two thousand three hundred and thirty if you’re new to the channel. Please be sure to subscribe I’m just a guy who’s passionate about gaming and wants to share what he learns with other people sometimes.

It’s dry sometimes It’s funny sometimes. It’s good. No matter what I hope you enjoy it So please be sure to hit that subscribe button And if you’re not new to the channel do me a favor and share this video. It would help me out a lot Thank you very much, and I hope to see you soon.

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