I’m personally doing some research on Raids and Captures, and here are my findings so far, and so here’re some tips on what to do in the right situations

SBR – still being researched
C – Confirmed

– Raids DO give materials after your army returns, so if you need any materials and have army to spare, raid some tiles. (C)
– It’s is better value to raid LOWER LEVEL tiles (I.E. less defence). After comparing the difference of two tiles with a 500 troops difference (250, 750), the latter only gave 100 more materials that the former, as well as using up MUCH more of my army, outweighing the gains (C)
– Current results show that raiding Luxury tiles will provide you with a lot of materials (C)
– Raiding strengh 0 tiles do not give resources (C)
– Having transfer technologies (symbolised with a crate) increases yield from a tile (C)

– Capturing a resource tile will increase your production of that material (C)
– The amount you recieve from a resource tile increases as you upgrade your trade building. (C)
– Moving troops between your city and captured tiles doesn’t use up an active army slot. (C)
– Capturing Luxury tiles adds culture.(C)
– Capturing a tile before raiding does not give resource(C)
– Having transfer technologies (symbolised with a crate) increases yield from a tile (C)
– More units on a captured tile increases hourly output (SBR)

Tiles and resource given (respectively)
Wood – Wood
Food – Food
Iron – Iron
Stone – Stone
Silver – Iron
Marble – Stone
Dye – None (May give in later ages)
Precious Gems – Iron

Those are the findings so far, if you have any experiments you want to try, or any results, feel free to post.


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