Hey, how you doing the day? My name is Relyea, and thanks for stopping by. Today we’re gonna go over the best Breath of the Wild recipes to increase attack damage. Today we’re gonna be cooking at the southern most part of the map at the Lakeside Stable This is a really great place to be cooking the mighty meals because It’s where you’re gonna be able to farm a ton of the mighty bananas Let’s go ahead and jump right into it. the first meal We’re gonna be cooking is using the mighty thistle. The mighty thistle can be found in West Necluda and the Faron Grasslands if we cook five of these up, it’s gonna last us for Four minutes in 10 seconds, and it’s going to give us two attack up which isn’t terrible But there are four other ingredients that are gonna last us for the same amount of time but they’re gonna be three attack up The next ingredient that we’re gonna take a look at today is the Mighty Carp. The Mighty Carp is a really good ingredient And it’s on par with the mighty bananas all of the rest of the ingredients are gonna last us for our 4 minutes and 10 seconds and give us three attack up the last three ingredients that are gonna give us three attack up and last for four minutes and 10 seconds are the mighty porky the Razor Shroom and Lastly the Mighty bananas the reason the mighty bananas are so great is because they are so easy to farm If you didn’t know already if you combine four ingredients that have any sort of duration effect like the mighty meals and add in one Farosh horn It’s gonna give you a recipe that lasts for 30 minutes every single time so you get that three attack bonus And it’s gonna last you for much much longer than normal oh What’s that whenever you see that the wind come up, You just know one of the dragons is nearby Now let’s go check out Farosh Man every time he gets me every time.

Check out this guy. He’s just so huge I want to go fly with him, but maybe I’ll save that for another time another time All right anyway, so let’s get back to the mighty meals And how easy it is to farm the mighty bananas in this area If you’ve taken the picture of the mighty bananas before you can press the minus button on your left Joycon press the R button On your right Joycon and go ahead and look for that mighty banana You can set your sheikah slate to find the mighty bananas Go ahead and run in a little circle And you’ll be able to tell what direction you need to go to run directly for the Mighty bananas The sensor really is super helpful when you’re trying to find something that’s hidden like the mighty bananas or any other recipe once you find what you’re looking for running another little circle and Once you’re sheikah slate is set up in the right Direction Just head straight to where you need to go, and you’re gonna find tons and tons of mighty bananas in this area Within the matter of one minute I’ve been able to find 12 mighty bananas, and if I mix those with a Farish horn That’s gonna last me the three attacked up for an hour and a half But how good is the three attacked up really? Let’s go ahead and put on the champions tunic And we can go ahead and check out the numbers.

I’m a pretty analytical person in general My day job when I’m not making Youtube videos is Accounting so I actually like taking a look at the numbers and how things work and how much better is one thing versus another So let’s go ahead and check out the difference between a three attack recipe versus not having a three attack recipe There’s some book oblems down here. Messin with some of my potential subscribers, so let’s go ahead and jump in here and save the day This white Bokoblin has seven hundred and twenty health until I hit him once with my sixty attacked Master sword he goes down to six hundred and thirty health.

That means I just did 90 damage hitting the Bokoblin a second time just brought him down to 540 health meaning we just did another 90 damage, but if we eat a different status effect recipe We’re gonna go ahead and actually negate our attack up now without that attack up Let’s go ahead and see how much damage We do Link always seems to eat like he’s never seen food before. Can somebody please explain this to me down in the comments please Okay, moving on if we attack once without the buff his health is Gonna go from 540 to 480 meaning 60 damage So when we have a mighty meal active we get an extra 30 damage when we go from 60 to 90 damage That’s a 50% increase on every single hit. That is a huge amount of extra damage And is gonna help you take down enemies so so so fast So if you do like to farm enemies for loot having this three attack up recipe is gonna help you out so much Because you’re gonna be able to farm so much faster than before Check out these two behind me right here.

They’re running off to go subscribe to the channel cuz I just saved them They’re so happy and you know what I hope that you enjoyed the video enough to go do the same and subscribe Thank you very much for stopping by. I really do appreciate it. Hopefully I’ll see you soon.

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