Why You Should Play Zelda Breath Of The Wild Funny Review! Funny Tips, Tricks & Things For Beginners (BOTW) Why You Should Play Zelda Breath Of The Wild Funny Review! Funny Tips, Tricks & Things For Beginners (BOTW) Why You Should Play Zelda Breath Of The Wild Funny Review! Funny Tips, Tricks & Things For Beginners (BOTW) We’re doing a breath of the wild review as well as some tips and tricks and just some funny things about the game that I want to share with you guys now first of all I just gotta say this I gotta get this out of the way this game is fucking amazing I Had no expectations for this game.

It completely blew me away. It’s like a good mixture of like Zelda obviously mixed with like some like world of warcraft and 6 carom and just like some Assassin’s Creed, man like for chrissakes It’s it’s amazing game has everything so without further ado. Let’s dive right into it the history of the royal family of Hyrule is also the history of Calamity gamut now up to now Twilight Princess has been my favorite Zelda, and it still is but that’s purely bias It’s purely just Nostalgia because as far as games. Go this is easily one of the greatest games of all time And I know it sounds really cheesy, but I literally had no expectations for this game And I wasn’t even looking forward to it that much. I wasn’t even like that excited to play it It’s been out since the switch came out, and I just just started playing it two weeks ago and if you like Zelda games in general this thing is everything a Zelda game is but just a Hundred times better and banjo kazooie’s my favorite game of all time But my fucking god this one comes close, and I’m not even liking Biased towards this one So if you’re not even convinced yet Let’s just jump into some of the game mechanics and see if we can change your back so to start this game off you’re basically just gonna run up these stairs and Do their little mini tutorial like every other game, and then you’re gonna pop out on this ledge And that’s when the fields are gonna fucking hit you like a train, man.

You’re gonna see the whole landscape of Hyrule, and if you plan a Zelda game before It’s gonna hit you in the field I think you’re gonna look over to the temple of time and that’s when you’re gonna realize this fucking shit. Just got real Now I could talk about this game all day, and I know you’d love me, too But I’m not going to because I don’t fucking want to so I’m gonna describe this whole game in one word fucking freedom You can do anything you can pick your own clothes you can gather them you can gather food from all over All different kinds of food and cook them mix them around to get different outcomes To grow people look at that’s a bullshit car.

Let’s see if we can make something else here What are we gonna want for dinner here? Raw prime meat maybe goose on a bass pie real bass, and it’ll do a couple apples Any food you make any combination you get different effects from Prime meat seafood Fra not bad not bad You can also go and complete all the shrines to get spirit orbs, which you can increase your heart containers for your stamina Which is another thing? I love about this game because you’re not confined to Just following the mission you literally Can do a million side plus if you want to and this whole game is just an open map for you to do as you? Wish come on push through wink you can do it Yeah 15th time now if you feel like it you can go grab a wild horse Fucking train them and go slice some wolves Grab some prime meat for your stews Fuck you look in that belt.

Let’s go Now all stairs and stuff you see one of these fuckers stay the hell away Blue, what are you doing? You’re throwing me off with a little battle, so go oh my lord I need a new fucking horse alright. I don’t need to fucking do this boy Alright no worries. No worries. We’ll continue So blue you want to throw me off. You’re in a battle. Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. No. I’m just kidding come back here I love you. I love you. Let’s go This game is Massive the map is huge and there are easter eggs everywhere as well as just a new places to explore I’ve been meaning to go to Death Mountain for a week now, and I’ve just been getting carried away exploring Don’t do this to me like come on, man.

I thought we were brows They even have these crazy dragon things that come out of the sky, you can shoot him with an arrow And they drop a dragon scale or a dragon truth or whatever kind of dragon part You can sell it or make weapons with and I remember the first time exploring in this game when I seen one come out of The sky or I’ve seen them flying around and actually scared the shit out of me So I took a picture of it, and then I realized oh Can you imagine how let that would be ha ha ha Shit, man, you can even dye your clothes, so what color are we gonna make it? That’s right. We made it peach All bad These travelers need assistance for glory Honestly the Trident is by far my favorite weapon But they’ll never pay off Well screw you the bitch Last time I helped your ass note yourself Link has a really hard time swimming, and you’ll probably drown to a hundred times trying to figure this game out.

Oh, but waterfall no problem Look at that Wow Now for tip number one in this game This one’s a real easy one. That’s gonna. Help you a lot basically you just gotta be a little bitch About what I mean by this is You’re gonna have a not a lot to your name when you start the weapons you get it’s starting to be shit and Even the decent ones you get are gonna break after a few battles Don’t wanna be like oh, yeah I’m gonna fight this giant rock lava monster thing no get the fuck out of there Save yourself the grief save your heart save your weapons save your time save your money Jeez, and honestly when I first started playing this game I tried to take on one of these bastards And I lost every single weapon I had I ended up eating all my food And I just wasted half an hour trying to kill this guy and I barely damaged him halfway You’re honestly just better off hording weapons being sneaky running away Building up your stash selling shit making money and getting some good weapons or in other words being a little bitch I’m just gonna sneak up here.

He won’t notice me. I’m just gonna grab this electric arrow and we’ll be on our way alright That’s okay, I can take him I can take this food On second thought let’s just run away. Oh my god, okay? Man I’m even running away, and I got hit one shot all right, let’s dig zag the shit That’s gone. I’m fucked. Well. It’s a long shot, but maybe we can blow him up oh Man if that actually rolls all the way to him ha ha ha yes, didn’t do nothing all right We need to get out of here.

Honestly. Just better killing them in their sleep. Oh Fuck or just quit the game because that was brutal all right second time’s a charm at least he didn’t wake up from that Look at this fucking scrub. He’s about to get knocked out goodbye so long See you later isn’t this so much more simple and basically to rap tip number one up by being a little bitch You’re gonna stay low keep a low profile Humiliate some weapons some hearts get stronger, and then by that point you can be a little more ballsy You don’t have to do it. You don’t have to listen to this, but I recommend it It makes your whole life a lot easier in this game now for tip number two is very simple. You’re just gonna want to collect everything Like don’t leave anything behind you can always sell shit if you don’t want it weapons that are shitty trust me They’re gonna come in handy Beginning the game you’re gonna break a shit ton of weapons.

This is a very simple and quick tip. Just don’t leave anything behind grab everything food weapons Just nonsense just grab it you’re gonna need it at some point you may not need it then just grab it very simple tip grab everything and Finally for tip number three and probably the most obvious tip to deliver here in your life. What the fuck? This is a new Zelda music hold on one second Around here there. We go anyway. What was I saying? Oh yeah tip number three? Just explore Explore the whole map explore everything try not to cheat try to actually do it faithfully without using YouTube Which makes me the hugest hypocrite in the world? But this game is so big that you will spend You can spend the whole day Touching on one little tiny tiny area now all these little puzzles the different things in the game some of them are tricky some of them are pretty obvious some of the requires you to think a little bit longer than others I Encourage you to charge further them out for yourselves usually There’s a clue there and just explore if you’re stuck somewhere explore.

There’s a whole map to explore Don’t get caught up in one area or frustrated. Just explore and you can always come back to it If you really really really really really can’t figure it out then fucking cheat man school on YouTube But other than that just explore it’s such a fascinating game and such an awesome map and awesome overworld that you can get lost on for weeks and weeks and to summarize Basically the nice thing about breadth of the while compared to any other Zelda game. Is that the story? changes depending on the player because of its complete freedom Every time you play the story will be different unlike any other Zelda game where the story is the exact same And you complete one dungeon out for the other this one You do what you please when you please at all times and the beautiful thing about that is it gives the player complete freedom? And on that note.

I’m gonna end this video Thank you guys so much for watching if you’re watching it all the way to the end and until next time later Whoa hold on a second. I think we have some unfinished business here, oh You have no idea what’s coming buddy? Yeah, I think you guys are wondering. I pretty much killed an eight You know so now we got patches alright, buddy. I know you remember me You have no idea Come on see what you got let’s go, let’s go Yeah, buddy Why don’t you suck on that little bitch? little bitch That’s right. That’s right whoo Sorry guys. I really needed to do that that guy’s been pissing me off all week all right now We can end the video. I don’t you about this ain’t even Zelda music Fuck it Alright till next time guys.

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