How ‘ya doing today? My name is Relyea, and thanks for stopping by Today we’re going to go over the best electricity resist recipes in legend of Zelda Breath a wild why would you even want electricity Resist recipes? The Ridgeland tower with electric wizard is one reason and also, maybe you want to fly the farosh like Mety333 There are three main ingredients that we’re going to be using today. They include the electric safflina, voltfruit and zap shroom. So let’s go ahead and get started. First thing we’re going to be cooking up is the electric Safflina If we go ahead and cook up one of these we’re going to get one electricity resist and it’s going to last us for 2 minutes and 30 seconds as you can see here. So that’s okay But we really don’t need just one electricity resist. If we go ahead and cook a five electric electric safflina, sometimes thats fun to say right? Electric safflina We’re going to get two electricity resist for 12 minutes and 30 seconds Electric safflina is not the way to go so let’s go ahead and see how the volt fruit compares.

If we go ahead and cook up just 1 volt fruit we’re going to go ahead and get one electricity resist and its going to last us again for 2 minutes and 30 seconds No reason to cook up just one, so let’s go ahead and see how it compares when we do 5 voltfruit. We really want that 3 electricity resist but even with 5 volt fruit We’re still only going to get two electricity resist for 12 minutes in 30 seconds So let’s move on to the real reason that you’re here And that’s for the best electricity resist recipe in legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild And that is to use the zap shroom if we do one zaption We’re going to get one electricity resist for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, so that’s exactly what we’ve been doing this entire time! but if we do 5 zap shrooms We’re going to get something way better this time we are going to get the 3 electricity resist, and it’s going to last us for….

12 minutes and 30 seconds and that’s what we’re looking for we want the 3 electricity resist because 1 & 2 It’s just not enough 3 gets you pretty dang close to completely zapped proof And you’re not going to be taking any damage from electricity if we go ahead and cook up three zap shrooms We’re going to still get the three electricity resist. It’s just not going to laugh as quite as long It’s going to go for 7 minutes in 30 seconds which that might be all the time that you really need The next thing that I want to do is show you how well the electricity resist Recipes work by heading over to the original tower where all the electric Wizzrobe are hanging out right over top of water because they are just a pain to deal with without having electricity resist Taking a look at our map the Ridgeland tower is directly West of Central Hyrule pretty easy to find You’ll notice that is surrounded by water, and it’s actually really hard to access So let’s go ahead and get there and see what there is to see The first thing that you’re going to notice there’s all these a lily pad looking things and if you’re coming from the top it Might be hard to tell which ones are underwater and which ones aren’t This one right here is actually underwater So let’s go ahead and get to somewhere where we can fight all these wizards because that’s not a good place to be.

And take a look at how wide of an area there damage does I mean if you don’t have electricity Resist these guys can hit you from from anywhere. They don’t even have to Aim They can just spray and pray. Take a look. I mean, what are you going to do? Well, we have the electricity to resist recipe, so let’s go ahead and eat one of these Now just take a look at the difference. I mean you’re going to take no damage from the wiz robes the lizalfos … he can tag yua. Yeah, Yeah. He’s kind of a pain, but you’re going to take no electricity damage whatsoever I’m going to go ahead and bust out my bow and arrow get rid of lizalfos Notice how even in a lightning storm. I’m not being targeted by the lightning whatsoever and It looks like we’re not taking any electricity damage at all So this is the way to go all you have to do is pop the electricity resist and you’re going to take no electricity damage heck I’ll even bust out my sword and We’re good to go So if you notice I’m starting to get targeted by the lightning let’s see if we take damage Yes, you definitely still take damage if you get hit by lightning! And you know like that’s just something you’ll have to be cognizant about.

The three times electricity resists will not make you Impervious to lightning it only to make you impervious to just a little bit of electricity damage So that’s one thing you just have to keep in mind Next let’s go ahead and fast travel to the south part of the map to the Faron region to the shoda Shah Shrine where we Can go ahead and fly with Farosh From this shrine all you have to do is put on your Zora armor, go up the waterfall, Towards the left you can climb up the side and go ahead and make a fire and sleep till morning underneath one of the Palm Trees Here you can wait and you’ll notice that Farosh will show up every single morning without fail.

So I’ve always wanted to go ahead and fly with the dragon I mean how cool does this dragon look ?! Every time I see it I am… I always kind of nerd out a little bit. I kind of wish I knew the history about the dragon a little bit more, but I mean just look at him He’s just so freaking huge! I mean, how do you not want to just fly with this guy? So of course the time that I want to show you how much you need the electricity resist, not one of these electric orbs Even touches me, and I just get the coolest ride with Farosh Man! Just loose guy, ah, I nerd out every time.

Super Epic. I just like trying to see how close I can get and now, now I get hit. Okay, a couple of times. Alright kick me while I’m down. Alright. I get it I get it alright alright, so let’s go ahead and… (SMH) Okay, let’s go ahead and start over and this time let’s do it with electricity resist and see how far we can get So let’s go ahead and speed this up a little bit because I’m sure you don’t want to watch me do the exact same thing all over again but I just want to show you that you’re not going to get targeted by the lightning balls that are coming off of Farosh the entire Time I like the music when it’s not going times three, but still even that sounds kind of interesting dropped just a little bit further than I should have there because now I am going to have to climb up the Side of the cliff. He doesn’t give me quite enough lift. I try to fly around them a little bit more just before he gets into his little water hole here Now if there, you know what might as well try and farm his tail real quick right? I’m already here and I completely forgot that he comes up one last time and he ends up flying up into the cloud and If you take a look…

off in the distance if you look really really close… You can actually see Mety333 up there flying with Farosh. Maybe, maybe he’ll hear me if I say hi, “Hi, Mety333!” No, way HE actually replied?!? Mety333 is the best. I love that guy. I don’t care what anybody says If you liked this video, please make sure to subscribe I will be having more cooking videos out shortly, and I’ll show you the best recipes to be using in the game Thank you very much.

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