Hey, how you doing the day? My name is Relyea and thanks for stopping by today We’re going to be going over the best cold resist recipes in legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Having only three hearts when you first start out makes everything Super deadly. If you’re anything like me then taking a little bit of chip damage from the cold throw me into mild panic I just hated losing hearts whether it was fall damage or from anything else I just hated losing those hearts, so by the end of this video I will show you how to cook as well as which ingredients will provide the best cold resist in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. I’ll even go so far as to show you how to create a cold resist recipe that’ll last you up to 30 minutes. Obviously later on the game you need cold resist recipes a little bit less because there are armor pieces that you can use that are going to help negate the cold, so the first thing I do is go ahead and get rid of bokoblins that are in this area and then after that you want to go ahead and pick up all the items that they leave behind in their little camp.

The most important thing in this area of being of course the spicy peppers the spicy peppers are going to give you the cold resist that you need for early game Not only are you going to find these spicy chili peppers right here in this little camp area, but you’re also going to find them up the hill just before you get started Going into the cold area you’re going to find a couple of little plants right there as well So the first thing that we’re going to want to do is go ahead and get this fire lit underneath the cooking pot You can either use a torch or you can use any sort of wooden weapon I just so happen to have the soup spoon handy, so I’m going to use that as you can see behind There’s a couple of wooden weapons back that way So let’s go ahead and see what happens when we cook up one spicy pepper Every once in a while you get really lucky and one spicy pepper is not lasting for seven minutes and thirty seconds That’s not what’s normally going to happen normally when you cook up one spicy pepper It’s going to go ahead and last you for two minutes and thirty seconds Early on having only one cold resist is really all that you need It’s not until later on in the game that you need the two cold resists like if when you get up into the Herba Mountains So if we cook up five spicy peppers you’re going to see that it’s going to last us for 12 minutes and 30 seconds And we still only get that one cold resist so let’s go ahead and see what happens when we cook up single Sun shroom With a single sun shroom it’s going to also last as for 2 minutes and 30 Seconds for just one of them and we’re going to get the one cold resist if we cook up five of them It’s going to do this a little bit better.

It’s going to last us for 12 minutes and 30 seconds and we’re going to get the to cold resist so that’s something that’s going to be better Later on in the game once you get up to the Herba Mountains There’s also warm safflina, if we cook up one warm safflina, just like all the other ingredients it’s going to last us for Two minutes in 30 seconds, and it’s going to give us one cold resist If we go ahead and cook up five warm Safflina You’re going to find that it’s going to last us for 12 minutes in 30 seconds and we’re still going to get that one cold resist so safflina as a whole, a general rule of thumb, it’s really not a High-end ingredient, so let’s see what else we got.

She Sizzlefin Trout is a pretty good ingredient If we go ahead and cook up four of them we’re going to end up getting the two resist and it lasts for 10 mins So the last thing I want to do today is go ahead and give you one really big pro tip If we mix four of the cold resist recipes and add one Farosh horn, really any dragon horn, It’s going to go ahead and extend the duration of our recipe for 30 minutes. So check that out Adding a dragon horn to any recipe that has a duration Effect is going to make that recipe last for 30 minutes. No matter What the recipe is So if we go ahead and do four sun shrooms and a dragon horn, just to show you again, it happens every time boom another 30-minute long recipe I really appreciate you coming by and checking out the video and Spending your time here. If you’re into the zelda breath of wild tips and tricks videos Please do me a favor and go ahead and subscribe There’s gonna be a ton more videos coming out. If you want to see anything in particular Please go ahead and leave me a comment down below if there’s something you think I should be doing better Go ahead and leave me a comment down below and if you haven’t already go ahead and check out hyrule dude He is probably the best Zelda Breath a wild video content creator right now.

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