Hey everybody I’m Zelda Master and Welcome back to the legend of Zelda Breath of the wild so here we are in Tarrytown And well as you could tell yeah, it’s not really much of a town at least not yet, but in this video We’re gonna be focusing on building this town from the ground up I mean Link is not gonna be doing it for say but we’re gonna help And that’s pretty much the side quest We are Gonna be doing which is From The Ground Up and to pretty much start at this side quest or have it available for you you have to first start the Hylian Ownership Side Quest and Purchase the house over in Hateno and once you do that Bolson the owner of the construction crew will actually send Hudson here to the Akkala region, and that’s where he’ll get started on Tarry town so yeah it’s time to get started and overall the side quest is really awesome because it’s gonna bring together all of The you know people and the races of hyrule And you know we’re gonna make a pretty much a town which I think is really cool How you have to pretty much do that? and yeah You guys are gonna see essentially how this goes so let’s start off by talking to Hudson and get started so hey yeah We read again.

So who are you I guess like I already forgot, but I’m one of Wilson’s construction contractors. The name’s Hudson, okay? I remember Me too. What do you remember? I don’t really know also. I have to point out his head Yeah, it kind of reminds me of like toad I mean he also has like a little logo of I’m assuming his head or a toad house on his back I don’t know yeah for some reason I can’t help but think of like a toad reference or whatever, but so what are you doing? So since I’ve been transferred here I’ve decided to build a village from scratch Every village needs a name though. I think I’ll call it tarrytown okay.

That’s a good idea however. What’s wrong I built a house to store the village supplies in but there just is it enough enough what? Enough anything people money stuff okay, so yeah This is where we come in so I’ll help out but why there’s nothing in it for you Okay, well, I don’t mind doesn’t matter. You’re a life saver Well, I suppose to get started It will need houses for people to live in we can’t invite them until we have homes Do you think you could bring me ten bundles? Yeah, I got that I mean yes. We’re gonna be collecting a lot of wood in the sidequest so be prepared But don’t worry I’ll show a really easy way to farm them soon, but yeah If you bring me that I could combine it with what I already got and get started on new houses So yeah, all right So let’s get started with the side quest and the first thing when you do is deliver him wood no off-screen I decided just to make the start of this side quest a little easier.

I went ahead and got myself 60 Bundles of wood and so yeah, this is pretty much a good start So we’re gonna need more than this so be prepared, but hello, so yeah, did you bring me the ten bundles? I brought them so excellent. Can I have them sure so you’re a life saver? I’ll be saying that quite a bit, but alright so well next is these boulders are traffic me nuts I want to move them out of the way, so we could develop the land underneath It’d be really nice if you can help find someone with enough brute physical strength to burst them apart, okay? So physical strength, huh? Yeah, if we’re talking about brute physical strength and we are a quran would be my first choice. Good luck you’ll need it Yeah, cuz this is a long shot. He’s telling us to go get it. Go run to work for him, okay? Oh, and one last wrinkle what? Yeah in accordance with the official Bolson Construction policy that someone’s name must in in son yes, if you get it tell it with Hudson Bolson and Carson they all have son in their name And yeah, if you run into anyone that fits what I’ve said send them here to tarrytown for me So this is pretty much how the sidequest is gonna work? We’re gonna have to find people with son at the end of their name so that way they can fit in This whole town, and you know be a part of the construction crew cuz yeah It’s pretty much a part of the guidelines apparently which I find freaking hilarious So the adventure begins looking for the yeah for the garron with the name son at the end of his name at least so we’re gonna be doing that but Before I do that cuz I’m shooting or wondering I mean why not head over to You’re on city or somewhere near death mountain so that way we can start making Our way and try to find a garron because we’re clearly not gonna find one here in Akola.

Well I am gonna do that but as You can see on the map a color isn’t really by any shrines and if we’re Gonna be coming back to Hudson Constantly wanting to you know update him on what we’re doing and give him bundles of wood all of that jazz Well, we’re going to need a shrine that is nearby so yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and look at a shrine nearby I’m pretty much gonna show you guys the shrine that we’re gonna be using throughout the game to head over to Tarrytown You played the game before and did this quest I’m sure this is the shrine that you might have also been using as well Kiss is the easiest one to head to tarrytown from now It’s not as close as it may seem, but we can actually see it right up there I wish I could use if I scope went on the horse, but I can’t but anyways alright Let’s go ahead and start making our way up, and yeah if you couldn’t tell I also brought opponent with me you know off screen when I was forming for wooden coming back to tarrytown because Yeah, I mean, I’m opponent would be pretty useful and I do that in the last video, but ah yes The Shrine is right there feels weird to see shrines just out in the blue and I oh okay So I don’t know how this works I don’t think I’ve ever been in this situation for some reason But let’s see what happens when I get struck by lightning on a pony.

I really hope that doesn’t damage, epona Oh no, no no, okay. That was so stupid How did I not realize that I thought it would have deflected it, but all right. Sorry epona, but as you know I’m just can’t leave a pony Yeah, we’re probably gonna attract more lightning. So I’m not gonna risk it. I don’t know why I like Yeah, just let that happen, but at least since we have the thunder howling we don’t have to worry about anything affecting us but alright, let’s go ahead and quickly make our way there since it is raining the The ground is much more slippery, and it’s really cool because it actually doesn’t felt affect the shield surfing you can Ya slide much easier. They shield if you have it, so it’s good and try this again, and you know yeah We’re making some movement. You know it’s pretty nice and today here like some music look the music and the Scheme is so subtle and I love it, but I Feel like it’s playing it.

Yeah, the really subtle music that would play in the trailers I feel like this is not the time with the rain and the lightning and everything, but alright Let’s go ahead and no geez alright. Let’s go ahead and now activate this shrine. Oh. Yeah, this is a shrine Oh speaking of now if we leave this area we can easily teleport back and find a very easy way to head back to tarrytown because Yeah, this is pretty much gonna make it so much easier for us and actually this is going to give us a fourth spirit Orbs, so that way we can actually get ourselves another heart container as well, so that’s not bad But let’s go ahead and get started and this is a minor test of strength. No wonder It was like literally right in front of us. It wasn’t too hard to You know avoid I purposely must avoid in a different route to not see the shrine Whatsoever cuz yeah, this is a pretty basic and easy trying. I mean it’s a minor test So I believe two or three hits will kill this guardian.

I mean let’s let’s see what this royal. Oh, no Yeah, just 300 huh well whatever it’s still gonna. Take a couple seconds one two three okay? Let’s uh Bye Okay, so yeah feels a little weird taking on a minor test Just lay it within the game But I guess it’s nice to see our progression because I mean didn’t we take on a minor test of strength over in Kakariko Way back it was one of the very first trans.

We took on and I remember that actually taking me a while to get passed but Yeah, no, I don’t think that’s gonna be of use. I mean it was a minor test Guardian so I doubt he would have dropped anything too good. Let’s see what’s inside this chest and well um actually that’s really useful you Know we can use these giant cores, not just to get stuff over in the air color Tech lab but also to upgrade weapons That’s gonna be really useful and I will get to upgrading weapons because a lot of weapons if you get them two stars The whole set that is you have to actually get the whole set two stars and if you wear the set you can get set bonuses on Certain you know attire that you can wear like certain sets within the game and Some of them proved to be really useful so if you do get a set that may not have a set bonus Don’t worry I figure inning it might eventually get you the set bonus with the great fairies And that’s why I feel like it’s a must in terms of like really 100 percent of the game I gotta upgrade everything so I will get to that, but when the time comes I mean, we don’t really have to worry too much my main goals Did you kind of max out the hylians stuff? So that way I have more defense, but then we’ll see afterwards, but alright, so this is a good example Let me just put on a thunder helm.

All I’m still here This is a good example of where we’re going to need to yeah drop an apple pay respects to you know Okay, we’ve got a highly I guess by you know dropping an apple kind of like what she could do if it falls in there we go But in reality, we’re getting ourselves a cool rock seed yeah, alright Let me go ahead and try to quickly pick up the apples before they fry Okay, well that happened Wonder flew completely, I don’t even I want I picked it up before the lightning strike. I don’t know but whatever alright So now with that done.

It is time to leave as you can see we have easy access to tarrytown We just glide over lake Acala, and we’ll be there in a second go ahead and show off Yeah, so there’s tarrytown won’t take too much stamina to glide from one area to another and we’ll show it off like a lot What’s in this video because we’re gonna constantly be coming back to tarrytown I just thought I’d show you guys the easiest way just in case Ya you don’t know where the shrine is in that area because unlike stables Which usually have a shrine right by it this one doesn’t it’s it’s a little further away, not so hidden cuz yeah we spotted it from Far away, but It’s not as close as you may think it would be with it being a town and how all other towns have like Shrines literally Within the town itself instead of it being outside the town same goes for stables Or I believe it’s like one or two stables within the game that don’t have shrines right by them Just because they have like cities by them or something Beyond those lines which I’ll show off as well Maybe in this video regardless.

We got to look for the going on now, so alright. Let’s go ahead and first equipped proper armor which I guess I’ll Put on let’s see where is The fighter proof stuff. I don’t know why I’m like passing by there We go or I’ll put on the pants that will work, and I don’t need the thunder hell them anymore we could take that off but Alright. Yeah, I just prefer having the champion tunic mentioned. It’s a it’s kind of like The you know I feel like the game wants you to do that You know just kind of have it on with anything because you’re always going to get Whatever effect with you know tops to items you’ll never need a use all three unless You’re going for the set bonus which I mentioned earlier, so I guess you don’t really need the champion tunic at all time, sir Yeah, but for me. I like it because it gives you a lot of defense for what it is plus It looks really cool You know like I said with link being promoted you know through the games are and all of that with this tunic I feel like it’s the the right tunic to wear at all times, but I’m sure my opinion differs with many cuz yeah I’m not sure if a lot of you guys agree with that with you know wearing the champion tunic go at all times I mean, it’s cool that we can customize link And I really do enjoy that but I feel like for recording cuz you and my own personal files, whoa How rude was that my own personal files I usually try out, okay? I think it’s dead anyways we don’t even have to worry about that it like ran off its you know screw it I’m probably gonna get killed for attack you this guy soup Yeah, better piece, but yeah as you can see I did pass score on City and You may be wondering why because you know I said I was gonna go to go around City to fine to go on well this Person if you didn’t speak to everyone in to go around city.

You’re not going to find the guy you’re looking for the person We’re actually looking for is located in the Southern Mines I believe which is like pretty much the mines that you first encounter when approaching death Mountain and again I’ll open up the map. I mean you can actually see it’s literally countless lives in mine so yes This is where we’re heading to and hey looks some untouched or you know what let me first Mess with this and wait he actually here the gorons humming that’s pretty hilarious But yeah, so in the Southern mines, you know I believe it’s like a side quest to get a fireproof set of armor I didn’t really care too much about it because I was more in a time crunch when I needed it bible guy This is the guy who will be willing to give it to you I don’t really need to worry about him right now because um I already have his fighter proof armor that he would give me so Yeah, let’s just go ahead and now speak to the quran that we are looking for and well That’s gonna be one of these construction workers No, I believe is it him yes, okay? I managed to actually speak to him immediately if you speak to any character usually their name Appears above their head before you speak to them But if you never speak to them then you have to first talk to them to get that tapping so yeah I never spoke to this guy yet But now I have and now we know what his name is so what’s your name link has asked just in case the names Grayson so what’s it to you the name ends with sun? I like that.

What about it? It’s time to work if you want to talk come back at night when I’m relaxing Well, you know what screw you I want to talk now look they’re all freaking terrified the other faces They make are hilarious even him. I wasn’t even near you, but yeah, let’s go ahead and speak to you know What take care dude well? It’s gonna speak to all of us I could show you guys Just an idea of how like yeah the text see now if I come near him will immediately display his name Which I guess gives you an incentive to speak to every characters because as you can see no name But as you can see pelisson his well.

There’s sun in this and look a little kid He’s running the gorons are so freakin cute, but alright. Let’s go ahead and now Rest until nighttime because as we know Grayson. He’s busy he’s working he yeah he can’t really speak during work hours He’s a he’s a hard-working. Yeah, you know you don’t take work. You know as Everyone else. I’m getting I don’t really know where I’m going with that, but yeah I’m assuming the you know these Gowron’s all worth pretty hard when you think about I mean this guy’s working overtime then again I believe this is a guy who sleeps during the day.

So he has to make up for the night So at this hour. Yo, okay? What the heck? I’m a traveler could give it to you stray I don’t even know I’m speaking this guy so like I said, I’m a traveler fine keep your circuits You know what yeah, I’m done talking to this guy like I said I want to speak to Grayson So let’s go ahead and do that. So come on. I’m on a break What is it so eyes, and you are at Grayson? I don’t like repeating myself though So just remember that okay. I’m a digger here as you can see I dig in I dig day in and day out To be honest, I’m sick of it. I feel like maybe I’m not meant to toil away an absurdity like this Is there a job out there for me that let me use my strength to make a difference actually there is huh? There is where please tell me more well tarrytown. Yes, Tarrytown never heard of it So what kind of deal with that place? Hmm link is explaining so nacala Tarrytown so there is somewhere out there who needs me McCullough is it far from here all right? I’m gonna do it.

I’m gonna strike while the iron is hot Well, he’s up. He’s seemingly excited about this so thanks for letting me know brother pelisson, and I are gonna head there right away While I’m at it, and yeah, okay be out really spoke down to so pelisson. We’re Gonna leave And well it is time to move All right, yes aside from the way the quran was running blue Agora Polson. That was adorable, but Yeah, the music that played. I mean if you couldn’t tell again It is kind of referring to tarrytown when we first had sinned leave us in the last video when doing the hylian Ownership sidequest, and then yeah we hear it in tarrytown steam, and it’s really cool cuz I don’t know for me I really like the way he shows these These different Characters slowly coming to the town and it being built together and like even Grayson said he wants to make a difference and this is Where he’ll make a difference, and we’re gonna see it firsthand I mean, we’re gonna be able to see tarrytown be built so yeah now.

Let’s go ahead and make our way back to The town itself by teleporting here, and we’re gonna have to pretty much glide every time But it’s a it’s not that bad I mean I kind of enjoyed the only issue about heading here constantly is the fact that you have to avoid The lightning when you’re trying to head to the town itself usually in towns You don’t have to worry too much about you know any natural Disaster, but I guess since this is out in akola It’s a little bit different color overall is one of the coolest areas within my opinion in terms of the region because It’s it just feels like it’s really light game if anything even though the game is so open world anything can be like game, but compared to like the other regions And it having obviously the Aqaba tech lab being way to appear here to you know perez Just because we can actually buy tech gear, but I guess it’s kids are different techlabs different research Whatever my point is I just really like a call up anyways hey, so you sent some Gowron’s back here That’s perfect the brute strength of the Goron is undeniable those boulders Don’t stand a chance against them and with people like Grayson and posts and they fit in right, okay? So also Pelisson started selling or found within those boulders.

You should go and say hello again. Well next is Okay, so what you want so before people can move here we need yeah more homes from to live in that means more wood, so 20 bundles of wood and luckily like I said I formed off-screen So we got the wood let’s go in and give it to him suck like I’m sure you’re a lifesaver alright Go ahead and take him. So what is the next thing to do to help out this town? Well working such leras, okay? Hey, I guess he needs tailoring for him Yeah, so someone who’s got a gift for tailoring for me alright So if we talk about tailoring there could be someone among the gerudo So apparently gerudo are special in that and that’s what he wants one last drink although. What is it? Oh yeah, in accordance with the official yeah Bolson at construction policy.

We have to find someone that yeah ends in sun, so No matter who it is as long as it’s a tailor with son and at the end of their name We’re good now before right you head there I kind of want to show off the progression of how this town is going so as we can see yeah, you know little Pelisson is selling Selling some more and it’s really expensive those who screw that I don’t not want to buy it yeah And then we have Grayson at work But obviously he is way more happy because he’s actually making a difference. So you look at that smile on his face He’s actually hard at work And he’s enjoying it for once not bad ok so that’s good and all and we can see yet another houses bill pretty much for Grayson and his son and actually I want to go in and look at it real quickly It’s pretty snazzy you know.

I don’t know how it go on could fit on a bed like that, but yeah And oh yeah by the way the music which I have to let you guys pay attention to as well Okay, so right now. It’s just playing the normal theme which kind of reminds me of animal crossing But they added an extra like theme to it with like different instruments right now Yeah, it’s it’s kind of like also referring to you know how the Goron’s joined the town so it has this like Goron city type Theme to it. I don’t know I just really like the way you can really tell the town comes together and everything Yeah, like I can’t stress enough. How much I like the whole idea of this side quest But anyways now let’s go ahead and a teleport and make our way to gerudo because yeah We got to find a gerudo that is specialized in Tailoring and that could somehow help hudson and its tailoring needs because apparently That’s really important in terms of building a town So let’s go ahead and get into that and pretty much. Yeah like he said it was a gerudo So we’re gonna head over but not too gerudo town per se.

We’re actually gonna make it her way to Caracara Bazaar no It’s funny enough cuz we did speak to this person before it is a gerudo and like many of the gerudo She was looking for Avo You know someone out there that you know? She can I guess literally what all garuda’s look for they are looking for that though that they can end up with Essentially you know their partner and all of that well Yeah, she was one of the people looking for One of them and she didn’t mention her tailoring, so we already know there is someone out there, and yeah He exists in Kara carbs. Sorry that’s where he resides. So we’re gonna be heading literally there It doesn’t really take too much to like kind of figure out where they are like the first time I remember doing this quest and yeah having to look for all of the different people that Hudson wants like in General You just kind of trying to figure out who is who and what like if you just head to the two areas you’ll find The rice and I mean yeah you’re probably gonna find it like if it’s not guru town then Caracara Bazaar is will find Garuda’s as well same goes for Like Goron City if it wasn’t Goron city Then it was probably the mines or something else where we find a lot of goo Runs residing in and yeah Caracara bazar is an area where a lot of gerudo reside in as well as non gerudo kids You know most people can’t really get their way in to guru town since you have to be a vey My point is over here.

Anyone can control around and actually we’re looking for a guru So it doesn’t even matter and he or she is now if you couldn’t tell by her name yeah, Ronson You know literally we spoke to her before so we know her story and everything so yeah Let’s uh let’s go ahead and sit and tell I guess noon because I don’t know when Ronson wakes up And I feel like morning is a little too early people might still be asleep So I guess we should have the best way to forward time here is to sit down and tell Ya the afternoon and now let’s go ahead and speak to her so I wonder if she’s gonna say the same story Oh no, she isn’t so yeah, I’m still considering how to continue my search a master tailoring. I have dozens of other skills I just don’t understand what veau are looking for so okay. Well. There’s actually a faux literally looking for you is to go to Tarrytown Trust me.

So what is it so abrupt to let me hear the details. There’s a guy looking for tailoring Wants the last name sun in it Hudson in tarrytown needs a tailor. It’s something I suppose the color region is kind of far away and that maybe I need to travel getting far away from the village full of a But it’s not like I’m accomplishing anything By staying here. I can continue my search in tarrytown So she seems to have convinced herself so she had things for the information I’m gonna go pack a huge bag. It’s gonna be a long journey it’s yeah I find it funny how all these people have to worry about the journey when I got the Chi-Chi’s slate I could be fast travel heck.

Yeah But alright, so goodbye and again yeah, the music plays letting you know that we have yet another person to join tarrytown the quest from the Ground up now huh before I leave and I kind of mainly only want to focus on this quest in this video, but but it’s been in blood moons, so let’s say yes, okay, so luckily for us and I mean, this is pretty easy to find if in Caracara Bazaar You can actually find a gerudo scimitar pretty easily now. Let’s see if I have then okay Well, let’s see if have the necessary supplies either way. I need this so goodbye boku spear we got the scimitar now I also need myself a Diamond which I’m just gonna go ahead and we got the diamond, and I need five points, okay We have exactly what we need sweet.

So you know how I lost your boces sword well, not anymore We’re gonna get ourselves a replica right now because yeah, I can actually get one from Bowl area over in guru town, but I’m kind of curious so hello there Have we met before radio village? I’ve been there. I know all about it Sooo Didn’t you tell me but this game kind of curious to see what quest this is I heard an elixir that can beat the heat Okay, so I guess we’ll do that. This is a nice guy he’s a nice guy for telling us and a nice guy because he’s gonna show us the way of the ice but Yeah, we’re gonna go ahead and quickly do this quest here So he was telling us about mixing a cold style bug with cold animals and I don’t even think I have any bugs to be doing that so Yeah, alright, whatever We can easily use this and then if I have any ice parts which I do White chu chu jelly, so we’re Gonna use this little critter with? Some monster parts and well, I want to see how excited one gets over like an elixir.

I Mean he’s genuinely happy as you can see look yeah big smile on his face We owe a hasty q’s iakhs okay, so don’t makes two different things together That was really dumb in my part. It’s beetle here. I’m gonna I back and solve the side quest of beetles here I don’t see him anymore But yeah, that was pretty dumb on my part. I mixed the wrong two things you don’t want to do that Okay, butyl is here. So pretty much all I need to do was fine like a Butterfly or something and there are butterflies with that effect that if you mix with monster parts it will also work So let’s see what you get okay, literally exactly what I was talking about Yeah, we’re gonna go ahead and buy this little dragonfly that’s Gonna give us cool resistance when mixed with Monster parts so let us make a monster elixir with literally that and you should kind of finish that side person hilarious when you see the Gerudo like yellow randomly, but all right So where is that let me actually organize it so let’s do this right? Okay Isold Gonna hold like two of these and then we’re gonna go ahead and hold ourselves the The Critter which is this perfect now.

Let’s cook it And I’ll just skip this because I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna be anything too special chili elixir. This could help us, but we have You know items and stuff for it, so we don’t have to worry about that all right It’s going to speak to God his name is literally guy. Here’s the elixir guy have fun guy alright, so yeah now. He’s happy and I mean none of the you know the stuff you get from the side quest or ever really Worth it except like the one we’re doing now I mean don’t get me wrong tarrytown Super worth it But my point is and what am I saying Hudson even says it himself? There’s nothing in it for you even though I because I’d say tarrytown.

You don’t really get too much out of it But it’s the it’s seeing the progression to me that makes it worth it but in other side of quest when you just give a character something they want if you don’t look at the rupees as really much of a reward then you really get nothing else out of it, but For me. I got to do every side Quest and plus I enjoy it like regardless is still fun a lot of them are a very tutorial base like let’s be honest that ice guy Tutorial I mean it was a tutorial Essentially just masked in a side quest you know the game Introducing to you how to make elixirs with bug parts and monster parts and stuff like that And then you get reward out of it of course you know I guess I’ll tell like most like mister But I feel like it’s too early game You know so since I skipped the majority of them since I knew what to do? I just look at them as yeah, just kind of like a waste of time But since I am gonna do them all it doesn’t matter we gotta still considered well, okay? You do not want to like yeah break this Scimitar because I forgot to actually upgrade it which we’re gonna go ahead and do But let’s go ahead and speak to Hudson because I want to finish this first so hey, so you found someone from gerudo? Thank you.

She was able to patch every last hole in my work clothes before I could blink she’s pretty amazing Okay, so and as since her name is Ronson. I have no objections I hear she’s decided to continue putting her skills to use by opening a clothes shop You should stop by and say hello. Well next is alright. So what do we have to do next so before more people? Can move here we need more wood yeah? So this time 30 bundles luckily that’s exactly how much I have left thing is that’s not as much What is we need Reina need even more boats give him the thirty that we have so sure go ahead take them Now me actually gonna have to farm for some but alright.

What’s next? Okay, so it’s finally starting to look like a town around here Which is exactly why we need to step up some distribution? I’d like to get a general store up and running and there’s no one with connections and qualifications to run it Do you think you can keep an eye out to find someone who knows about? Distribution and can run a general store okay, so a traveling trader essentially is what he means and oh That’s a good thought rita can fly around so they should be able to retrieve and deliver supplies Good luck, you’ll need it again kids Yeah, it is a long shot getting someone and convincing them to come to this town luckily It’s been easy because they’ve been convincing themselves, so oh one last wrinkle blah blah blah Yeah, we got to find it with sun, so it can meet the required so you know the drill guys we’re gonna be doing just that but I Do have enough spirit orbs to upgrade my heart or to get myself another heart container, but that can wait? But all right so as you can see yes Ronson is here, and she is selling the gerudo Foe attire we can already buy the gerudo Vii tire in In querido town itself if you enter the secret shop so yeah, I mean, it’s cool that she’s selling it as well, but it doesn’t really matter you know all right, so now it is time to head over and get that rito, but Before I make my way back, I am going to have to really consider yeah finding some wooden planks because Don’t worry the next time he asks For wood from you it will be the last time but think about it went from 10 to 2230 It’s not Gonna be 40 though It’s gonna be 50 so we need 50 bundles of wood for the last time so yeah you go through quite a bit I mean over a hundred and Yeah, it’s uh I mean It didn’t really take that long because I’m literally gonna show you guys how you can farm it very easily and a very easy way to farm it without breaking any of your weapons if you don’t have a woodcutter’s axe, so Yeah, it’s not really that difficult and I just realize I teleported to the wrong area could have maybe teleport to the shrine whatever it Here’s you know the divine beast meadow as you can see it is preparing to shoot it blasts over in hyrule castle And we cannot come near it, but I mean I guess it’s nice to teleport to it and check it out regardless let’s go in and Jump down over torito Village the Yeah, I’d still say even after Even after we complete tarrytown.

This is still my favorite village just because it’s music and The setting like we’re on like a canyon high up in the sky And I don’t know just the way everything looks is really cool But then tarrytown is definitely second favorite it’s I don’t know I like all the towns. I mean Kakariko is amazing to Laura Wynn Yeah, I mean yeah. They’re all awesome. Swords domain even like I can’t deny my point is This is a cool town all right, so let’s speak over to this guy here. I mean. He’s kind of chilling and Yeah, he seems kind of upset. I mean if we speak to and say hey, what’s up and if you’re Gonna? Tell yes? Vicen it definitely has what we’re looking for so I’m glad metal has settled down, but I have bigger problems My mom said she wanted to take over the family store someday Can you believe that I don’t want to just help? I want to own my Store and sell, whatever. I want as you can see it’s perfectly fitting to what we’re looking for so heard of a tarrytown You know you don’t really have to compete with your mom you could come over to tarrytown.

Tell me more well. It’s a place That’s cool. Oh So there need of a general store that’s perfect, but in their collar region That’s pretty far out, but I guess I gotta leave the nest someday and I have to make my own store all right So I guess he convinced himself against okay. I made up my mind I’m going I know I’ll gather some items and on my way to tarrytown I’ll sell them at my new shop. Thanks for the tip and hey don’t be a stranger to Come visit my new home sometime So he already knows he is welcome to the town and now occupy again Yeah, that means it doesn’t get old on it. See I love it, but all right, so Before we make it right back. We know faison has left, and now he’s heading to tarrytown and all of that, but We need trees we will not necessarily trees, but the wood from the trees and where can we get those well? I mean, they’re all around us, so let’s yeah Not only are they all around us There’s actually a pretty convenient area to get them and it’s actually over here by this table now to teleport to this table you kind of need a teleport to either the shrine or I guess to divine beast meadow and head to it cuz this is one of the You know stables that doesn’t have a shrine right by.

It’s funny I mention it literally early in the video and here. We are out of stable without a shrine right by I mean don’t get me wrong there will be shrines around it But there’ll be no one as close as like the other shrines are it to other stables But there’s a reader with a mission. You know what let’s not get sidetracked I want to focus on certain side quests without really getting to sidetrack with other side quests, so yeah, don’t worry We’ll get to all of them when the time comes, but here we are in the Rideau Staple yes, and there is a woodcutter’s axe perfectly there for us But I want to show off how to farm wood without I would cut his ex without anything It’s just yeah like this throw some of your you know remote bombs and blow it up and just like that we’re gonna be getting ourselves so much wood without even affecting anything, and if actually if you’re accurate enough You can like hit it in the center and like blow up two trees at once That way it goes by a little bit faster as you see here.

I can blow up more planks I don’t really do it that proper. Let me try it here Yeah Okay for some reason the radius is it really that good and this is the upgraded bomb keep in mind? so that means it has shorter, Cooldown and Apparently does more damage, but you can’t really tell in terms of farming wood, but there we go alright So I’m talking about so what makes it really easy to farm in the Rideau stable The main reason why I picked it specifically is because this they have so much chopped down wood that yeah This is like what seven trees or so That we were able to get within one second and we’d even have to chop down the tree itself it was already chopped, but you had to break them with collectively, so yeah, this is gonna be a really easy way to farm as much wood and it looks like acorns as well as possible if they Drop down, and this is pretty much how I do it if I don’t want to use any of my weapons And I highly suggest you guys do it as well.

If this is a You know a necessity. I mean it is to do this side phest you need wood But I slide from that you know it’s not too hard to farm wood. Yeah, I guess I’ll farm all this on screen so you guys can see how fast they’ll do it in terms of using the bombs you can also if You know you want and you feel like it will be quicker You can try this where you go through both bombs that way They’re like always on Cooldown, and I guess that will be faster because yeah think about this We’re just constantly using the bombs now. So if anything I’m glad I’m doing this let’s let’s keep it up kiss This is actually Gonna make it way quicker for us I have to make sure I detonate it before I swap to other ones, but all right Let’s go ahead and toss this detonate swap toss Wait throw will just really break what we do then go ahead and do that. Oh This is great. Hey, buddy No Not really trying to fight you right now. So why don’t you just come here take? I mean, he should be dead up here, so it can I’d walk away not look back I mean it took too long to swing him, but yeah I didn’t really have to hit him that many times because it’s damaged this sword does like about 40 damage and They have life not that much Hp whoa buddy whoa chill out? Why did the Octorok run like that and we got an octorok eyeballed? I’d really never kill an octorok before I might have maybe that you should never drop the eyeball I believe for loons on me all right, so let’s continue doing this keep doing the switcheroo because It is working pretty well, actually it’s making it much faster as you can see cuz we can get a whole tree Just like that, so yeah Too bad they don’t really have that much wood like when you think about you get what one? Set of planks out of them like one bundle Would be nice if these taller ones gave us several But it’s whatever I mean.

This is still a really easy way to for pit. Okay. This is really happening. How did I not manage? We go, and we hit that one nice two trees with one um Yeah, okay. These enemies are so annoying okay? You know what? Respawn for me okay. Bye. There we go Jeez Was a little disturbing, but we managed to kill them so easily and in a very cool fashion I mean, I love using our boces fury for that, so awesome, but continue doing this and There’s some more over there. I could farm that whoa. I did not mean to hit myself. What the my own mom, I? Don’t know if I want to form them all like this like I feel like this might get a little annoying like I’m constantly throwing About I feel like this is a little yeah, a little much, but It’s saving my weapons so yeah, why not just embrace it. Let’s see a mature alright So we’re almost there literally ten more You know what let’s just start using the old sword and make this go a little bit faster actually if anything Look at it. It takes a lot longer to Do it otherwise if anything? This method is not only quicker, but it’s also just more efficient in terms of life time you can see bam a pretty quick like literally with if you upgrade your Remote bomb the cooldown for it is just so much faster that Yeah, it’s really nice and don’t worry fields wondering what happens to all the trees you You know cut down.

They will what really it didn’t even hit it focus all the trees we cut down yeah they will actually respond the second you reload the area, so Teleport literally back to the rito Shrine and that that will do it for you immediately you don’t really have to do anything else It’s actually Much easier than like having to wait for enemies. Did you do for enemies? You have to wait until the blood moon of course and not just for the area to reload but for trees Yeah, don’t worry You don’t have to wait until the blood moon is so that would be a little much But luckily the game doesn’t have that alright, so we are done 51 you know let’s make it 52 or whatever the amount will be if this will drop more than one now again 52, but yeah, okay.

We’re good So I collected literally 50 within I want to say a pretty short amount of time, and I didn’t use any of my well I barely used any of my weapons to do so so I feel like yeah, it’s definitely the easiest Way to farm and there’s a lot of trees over in the rideau stable and then on top of it you have all the cut down trees that you could easily use I don’t know if there isn’t like a much easier place for me.

This is what’s work? I feel like in terms of farming wood. This is where I went to so I feel like yeah this might be the best area in my opinion, but obviously if there is a better area I wouldn’t know about it. So if through days, you know you can always let me know in the comments. I did feel like that Regardless, it was pretty simple with what we just did so yeah, but alright as you can see yes We are so close every time we’ve jumped like we do the sleep back to Tarrytown We see another Boulder destroyed more progression done It’s really nice and yes vicen has now opened up a shop and he resides in tarrytown, but it’s not done yet There’s still a little more to go I mean this is pretty much all he wanted in terms of like selling stuff and Just having stuff because now we have a merchant in here Which is awesome a traveling merchant nonetheless, but alright, so hey you managed to find a reader and bring him back here. Thank you He wastes No time getting a general store up and running apparently his family runs one too and the name like feist And he fits right in He sells things that he’s picked up while flying around you should really go check out a store all right? I will his store is actually really helpful, but What’s next? So before we can kill more people here.

Can you bring me 30 bundles of wood all right? That’s the first thing we need are 50. That’s the first thing. We need to do luckily I already did that when getting feist, and so we’re good excellent. Can I have that I’m sure all right again we’re the life saver take him away, so Actually wanted to talk about something a little personal what’s strong? Oh, not that kind of personal actually I got engaged wait. What no way that’s crazy so it’s true to you then to Ronson okay, so Yeah, she was looking for someone and you know tina and mention our tailoring might help her find the bow she needs and I guess It was destiny cuz that’s what you know Hudson and Ronson we’re looking for us, so I guess it acute capital. Thank you anyway We want to have a little ceremony to celebrate, but we need someone priests like to officiate Could you look for it someone priests like for us? Priests like huh, and for looking for people devout enough to have a priest like person I suggest zara good luck you’ll need it again.

Yeah, we got to go find out one last wrinkle Yeah We get it man. You know you don’t really have to tell us that every time well I like how he literally says it in the exact same way every single time But all right so again as much as I want to use this goddess statue to get myself another night you dinner It’s gotta wait until this town is complete, but before I do anything let’s go ahead and check out fights in his workshop Not much of a workshop cuz he yeah he needs the wood to build the house, so I believe if we do come back He will have this house for feist and bill, but I just want to show off his little workshop here Keep in mind.

He doesn’t like it when I don’t care if you’re paying customer. I can’t let you climb up there. Yeah, okay Sorry, man, and now we can easily buy all of the cool arrows He’s selling I feel like he sells at the cheapest out of anyone And I mean he has them all on display instead of having ted to each town to find a certain element of arrows So yeah feist in is the man to rely on arrows for he’s yet the guy I mean overall tarrytown is the best in terms of purchasing stuff, but okay? So one last thing we need to do and also yet with the music all has the reno theme in it wait I need a have you guys listened to that part too, so I want to show off How like well put together this whole quest is like in terms of even the music In Tender like put detail to that like this pretty much I’m not sure if it’s playing it yet, but I mean overall it sounds really nice Yeah, pretty much all it is is like the music gets It just really builds together And you really feel like you know this is an area of all of the other Towns that when you know together in one area I don’t know.

I just really like the idea has mentioned many times so I can’t help but point it out I just think it’s really interesting Regardless let us now leave and head over to zoras domain cuz like Hudson said that is the final area we need to head to and – really head – but the meaning of fine is or a priest like person and apparently according to him szura’s are the best For that, so we’re gonna be looking for that sadly It’s not as easy you know you gotta find someone with son at the end of their name so far It hasn’t been hard nor has it been hard to convince them, but we’ve been kind of looking for something on their own seems like all these people with son in their name are just generally lost and we’re looking for today town, so Link to Reckon them there essentially now I worked out, but hey it’s a boy site on the man the myth the legend he is so tall it’s a freak like whoa It’s a it’s freaking hilarious is this your slinky short like compared to the gerudo Dora the Garron Link is over all he just seems pretty small compared to all of these races But then again these races though.

They are a humanoid It doesn’t mean they literally have to be as big as humans that makes sense for link you should generally be shorter like for the zoras to just overall be bigger than Humans or Hylians to be exact which pretty sure aliens are humans just with pointed Ears I? mean duh Alright, let’s go ahead and speak to yeah, so captain. This is the last one. We speak to you, so well well It’s always nice to see a visitor here. Thank you for joining to our fair stores domain Wait a moment you You’re link the perpetrator who forced lady Mifa to join his crusade a hundred years ago only to be destroyed by Calamity ganon as Though I could never forget that face You should know that the elderly here who love lady me if I still remember and they still present you buy however Resent the Deed and not the person I also believe in allowing the mistakes of the past to wash away Link I’ve retired for my role as priest and now living my life free from the material concerns of this world However ever since I’ve retired each day is more boring than the last Spending day after day in it idleness only to pass from this world Link as I’m sure you are well aware.

The afterlife lays claim to all well never know when it beckons If during your travels you meet any engaged couples I would like for you to introduce them to me to any two souls is a true honor one shall stake my life on Just one more wedding and I shall be fulfilled well Yeah Not only is he looking for a couple he’s looking for just more to do and well get a load of this. Yes I have been waiting to hear those words now. Tell me the specifics Yeah, as you can see in tarrytown stuff is Gonna happen okay, Tara ten in account La icAl Is that too far from here? It would please me to hurry there right away by yourself No need to worry about me. I have always had confidence in my fins and feet It’s been a long while since I’ve had work. I am eager to put my skills to use and you should come as well I will start my preparations in tarrytown in the meantime right so five Yes again. We say goodbye as He makes his way to tarrytown, so let’s go ahead and let I wanted to come teri for a second let’s set Hudson No, it’s funny How they may have a son in the town name when it’s like all based off of that Like you would have thought that the town would also carry the name It doesn’t carry at all Yeah, but regardless.

You know we brought another character you know someone with son at the end of their name and someone who fits the role of what they’re looking for the priests like I mean who was Actually a priest so I don’t know how you fit a role more than that. You know We literally found the perfect person for them So let us see what Hudson thinks about that And I mean freaking ceremony is going to be happening soon. Yeah I mean uh tSon is getting married as you can see and our travels of finding new people to join this town Hudson and you know Ronson have managed to yeah, I end up getting engaged And it’s funny cuz not really I mean it’s all been one episode and our whole relationship has stemmed But I guess that’s laughing. I mean I bet obviously more time has passed, technically within the game But all right, so I brought you the dude. I was looking for hey So you found his aura. Thank you really? He and I talked earlier, and he said that he little it was a priest before he would try to get away look That’s what I said he can’t get more priests like that Yeah, so his name is you know Cavesson – I have no objections there? It was really amazing that you were able to find someone pretty slick who else has an acceptable name Well next is what stead of course we’ll have to invite guests in order to hold the ceremony guests who? Well, I’m talking about my boss boy.

Yeah, polson and his support in it Carson all right I see so however I got to prepare for the ceremony. So my hands are full could you invite them for me okay? Where are they you know where they are at the boss and Carson Ryan? I hate to no village right I see and yeah excellent outing on you now obviously They are in hate you know we literally did the hylian ownership side quest last time and for those who haven’t completed it because you Can do this side quest without fully furnishing your house don’t worry we are pretty much Tisha inviting him for the ceremony and yeah, you should be able to get both you know Bolson and Carson back to hate to know to finish furnishing your town after the ceremony but that’s the thing we got to first make our way to the ceremony and get all of that done with so let’s go ahead and invite both yeah, you know Bolson and Carson and let them know and You know then the ceremony should start because we already have this aura and everything else is You know come to play and it’s really cool because the town is at this point Completely bill, but I’ll take a better look at it once.

We’re done with the ceremony and everything overall It’s just yeah such a cool quest that. We’re ending it off. What’s like it literally is ceremony like not only do you you know? Finish up the town, but you know you gotta yeah get the ceremony established as well with Hudson You know he’s celebrating two things the finished town And I you know the wedding his wedding, too Can’t forget about that, but I don’t know why I keep doing that every time I start from hate to know over in the sheikah Shrine I didn’t instantly glide but know from the sheikah shrine you can easily make your way to your house Just like this as you can see our house should be here But I don’t believe Bolson at North Carson will be waiting.

You might know okay? They’re not and yeah, that’s because they’re not really hanging out at night time They go to sleep, and they don’t I believe they only go to sleep when like you finished completely building your house They’ll always come back and hang out with you during the day so as you can see yeah there They are so it’s going to speak to Volson and hey so wait what? Hudson getting married And you want me to attend the wedding wow good on him Oki do I’m in wedding time, baby Not like there’s anything else to do here anyway Well, I guess I’ll get packed in ahead towards Hudson place all right, so this will be fun. Oki do looks like rain Hey, I like how he actually points it out. Yeah as always In this game so Carson, we’re headed out Alright, and yeah, so fun.

I’ve been waiting for this day They are now leaving all right. He’s literally waved twice all right Carson and Yeah, that’s probably gonna be the last time we’re gonna hear that you know what’s getting people over to the town, but alright, so now let us make our way to tarrytown and Finally put an end to this side quest yeah overall the side quest takes some time to do but I mean It was worth it for sure like let us take a better look at tarrytown. Oh, hopefully Akela doesn’t have it raining I mean, I want it to be nice and sunny for when this ceremony happens It would be a little lame for it to rain during that time, but yeah We will see right now as we make our way back to like Hella and straight to tarrytown And I love gliding and seeing how it looks especially when it is completely built as you can see now Yes, it is a beautiful town and obviously it is raining, but I believe once we make it Maybe there because it will be really far away from hopefully this rain cloud come on or not, okay? I’ll just literally wait out time I guess because I want to like appreciate the town with how it looks and everything, but yeah This is it they all of the house I mean the houses look pretty identical and everything, but just seeing it and seeing like the lights and yes, it is sunny Sweet I think it has to be sunny for what’s gonna happen up Next maybe the game wants it to be sunny because it would really ruin the whole setting of the ceremony I mean yeah, you would only think but okay the music is now fully together and It sounds great, but what’s difficult to finish this side of question so alright We got everybody so hey You extended my invitation for me Thank you now that any Carson and the boss Bolson are waiting for things to begin a shall We start the ceremony of course let’s do this understood then now let’s Join the gathering Silence please everyone we shall now begin.

We are Gathered here today to join Hudson and Ronson in Matrimony Hudson Before the eyes of these witnesses and before those of goddess hylia Do you take Ronson to be your wife to have and hold in good times and in bad I do excellent then Ronson Before the eyes of the witnesses and before those of goddess hylia Do you take Hudson as your lawfully wedded husband in sickness and health? And you also vowed to name your children in accordance with the Bolson construction naming guidelines Wait a moment those vows are not traditional by anyone’s standards. What makes you say that There is tradition also gets.

Yeah, okay, right? I can’t you but take this seriously like what? so yeah Bolton’s idea here is it has to go by that and All right anyways yeah, so I don’t think she’s means traditional in that sense of the word I fell when dying tradition exam of Guidelines compliance all take that vow think of the future generations Well those are the guidelines I do the excellent And so dearly beloved please help me including this newly married couple I Wish this new couple nothing, but the utmost happiness as they set out on this journey of marital bliss and so That is that it was yeah, it was pretty funny But also pretty nice you know seeing all the races of Zelda together in this Marriage and I don’t know I yeah I just really like the sidequest because now we can pretty much visit all of the cool and unique Races of Zelda all on one area and overall dish it feels like and a town that You know we put together I mean we were the ones that seek down all these people and told them about the town and had them come here and now let’s see what Hudson has to say and Let’s wrap up this side quest once and for all so hey It’s you Thank you for attending the ceremony.

Are you crying? What no just something in my eye? And now tarrytown looks like a real town at long last this was all possible because of you I can’t thank you for all the hard work you did yeah, alright This is for you, so we did get something out of all of this. We got three diamonds Nice, so these were found inside the boulders. We smashed when clearing the land Bronson I have no use for them you could take them. Thanks man, and well from the ground up It’s it’s all up. It’s all here Pretty nice right yeah. We finally did it and now that we’ve done it Let us use the goddess statue looks so much better than before Because it has a really nice stage for it and the little water.

I mean it literally like a freaking fountain it looks awesome Yeah, but I need my heart container now skewes. Yeah, I’ve been waiting all episode for this so feels Good to have finally got it heck yeah, and there’s one more thing. I gotta do before We finally end off the episode um kind of and often sidequest as a whole so Now I mentioned many times and a lot of you guys have been asking does the hylian shield Break it does and I don’t know how else to prove it because it It didn’t break on me But it will break eventually and I will have it break in this playthrough My point is it does I get a lot of people who tell me it doesn’t but no guys it does I’ve had it break A lot on me on my personal playthrough, but how do I reget it because it’s yeah, we have blood moons things respawn But the hylian shield won’t this is a one-of-a-kind shield This is special well this guy so yes, hey Huh what oh nice to meet you.

I’m grantee a dashing novice researcher of ancient civilizations I’ve still got a lot to learn though That’s why my father told me to go out and see the world Are you also making your way through the world something like that? Oh you too? Huh beside myself with glee anyway, you must have come from a very long way to get here. Hey How about as a reward? I let you buy my ultra rare armor as a decent price, so I feel like this is like the game developers talking Thanking you for you playing this far into the game and now we can actually get something out of it. So if you lose armor Especially valuable, so let me just say show me the good so I could show you guys what rare stuff? he has climbing stuff stuff called the Barbarian armor rare gear like rubber set and Even the old and well worn stuff that we got in the beginning of the game So let’s say I didn’t get the rubber armor I did and then I lost it like I dropped it and by dropping it I mean like selling it cuz that’s the only way you can truly let go of armor It’s not like items within this game But let’s say, we’re to sell it on accident And now I can’t get it again because this is a unique item well Yeah This is where this guy comes in because now we can purchase all of it including the climbing gear The rubber gear the Barbarian set all of that And you don’t actually have to collect all of them to buy it once you do this quest.

He will sell it to you But it’s really expensive of course now you may say, okay. Where is the hylian shield also? Yeah, you can buy the sand and snow boots, but I do believe you have to do the quest for to get these boots so don’t think you can do this quest and then easily buy them without doing the The eight heroines or the eighth heroine quest thing that we did over in Garuda town, and yeah But that’s how you get about the sand and snow boots, but yeah, you may say okay.

Where’s the hylian shield well? It has to break you can’t have more than one hylian shield but trust me He will have it in his inventory if you lose it if something happens, and you can’t get your hands on it You may say oh But why does if I go ahead and hang it on my wall the game won’t know right now the keys won’t allow you Technically haven’t lost it. It’s still obtainable It’s technically like still with you when you have it Hanging on the wall because I could have done that with all of the champion weapons could have hung them on my wall and then went and got fake ones, but the game will also tell you that like if I go to Buleria which I have yet to do which we’ll do in the next episode but when I do go to Buleria And let her know about the gerudo scimitar and how I lost the you know the scimitar of the seven which was our boces She will then be willing to rebuild it, but if I were to hang it on the wall and come back, and then tell her She may notice it’s not on me But she won’t be willing to do it like the game doesn’t want to give you Multiple unique items like the Hylian Shield like the champion weapons I mean you can get fake versions of like me if it’s tried amp but that’s the extent of having more than one of the same like unique weapon, but yeah, I just wanted to explain this so I know a lot of you guys have been asking about both the Highland Shield and the champion weapons, and how they work within this game, you can get all the unique items again, whether it being from this dude here, or rebuilding it it’s just You have to actually lose it entirely the game doesn’t want to give you the option to have to But anyways that does it for this video since this video is probably already gonna be really long And I can’t do anything else about it might as well check the amiibo I always feel bad dragging these videos out for so long you just cited a quest in this game Take a while, and I don’t want to sit and split them up because I know how annoying that be watching, but I also know How very long videos might not be the best in terms of like watching as well? It’s just I feel like you know we got to get stuff done each episode And you know sepp said was this side to quest, so it didn’t matter.

How long it takes. We did it, right? That’s how I see it, but I’m old thing with these Amiibo that someway somehow in my control is messed up It keeps moving to the side like link dish automatically stops moving or starts moving at Random But that’s not my point. I’m trying to see if I can hopefully get myself one of the Cool secret items, I don’t see any luck all right let me I Can use this claymore? This is really strong this was from the ganondorf for me about but ok Let us use the 8-bit link Amiibo? I’m actually gonna. I’ll tell you guys what I’m evil I’m using once I get something good out of it so far. It’s been nothing so far Yeah, this is that good Well, I guess that does it kids. I’ve already used the Ocarina of time the twilight princess and the eight vic 8-bit yeah, and none of them has given me what I was hoping for which is the Green link stuff, you know I’m hoping that I will eventually get this the rest of these sets but it will take some time as you can see this one looks pretty cool, but you know we’re still working on the other ones with the amiibo if push comes to shove I’ll I’ll do it the way that is intended and constantly soft reset, but I’m trying to get it by luck the way I’m assuming Nintendo wanted you to get it I did you find it dumb how these would me bow even give you stuff like the royal anymore? It’s like You know it’s already not it’s like the royal cameras in the game You can get hundreds of those why have the amiibo give you something you can get within the game? Understand the the loot should be rare, but I feel like it’s way too rare especially in terms of a let’s play I just want to get it officially like I want to do it the way.

It’s meant to be But at the same time I kind of want to Not do it because I feel like even if I do it at the end of every other episode. We’re still not getting anything We managed to get all the win away groans like with the other one, so we’ll see whether or not I’ll do the other route in terms of soft reseting anyways Yeah, thank you all so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode Let me know what you guys think of this sidequest overall on the whole Dynamic of hitting all the races of the you know Zelda races together Making a town and making like this endgame area where you can buy? Cool.

You know unique items you can get all the arrows within the game like I feel like yeah, Nintendo did a really nice thing in terms of making it sound like this really feels like it’s the end game of of places to be and Building it from the ground up. Maybe just makes it really cool like I don’t know. I just really like this side of Quest anywho I’m gonna stop rambling and saying the same thing with how much I like this and yeah, I’ll end off the episode Thanks again for watching I’ve been sold the master, and I’ll see you all in the next one. Bye.

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