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Top 25 Triple A PC Games of 2016, 2017 & 2018


25. NieR: Automata Platinum Games’ latest sexy heroine envelopes you in a cloud existential dread in this spinoff to Yoko Taro’s Drakengard series. Suffering through a few hiccups in the PC, Nier eventually found its footing, continuing to wow fans with tantalizing outfits and satisfying hack and slash combat. It has a PlayScore of 24. Outlast 2 Tension is at its peak in this sequel to Red Barrel’s psychological survival horror. Introducing a new character in Blake and Lynn Langermann, follow the trail of clues that leads a hidden civilization and find out the events that lead to a Jane Doe’s mysterious murder. The hide and seek game continues and it has a PlayScore of 23. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 The crossover fighting game that made up some of our childhood playtimes, Marvel vs Capcom continues to stay relevant to this day. An update on Fate of Two Worlds, their original of 36 grows even bigger with the addition of 12 brand new characters. From Doctor Strange to Phoenix Wright, and everything in between, it has a PlayScore of 22.

Sniper Elite 4 Rebellion’s satisfying sniper game rolls out the red carpet for their signature slow motion in this awaited fourth installment. Snipe freedom from Nazi scum, and watch heads snap, crackle, and pop under the precision of your shots. While its marred by a lack of substance, gorey Nazi killing seems to sell either way. It has a PlayScore of 21. Tekken 7 Portraying the epic conclusion of the legendary Mishima feud, sparks are flying in this 9th entry to Bandai Namco’s fighting game franchise. Made on the Unreal Engine 4, the photorealism is taken up a notch, showing off the blood and sweat on the skins of their iconic roster. A diverse cast from around the world, and new mechanics like Rage Art and Rage dive, it’s the best Tekken game yet and it has a PlayScore of 20. Yakuza 0 Witnessing the Yakuza days before the Yakuza days, this prequel to SEGA’s Japan-centric action-adventure takes us to the tail end of the groovy 1980s. Far from cyberpunk’s typically dark and neon-tinged picture of Japan, enjoy their bright open world environments, packed with action and karaoke.

It has a PlayScore of 19. Dragon Ball FighterZ Arc System Works built their name on successful fighting game over successful fighting game. So it made sense Bandai Namco partnered up with them to create this generation’s ultimate Dragonball Fighting game. Uniting the anime’s over the top action with Arc System’s fluid and cinematic animations, it was well worth the wait and it has a PlayScore of 18. Dead Rising Keiji Inafune’s zombie game didn’t just define the genre, it went above and beyond, expanding the killing fields with a comedic sandbox twist. Never itself taking itself to seriously, glory in the undead massacre with cars, baseball bats, and kooky outfits, and, with their multiple endings, feel free to do it all over again. It has a PlayScore of 17. Halo Wars: Definitive Edition Ensemble Studios gave us a different kind of Halo game with this venture into RTS territory. Still in the same universe, play out the war between UNSCR and the Covenant as you march your troops into the galactic warzone.

A definitive edition, expect improved visuals and new achievements along with all of their DLCs. It has a PlayScore of 16. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom This might not be a Studio Ghibli game, but, with the help of some of their former artists, it might as well be. Brimming with the vivid magic of the acclaimed studio, step into a fantastical adventure as you take on the role of King Evan on a life-changing journey towards true leadership. A heartfelt story told through dynamic combat and memorable characters, it has a PlayScore of 15. Dishonored 2 Upping the stakes of what was called one of the best stealth games ever, Dishonored 2’s story takes on a whole new direction, and a brand new playable character. Return to the shoes of Corvo Attano and her Daughter Emily and aid them in their quest to stop their land’s mysterious usurper. It has a PlayScore of 14. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Crossing the Japanese borders for the first time since 2006, the International Jobs System enters the Western hemisphere alongside a needed makeover in this ground-up remaster.

Take your pick from 12 different license boards and receive an array of unique abilities as your favorite roles. A totally new FF12 experience, it has a PlayScore of 13. Assassin’s Creed Origins A slight pivot from their usual action adventure, this exploration of the ancient Egyptian deserts has brought on a few innovations to their formula. From revising combat, to attributes learning and weapons categorizations, learn the origins of the brotherhood in a journey that’s more personalized than ever before. A preview of all the great things to come, it has a PlayScore of 12. Titanfall 2 Rising to fame for their focus on online multiplayer, RESPAWN Entertainment’s scifi shooter has stood the test of time and EA Ownership. Holding the one of the badges for best shooter of recent times, test out their lineup of new Titan types, bring out the big guns, and enjoy an all-new singleplayer campaign. It has a PlayScore of 11. The Evil Within 2 The nightmare returns in the sequel to Shinji Mikami’s grotesque horror adventure.

Return to the shoes of Sebastian Castellanos as his enemies continue to fuck him up once again. In search of her daughter, he plunges himself to horrifying worlds brought by a madman. It has a PlayScore of 10. Prey A reimagining of an ARPG masterpiece, follow the story of researcher Morgan Yu and witness his spiral madness into aboard the derelict spaceship, Talos 1. Using their futuristic weapons and his newfound abilities, help him escape the gruesome fate that awaits in the isolating cosmos.

Panned for poor storytelling, it’s still a satisfying FPS title and it has a PlayScore of 9. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age There’s plenty of gems in Dragon Quest but their latest title seems to stand tall. Benefitting from a rush of reviews, take on the shoes of an heir of a legendary bloodline and fulfill her heroic destiny by purging evil from her land. Mixing old and new with their high def visuals and traditional turn-based combat, it has a PlayScore of 8. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard CAPCOM’s return to the roots of their popular horror series is rife with new ideas.

This seventh installment puts their world into new perspective as you get to know the murderous Baker family in first-person view. Step inside their main character’s shoes, roam around the Dulvey mansion, and make sure you got extra undies. It has a PlayScore of 7. Doom Another one from Bethesda’s collection of highly-rated first person shooters. In 2016, the series saw a reboot of the well-loved title, letting you sink back into the deepest, darkest depths of Mars hell. More fast-paced than its predecessors, show your mettle in online multiplayers and wallow in your precious glory kills. It has a PlayScore of 6. Overwatch Blizzard has conquered everything from fantasy MMOs to Online Card Games. Rising from the ashes of their failed MMOFPS, Titan, Overwatch has crept into the mainstream with its addictive game modes and diverse set of characters.

Despite its competitive appeal, it has remained the fun, fast-paced FPS that everyone can enjoy. It has a PlayScore of 5. Forza Motorsport 7 Feast your eyes on Turn 10 studios’ newest title for the Motorsport series. It offers an enhanced experience in gaming, 60 fps, and an eye-popping 4K resolution. Rev up your engines, gather your crew, and drool over every one of their 700 cars, from Ferraris to Lamborghinis and so much more. Shaping up to be the ultimate arcade racing game on the console, it has a PlayScore of 4. Forza Horizon 3 A fairly recent addition to the Forza family, this third title in the Horizon series seems to be on par with their Motorsport counterpart in terms of graphics and gameplay. Not just a home for delicious luxury cars, it’s also a screenshot heaven, showing off the landscapes of the land down under. It has a PlayScore of 3. Rise of the Tomb Raider Crystal Dynamics continues Lara’s expedition in this successful sequel to the Tomb Raider Reboot. Bring out her guns and her legendary acrobatic stunts in a mission to take down a dangerous organization.

An exhibition of skill, story, and graphical quality, and Lara’s pretty face. It has a PlayScore of 2. Bayonetta A drool-worthy action RPG from Platinum Games, it took a while for the sexy witch to make it out of consoles, but the wait was all worth it. Optimized for the PC and wrapped in 4K resolutions, what once was regarded as the best hack and slash game of all time looks pretty much at home in the modern age. Fall under Bayonettta’s spell once again and embark on her over the top angel killing spree, it has a PlayScore of 1. And the best TRIPLE A PC Game of the last three years is Dark Souls III From console classics, we come to FromSoftware’s modern masterpiece. The third and final chapter to their genre defining hit, Dark Souls III serves as a fitting sendoff to the series.

Venture around the gothic kingdom and prepare your fingers for a workout. Spawning a tired, journalistic cliche, Dark Souls is painfully original in its punishing gameplay and this explosive last entry is the best one yet. It has a PlayScore of .

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Destiny 2: Ascendant Chest Locations (Curse Weak) – The Dreaming City


Hello everyone, in today’s guide, we’re going to be finding those hidden Ascendant Chests that require a Tincture of Queensfoil in order to obtain. Note that this set of chests is for when the curse on the Dreaming City is at its weakest and that new chests may be appearing when the Dreaming City changes week to week. What’s the point of the chests? Well, they will get you The Hidden Riches triumph for you completionists out there, not sure if it is linked to the title you get for the Dreaming City meta-triumph though, but it is unknown if they’ll do anything else in the future.

If you don’t care about the triumph, then as of the making of this video, there doesn’t seem to be much of a point to them, but check the description for updates. We’ll start at the drop point for the Dreaming City. Turn around and you’re going to head into the Lost Sector. Clear out a bunch of the enemies first so they don’t annoy you, then head to the 2nd rock with a tree on it, it’ll be smaller than the first. Facing the tree, the first platform will be on your right. Scale up for your first chest. These chests give soft-cap level items, along with some materials. Chest 2 is at the entrance to the Blind Well.

Go towards the Blind Well and at the start of the red carpet, you should see the first platform. This one has a good amount of platforming required. Chest 3 is in the Spine of Keres. The Spine is where you go to turn in your Oracle offering. If you need help getting there, the “kill a target” patrol that usually spawns next to the landing zone can guide you.

Anyway, you’re gonna be walking for a while here, but when you finally get to the outside bridge after a long bit of walking, look over the left side cliff edge. Platforms will spawn and you can follow them for the chest. Chest 4 is in the Garden of Esila. Go south when in The Strand to get to the Garden. Once you’re in the Garden, you’re gonna want to get onto the main floating bridge in the area and in the middle of the bridge will be the platforms. Chest 5 is right next to Petra. Just stand right next to her, facing towards where the public events spawns and get to platforming. Chest 6 is in Aphelion’s Rest, which is the Lost Sector under Petra. No platforming required for this one, you just need to go all the way to the end of the Lost Sector and before you drop down, hug the right wall and the chest will pop up. Chest 7 is in the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector in Rheasilvia. Note that this is a 560 power Lost Sector. Anyway, when you reach the big open room with the boss and tons of adds, stick to the right and go into the doorway where there will be a balcony.

This is only a two platform chest, just don’t get sniped by the Hobgoblins. Chest 8 is in Rheasilvia. Out on the right side of the zone, you should see a tall pillar with a statue on it. You need to get there via the smaller pillars, so get to platforming. When you get to where the statue is, face the Harbinger’s Seclude temple and start jumping. Chest 9 is in an area called The Confluence. The Confluence is essentially a connector linking the 3 non-specified zones, the Spine, Garden and Seclude, together. The fastest portal to the Confluence is in the Spine. Head back to the Spine of Keres and instead of going into the temple, hook a left when you first enter the area where the enemies spawn. Immediately go right heading down a path that takes you into a cave. Enter the portal and go to the main hub, just keep running.

The first platform will be to the left of the giant gateway with the white ring. Chest 10 is in the Harbingers Seclude. From the chest you just got, look for the path with the giant statue, this is the portal to the Seclude. Once you’re in, run forward until you find some Taken, if you went outside, that’s the wrong way. When you see the Taken, go to the left and ride the elevator up. When you’re at the top, head towards the giant statue in this room. Once you get to the statue, turn around on walk forward a little bit, the platform will be on your left.

Don’t get baited here, when you’re at the fourth platform, go LEFT, not right. Those are all of the Ascendant Chest locations for when the curse on the city is at its weakest. I will make a new video for the next set of chests when they become available. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time. .

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20 Upcoming Oculus Rift VR Games of 2018 – 2019


Blind Trapped in a mysterious mansion, lead a devious warden and escape the treacherous hallways and rooms. As a blind man, use your echolocation in its unfamiliar lands. Use the Oculus’ controls to feel every corner using your gift of instinct and uncover the truth. It comes out this September 19. The Twiggles VR A 3D virtual reality experience that puts you in the world of Twiggles. Solve multiple puzzles by leading these adorable Twiggles to collect their stars. For creative players, design your own puzzles and share it to the game’s community. It comes out this 20th of September. Zero Killed A tactical VR multiplayer shooter that mixes tactical gameplay and PvP multiplayer. Set in a devastated region, be a part of the elite special forces, Zero, and survive the bitter reality of their world. Think, plan, execute and repeat as you choose from a wide variety of characters. Use your VR gear traverse the realm and engage in insane multiplayer matches. It comes out this 26th of September. Nano Nebula A space exploration indie game from Pretty Okay Games. Set thousands of years in the future, explore planets, solve puzzles and battle hostile creatures in VR.

It soothes your mind, taking you to places you never know existed. It feels like a childlike gold rush in space. It comes out this September 28th. Mind Labyrinth – VR Dreams Just like Nano Nebula, instead of diving into various planets, lose yourself into a magical forest and other imaginary environments in a dreamlike scenario. Appreciate every little detail the game offers, and interact with every living thing lurking around. For casual gamers that just want s to destress, this VR game is just for you. It comes out sometime this September 2018. Sleeping Dawn VR Another survival horror experience that supports co-op. Play with up to four players into a virtual reality trip to slumber pandemonium. Face your deepest fears in its procedurally generated mazes.

Use the right tool to survive this hypnagogic fear as the game comes out sometime this September 2018. Beat The Rhythm VR The only rhythm game on this list. Similar to Beat Saber, but you’ll be deflecting projectiles with your laser blades, or shooting the drones with guns. It’s taking Rhythm Beating to a whole new level. Use your Oculus to eliminate incoming notes and groove along with the tunes from the game. It comes out this Fall 2018. The Midnight Sanctuary CAVYHOUSE’s strange horror indie game that has a playable VR demo on Steam right now. From the creators of other occult horror visual novels like This Starry Midnight We Make and Forget Me Not Organ, comes a surrealist VR visual novel that takes you to Daiusu Village, an island located far from Japan.

It comes out this October 4th. Evasion If you thought 2D bullet hell shooters were hard, wait till you experience it in the third dimension. An explosive VR game, stay on your toes as you run and dive for cover against a horde of alien AI. Play Solo or co-op and choose from their array of hero classes, each with unique roles and abilities. Truly stunning, it’s set to release on Oct 9th, 2018 Flying Aces – Navy Pilot Simulator This story-based VR game takes you to the cockpit. It’s a recommended experience for players who want to know what it’s like to be an actual Navy Pilot. The Oculus Rift allows a riveting sky soaring experience.

Learn hand eye coordination, decision making, and get better and better to climb the ranks. It comes out this October 11th Runes: The Forgotten Path A renegade wizard in a land of grit and grime is what you’ll be when you immerse yourself Stormborn Studio’s upcoming action adventure. A fantasy world set in a dreary post apocalypse, explore its detailed worlds using its unique locomotion system that combines first and 3rd person perspective. Solve puzzles and cast spells, once it releases on October 31st. Aria’s Wing It’s no How to Train Your Dragon, but this casual racing game definitely tries.

Hop on to their legendary dragons and ride your way to the finish line. Currently in Early Access, it’s not the best looking game out there. But, it will scratch your itch for fast-paced multiplayer dragon racing, if you’re into that thing. It’ set to release on December 10th, 2018 Jet Island A relaxing free world skating game. Take your hoverboard around Jet Island and glide through air and mountainous terrains. Aside from the tranquil hoverboarding, there’s action to be found, with 4 massive boss fights and a hundred kinds of drones. Optimized for the VR, playing along wit h friends online once it release on December 31st, 2018. AlterVerse: Disruption A concept brewed in the minds of developers for up to 7 years, this VR game is currently still in Early Access but it’s got us in high hopes. AlterVerse aims to blend Scifi, Medieval, GrecoRoman, Pirates, Vikings, and more into one seamless universe.

Enter the dimension-bending portals and engage in raids from all over the multiverse. An ambitious premise, it’s set for official release this third quarter of 2018. Ghost Theory While most games focus on supernatural fiction, Ghost Theory goes the other direction with a serious take on ghost hunting and paranormal research. Birthed on Kickstarter, Dreadlocks has high hopes for their upcoming survival horror. Travel to real-life haunted locations, and try your hand at ghost-busting. It’s coming on the fourth quarter of 2018.

Visage Putting you square into haunted manors and creepy landsapes,, Horror has slowly become one of VR’s hallmarks. This indie survival game follows on the footsteps of Capcom’s Resident Evil, promising traumatic surprises wrapped in heart-thumping tension. Retrace the events in one house’s history, and unravel all of its dark past. Set to release sometime in 2018. Space Junkies From Ubisoft comes this frenetic shooter set in outer space. Take part in the endless gunslinging as you battle it out in 2v2 or 1v1 modes. Like fortnite but with jetpacks, this game doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. With full VR embodiment, weave through the stellar arena, and dance around your unwitting enemies.

Coming sometimes in 2018 Alvo A VR game for Counter Strike fans, Alvo has all you need in tactical combat action in the world of virtual reality. Shoot it out in the three different, but deeply familiar game modes. Find and defuse bombs in Search and Destroy, capture points in Domination, or go all out in the brutal deathmatches of the Free 4 All. It’s set to release sometime this 2018. Adoption Two heads are better than one, and that goes especially for horror games. Playable on the PC and the VR, dive into this co-op adventure and play the role of Stranger to an even stranger girl looking to find her missing mother. Pushing you into a nightmare world of the bone-chilling paranormal, it’s set to release sometime in 2018 NIGHTSTAR: Alliance Still currently on Early Access, Tiny Levithan Studios’ arcade VR game send you off to their vast, action-packed cosmos.

Rife with the bright neon lights of intergalactic battle, establish your place in the universe by forging the ultimate fleet of battlecruisers. Defeat the evil enemy AI, and bring back human supremacy. It’s set for official release on June 18th, 2019 .

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Destiny 2: Morgeth, the Spirekeeper Raid Guide – Last Wish


Morgeth, the Spirekeeper is the third encounter in Last Wish. Not really too many ways to intro this boss, I guess his back is gross or something, let’s just start. Team composition should be boss damage focused. While there are a decent number of add spawns in the fight, it’s not enough that you need to be constantly spamming supers, although having a couple of offensive supers just in case will come in handy.

Warlocks should stick to Well of Radiance for boss damage, while Titans and Hunters should go with offensive supers. In terms of loadouts, Whisper/Sleeper should be a part of your loadout, with the other two slots being open. The goal of the fight is to kill Morgeth, but he is immune, what a surprise. In order to be able to deal damage to Morgeth, you need to grab enough Taken Strength off of the field to power yourselves up. There are 10 orbs per damage cycle and the 10th, assuming that you haven’t lost any during the fight, will be the final one before you can start damage. Morgeth will also be growing in strength during the encounter, with messages popping up every 10%. While he powers up slowly at first, the speed of his growth will ramp up over time. The fight starts when you pick up this first Taken Strength orb. Note the position of this orb. It will respawn later in the encounter and picking up THIS orb will eventually trigger a DPS phase assuming you have 9 other Taken Strength stacks on all other players combined.

Taken Strength doesn’t appear to have any initial effects like a boost in damage or anything like that. You can stack Taken Strength up to 2 times, but if you grab a 3rd, you will die. During the encounter, you’ll be greeted by psions and Ogres, these should be killed as they spawn in. You will also have Eyes of Riven spawning throughout the encounter who will drop their Taken Essence, but only two Taken Essence can be spawned on the map at a time. If you kill an Eye of Riven while 2 already exists, that Eye of Riven will drop nothing. Umbral Enervation is one of the main mechanics in the encounter, which I’ll be calling cyclone moving forward. When you have either 1 or 2 stacks of Taken Strength, you have a chance to be cycloned. The cyclone immobilizes you, but you can still shoot your gun. The debuff lasts 20 seconds and if you are not freed from the cyclone in that time, you die. To be freed from the cyclone, someone with the Taken Essence needs to run over to you and use the grenade ability.

This will free the person in the cyclone, but it will also steal all of their Taken Strength. Remember that you can’t go above 3 stacks or you die, so you need to be aware of how many stacks you have and how many the other person has. A person with 2 stacks should never be the essence holder because they will die. Taken Strength stack management is a huge part of the encounter, and strategies will vary depending on how you want to handle the stacks. If you die, your Taken Strength is thrown back onto the field, so try not to die in order to not mess up your rhythm. Taken Strength spawns in a wave of 1 to start, then 4, then another 4, then the final 1 in front of him.

The way my team has handled this is by getting people stacked to 2 as fast as possible. The waves of 4 will spawn 2 per side. After wave 1, you’ll have 1 person with 1. After wave 2, you’ll have 2 with 2 and 1 with 1 and after wave 3, you’ll have 4 with 2 and 1 with 1. You need to communicate with your team as to who has zero stacks and can free people from cyclone, as anyone with 1 stack can not free someone with 2 stacks. Those with Taken Strength stacks should try to play more towards the middle of the field after the 3rd wave of strength comes in just in case someone from the other side needs to come free them of the cyclone. Keep communication lines open and clear so that people who need to be freed can get their callouts out. After the 3rd wave of Taken Strength has spawned and after the next person has been freed from a cyclone, your team should prepare for boss damage. Rifts, barriers, whatever you need to set up, you should set up. Morgeth’s crit spot is gigantic, so feel free to set up where ever your team is most comfortable.

After grabbing the 10th, it’s time for damage, lay into him hard. During this time, Morgeth will continue to rapidly grow in strength. If he ever reaches 100%, you wipe. So, you can stop him by either killing him or by using a Taken Essence from an Eye of Riven. One person will have to grab a Taken Essence around when you start the damage phase in order to launch a Taken Captain bomb at Morgeth in order to stop him. Launching this bomb will put you back at phase 1 of the encounter, starting the entire process over again. You should launch the bomb attack in between 80 and 90% because he will get to full strength a couple of seconds after 90% and the bomb does have travel time. During the damage phase, many, MANY axion darts will be spawning out of Morgeth. Having a dedicated dart killer is not a bad idea for first time runs. As for encounter flow, split your team into 2 groups of 3, left side and right side. Start the encounter, then one person from both sides should grab both Taken Strength.

In between the 2nd and 3rd waves and then again in between the 3rd and 4th waves, 1 person will be cycloned. The first cyclone shouldn’t be hard to coordinate, but the second cyclone may require someone from the opposite side to come help you. After the 2nd cyclone is cleared, the final strength will spawn in the middle. Someone will grab this and then damage should start shortly after that. You also need someone to be the Essence holder to stop Morgeth from reaching full power, doing this on the fly is not very difficult. You don’t need to grab the essence right away, but keep the timer in mind. Going into a pack of enemies to grab it may result in death, so be careful. Watch out for the tons of axion darts during the damage phase. After he reaches 80-90% power, the essence should blast him and reset the encounter. Do it one more time and you should have a kill.

This is not a very long encounter at all and Morgeth can be killed on a good run in 2 damage cycles and in 1 cycle on a great run. Just keep eyes on taken strength stacks, make sure you’re killing Eye of Rivens and communicate, poor communication will be the biggest problem for your team in this encounter. When you clear Morgeth, it’s on to The Vault. I’ll see you there. .

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RIVERBUD FARMING | Herbalism Fundamentals for New Gatherers


Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’re going to be covering some herbalism basics and will be using Riverbud farming as a lens. This herb is great because it really highlights the differences between a good farming route and a bad one. When I look for a good herbalism route, I look for three things: Density, Repeatability, and what I’m going to call Ease of Access. For density it’s pretty simple.

You want a zone to have a lot of nodes. And I want you guys to be able to make your own routes so you don’t have to rely on some silly youtuber who just happens to be incredibly handsome. To find maps for nodes, go to wowhead, click on database, then select objects and herbs. Find riverbud and you can see at a glance which zone has the most potential spawns and you can see the density. Riverbud spawns along rivers so voldun is out and while drustvar, stormsong, and zandalar have good density along their rivers, they all have waterfalls which makes those rivers one way. Sure you can run back to the start, or connect rivers in a figure 8, but then you’re sacrificing density for a repeatable lap.

To look more into repeatability let’s go to nazmir. This place is a swamp. You’re up to your neck in bloood trolls and riverbud. But despite that, this place is surprisingly bad for long term farming and here’s why. To make a lap repeatable, you want something like Ungoro crater. All the ore in ungoro is in a nice pretty little circle. This not only means that you don’t have to backtrack to get to your start point, but more importantly all the nodes you force spawn are placed inside your lap. In nazmir, riverbud is all over, so a lap that would cover every spawn point would take an hour to run. I used the Routes addon to make a 15 minute lap that covered most of Nazmir, and tested for an hour a couple times. The first lap was always great with up to 120 riverbud in 15 minutes. That’s a lot of gold. By the third lap though, I was down to only 40 or 50 riverbud. This is because I was spawning them to the other parts of the map that I wasn’t touching.

So, if you want to farm Nazmir, alternate. Do two efficient and dense 15 minute laps, and then do one big 30 minute lap that covers as many nodes as possible. For ease of access, we’re gonna go to northwest Tiragarde Sound. There’s a river you run along so you have good density, and almost all of the riverbud in the zone is here, so you have repeatability. Wow-professions has a good enough route for this but I do have some minor adjustments. This little jaunt halfway is good, you can’t do it the other way cause there’s a waterfall. But go all the way to the end. In the north half of the lap, there’s another waterfall and you can take a path up top. You’ll have competition at this route, but no one goes up top so I always had at least three riverbud spawns there.

Finally, there’s no riverbud down here so you can skip this, but one of the sea stalk might have spawned as anchor weed so turn your camera and check. This spot struggles with Ease of Access. You’re constantly in combat with enemies and that slows you down. To counter this, be in tank spec so you don’t get dazed, or you can use Coarse Leather Barding. You also want to be a druid and have the Glove Enchant for herbalism, so you can gather without leaving travel form and the cast will finish in between enemy auto attacks. You also have to constantly cross the stream back and forth and go up and down bridges and waterfalls. How you deal with this will change, I used wild charge pretty much on cooldown.

It’s a great druid talent. So, what’s the best spot? Well, by the numbers, nazmir had a wildly varying 200-600 herbs per hour. It felt long and arduous. Tiragarde was a nice consistent 300-350. I’d say get good at nazmir, and then in patch 8 point whatever when we can fly and avoid cranes, tiragarde will win. That’s it for me though, thanks so much for watching. I appreciate all the support with likes and subscription recently. The channel has grown a ton in BFA.

HAve a great day guys, good luck and happy goldmaking. .

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Warframe Mirage Prime Build By: SquinkyJunior


Hi all! Didn’t see a place that seemed appropriate, so if I’m putting this in the wrong place, please tell me how to fix it. 🙂

I’ve seen several people in the last couple weeks who have commented on my Mirage Prime Build, and I just want to give it here.


This build requires only 1 Forma, a Vazarin Polarity. Basically, you just cast your 1st and 3rd abilities when you want/need to. Her 3rd ability is both an offensive ability and a defensive ability. As it is, when you’re in the light, you gain a +428% damage boost, and while you’re in the dark you gain a 95% damage reduction*. Her 1st ability is mostly just for maximum coverage. This build comes in extremely handy when you have a status weapon you want to use but can’t because it doesn’t do enough damage, or because you don’t have a riven for it. For example, this is my Phantasma build that I like to use.


This Phantasma build also only requires 1 Forma, a Madurai. This specific build is intended for use against Grineer, but can be adapted for use against both Corpus and Infested. By itself, I wouldn’t take it to many of the things that I do, but with my Mirage Prime build, it makes a Sortie’s 3rd mission with the augmented enemy armor condition a cakewalk.


*For some reason, when you hit details in the WFB page for the Mirage prime build, it says that you get +160.50% damage resistance while in the shadows, while in-game it has 95% Damage Reduction. I don’t why WFB has what it has, possibly a bug. Just wanted to mention it in case people noticed it. 🙂


That’s about it for the build. Any comments on the build or anything else mentioned here, just leave a comment or PM me here on the forums. Enjoy!

Destiny 2: Shuro Chi, the Corrupted Raid Guide – Last Wish


Shuro Chi is the 2nd encounter in Last Wish, sending you on a wild goose chase to track her down. I’m sure she’s a talented singer, but the last thing you want to hear is the end of this song. Because that means you die. Team composition can be similar to the previous encounter, with add clear taking some level of priority. Due to the volume of adds, again, Nightstalkers will be very nice to have for orb generation, with offensive supers being good to actually kill said enemies.

A Well of Radiance or two is nice to have for every damage cycle, although an Empowering Rift with Lunafactions or a reload barrier should be enough if you wanted to use something different. As for weapon loadouts, boss killing weapons like Whisper, Sleeper and Ikelos are very much preferred due to the nature of the encounter, just make sure you have a clear sightline for any precision weapons. Most of the add clear will likely be done via supers, so just pick your favorite primary weapon and then fill in your energy slot with whatever might be needed for your team. The only enemies with shields are the Taken Captains with solar shields. The encounter starts with Shuro singing her song, with a debuff counting down from 4 minutes. If this debuff reaches 0 seconds remaining, you all die, who would’ve guessed.

Your objective is to stop Shuro from reaching 0 seconds on her timer by chasing her throughout the encounter zone, causing her to reset her timer every 2 chunks of health and when you finish a short event. There are 6 chunks of health on her health bar for reasons that will become obvious very soon. When the doors first open, you will be greeted with tons and tons of enemies. In the first section, it will be thrall, on the 2nd level it will be psions and on the 3rd, it will be acolytes. You’ll also have 4 Taken Knights spreading fire everywhere and a new enemy called the Eye of Riven, who is a Taken Captain.

The Eye of Riven will drop an item that you can pick up, it’ll stay on the floor for 45 seconds, so don’t worry about grabbing it right away. You’ll have 2 additional waves of adds spawn after you kill most or all of the stuff from the initial wave, then the first mechanic will happen. Killing enemies quickly is very vital as a lot of the timers are based on when enemies die, it is NOT on a set timer. After all enemies are dead, Shuro will pick up the tempo on her song, doubling the speed, resulting in the timer going down at, well, double the speed. Around Shuro will be 3 plates with 3 crystals. Standing on the plate gives you the ability to shoot the crystal, but it also drains your health somewhat quickly. What you need to do to break his concentration is shoot the person with the crystal to your right and form a triangle of beams until he breaks.

It is imperative that this sequence happens immediately after his tempo doubles because you need as much time as you can get. When concentration is broken, the timer will go back to normal speed and you can damage him. This is where the item that the Eye of Riven drops comes into play. You need to use this item in order to interrupt her song because while you’re damaging the boss, she will be singing a DIFFERENT song that will kill all of you unless 1 of 2 things happens: 1) you burn through 1/6th of his health bar before this new song finishes or 2) you interrupt this new song. When you pick up the Eye of Riven’s item, you will turn into a Taken with a gun. The gun has unlimited ammo and does decent damage, but not more than Whisper or Sleeper or anything like that. You also have 2 other functions: a Taken Captain like bomb attack, which is on your super ability, and the ability to break free of being a Taken, which is on your grenade ability.

When Shuro gets close to finishing this new song, you’re going to need to pop that bomb attack on him so that your team doesn’t die. Note that while you are Taken, you’ll be gaining stacks of a debuff. If this debuff reaches 10 stacks, you die. You gain 1 stack every 5 seconds, so you have 50 seconds of time, which is more than enough. You also have another timer that refreshes with every stack, starting for 1 minute 30 seconds. The stacks will stop when you get rid of the effect on yourself. When you have this debuff, you can’t pick up another Taken gun. The stacks do not do anything else otherwise. After getting Shuro down a chunk of health, the chase continues and you’ll move along to her next location, fighting along the way, repeating this same process for the second plate. You will have an Ogre spawn as well and it should be killed immediately.

After the second plate comes the puzzle mechanic. In this next room will be 9 plates in a 3 by 3 grid. On 3 walls will be 3, 3×3 grids of a picture, 1 per wall. Part of the picture is revealed, but 4 panels are not. If you guessed that you have to step on the correct buttons, give yourself a pat on the back. The buttons that you have to press correlate with the wall that the picture is on, so for example, if the picture is on the left wall, then the button that is in the bottom left when you first walk into the room is now the top left for that particular puzzle. This orientation rotates as you go to different pictures. You always start on the picture on the left and go clockwise. A live example will be shown in the encounter flow section. However, 2 things about the buttons. 1 is that they work the same way as the buttons outside with the crystals: they hurt really bad and will kill you after a short time. 2 is that you as a player can not step on the same button twice and getting anywhere near the button when it is not necessary should be avoided at all costs.

What you CAN do is stand on the same button as it correlates to the orientation of the picture. For example, if you stand on the bottom left button for the left side picture, you can stand on the bottom left for the middle picture, since it’s technically a different button, just in the same position. Again, it is highly advised that you don’t stand near any buttons in case of an accidental trigger. Callouts for people jumping on buttons basically needs to be on the fly since the rotation changes so often. You don’t need to be on the plates for very long as the confirmation message pops up pretty quickly. In between each confirmation message, you’ll have thrall and phalanx spawning in too, so make sure to pay attention to those guys. Phalanx will boop people around and severely mess up your plate situation. After getting all 3 pictures completed, Shuro’s song will restart to 4 minutes and you’ll move to the next section. Half sphere platforms will form above you and you need to platform up to get there.

BUT, every time someone touches a platform, the half sphere will rotate around, so be sure to go as a group so that you don’t lose any time. The next sections work in the same way, interrupting Shuro and solving the puzzles. The amount of Knights are the same, the Eye of Riven is the same, the only thing that changes are the thrall that turn into psions and then into acolytes. On the final of the 6 chunks of health, you will have enemies spawning as you are doing damage, this is where a Well of Radiance can really come in handy for the rapid healing, a couple of tethers to suppress all of the enemies within or some big Titan walls to block damage.

There is no 3rd puzzle stage. As for role assignment, you should have 3 people being the dedicated laser team for breaking Shuro’s concentration, and you should have 2 dedicated interrupters, 1 for interrupt 1, 3, 5 and another for 2, 4, 6 because of the debuff. The puzzle plates can also have dedicated players, but due to how quickly you need to make this happen and due to the restrictions of who can be on what plate, players should be at the ready to hop on a plate if needed. Encounter flow is as follows. When entering the first area, you should have a Nightstalker Hunter tether as much stuff as possible to generate orbs.

Prioritize killing Knights first if possible. After 2 more waves of spawns by Shuro, the timer will double in speed. Quickly count down for your laser team as soon as the last enemy dies, stun him and get to dealing damage. Empowering Rifts and Rally Barricades will be your friend here. When it sounds like Shuro is about to kill everyone, the interrupt needs to happen so that you can continue damage, although if your team’s damage is good enough, you don’t even need the interrupt as reaching the end of a bar of health will automatically interrupt him. Here’s an example clip.\par After 2 chunks of health are gone, it’s on to the puzzle room.

It is incredibly important to continue to clear enemies during this time as the people stepping on the plates will be very vulnerable. You will have adds spawn in between puzzle completions, with a phalanx or two spawning in the room and thrall spawning in the doorway to the room, be ready with grenades. After all 3 puzzles are complete, jump as a group up to the next section and rinse repeat. When you bring down the final chunk of health, the encounter will end and you’ll move on to Morgeth, the Spirekeeper.

I’ll see you over there. .

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Minecraft: Methods of Transportation!


Hello! It is I, Dragon Souped, also known as Saltasaur in-game. In this video, I’ll be talking about how you can get around your world faster. Firstly, minecarts are objects that can be placed on rail blocks. They can seat 1 player or mob passenger and can be pushed around since they aren’t actually blocks. When placed, a minecart can be broken if it is hit several times. It is made using 5 iron ingots in the crafting table. Chest minecarts are a variant of the standard one. They can’t have passengers, but instead function like a chest and can store items inside. Combine a chest with a minecart in the crafting table and you can get yourself a neat portable storage. Furnace minecarts have a furnace instead of a seat. They can’t smelt items, but can be right-clicked with fuel to move and push other minecarts.

To craft one, combine a furnace with a minecart in the crafting table to speed up your other minecarts using a minecart. Minecart-ception. Hopper minecarts can store items, but their main feature is that unless they are powered by redstone, they will pick up items that they run into. Hopper plus minecart equals hopper minecart. Hoppers can also take items out of hopper minecarts for automatic item transportation. Go figure. TNT minecarts are bundles of explosive fun. If activated by redstone or fire, dropped from a height or hit against a wall, they’ll explode. Slap together TNT and a minecart, and you can craft yourself a bomb.

Here’s a warning: the faster the minecart, the bigger the explosion. Command block minecarts house a command block inside which can be right-clicked in Creative mode to execute a command. They cannot be crafted whatsoever and must be obtained using the /give command. If you wish to use one, check out my commands video. All minecarts use rail blocks, which come in four kinds. Regular rails can make corners, while powered rails will accelerate minecarts if powered by redstone. Activator rails will set off the redstone functions of minecarts when powered. For example, TNT minecarts will detonate when passing over one.

Detector rails will sense any minecarts going over them and will serve as a redstone power source if that happens. Boats are the water equivalent to minecarts. They can store 2 player or mob passengers and can be controlled by the movement keys if a player is in the front seat. They are crafted in the same manner as minecarts, except with 5 wood planks of a matching kind. The kind of wood used will affect the color of the boat. There are three mobs out there that you can use to get around the place and store your items. More information in my passive mobs video. Pigs can be right-clicked with a saddle to equip them. A player can then sit on it and control it using a carrot-on-a-stick, which is made by a fishing rod and a carrot. While on a pig, you can right-click with your carrot-on-a-stick to speed it up at the cost of durability. Horses have to be ridden on a few times to tame.

Once tamed, you can control one if it has a saddle on. Different kinds of horses exist, and each has a special purpose. Some can wear horse armor, others can be equipped with a chest and a rare kind can even breathe underwater. Experiment and see! Llamas can also be ridden and tamed, but cannot be controlled. They can be equipped with a chest and decorated by carpets. If you use a lead on one, nearby Llamas, both tamed and untamed will follow it. Use this trick to move tons of items around! Be aware that some Llamas can carry more items than others. The mysterious ender pearls are dropped by Endermen. While holding one, you can right-click to throw it. You’ll teleport to where it lands, allowing for a quick getaway. Upon teleportation, you’ll receive some recoil damage and an Endermite may rarely spawn at your location to attack you.

Chased by hostile mobs? Out of ender pearls? Meet the next best option: chorus fruits. Eating one of these treats will teleport you randomly out of the way. A warning here: the teleportation is random, meaning that you might send yourself to your doom. Worse, your chorus fruit might not teleport you very far either. If you’ve visited the Nether and gotten a brewing stand, consider making some potions to get around the place a lot quicker. With Speed, you can outrun almost any mob in the game. Jump Boost can save you the trouble of going around fences, and Slow Falling can stop fall damage. The highly-sought elytras are the ultimate tool for movement. While falling with one on your back, you can press the jump button to glide at high speed. While gliding, you can still perform other actions normally, and you can right-click with a firework to speed up. I suggest using Slow Falling to extend your flight.

While using Elytras, be mindful that you will take heavy damage if you crash into something. The latest addition to a player’s arsenal of transport is the trident. Tridents enchanted with Riptide will launch the player forward when in water or rain. This ability is incredibly useful in combat since you will deal damage to mobs and players you collide with while launching. It can even be paired with Elytra, too! When traversing seas, you’ll want to look into enchants for your armor. Frost Walker turns water underneath you into ice. Depth Strider makes you swim much faster. Although Depth Strider is easier to get, Frost Walker can help you avoid Drowned and Guardians. It’s your choice. As you can see here, wading through this river is made a lot easier by my Depth Strider boots than without them. Convenient, huh? Dolphin’s Grace is another status effect to look into for water transport. It’s obtained by swimming near Dolphins and cranks up your swim speed by a notch.

Some clever players have managed to contain Dolphins and use them to swim as fast as a player using elytras. I’m not sure how the Dolphins feel about that, though. One extra note here. If you take the same route frequently, consider making an ice path. As you can see here, the armor stands slide much further when on ice. Ice can be combined with a Horse, Pig or even a boat to greatly decrease travel time. Do be aware that transparent ice will melt next to light sources. Well, that’s all I have for today.

What’s your favorite way of getting around your world? What would be your most hated? Leave a comment below! Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video, be sure to leave a like and subscribe! Make sure to check out my other videos, too! This is Dragon Souped signing out. .

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Destiny 2: Kalli, the Corrupted Raid Guide – Last Wish


Last Wish is Destiny’s newest raid. I feel like I say this every time a raid comes out, but Last Wish is by far, the hardest day 1 raid Bungie has ever released and it has the most encounters of any Destiny raid. The minimum power of any enemy in the raid is 560, scaling up to 580. This place is absolutely insane, so, let’s get started with one of the easier and more straightforward encounters, Kalli the Corrupted. Team composition is relatively open. Since you have pretty good access to the boss, Melting Point and other debuffs will work very well for boss damage and while there are a decent number of enemies that spawn in the fight, it’s not enough that you would need any specific subclass otherwise, except for maybe an Orpheus Rig Nightstalker. Offensive supers work just fine. A Warlock Well of Radiance will also be very welcome for boss damage, along with Gunslinger Hunters for burst damage. In terms of weaponry, if you’re low power, you may want to keep your distance with snipers and long range weapons, but as your power increases, you can move into shotguns to take care of knights that spawn or for more risky boss damage moves.

While something like Whisper of the Worm is very powerful for boss damage, her head is very small and she moves around a lot, so you should use it at your own risk. Sleeper Simulant will be a bit more consistent. For this encounter, you’ll want to split your team into 3 groups of 2 for reasons I’ll mention soon.\par Around the entirety of the room are 9 plates, each with a symbol above it. In the middle of the arena will be 3 pairs of varying symbols for a total of 6 symbols.

To objective here is to “complete” the 3 pairs of symbols with their corresponding plates, you need to stand on plates that have one of the symbols in the middle of the room. The outside plates themselves will be divided into 3 sections. Two of those sections will have Taken Blights on them and these blights explode after about 8 seconds or so. At low power, these explosions will instantly kill you, although it wouldn’t surprise me it is just a guaranteed one shot at higher levels. After the blights explode, they’ll disappear and reappear on 2 new sections. You need to move to the safe section of your plate back and forth for 3 or 4 rotations while staying alive by whatever means necessary. After your rotations, assuming you did it correctly, a Taken Knight will spawn and you need to kill it. When your knight is killed, you should go roam the room helping everyone else as needed.

Note that if you complete a plate which has a symbol NOT listed in the middle of the room, you will summon an ogre, so… you know, don’t do that. Kalli will also roam the room attempting to force push you off of your plate by knocking you up, then away, so watch out for that. You can shoot her to get her to go away faster. After you complete the 6 required plates, Kalli will conceive an ontological weapon, which basically means that you can damage her for a short time. After 15 seconds, she will prepare to use the weapon, which is the wipe mechanic. After about 10-12 seconds, anyone not in a safe room will be killed. The safe rooms are in the pit in the middle of the room and correspond to what side of the pit she is on. When the prompt appears that she will use the weapon, 6 random doors will open up, what a coincidence, and you need to get inside a door to stay alive.

When the doors open, a LOT of psions will be waiting for you here, an Orpheus Rig Hunter works wonders here, but any sort of offensive super will be just fine. She will then rotate from side to side until all 3 sides have been rotated to and then you will repeat this process until she dies. You have 15 seconds to deal damage, then another 10 to get into the safe zones for the next two damage cycles as well. With actual coordination, debuffs, rifts, etc, you should be able to get this done in 2 rotations and when at higher gear levels and optimization, probably just 1. As for encounter flow, it’s pretty straightforward. Assign people into pairs and then have each pair take a set of symbols from the room, refer to the chart on screen. Those pairs will roam to their respective symbol plate in the room, where ever it might be, and complete it, then help others as needed. When the boss is ready for damage, coordinate supers and debuffs to do as much damage as possible within the time frame. Note that she WILL do an AOE smash attack that will either kill you or hurt you really badly, so use shotguns like Ikleos at your own risk.

Whisper (if you can aim it) and Sleeper will be your best bets, at least as of the making of this video. After Kalli comes Shuro Chi, who we will cover in the next video. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you at the next fight. .

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8 Reasons Dragon Quest 11 Is One Of The Best RPGs On PC


Welcome to Rock Paper Shotgun! Or should that be: welcome to Erdrea. I’ve been spending so much time in the fantasy world of Dragon Quest 11 that I actually struggle to tell it and reality apart. You see, the latest game in the legendary JRPG series is more of a staycation than a game. Don’t want to leave the house? Can’t afford that dream holiday to the Bahamas? Look no further than this… It’s also the first mainline Dragon Quest to appear on PC, so maybe you’re unacquainted with it, or suspicious of its intentions. It certainly doesn’t behave like a western RPG – you’re not weighed down with morality, complex skill trees or romance options.

No matter how much you might want to cuddle up to this Great Sabrecub, you can’t. And it’s these differences I want to celebrate and highlight in this video. I love how weirdly passive it is, the way it lets you gently slide through a cartoon wonderland. It’s easy-as-pie, but it’s also a pie that lasts 80 hours, so I guess it’s lucky that that it’s the moreish kind. I was going to call this video, why Dragon Quest 11 is like a moreish pie, but then I remembered that the YouTube algorithm would throw that video into the content abyss. Oh, and speaking of the algorithm – if you’re enjoying this video, please do press that picture of a thumb to make us feel good about ourselves. And subscribe to rock paper shotgun, because people who subscribe are cool and iconic like the Blue Slime. Onwards! If you’ve been PC for life there’s a good chance you’re not familiar with the very basics. And they are basic. Part of Dragon Quest’s appeal is that it invented much of the JRPG lingo that other developers have cluttered up since.

Battles are very simple turn-based affairs, with party members taking turns massacring little monsters that range from cool to let-me-wrap-it-in-a-tissue-and-put-it-in-my-pocket. You whack them, they whack you, sometimes you get an incredibly satisfying whoosh of a critical attack, which is still pleasing a million times later. Attacks swish and slash, and make much the same noises they have for the last 32 years – if you’re new to it, it feels so confident and assured; if you’re an old-hand, it’s like putting on a comfy pair of shoes. You can even put your party on autopilot by programming tactics into them – it saves you a whole lot of repetitive menu input and lets you order people to ‘show no mercy’ which is always good. The biggest tweak is that you can opt to move freely around the battle in battle camera mode, though the game still plays out exactly as it would with everyone rooted to the spot.

When you are just randomly running about it’s as if you’re in a play where everyone knows there lines except you. Turning it it off is recommended. All this in turn earns experience points, which levels up characters and lets you select new skills and attacks. If anything, it’s even simpler than some past entries, as you can’t change job classes – every character has their role, and any individuality has to happen in their fixed skill tree. Even then, you’re limited to eight slots in each branch, so it’s hard to mess up.

If you are unhappy? You redistribute points via Rectification, which you can access through angel statues and priests in churches. That’s another cute thing about Dragon Quest: you visit churches to save your game – complete with a jingle of organ music that hasn’t changed since the first game. You can also cure afflictions and bring your dead friends back to life, which makes it a pretty rad advert for the powers of religion in this game. If these are the rock solid foundations, built over 30 years, then there are new ideas in the mix. Campfires now serve a similar function to churches, though share a few similarities with Dragon Age Origins’ camp setting as well. You can buy things from a supplier who seems to follow you wherever you set up camp. He’s creepy, but his prices are good. You can also take stock with your companions, which is a nice way to get to know them a little better in your downtime around big story moments. More on them in a minute. You can craft items in your fun-sized forge.

Yes, in Dragon Quest 11, even smelting is adorable. Unlike boring RPGs, where you do more forging to get better at forging, here you learn new hammer strikes – from light taps to double strength thwacks – to bash your creation into the blue zone, which is where the magic happens. I prefer crafting to shopping, and new recipes are strewn everywhere if you look. You could choose to play Dragon Quest 11 as a blacksmith sim and still have a pretty good time with it. Slightly more flashier is the new pep attribute that comes into play in battle. First of all, I love that Dragon Quest has its heroes pumped up on on pep, rather than the rage, revenge and blood lust meters that drive heroes in less savoury games. When party members are pepped, energised from the thrill of battle, you can perform new actions with said party member so long as your hero is also pepped.

Cue a tag team champion joke. For the biggest changes to the world you just have to look around you. Presented with a world this delightful looking, the temptation is just to make kissy faces or – if you’re really wild – say Arooga in a comedy voice. Sorry, i promise I won’t do that again. But that would make for an irritating video, so let’s ignore the surface for a second and look at the world underneath. On first glance it’s pretty expansive with its rolling hills and waterfalls and who needs the Bahamas anyway? It looks like the first time the series has breathed proper 3D life into its box art images, instead of running those pictures over in a steam roller to give us the flat maps of the older games. Well… at least since DQVIII. Erdrea is a place with lots to do. You can take down targets at your own leisure with the crackshot bow, climbing down wells and up cliffs – or up wells and down cliffs, if you’re a rebel. You can put the boot into and collect mini medals and random items.

You can even find fishnet stockings in this person’s cupboard, which is horribly awkward for all involved. But despite a world of activities, there are clear limits to its openness. It’s actually quite self-contained and dareisayit, linear. But because of this, pace is beautifully handled – the map doesn’t overwhelm with space leaving you rattling about an empty cavern or desert, nor does it limit you glorified corridors. It gives you enough room to have a quest, but not so much for the quest to bloat into a job. It’s something I associate with Japanese open worlds – an interest in freedom, but a reluctance to give up that hand-crafted artistry. It reminds me of Nier Automata’s map or those in the Dark Souls games. Personally I’d like to see more of this over gargantuan maps of doom so ‘if you’re listening video game gods, you know what to do’. When you DO find yourself in an area a bit bigger than most, the game has the good sense to let you tackle it on a fun vehicle. Does a horse count as a vehicle? It’s basically a medieval sports car.

Much like everything in Dragon Quest 11, the enjoyment of clip-clopping around is about taking something simple and doing it very well; you can move slowly, canter and of course gallop. If you are in a race, you can even ‘drift’ your horse around corners. It’s much like the pleasure of exploring Final Fantasy XV on a chocobo, if you’ve done that, right down to the way you ring a bell to summon your steed. The pleasure of riding a horse is actually riding the horse at a leisurely pace, taking in your beautiful surroundings… and occasionally trampling things.

I can’t be the only person who does this. In fact, the horse is incredibly useful when you want to spend some time without hearing the battle theme – gallop into monsters in the open world and you mow them down like a bowling ball does pins. Thankfully you don’t then have to play a minigame where you scrape blue slime out of your horse’s hooves. You can choose to fast travel instead, but fast travel doesn’t let you crush under 500 pounds of horseflesh. And who would choose to skip past these delightful locations. Only a philistine, that’s who. As much as I love my four legged friend, it’s the people who slum it on two limbs that make this adventure so memorable. This is such a wonderful gang of friends I fell in love with each of them quickly. Veronica is a little red riding hood to look at, with her chibi proportions and red cape, but her personality is more like those red firecrackers Kevin uses in Home Alone – not a totally out of place comparison considering this child packs a surprising ability for violence.

Sylvando, who sort of makes me think of Maroro from Utawarerumono The Mask of Deception – because you’ve all played that, right? – is wise and charming, stalwart and true, like a white knight or something… but he’s also a silly jester. Then there’s Erik, who might be my favourite, second to Veronica. He’s just a good pal, like a sibling, but one who occasionally terrifies you with a brutal knife attack. He’s my hard-hitter that’s for sure – and we need one with my pitiful sword swings leading the charge. I like them all. This rabble make for good time pals, not at all like my favourite Normandy Crew with their Star Trekian morals, but much more like an entire team of Persona-based Junpei’s, Yosuke’s and Chie’s – please release the Persona series on PC as well, thanks! Of course, what good is a world without things to live it in? Even the NPCs have personalities, observable through little anecdotes and side stories.

I love the sense of life in the animations, especially the children that can often be found doing weird nonsensical children things, where the adults tend shops, laze about and engage in idle chat. Places don’t swarm with crowd physics but it feels as though every person within that space has been thought about, even if it is in a small way. That kind of care is felt to great effect. For example, in one area, a Sultan’s palace, a romance between a wounded soldier and maid blossomed over a pampered palace cat as the level progressed; every time I came back, after an important story beat, something slight had changed. Details like these, if you engage with them regularly, make each little community feel alive. Monster communities (by which I mean little groups of wandering enemies like Needlers and Crabber Dabber Doos) are imaginative, too, I’m speaking in relative terms here but look at them! So interesting, so weird and wonderful.

So: CUTE. Seriously… some of these are pretty hard to put down – a bunnycorn? A Hammerhood? Look at him with his little beard… I guess the element at work here and in all of these, is ‘fun’. The characters in your party as well as the background all have very distinct personalities. It makes them all pretty loveable and a joy to spend your time with, in conversation or battling equally cute cameo monsters. If all this chatter of friends, horses and church going sounds a bit soft, there are ways at giving the game a harder edge. At the outset you can set new Draconian options. But Noa, I hear you say, this is your staycation! How do stricter rules factor into that? Well this is a little something for those who enjoy meatier challenges, like staycation-hikers. You can opt out of fleeing from battle; you can remove shopping to put the focus on crafting everything from the ingredients you find; you can limit the exp gain from weaker enemies to prevent any easy grinding. You can even inflict allies with shypox, which means they won’t perform random moves in battle. It’s not for me and my holidaying, but there’s an argument to be made for at least pushing up monster difficulty, if only to get you to really give your tactics a workout in battle.

Thankfully, you can switch these off during the game, so if you decide you’d rather holiday by taking in the sights rather than die climbing them, you can! Maybe some of what I’ve told you causes concern. The game celebrates familiarity and doesn’t mind if you want to dial the difficulty right down. Both things I’ve seen it criticized for. But the key to Dragon Quest XI for me, is balance. It’s not that it’s too hard, or too soft – it’s perfectly tuned, perfectly zen. Despite being set in an open world, fighting along the linear path to your next boss or story beat generally gets you to the level you need to be for the next task, which means grinding is a choice, not a necessity.

You have the freedom to play as you see fit or enjoy. Should you later venture into fights you’re not quite strong enough for, metal slimes – which are stuffed with huge exp boosts – tend to pop up at the right moment; giving you a sneaky leg-up, if you can bring yourself to smash their adorable faces in, of course. Much like the side quests, Dragon Quest XI gently motions you towards the right spot so it feels, as I said before, more relaxing than taxing, which isn’t something most RPGs are aiming for. I love overcoming insurmountable evil as much as the next chosen one, but it’s refreshing to engage in a quest that is just a laid-back treat from start finish. It takes an incredibly gifted craftsman to keep you in a state of relaxed engagement, and you have to applaud it. Hopefully I’ve given you an idea of what to expect, and whether the game is for you.

If you have been playing, I’d love to hear your thoughts – whether you’ve playing Draconian style or just enjoying the candy-land visuals. I want to know your thoughts on Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age. And I thought World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below was a mouthful). If you enjoyed this video, please do subscribe to rock paper shotgun for more Pc analysis videos, and click the notifications bell if you want to see everything the moment we upload – we’re in the business of previews, analysis videos, tips/tricks, let’s plays, recommendations and more! Thank you for watching, and we will see you soon.

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Greetings citizens of Azeroth, when Legion came out I’ve made a video about my UI and the most essential addons needed for the expansion, now let’s do the same for Battle for Azeroth! The main addon that I use is LUI, but modified from the classic UI do the default LUI to this, that you can also change a bit if you want and change the color based on the class you play, and apart from LUI I’m going to talk about 10 great addons that I think everyone should use, a few extra minor ones after that and a set-up guide at the end. I’ll also upload my interface and you can download it, just place it into your Addons and WTF folders and update it from time to time with the Twitch app.

So, for LUI, it does an overhaul of most of your UI, from the bag to unit frames and bars and gives you a lot of utility and customization, I’ve used tons of interfaces made by me or pre-made or customized further but I like LUI the most out of all of them. After I talk about the rest of the addons I’m going to show you how to customize it manually, but if you use my archive you can import mine directly. 10. Alright, the first of the needed addons that everyone should use is DBM, you need it in dungeons and raids, especially at the start of an expansion and when new raids come out since it tells you what to do and what not to do during boss fights, as well as giving you the pull timer to see when to begin the fight at the proper second, as well as telling you how many times you defeated or wiped at any boss. 9. Next, something for damage meters, Recount and Skada are the most used ones, giving you damage rankings for your group as well as healing, CCs used, deaths, damage taken and so on, so you know who to blame when you wipe 10 times in a row at a boss.

8. World Quest Tracker will save you a lot of time, you won’t have to manually check every new world quest to see what it is and what reward it gives, you see an overview of everything from your map, you can hide them as well if you want and also have buttons that directly send you to Kul Tiras and Zandalar, plus when you click on an emissary, you get sent to the zone where those quests are and they will be marked on the map with an !. Also, since World Quest Tracker addons were made harder to use by Blizzard in BFA and you no longer can instantly find a party with it and you have to search for the number of the quest to see other people using the addon, there’s this new one called World Quest Party that let’s you instantly create a party and post a looking for group message or join other people using this addon, the more people have it the better, so get it.

7. I also recommend something for your bags, bagnon is a good standalone addon but LUI has them incorporated and it looks great, you can organise your bag a lot easier if it’s just one combined not 100, you see rarities of items around their edges and you can also search items in your bag as well as stack and sort them here or in the bank, making them cleaner and easier to search for your drugs. And there’s also this nice little addon that will save you a lot of time called SellTrash or you can activate the option directly from LUI, that sells all the trash items from your bag instantly when talking to a vendor.

6. Unit Frames and Nameplates. There are a lot of great unit frame addons, but I really like those offered by LUI, even if I modified them a lot, yet you can customize them in a ton of way to make them look like you want them too and add or remove many functions. KUI is a great addon for nameplates, makes them look nicer and cleaner, you can customize them quite a lot and track dots and see the cast bars of your targets, you can also active and customize it for allies, seeing their names based on their class for example.

5. Next something for your bars will be really handy, Bartender is a good addon that’s easy to use, but again LUI has incorporated bars, it lets you move them as you please, have as many as you want and place them where you want, also giving you options to make them shorter or longer, make them appear only if you mouse over them or make them bigger. Also you can customize the hotkeys super easy, just type /kb and mouse over them and set up the buttons for those abilities. 4. Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text is my favorite addon for scrolling damage and healing numbers, you can more easily see how much damage or healing you do with every ability, on how many targets all the time, it looks great, you can also modify it a lot, the size and font for example, and you can also activate popups that tell you when an ability is off cooldown and ready to use. 3. Auctionator will save you a ton of time and gold when buying or selling at the auction house, making it a lot easier to buy items at the lowest price and to sell items at the right price, just search for an items and it will scan for it and show you a list of prices, and when you sell one it will give you the recommended price for it to sell first.

2. Garrison Mission Manager works for your Battle for Azeroth mission table as well, making it easier and faster to directly send the right followers in the missions you want, showing you the % change of it to be successful. 1. And a good DOT tracker. LUI has one, or you can use addons like ForteXorcist or RoguePowerBars to set up the DOTs, buffs and HOTs as you wish, or you can just watch over them on the nameplates or have them as an icon under or above the unitframes, but it’s great to see them easily so you know when you have to refresh them.

Now a few more good but more minor addons. For arenas you should get Gladius, giving you more information about your opponents at the start and during fights, like what ability they used or when they used their medallion. Azeroth Auto Pilot is great if you want to power level as fast as possible, though I wouldn’t recommend it on your first character on each faction, it lets you auto accept and complete quests and gives you the location of where you should go for the fastest quests. Broker MoneyFu shows you the total gold you have across all characters from a server. Errorfilter hides LUA errors that you may get. NPC Scan is useful for hunting rare mobs around the world for loot or achievements or even world quests to see if any are round. Handy Notes make you see lots of items on the map, treasures or rare mobs that you can kill. Instance portals give you the entrance location of every dungeon and raid in the world.

Mapster helps you customize the map a bit, you can make it bigger or smaller, make it fade if you move with it open and clear the fog in every zone even if you never went there with the character you are playing as and gives you coordinates on where you are and where your cursor is. DejaCharacterStats lets you see more details about your character and add or remove any of them. Encounter Journal Saved Instances gives you an overlay of what bosses you’ve cleared in the current week for raids and dungeons, easier to see compared to the Raid function given by default.

And Overachiever is an addon that helps you complete achievements and suggests those that you can do where you are located. Alright now for that setup, if you use my archive and correctly paste it into your WoW folder you should see some profiles of mine that you can copy and have everything set up, but in case that does not work, don’t worry, here’s a manual guide on how to do it. The hardest part to set up are the unit frames, luckily you can import them with a code, just go to /LUI, unitframes and layout and import mine, I’ll leave it in a comment below. After that, the rest is simpler, just remove the functions you don’t want or hide them by sending them up or down, modify the bars as you see fit and the locations of everything, you can also remove the top orb if you don’t want it, set up your hotkeys and customize the remaining parts of it as you see fit and there you are! And that’s it, thanks for watching, if you are new here subscribe and if you liked my interface or this video helped you, leave a like and check out my Biggest Changes and Review of BFA video as well, and I’ll see you soon, bye bye!

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The $450 Fortnite Laptop


– Hey guys, this is Austin. We’ve done our fair share of Fortnite videos, but today we’re taking a look at what might just be the best cheap laptop for Fortnite, the $450 Lenovo IdeaPad 330S. Take a look around, and this is a surprisingly solidly built laptop. So, Lenovo did opt to go with aluminum for the build, and well, for the most part it’s sturdy. There’s gonna be maybe a little bit of screen flex, as well as a little bit in the chassis. It does feel nicely sturdy. There’s also a reasonable selection of ports.

So Lenovo loaded it up with a USB-C port, there’s also going to be a USB 3.0, which can charge your device even when the laptop’s closed, a HDMI, and if you flip the laptop to the other side, there’s one more USB port, as well as an SD card reader. Open the IdeaPad up and there’s a full-size keyboard with a number row and it’s also backlit, which is especially nice to see at this kind of price point. Usually when it comes to budget laptops, there’s a lot of bloatware onboard. While there’s going to be a little bit on the Lenovo, I’m gonna say it’s actually not going to be that bad, and of course, it’s going to be easily removable, unlike some other laptops that you spend hours trying to uninstall the 18th trial of McAfee on. You know what I’m talking about. – 18? – Well, they sometimes… I feel there’s like three different McAfee things they load on laptops these days. There’s like security, there’s like the internet security, and there’s like some total something something, you don’t need any of that.

Just hit uninstall with the SSD, it’s nice and fast. Okay, 18 was an exaggeration, I’m sorry, it’s three. Open up the Ideapad, you’re actually going to find a few interesting things, at least if you’re a nerd like me. First of all, we have our processor. Now this guy is rocking the Core i5-8250U, as well as the new 8th-gen Intel chip. That means that we’re going to be getting a full quad-core design, which is really nice in a $450 laptop.

There’s a lot of interesting stuff inside here though. First of all, it seems like there’s almost definitely some version of this, maybe not this laptop, at least this board, that does take advantage of a MX150 graphics card that looks to be about the right size for the GPU, as well as where the GDDR5 would go. But there’s some other interesting stuff here, including the Intel-AC WIFI card, it’s going to be dual-band, should be plenty powerful, plenty fast, and on top of that, we also do have a 8GB of RAM. So, there’s going to be 4 gigs here, as well as 4 gigs on the backside running a dual channel, and that is going to be very important to keep those UHD 620 Graphics on the Core i5 nice and fed. Is that enough specs for ya, cause I’ve got even more. You should be wary of which model of this laptop you pick up. Most are going to be rocking a 1 Terabyte hard drive, some do take advantage of the M.2 slot to give you some Optane support, but what we’ve got here is instead, a 128 GB two and a 2.5-inch data drive.

I say that because of course, that’s going to give you the best performance out of the box. This one performs pretty reasonable, but if you ever wanna upgrade this guy, as opposed to just throwing in an extra hard drive, you’re pretty much limited to adding a second SSD in that M.2 slot. Last, but certainly not least, on Austin’s Tour of the Inside a Laptop, we have the 30 Wh battery. Now that looks like a pretty large cell; however, 30 Wh is not a lot for a laptop.

Part of that is because, this is actually partially hollow. It looks bigger than it really is. 30 Wh is gonna be enough to get somewhere between five to six hours of use, but it’s not going to be a lot, and it is a very easy way to tell that Lenovo was cutting some costs when they designed this laptop. Put all this together and what you’ve got is a pretty decent little laptop, but of course, the real question is can it play Fortnite? Jump into the game, and what we’re getting is an incredibly playable 30 frames per second.

Because you know, that’s what all games should run at, right? Real talk though, for a $450 laptop, as I run into a tree, this is actually going to be very, very playable. So, I did have to turn down some of the settings, we are running at 768p, I’ll get into a little bit of that later, but we are running on mostly low settings with the view distance bumped up, we’ve got motion blur on, and importantly, we have not only Vsync on, but also the 30 frame per second cap. So this can run a little bit higher than 30. If you uncap it, we’re running around like 40, but it gets a little big erratic, and when we turn on Vsync, it actually smooths out the action quite a bit. It’s not going to be as smooth as full 60 fps experience, but this is a $450 laptop, and it’s going to be completely playable with Fortnite. And with the Core i5 inside, it’s actually going to stay reasonably cool.

It doesn’t get above 65 degrees, for the most part on the actual processor, and because we aren’t going to be completely taxing it with that 30 fps cap, it means that the system itself doesn’t get all that warm either. Sure, it’s going to be a little warm where that fan is underneath the screen, but to the touch, the laptop is nice and cool. However, you might be asking yourself, why exactly am I playing at 1366 by 768 on the resolution? And that, my friends, is the biggest issue with the Lenovo IdeaPad 330S. The screen, just not that great. This is a inch 1366 by 768 screen. And not only is that not going to be all that impressive to begin with, but it’s also a really cheap TN panel. So, the viewing angels, as you can see here, are, well pretty terrible, the color is just not going to be accurate whatsoever, there’s just a lot of issues with this screen, and that doesn’t even get into the idea.

This is a pretty large display with almost no screen real estate. Now to be fair, when it comes to Fortnite, the screen is actually going to be totally fine. In fact, it’s almost a slight advantage because we can play at the full native screen res of the laptop. For almost everything else though, it’s just not going to be all that great. So, there is a 1080p option that you can upgrade this laptop with, but the problem there is that once you start upgrading the screen, the price of the laptop will quickly get above $500, and for that kind of money, actually I do kind of prefer the ASUS VivoBook that I recently took a look at.

Then there’s the issue of what this thing actually costs. So I was able to pick it up for $450, and that price is solid. Unfortunately when I took a look at it this morning, a lot of these were running for a little bit closer to $530, and again, at that price, it gets to be a little bit of a harder sale. If you’re able to pick this up for $450, it’s a pretty solid package with the Core i5, 8 Gigs of RAM, as well as standard SSD, but that screen is a big, big issue. So if you’re looking for an entry-level Fortnite experience, by all means, pick it up. Other than that though, you may wanna look at slightly higher-end options. .

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Tree Of Savior SR with equipment, pet, and grind spot guide By: Lubu20


____________ INTRODUCTION/CLASS BUILD _____________
SR has been my main build in the late 2016. Before I played this build, I was just a sorc-warlock using invocation at Royal Mausoleum Chapel, Lodge, and West Siauliai Woods to farm for the things I need, all while helping the community power level their alts back when gaining XP was pretty slow, at the time. Since then, this method of farming has been nerfed and I decided to start farming using a character that I wanted to main at first but messed up when I was new at the game. I wanted to play a class that can farm mobs easily and efficiently, and this build is the right choice, for me.

Please bear in mind that you need a good amount of funding for this build.

In the past, my build was this during rank 8:
Archer 2, Ranger 3, SR3

During the Appraiser patch, I rank reset to the following shortly:
Archer 2, Ranger 2, Appraiser, SR3

I found that Appraiser gave a lot of potential in this build because of Devaluate, Overestimate, Blindside and Forge (will talk about this skill later.)

After Rank 9 patch hit, my build is as follows:
Archer 2 Ranger 2 Appraiser SR3 Bullet Marker

Since the Ranger buff patch is coming soon, I have now changed to:
Archer 1, Ranger 3, Appraiser, SR3, BM2

                              **_Stat Distribution_**

CON: 0-100
DEX: Rest of the points.
Here’s a picture of my stats, I have 100 points into CON, with the rest being DEX:

With the DEX stat, you get: Critical Attack, Block penetration, and Evasion and Attack Speed. As you get into your SR build, Limacon will be one of your main skills. Auto-attacking with Limacon not only depends on your DEX, but also your ping.

                           **_Squire Synergy with SR_**

If you decide to make SR your main build, it is recommended that you also make a Squire 3. Squire’s Base camp is very valuable to an SR. Not only that, the Refreshment Table skill helps your SP pool if you don’t want to use SP pots in the lower levels.
If you manage to get a Divine Might on your Squire Skill, you will receive:
220% Base camp duration buff at level 11
35% Maximum HP and SP, 11 Second less to restore HP and SP Recovery, and 5 AoE Attack Ratio from the Refreshment Table at level 11.
Level 16 Repair shop.

Base Camp will buff the following important skills with DM:
Steady Aim at 16 minutes
Limacon at 16 minutes
Swift Step at 16 minutes
Silver Bullet at 95 seconds
Overestimate at 2 minutes and 24 seconds
SP pots at 48 seconds
Elixirs at 35 seconds

The Refreshment Table buff is especially useful to you if you plan to share it with your party members during raid preparations.


Firstly, these cards are a little pricey to obtain and level up as you’re starting out. But, they will help you in the long run, especially legendary cards. Secondly, I will go over the cards you should use in a PVE/PVP environment.


Red: x3 Glass mole or 1-2x Frosters and/or Glass moles.
Blue: x3 Nuale or x3 Zaura. You should prioritize Nuaeles.
Green: x3 Ellaganos, Blut or Gorkas (for Hunting Grounds)
Purple: Tutu (Mainly for Hunting Grounds) or anything with property damage or HP. Can also use Gazing Golem. Marionette
Legendary: Marnox/Nuaele/Zaura/Rexipher/Pantorex.

With Glass moles, you don’t need to worry about SP usage as an SR, will go into more details on the guide.

For the Blue card category, in my opinion, you do not need to use Zaura cards because as an SR, you will be using leather armor IF you’re using Solmiki set. If you manage to get full Solmiki set, you will get a lot of evasion, which I count as a shield in my eyes. There’s no reason to go Zaura if you have your Solmiki leather set because you also need some defense against magic. You already have evasion helping you out. Furthermore, you cannot dodge magic attacks.

Green cards is self-explanatory. You can use Ellaganos to gain 30 DEX, Blut for 30 CON or Gorkas to gain 150 looting chance.

Purple cards, anything goes, honestly. Just don’t go for the resistance properties.

Legendary: Marnox should be priority since it adds Minimum Critical Chance +[★*2]% so it is really good. Alternatively, you can use either Nuaele or Zaura. Still leaning towards Nuaele for the magic defense. If you prefer movement speed, you can use Rexipher (I am currently using that legendary card, but again, it is my preference.)


Okay, for this section, it is important to note that Block is pretty overpowered in PVP right now against archers and swordsman (unless you are a lancer, Cannoneer, Musket.) Even though you stack on full DEX and have Solmiki Plate gloves (for PVP block pen purposes) with yellow gems, you will still get blocked by people stacking a ton of CON and block gems.

Red: x3 Glass mole.
Blue: x3 Nuaele or x3 Zaura.
Green: x3 Ellaganos or x3 Blut
Purple: Marionettes, anything with property damage or HP. Resistance cards such as Capria for sleep or Crabil for stun etc…
Legendary: Blut/Nuale/Zaura/Rexipher/Marnox.

Blue and red cards are self-explanatory. Also, Evasion is pretty huge in PVP. If your opponent doesn’t have that much accuracy, expect them to miss. They can get lucky hits on you, but it does feel good when dragoons miss their Dragon Fall on you. Again, you cannot dodge magic, so it’s best to prioritize on Nuaele cards. Keep in mind your opponents can circumvent your evasion by stacking Naktis cards and using accuracy headgears/green gems.

For Green Card, Ellaganos is still good, you can also use Blut, if you want. I would still stick with Ellaganos due to Block penetration, Attack Speed and Evasion you get from DEX. As long as you are comfortable with your HP.

Legendary card: If you have access to Blut, use that over anything else. If you plan on using Rexipher card, your card’s movement speed is halved. So instead of having 10 movement speed from 10 stars, you will have 5 movement speed.


Archer 1 only needs 2 skills. You max out swift step for the evasion, and you can put however many points you want into full draw. Full Draw is situational, you can group mobs together and link them to lower their defense. The rest of the points you spend is optional:
Multi shot isn’t really a reliable skill because it has a very low modifier, I did not end up investing points on it in the long run. Oblique shot is okay in the beginning, but in the end, Limacon surpasses it by a long shot. Save your hotkey spaces for the more important skill/items. Since you have the choice of using pardoner shops, you can just auto attack your enemies, instead.

You’ll have some pretty neat skills to use on your mid-level character. Barrage is pretty good for obstacle clearing.

Since the Ranger buff came out, this build has gained a lot of advantages. First off, critical shot increases your critical damage by 50% when you get 5 stacks of the buff. You can keep this up 24/7 on a boss as long as you don’t get blocked or evaded (lol). Second, Barrage has the same modifier than spiral arrow once maxed, but does not have the 20% ignore defense passive. Also, you won’t always crit your barrages, so it’s better if you maxed out critical shot since you will always be consistent with your damages. High anchoring is a 1 pointer, you reduce the cooldowns of your Bounce Shot, Time bomb arrow, and Spiral arrow using this skill. Time Bomb arrow is underwhelming in terms of damage. In PvP, you can knock your opponents down. Although, sometimes they don’t get knocked down even though they’re hit with no knockdown immunity, so I find it unreliable.

One of the best class to pick for your build. You have a lot of utility that helps you and your parties. Devaluate is especially useful in both PVE/PVP. In PVP, you take away multiple opponents transcendence values on their armors and weapons and reduce it to stage 0, as well as their enhancement values. Overestimate grants +3 or +4 enhancement on your pistol/shield if you swap. Identify can give you the option of appraising you or another player’s weapon/armor from Hunting Grounds. Forgery I would recommend to put this at 0 unless you have Frieno Bracelet/Solmiki Set/Nepagristas set and you wish to share your set bonuses to your party. Blindside is a really good skill. If you have a well-funded crossbow, it will deal massive damage to a single target, and will also grant them a debuff to increase your own minimum critical rate and increase your critical attack by 25% assuming you purchased the attribute.
For my appraiser setup, I went 0 on Identify because I have another character that has lvl 5 Identify already. If you want to do the appraiser quest twice or buy the voucher twice, you can leave Identify at 0 points on your main SR build. Forgery is an optional skill you can put points on if you have good accessories like Solmiki, Frieno and Nepagristas which you can give to your party provided that you have these. This skill will also give them the set bonus for those items, so if you want your entire party to have the Frieno set, this skill will be useful to you. This is also VERY useful with the new Fantasy Library Raid accessories.

This is the main focus of the build. This class is mobile and powerful. It has great single target burst and very good AoE damage. Most of your main skill will start out with Steady Aim, Glass mole and Retreat shot while holding down Limacon.

We don’t put any points in concentrated fire because the skill isn’t well-suited for SR. You’re standing still and it has a cast time, by that time, you would have done the same if not more damage using your Limacon. The more points you put into that skill, the more time you have to wait to charge it fully (although, you can cast it halfway, but with less shots.) You also don’t put any points on Wild Shot. This is basically the exact same skill as concentrated fire, where you have to charge it. You could only put at most 4 points max if you do invest in this skill, and it’s not worth it. Marching fire used to be one of the Best SR skills for clearing out large groups of enemies, but Retreat Shot + Limacon combo beats it. Evasive Action is a good skill to use in PVP, it’s a little underwhelming in PVE, but it still works, as long as you have a good amount of Evasion.

These are the last two circles to go on your SR build. You have some powerful skills even on the circle 1 version of this class.


Tase, Silver bullet and FMJ are really good skills and are usable while riding. Napalm bullet isn’t that good of a skill because some enemies have AoE Defense Ratio so you won’t be able to hit every enemies on screen even though it says that the skill has 10 AoE Attack Ratio. For BM1, you’d want to pick skills that are suitable for riding, for now. Bloody Overdrive isn’t really worth it as a C1 class, but save your points until the C2 version of this skill. Mozambique is great for single target and hitting bosses hard, especially with the critical shot buff. If you’re doing Challenge Mode, you should be very careful using Bloody Overdrive because in instances such as Stage 6, your pet will instantly die. Unless you gear and attribute your pet, you will have to stay cautious after casting Bloody Overdrive. Only way to prevent this is having mounts such as the Christmas Sled. R.I.P. is really underwhelming for an AoE attack in my opinion. You can use it as a filler, but in a CM, Retreat/Marching fire followed by Bloody overdrive rotation is more reliable.


There are a variety of pets you can use in the game. Pets are integral with SR and you have to feed them to gain extra stats.
You get:
25% of your pet’s HP.
10% of your pet’s Defense.
8% of your pet’s Evasion.

Unfortunately, Premium pets are the best pets in the game which the only way to get is by spending TP. Fortunately, you’re able to buy some of these pets if someone offers them up via trade or AH with silver. Here, I will list some of the pets you can choose:

Velheider: This is one of the basic pet you can get from the companion shop via voucher/silver. This pet has only 1 slot for equipment which is the weapon slot. This pet has 60 Stamina.

Hoglan: This is another pet you can get from the companion shop. It’s more expensive than the velheider, but, it has 1 equipment slot for weapon and armor. This pet has 60 stamina.

Guinnea pig: This is a pet you can get by doing a guild mission. The guild mission is located on Mage Tower 4F once you activate it from the guild tower. Once you obtain the egg from the guild mission, you have to plant it inside the guild hangout’s farm. It takes a week to grow and the pet can die if you overfeed it or make it starve from hunger. This pet has 2 equipment slots for armor. This pet also has 60 stamina.

Leaf Penguin, Winter Penguin and Marine Penguin: These penguins can be obtained from events. These are the more useful pets because you can equip 2 armor and weapons on their slots. This pet has 600 stamina.

Penguin: You can obtain this pet from the TP shop and/or buy it with silver on the AH/trade. This is a premium pet that grants some buff when you are near them them. When mounted or near them, you gain a buff that grants you physical and magic defense. This pet has 2 equipment slots for weapon and armor and has 600 stamina.

BattleBird: You can obtain this pet from the TP shop and/or buy it with silver on the AH/trade. This is also a premium pet that grants you some buff when you are near them. When mounted or near them, you gain HP and SP recovery rate. This pet has 600 stamina.

Armadillo: You can obtain this pet by trading in 20 Armadillo companion tickets to Wings of Vaivora Lena from Klaipeda or Rosia from Orsha. To get these companion tickets, you have to obtain high ranking in the adventure journal monthly rankings. Additionally, you can buy these via AH/trade. This pet has 1 equipment slot for weapon and armor and has 60 stamina.

Pig: You can obtain this pet by trading in 20 Pig companion tickets to Wings of Vaivora Lena from Klaipeda or Rosia from Orsha. At the moment, you cannot acquire these companion tickets from the monthly adventure journal ranking. So your best best is to collect these tickets from someone who has been hoarding them. This pet has no equipment slot for weapon and armor and has 60 stamina.

Rocksodon: This is a premium pet from the TP shop that you can also obtain from AH/trading. Comes with 2 equipment slots for weapon and armor. This pet grants you a buff that increases your maximum HP and SP on your character if you’re near your pet. This pet has 600 stamina. This is the best premium pet in terms of buffs, stamina, and the food required to feed the pet.

Lesser Panda: This is a pet obtained from doing the uphill mission like a slave until you reach 20000 uphill points. This pet has 2 equipment slots for weapon and armor and grants critical rate and critical attack buff. Also has 60 stamina.

Christmas Sled: This is a mount that you can obtain from the Goddess Blessed Cube from the TP shop during December of 2017. This mount cannot equip weapon and armor, does not need to be fed, and you cannot gain stats when mounted. This is my favorite mount because not only do you get +6 movement speed, but it is immortal, and you can mount it from anywhere on the map. You cannot get this item, at the moment.

If you are a new player, you should start out with the Leaf Penguin since you have the Leaf Penguin egg available as you are new to the game. You do not have to worry about feeding the companion at this point of the game. Only start feeding your companion once you reach mid-game/End-game. The food required for the penguin is pretty expensive, and only recovers 15 stamina. If you have 3 TP to spare, just use the sardines. You can get food for your penguin by buying the corresponding food in the companion shop. If you want to use another pet, you have to be wary that you have to waste a character slot for your pets. And if you fill up your character slots (4/4), you have to spend 33 TP to buy up a slot, every time. Once you do make that decision, though, you can get any other pet you want. I would recommend buying the Rocksodon mount, as it is the best premium pet you can get in terms of stats and the food required to feed it. Rocksodon has the cheapest food to eat which is the regular companion food.

For experienced SRs, especially PVP SRs, you’ll find that the sled is very handy. If a lancer unhorses you, you can immediately get back on your mount without worrying about your mount dying. If you get revived during TBL or GvG, you can run away and get back on your mount immediately. This is very useful when you want to get out of a tough situation and you want to counterattack, right away. I’ve been using the sled for a while now.


Universal Headgear: Physical attack/HP/Critical Attack/any Elemental property Damage.
Starting out: Full Cafrisun set
Zachariel or Bearkaras bracelet
Agny necklace
Any Hunting ground xbow
Any shield around your level until you reach SR.
The Cafrisun set will help you out along the way, all the way until the 300s. You can choose to use the Hunting ground armor, if you want. Always remember to get pardoner buffs because you are squishy with Cafrisun. With Cafrisun and pardoner buffs combined, you will do 3 lines of damage.

Mid-Game: Any hunting ground armor around your level.
Sissel bracelet
Max Petamion
Any Hunting Ground xbow/pistol
You can also get Manahas to get an upgraded version of Cafrisun. But, if you’re planning to level up aggressively, there is no need to get these. It’s nice to have for objective clearing.

End-Game: Full Solmiki Leather set or Fietas/Primus armor/Velcoffer PLATE or CLOTH.
Regard Horn, Primus or Velcoffer Xbow
Masinios, Primus or Velcoffer Pistol
Frieno Accessories
Nepagristas Accessories
For Velcother set effect, either Kraujas, Gyvenimas, Tiksline or Mergaite.

The reason we have either Velcoffer plate or cloth is because if you choose leather, you’re losing out on the extra defense because plate is more on physical defense whereas cloth is more on magic defense. Also, you can choose what set effects and stats that you want on your Velcoffer armor. You also don’t really need to worry about leather mastery at this point, since it won’t make much of a huge difference since we have the Nepagristas accessories.


Gems are important for your gear, and they should only be socketed on gears that you’re going to invest in. Primarily, you should use the expensive lvl 7-8-9 gems on Primus, Solmiki, Masinios, and Velcoffer.

Main Armor (Solmiki Leather, Primus, Velcoffer PLATE or CLOTH)
The gems you should prioritize on your main armor should be:
Top & Bottom: Lvl 7, 8, 9 Red gem.
Gloves: Skill gem or Yellow gem (PVP).
Boots: Skill gem or Green gem (Evasion, but optional).
Currently, there are no useful skill gems on the SR class that we can use unless they introduce them. You can use Critical Shot gem if you want.

Looting Chance Armor (Primus)
Here, you will use looting chance gems. This will increase your chances of getting rare armor drop in Hunting Grounds and Challenge Mode:
All armor: White gem lvl 6, 7 or 8.
Main Weapon
Your SR’s main weapon should have:
Primus, Masinios, Velcoffer pistol: x3 Red gems lvl 7, 8, or 9.
Regard Horn, Primus, Velcoffer Xbow: x3 Green gems Lvl 7, 8, or 9.
For looting chance: any Xbow with x3 White gem lvl 7 or 8.

                                     **_Grinding Spots_**

Level 1-15: West Siauliai Woods
You start out at West Siauliai Woods and head to the right side of the map where all the Infrorocktors are at. Kill them until you’re lvl 15, don’t forget to advance at Class level 15.

Level 15-35: Tenet Garden
Head to tenet garden, then go north of the Vakarine statue and kill the huge packs of Mallardu and pantos there.

Level 35-80: Tenet Church 2F
Go to Tenet Church 2F and kill all the mobs on the map. Be careful of Gesti if you have not completed the main quest line. She will take away half of your remaining HP and warp you to the front of the entrance of 1F. Don’t forget to class advance at around lvl 40.

Level 80-116: Sicarius 1F
Head to Sicarius 1F and kill all the mobs around the map. You should be able to advance before going here or after being level 81.

Level 116-200: Demon Prison District 2
Head to Demon Prison District 2 and kill mobs on the top corner of the map. If there aren’t spawning fast enough, go to the bottom left portion of the map and kill the mobs there, then head back to the top. Class advance at around level 125. Oh, and don’t bother doing the 120 dungeon, the experience there sucks major DooDoo.

Level 200-230ish: Cranto Coast/Alemeth forest
From Nahash Forest, head to Cranto. If you have a Squire, set up a base camp near the left portion where the mobs start off. Kill everything on the map, you should be at the top of the area when you do so. Use your base camp, if you have it, and repeat the process. If you don’t have a base camp, just kill everything anyways. Don’t forget to class advance before you move on to the next zone. If this spot is too crowded, head to Alemeth forest.

Level 230-Class advancement: Kalejimas Visiting Room/Storage/Solitary Cells/Workshop
Go to Steel Heights and make your way to Kalejimas. There are a bunch of mobs and the XP starts getting better at these levels. If there are too many players on one area, head to the next ones, or switch channels. Class advancement is around level 270.

Level 270-305: Rancid Labyrinth
You’ll have to go to Grynas Hills on the east side and you’ll see a portal. Rancid Labyrinth is a Hunting Ground map. At around the hour mark, there will be a chance that hundreds of mobs will spawn on parts of the map. This area is great to farm some HG weapons and armor around your level.

Level 305-342: Saucys Room 9
From Nobreer, head to the top left portion where Neringa is. There should be a red portal, there. A lot of people are always on channel 1 Saucys to open challenge mode portals. You can choose to stay on channel 1 because more mobs will spawn the more people are on the map, as opposed to the ones on the earlier maps that we grinded.

Level 342+: Astral Tower 1F
You can get there by using a Warp shop in Klaipeda, Orsha, or Fedimian. Or, you can head there by going to Barynwell 84 and head your way down to Astral Tower. You also want to do Challenge Mode for as long as you can here. I recommend avoiding places such as Spell Tome Town until the lag is gone since there are a ton of players doing challenge mode in that area. Plus, it’s a level 387 area.

If there are any questions feel free to ask.

Tree Of Savior [GUIDE] How to farm end game equips with farmer build By: Rusiky


Guide and created by : Kijky
Server : [SEA]Telsai

Primus Raffye/Zvaigzde weapons is one of the end-game equips for Saviors who just reached level 360. There’s some way to farm this equipment. Such as Challenge Mode and Hunting Grounds. This guide will help you how to get Primus equips by knowing Challenge Mode popular spots, one of the best build for farming in Hunting Grounds and more.

Looting Chance

First thing first, we’ll look at the Looting Chance status
This Looting Chance status provides you to drop more Unidentified Equips / Hunting Ground equips like Raffye weapons and Zvaigzde weapons. You can boost this stats by using armors with Looting Chance stats, White Gem, and buffs. These are examples of armor, gem, and buffs that boost Looting Chance stat.

 Identified Armor (+30 up to +110 or more Looting Chance)
 Level 7 White Gem (+4 up to +50 Looting Chance depends on the Gem Level)
 Rank 1 Rubbing buff (+100 Looting Chance)
 Looting Chance: 100 (+100 Looting Chance)


There are another way to boost your Looting Chance stats, not limited to those items above. There is Popo Shop that sells 300 Looting Chance Potions, Rank 1 Rubbing additional buffs, and people who activate their Dimensional Burner buffs.

Challenge Mode Popular Spots

Challenge Mode is one of many ways to grind and farm silver and equips. Even you can only do CM once a day, it is still worth it. You can go into CM mode if you meet a purple colored monster and kill it. When you killed it, they summons a CM portal.

 Challenge Portal

A wild challenge portal appears! :heeey:

Start from Level 100, you can do this CM. But, I will talk about level 360+ CMs.

If you are already reached level 332, you may join a Challenge Mode party in Rank 10 maps. Those are the popular spots that people usually do their Challenge Mode.

 Barynwell 84 Waters (Minimum level : 332)


 Barynwell 86 Waters (Minimum level : 336)
 Astral Tower 1F (Minimum level : 342)


 Feline Post Town (Minimum level : 354)
 Spell Tome Town (Minimum level : 357)

“How do I get there” you asked? In towns, there are some Warp Shop you can use to warp yourself to CM locations like my Sage Shop.

If you want to do CM, you can make your own party then shout it or, join other people’s party. Just click the yellow text that people shouted and you will in the party.
Remember, make sure you’re in a good party. Usually, a good party consist a healer and 4 other DPS. There are some favorites support that people always looking for. Such as Falconer because their Aiming is good for support other party members.

While you’re in the Challenge Mode, sometimes monsters will drops Zvaigzde
weapons or Unidentified Level 380 Armor. That’s what are we aiming for.

 Primus Zvaigzde Crossbow

When you killing the boss in Challenge Mode, they’ll drop some Zvaigzde weapons or armor. If you’re lucky enough, you can get 2 Primus equips in a boss kill. So, good luck :haha:

Hunting Ground – Baubas Cave

Hunting grounds are maps designed to farm materials(Mithril Ore, Ruby, Topaz, etc) and equips. They have higher rate dropping Unidentified Equips than regular fields in exchange of much more stronger monsters. There are many hunting grounds but we’ll focus on Level 370 HG called Baubas Cave. Don’t farm in this map if your farmer character is under-geared.


Baubas Cave is a Hunting Ground based on Tevhrin Stalactite Cave dungeon. If you already there, you’ll familiar with the monster. Including those Tala Archers. Monster in this HG will drops Level 380 Unidentified Equips.

If you compare this HG with Level 340 HG (Nazarene Tower), this HG is much more difficult than Nazarene Tower. Not only because of their HP and attack stat, but their skills are quite annoying.

Meta Farming Build

“Then, what is the best farming build in TOS?” people asked me. I always said that “In my opinion, Wizard 2 – Linker 2 – Thaumaturge 3 – Featherfoot 3 is the current best build for farming, but some people modify it. Depends on their play style.”

Therefore, I recommend you Wizard 2 – Linker 2 – Thaumaturge 3 – Featherfoot 3 for farming. Not only in HG but for farm other stuff such as Uosis.

Wizard Circle 2

Sleep : For crowd control monsters. Very nice skill to have.
Surespell : Take this so your Blood Sucking skill won’t cancel if you got attacked.
Magic Shield is a decent skill too but, the rest is up to you.

Linker Circle 2

Joint Penalty : Use this to link 8 monsters around.
Hangman’s Knot : This skill is for gathering all monsters that linked by Joint Penalty
Spiritual Chain : If you’re in a party, use this skill. It allows you to take other people’s buff that supposed to be self buff.
Spirit Shock : Nice filler. Decent damage and very nice for bossing.

Thaumaturge Circle 3

Swell Left Arm : Dramatically boost your Magic Attack. One of the best buffs in the game.
Swell Right Arm : Dramatically boost your Physical DEF and Magic DEF if you equip a shield.
Swell Body : Monster that get buffed by this skill will drops double loot and multiply their max HP by 2. So if you dropped a primus, it will be 2 primus’. Very good skill for farming. Note: Monster won’t gives double EXP if they got killed.
Transpose : Literally change your CON and INT. Very nice for tanking attacks… or flee from HG.
Reversi : Steal magic circles created by monsters. Quite useful if the monster cast heal and you steal it.
Swell Brain : This skill boost your INT and Magic Attack. Very nice skill to have beside Swell Left and Right Arm. Use this skill before Swell Left and Right Arm for maximize the benefit of those 2 skills.

Featherfoot Circle 3

Kundela Slash : Your main damaging skill. After you gather all enemies with Joint Penalty and Hangman’s Knot, use this skill to OHKO monsters.
Blood Sucking : Great skill to replenish your HP if you hit Devil, Beast, and Insect monster only. You can bypass this restriction by equipping Intasurta Gloves

 Intasurta Gloves

credit to Jyabami for showing his/her Intasurta gloves

Bone Pointing : Nice skill to give infinite Hex to a monster. If a monster get hit by this skill, they’ll get Hex debuff which boost +50% Kundela Slash’ damage and Dark elemental damage such as Warlock’s Mastema.
Ngadhundi : Somewhat good skill to have because it can gives debuff that boost all missile damage. Good for our archers friend.
Kurdaitcha : Can replace Bone Pointing if that skill is on cooldown.
Levitation : Float in the sky, make all melee attack against you useless. Moreover, it can boost all Featherfoot skills by 30% while it’s active if you take the attribute.
Blood Curse : This skill is somewhat weird but good. Use 60% (80% if you take the attribute) of your max HP to deal damage and give debuff to all enemies in range. The Blood Curse debuff makes an enemy can’t recover their HP and heal the attacker. Decent damage but careful when use this skill.
Enervation : This skill can gives enemies a debuff that takes additional damage to them. Scale with your magic attack. 831% at level 5 and 10 hit limit. 831% * 10 = 8310% nice damage.

Important Attributes:
Joint Penalty : Poison
Hangman’s Knot : Focused Attack
Spiritual Chain : Duration
Spiritual Chain : Enhance
Swell Left Arm : Enhance level 50
Bone Pointing : Summon Time
Kurdaitcha : Increase Movement Speed
Kundela Slash : Enhance level 50 at least
Kundela Slash : Curse of Curses (priority no 1)
Levitation: Cursed Blood

For farming purpose I suggest you to use “Looting Chance” armors. You can use +11 or +16 Primus Zvaigzde Rod + Emengard Shield or better or Staff. Depends on your standard actually. Then, put White Gems to all your available socket. For cards, use Tutu Card so you don’t have to worry about weight limit and Gorkas card for higher Looting Chance.

How to combo like a good farmer
Gather monsters near you, use Joint Penalty -> Hangman’s Knot, after all linked monsters become one, use Swell Body, then finish it with Kundela Slash while praying they’ll drop 2 Primus’. Then you have to wait for the cooldown.

That’s all for me. I’ll update this guide if I have some time :satisfaction:. I wish you all can get easy Primus equips.

Tree Of Savior Leveling guide to 390! By: aurakazuki1


This guide is for fastest leveling up as soon as possible so if you are still newbie i recommend you should do the quest and know more about the game. (Mostly everyone know how to grind and where to grind but some don’t so yea this guide is for them)
The guide do not include equipment for each level, just grab the best thing you have and go!
Things need to know before we start:
#Buying buff:
They mostly open at klaipeda near goddess statue.You only need to buy Sacrament and Blessing.
#Warp portal:
They mostly open at klaipeda near goddess statue too.You just need to find a portal that warp you the destination point you want which it write on the title and click use to go there.
#Make a party and how to let people join
Press F6 and it will show you the window. Click Create Party . Now you have the party,click Insert Party Invite. Press Enter and you will share the party link to everyone.People and you just have to click on the blue chat(yellow on world chat and guild chat) and they can join your party.It is easy right? :sunglasses:
#Challenge Mode
Challenge Mode or CM is where a party can try challenging them for the greater reward. CM will give you exp/drop/cube. But in this guide i will only focus on the exp CM give, CM is one of the best place to leveling up till maxed level so try do your CM everyday because the reward is good!
CM divide into 7 stages, the higher the stage the more difficult it would be, also from stage 6 you will get additional cube that give reward different from normal cube.
Dungeon is one of the best place to get exp too, it also give you cube for reward. You can enter it at Klaipeda
There is various kind of dungeons you can try, all of them just require to clear all mobs and defeat the boss for 6 cube and 100% exp.
In this guide i will skip dungeon till we’re level 270, but you can try it if you want!
#Hunting Ground
If you already did CM and dungeon and seek for both drop and exp, HG will be your home. I can’t write detail about HG in here but you can check it at:
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fP4G1JjL2pj6wMfpL_3o9pFWYIKpr3QnYgQ-XTfK21k/pubhtml# 5( Credit by [Mila Tiemy] + Castro, kamaroo + [Tk Magnus] )
OK let’s get started!
#Level 1 to 60
Location: Tenet Garden
You just need to farm on the way to Tenet Garden to lv5, after that focus grind at the middle of the map which mobs spawn a lot and fast!
Way to Tenet Garden:Klaipeda>East Siauliai Wood> Miners Village>Srautas Gorge>Gele Plateau >Nefritas Cliff>Tenet Garden
#Level 60 to 100 and above
Head back to Klai and buy Klaipeda warp scroll from Item Merchant.
Then try find a portal to Feretory Hills, if not try shout.There may have people save their quest for you to warp.
Location: Feretory Hills
Grind below of the map! That have Necroventer.
#Level 100 to 124 and above
Back to Klaipeda using warp scroll i said before.
Location: Top right of Klai
Talk with Rota she will give you a quest,you only need to talk to 3 guys that is Ramda / Donnes / Liam (they just around there)
After done the quest, go to Ramda talk with him and choose Siauliai, it will open Siauliai misson.!
Auto Match or you can try solo it if you can, you can also back to grinding at feretory hill to 124.
#Level 124-190-200
It is recommended to grind here to level 200, it will take lot of time if you don’t have exp buff so you should best tome you got here( just my opinion). But if you bored grinding at here you can grind still 190 and move to next area.
Location: Demon Prison District 2( find a portal )
Run around that red circle and grind. It is recommend to find a party and grind through the nightmare.
#Level 190-229
Remember to buy Klaipeda scroll from now on xD
Location: Croanto Coast ( find a portal)
Just run around the map and grind every monsters you see. Also you can try find a party and do Challenge Mode (for short:CM) they usually shout on world chat and you just have to click on the party link (yellow highlight). You can also try shout for party. ( Mostly you will need dps, healer etc)
Recommend from players: Grind here till 232-245 before heading to Kale
#Level 229-262-270
Location:Kalejimas Visiting Room ( find a portal, it might lead you to Steel Heights, just need to move a bit to Kale)
It is recommend to grind here till lv270.
Run around this map and grind to lv262! It is long way and hard time after demon prison but this is the last mountain you need to climb, after that no more boring grinding! I can guaranteed to you about that! So fight! You can also do CM with party here too!
#Level 262-310 and above
From now on, we will queue for lv 270 dungeon-lv 300 dungeon till we reach lv310 above. Combine with doing CM you will leveling really fast!
Location: Timerys Temple ( find a portal, from Lhadar Forest to Timerys)
Grind and do CM here till level 310 above.
#Level 310 to 350 and above
Combine doing CM and dungeon 300 – dungeon 330 till you reach 350 above.
Location: Sausag… erm i mean Sausys Room 9
You can grind or just doing CM is fine! ( i’m lazy person myself so i will just do CM)
#Level 350 to 390
The last and the end of the road for now. I’m so proud of you guys to reach here, but now save those cheerful tear and go for it!
Combine doing lv 330 dungeon and CM till reach 390!
Location: There are lot of locations for doing CM from now on but i will recommend:
Sausys Room 9 ( stick with it would be fine if you don’t good gears cause higher map, mobs are strong and might kill you right away, but caution the higher level you are the less exp you received so you should invest for gear now and head to new area)
Astro TowerBarynwell 86 WatersSpell Tome (from easy to hard,for mid and end game gears)
And also you can try challenging yourself with ET , unique raid and The last is VELCOFF’S NEST, the last challenge and have the best equipment in this game for now! But is hard and you will have to well prepare for it!
#That is it!
Thanks you for reading my post, sorry if i have bad English and Grammar thing if you see please comment below so i can fix it.And sorry that i didn’t add any image cause it is limit for new member :frowning: . Also if you have better place to grind on your experience or tips and trick please do share it!
Happy Gaming and Best Regard to everyone!
Exp table and detail about monsters shared by @ greyhiem credit by wizardguidetreeofsavior website (they got a lot of guide there, you should go and see it!)


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