The Legend of Zelda breath of the wild takes exploring an open world game to a whole other level All of Hyrule is open to you from the moment you leave the great plateau with no loading screens or restrictions on where to go You can reach in climb whatever you see and glide through Skies from any height and with so much freedom in such a huge role to explore Comes tons of collectables to find with 900 korok seeds to collect in 120 shrines to find outside of all the other secrets hyrule has a lot to discover and with each find it always felt So satisfying to solve a certain puzzle along the way you learn to study the world as you adventure through its massive lands of Hyrule some secrets well hidden and while some requiring some sort of puzzle in order to reach it especially when searching for the 120 sheikah shrines and from the moment you start exploring the massive world of Hyrule You are introduced to these ancient shrines these shrines were created by the sheikah to test the hero of Hyrule with each shrine Activated working as a fast travel point for link making returning to that area again a breeze Along with the reward for completing the shrine itself being a spirit orb Which strengthens link as they can be exchanged for more hearts and stamina and with each shrine link completes He becomes not only stronger but wiser Having the battle you overcome a test that prepares you for the next challenge ahead and with a hundred and twenty shrines scattered all throughout hyrule some are easy to find while some are hidden in the far corners of Hyrule not to be found by normal man making the challenge alone for some shrines just finding the shrine itself and with a total of 120 shrines Scattered throughout hyrule all of them with many ways to solve them I’ve decided to list my top 5 shrines to find and what I mean by that Is these are the shrines that don’t really carry a challenge within the shrine itself But have a challenge in finding it as I’ll be honest.

I had much more fun Exploring Hyrule and looking for the shrines than solving the puzzles within them so with plenty of shrines to choose from without further ado Let’s move there Only five shrines out of 120 have a feeling you can have set a lot of people I mean you won’t even include any shrines with puzzles in them And so how many of them are blessing shrines have you included any cache shrines don’t tell me you a included a korok trial shrine Hold your horses there keep in mind that this is a top-five list of his opinions and not yours Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so if you agree or disagree you can let us know in the comments or even let us know what your top 5 list is Guess you’re right My list is better anyways lets get started #5 To start off number five we have the tu Ka’loh shrine disclaimer I will probably butcher every shrine name But moving on located on the lomein labyrinth island north of the Akkala region in the Akkala sea This sheikah shrine is one of three labyrinth shrines found throughout Hyrule with each shrine at the center of the labyrinth requiring the hero to traverse It’s a maze in order to reach it and with each may solved being the challenge of that shrine Having the shrine itself being a blessing shrine rewarding link for reaching it now with three very similar shrines all centered in a labyrinth I had to pick my Favorite one of the three and since every shrine is very similar What makes the lomei labyrinth Island shrine my favorite of the three is its? Location the location of the shrine is in a separate island from the rest of Hyrule with the whole Island serving as a trial for link It’s almost as if the sheikah created the island solely to test link though that isn’t Confirmed the concept behind having an island.

That is nothing more But a giant maze is pretty interesting it sits in the far northwest of Hyrule at the edge of its land and when walking throughout it it really feels like an Ancient and forgotten place an interesting landmark no normal human would attempt to reach With the island guarded by Guardian sky watchers patrolling the top of the labyrinth walls though similar to the other two labyrinths They’re pretty easy to solve but the massive scale of these mazes always felt so exciting explore Whether you chose to sail or glide to the island as you slowly got closer You realized insane scale of the labyrinth the yet only serves one purpose Which is to test link it really makes you wonder the lore of these labyrinths And if the sheikah created them for the shrines, or if they existed before Regardless these landmarks seem to be such an interesting part of Hyrule that even if it didn’t hold shrines it would still be awesome to explore and that is what I love about the shrine it the way, it’s Isolated from the rest of Hyrule on a man bill Island to trial the hero one day it really adds to the wonders of Hyrule Number four The next shrine is actually one that troubled me from very early on within the game till the very end This being the lakna Rokee Shrine blessing shrine this shrine is just outside Kakariko village near the great fairy fountain The way you get this shrine to appear is by taking Impa’s family Heirloom the sheikah orb and offering it to the sheikah pedestal to summon the shrine itself But what makes things a little more difficult and also? Interesting is the fact that input doesn’t want to give the orb straight up to link Instead the only way you can get your hands on it is if somehow someway the item was stolen from Impa’s house now What made things complicated for me was figuring out how to trigger? Impa’s orb to be stolen and to get it to happen link must actually complete the majority of the side quests within a Kakariko village Helping a lot of the people within the village and getting to know the more This will eventually cause one of impa’s guards that are located right outside our house Dorian to actually steal the orb when no one is around And when you come to check if the orb is there you’ll find paya freaking out over it being stolen Making link actually rest the day with or until the next day This leading link to stay with her until the next night where you can actually find Where the stolen heirloom lies and this being by secretly following Dorian after leaving from guard duty that night? To meet with the Yiga clan member and with link secretly spying he’s able to interfere and defeat the yiga clan member And take back the stolen heirloom Leaving durian to feel ashamed at telling Link in why he did such a thing and this is where things get interesting This durian was once a part of the yiga clan and lost his wife to them having feared his children’s lives as well He did whatever he could to not put him in danger from the Yiga clan, which is completely understandable And why he did such a thing and instead of returning the orb back to Impa he gives it to link and tells him to Use it as it will unlock the shrine that puzzled me from the first moment I saw the orb next to Impa and I’m not gonna lie I felt pretty accomplished when completing the shrine as it required doing several side quests and Following Dorian onto a very secret mission and taking on a Yiga clan Swordsman like there was so much to it and had so much lore and meaning and why Dorian stole it that it was so Interesting and I absolutely loved every part of getting this shrine to appear Sadly Paya is still done about losing the heirloom.

Even if you tell her what happened. I guess she’s a bit lonely without it number three Next is the Sasa kai shrine located near the Gerudo tower This shrine is connected to one of casas many ancient songs that in order to have the shrine appear You must first listen to kass’s a song and solve the riddle that it holds With this song being as light shines from the Northwest skies from the tower shadow and arrow flies Pierce heavens light to reveal the prize With its solution needing to shoot an arrow when the shadow of Gurudo tower is right above the sheikah platform He stands on whether you do this when the tower shadow hits the platform during the day or night The puzzle will be solved revealing the shrine now this shrine may be very simple but what makes it one of my favorite cache shrines and Just one of my favorite ones of all time is the reference I get when solving the riddle which I can’t help But think of ocarina time when obtaining the fire arrows though, and I could have time It’s only when the Sun is rising I’m like in breath of the wild where it depends on the shadow of the tower, but regardless I can’t help but compare the two and get nostalgic over solving such a similar puzzle so many years after I Think what fascinates me most about this shrine quest is how the real-time shadows work in this game with this being the first full HD Zelda game And by that I mean not being an HD remake or anything You can really appreciate how beautiful? This game truly is and one of my favorite things that makes Hyrule come to life from the zero loading screens and insane render distance Is also how the real-time shadows work Because games with a day and night cycle usually don’t have shadows that are accurate to where the Sun is facing all times of the day But in breath of the wild a lot of the shadows move in real time With the Sun and lighting and the fact that some of the puzzles utilize it is absolutely insane while not every shadow moves in real time depending on the lighting Most objects and things do and I’m not sure why but such detail can really immerse yourself in the game it really blows my mind How far games have come with things like this and with this trying to pick mainly name because of nostalgic reasons I couldn’t help but want to mention it on the list Yeah, it isn’t one of the best shrines out there But I’m not gonna lie it left such an impact on me when I first solved it and it just felt so Awesome to see the shadow move in real time Yeah, it’s weird.

How small details like that fascinate you so much I know number two Next up is one of the three Springs of Hyrule shrines and since there are three I had to pick one for my list with this being the Jitan sa’mi shrine located In the spring of wisdom a top of Mount Laynaru oh And this should come to no surprise that this one would be my favorite of the three As each shrine requires a scale from the dragon that watches over its land And offer it to its respective spring to reach the shrine itself with these dragons being farosh that watches over the faron region dinral that watches over the Elden region and Nadra that watches over the laynaru region each dragon can be found roaming the skies of Hyrule over its land So what makes the spring of wisdom my favorite one is? Everything that leads to it Unlike the other two dragons fair farosh and Dinral which can be found roaming the skies freely from the very beginning nadra requires a bit more to get this dragon back into the skies as you must risk free it from the evil malice cursing it By calamity Ganon this having you chased down the dragon from Mount, lanayru Where you first spotted? Attacking all of the giant eyes covering the dragon which was pretty awesome How they were able to incorporate a boss fight out of one of the dragons roaming Hyrule? And that’s why this makes to be my favorite one of the three usually will you find the dragon hidden atop the mountain? I’m waiting for the hero to rid it from its curse to set it free to roam the skies.

Once more I Remember the first time finding this dragon and hearing all the NPC rumors that was said about the mountain it had it so much Lauren made such an exciting time to go and scale the mountain in order to find whatever secret was a top of it and Discovering naydra out there for the first time was hands-down one of the coolest things. I remember finding within this game honorable mention As an honorable mention to the many overall shrines that hold a challenge outside the shrine and not Inside the shrine I feel like I need to mention the Ketoh Wawai shrine This shrine is found in the thyphlo Which may just be the darkest place within hyrule the shrine requires link to enter a dark shroud that surrounds the shrine itself Forcing you to deal with the darkness as you face off against the hinox which holds the orb that will reveal the shrine itself Luckily with how hinoxs’ eyes glow in the dark the shrine is pretty easy and straightforward to complete But the concept of entering a shroud of Darkness with no way of lighting it up is pretty interesting again It’s one of those places that makes you wonder if the sheikah created It solely to test link or if they found this place and found it useful to Challenge him in it obviously This is just a game so the game designers are the real ones behind this, but hey.

I like to pretend okay the sheikah are real geez anyways though interesting to know unlike shrines like the tundra plateau which when Completed the storm clears up the thyphlo ruins keeps the darkness when completed so maybe it’s always been that dark overall an interesting landmark within Hyrule that sure raises a lot of Questions and why its there even though it might just be for the shrine still in awesome place worth noting on the list #1 With this being a list of my top five favorite shrines that hold a challenge outside the shrine itself I think we all know what number one is on the list and that is the Korgo chideh shrine Located on Eventide Island better known as just the Eventide Island shrine this shrine has a whole island Dedicated to solving it whether you choose to sail or glide to the island the second you reach it Link is stripped away from all of his clothes and equipment and trial to retrieve the three Orbs scattered throughout the island and place him back into the sheikah pedestals And what makes this shrine number one on the list and my absolute favorite from all the others is how complex this shrine is Compared to most from the moment I saw Eventide Island far off in the distance I knew a shrine would be there at least to act as some sort of fast travel point to come back to it easily But I’ll be honest I was pretty surprised and excited to see the text first appear on the screen when reaching the island Realizing that the whole island is a giant test to see how much I’ve learned till now as I can only assume with most people you’d probably end up finding this island at least several hours into the game and By then you’d probably have plenty of food and here to get you by but when you’re stripped away from Everything in force to start from the beginning that feeling of invulnerability.

You’ve had early on within the game comes right back this time What’s way more knowledge than before it’s a really nice change of pace to take on such a different and unique challenge Granted if you had any champion abilities or a tons of hearts and stamina It sure adds an advantage But the challenge is still there having to find and make things from scratch While also trying to equip yourself with whatever you find on the island this shrine sure takes the cake for any overworld challenge found within Hyrule as all of eventide Island is a Challenge for link to overcome and overall just having such a huge island located in the southeast of Hyrule is pretty awesome It really makes me wish we had plenty more islands like this to discover and explore Number zero Okay, okay, I know this is a top five list and technically it’s been a top six with the honorable mention and included But hey wanna know what comes before the number one zero so yeah I guess it should be on the list as well right and if the number zero is before 1 then What shrine could possibly out do we even tides island as my absolute favorite? Well interestingly enough as much as I love a eventide island shrine and actually prefer one quite a bit more This one being the rona kachta a shrine located in the Forgotten temple you think I’d forget this one, huh Cuz it’s forgotten well forgotten or not this shrine is hands-down my all-time favorite shrine found within the game and For many reasons first the fact that the shrine lies right by the biggest goddess statue Found in Hyrule would this statue probably being the exact one that was found within Skyloft Before crashing down onto Hyrule during the final events of Skyward Sword and just that fact alone makes the shrine So much more special I mean the lore in history that could be behind the Forgotten temple And how it became forgotten in the first place sure raises a lot of questions well none of this has really mentioned the game still adds special meaning behind the shrine as a sheik amongst reward link woods a tunic of the wild ray outside the shrine when all 120 shrines are completed, which makes a lot of sense I mean with the biggest goddess statue found right outside the shrine it would make sense for Link’s final reward To be given by the biggest goddess statue as throughout the game link is known for Exchanging his spirit orbs to goddess statues for more power so it really makes sense And why the final shrine would have the biggest goddess statue out there and for such a huge goddess statue It is pretty well hidden from the rest of Hyrule forgotten in the broken-down temple known as The Forgotten temple And just to reach the shrine you have to go through tons of decayed and broken-down guardians guarding the way Which really adds to how secret and well-hidden? This shrine can be and overall with everything that surrounds a shrine the laureate could hold and the fact that this shrine Holds the special prize at the very end of all shrines is why it’s my absolute favorite shrine within the game Hey guys, I’m Zelda master, and I hope you guys enjoy this top 5 Please be sure to leave a like if you did it will let me know to keep making more Well this did take me quite a bit to finally put together I had so much fun working on it, and I can’t wait to make more Let me know if there are any other top 5s You’d want to see and if I should make another top 5 shrines this time with my favorite puzzles within the shrines Rather than the puzzles and the overworld revealing to the shrine itself So yeah again any feedback always appreciate it.

Thank you all so much appreciate all comments Let me know what your top 5 shrines are in the comments below, but again Thank you all so much for watching, and I’ll see you all in the next one. Bye.

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