Hello everybody and welcome back to another video And today I will be discussing the top 10 weapons in breath of the wild. Now these weapons are in my opinion so don’t go attacking me saying that there’s supposed to be a top 10 or there isn’t a top 10. These are all in my opinion and I ranked them by durability and usefulness Now I know this topic has already been discussed by a Nintendo Life and a few others But my list is quite different to theirs and I wanted to share my views with all of you I’m not going to include the DLC weapons or the master sword and Hylian Shield It’s just too obvious that these are OP, and not everybody has the DLC Coming in in our 10th spot, is the frost blade. Now the frost blade can be replaced with its two other variants the great frost blade in the frostspear But I personally enjoy the frost blade most because it kills fire enemies in one shot You can swing it multiple times, and it stops enemies in their tracks Now the frost blade is at number 10 because of its lack of need in the game only Two regions in hyrule have an abundance of fire monsters, and if you do freeze a monster It’s not going to stay frozen for very long Coming in at number 9 on our list is the opposite of the frost blade the flame blade Not only does the flame blade kill frost enemies in one hit, But it also can light a fire wherever you’d like as long as it’s not raining There is far more tundra regions in Hyrule than lava regions so the benefit outweigh those of the frost blade Coming in at number eight is the Savage Lynel crusher.

The savage Lionel crusher gives one of the highest amounts of damage in the game and can be swung around for easy Kills the downside to this weapon is that is very heavy you can only swing in a couple times But you can swing it around in circles if you have a lot of stamina also, the durability of this weapon is not the best, but it’s not that hard to obtain and It’s very very powerful Coming in at number seven we have the Royal broadsword The Royal broadsword does one of the highest damages out of any one handed sword in the game And it’s not that hard to find once you’ve been inside Hyrule, Castle The Royal broadsword has an okay durability, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t very useful when the Master Sword runs out of energy Coming in at number 6 on our list is the Guardian shield plus plus The shield could be attained from the strongest of the Guardian Scouts And is the biggest shield in the game not only does the shield glow and have an amazing power but it also has an all-right durability and it can be used to deflect Guardian Scout beams from a distance or up close.

And, not to mention. It looks really cool to shield surf on In fifth place we have the lizal tri-boomerang. Not only does the lizal tri-boomerang deal a whopping a lot of damage for a one-handed weapon, but it also can be used as a boomerang to hit enemies from afar, and it comes back to you. I also use any of the boomerangs except for the giant boomerang for this purpose But you could actually get palm fruit down from the high trees It’s definitely not one of the best weapons in the game of course But it can be found in a lot of places, and it’s very easy to obtain Here at number four is one of my personal favorites the Thunderspear. This is such an incredible weapon because not only is the durability pretty great it can also be used for so many awesome things you can disarm an enemy with this weapon and make them stop attacking. It’s like an ancient taser. I personally use this weapon the most to disarm enemies and to kill wolves because honestly don’t attack me you asshole You’re on a dive if you’re going to be an asshole Coming in in third place is the Savage Lynel Bow.

Not only does this bow have a three shot variant guaranteed with every bow it also gives a whopping amount of damage While the durability of the weapon may not be the best it is incredibly useful and could knock out (some) enemies in one hit Not to mention that the bow has a five shot variant and that is extremely useful And it can be used to defeat the mounted archery game In second place is an extremely useful weapon and can be extremely helpful when navigating the hyrule fields and the castle This is the ancient shield. You can obtain the shield from Robbie from 1,000 rupees at Ancient Akkala tech lab. If you’re too broke (for ancient arrows) and if you don’t want to spend your time to kill the Guardians the other two ways (ancient arrows and shield deflect) then you can use this shield Hold it up, and it really just deflects the beam without any other effort.

It’s extremely simple and extremely useful I really do apologize for saying extremely so many times, but it really is incredibly helpful the ancient shield costs 1000 rupees, requires some ancient parts and a giant ancient core. The durability of this weapon really isn’t that great Now the shield would usually come in first place because of its absolute amazingness if that’s even a word But because of its really weak durability it comes in second Now for the ultimate weapon in breath of the wild. In first place we have the golden bow. I cannot stress how important this weapon is and how useful it is throughout the course of the game it may not appear to be Much at first as it doesn’t really have very good damage But it’s actually a sniper bow meaning that you can zoom in more when using it its Counterpart the phrenic bow is a lot harder to find It doesn’t spawn somewhere consistently The golden bow can be found where the guards in Gerudo are training all the way in the back of the town Every Blood Moon the weapon can be found there It’s also needed for a few Korok puzzles And it’s very easy to use versus the other bows on top of that its durability something to be happy about Well that’s it guys Thank you so much for watching this, and if you like this video Please give it a thumbs up it really helps me out And I’d really appreciate it.

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