By now you’ve likely realized that you can obtain Ancient Parts from the decaying remains of the Guardians in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They’re useful for later in the game when upgrading certain items. But did you know that there’s way to get even more Ancient Parts from these Guardians? Let me explain. The easiest place to demonstrate this is outside the Oman Au Shrine on the Plateau. Use Magnesis to grab one of the metallic rocks and take it with you to the nearby waterbed. You can use it to flip over the Guardians that no long have legs. And underneath, you’ll find even more of the Ancient Parts. Unfortunately, this can’t be done to Guardians that are buried or still have their legs, but you’ll definitely find some that you can easily flip over for a cool reward. We want to thank brandon naustin on Twitter for discovering this and Joe Merrick of Serebii for bringing it to our attention.

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