In this post I’ll explain how the research time is determined. It’s not that complex once you know how it works.

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– Each research requires a precise amount of Research Points (= RP) to be completed.
– Each building (library, etc) provides RP. And apparently, Jagex chose a RP/hour ratio.
– Each upgrade of one single building will increment the ratio by its “base value” (the level-1 building).

The base values are :
1. Library = 1
2. University = 15
3. Research Facility = 160

So for the Library you’ve got 1, 2, 3, …, 10. Then University : 15, 30, 45, …, 150. RF : 160, 320, …, 1600 (RP/hour).

Examples :
• Having ONE library Level-3 will provide 1*1*3 = 3 RP/hour.
• Having FIVE universities Level-7 will provide 5*15*7 = 525 RP/hour. Add a Mt Saint-Michel to it, and it’s 570 RP/hour.

Now, all you need is to know the amount of Research Points of the researches.
I have determined some of them at different ages, but my list is incomplete.

Examples :
• Religion = 6
• Flaming Archer = 65
• Hematite Enrichment = 275
• Warehouse = 175
• Income Tax = 3000
• Tea Rooms = 8500

Then you do the math :)

– Note: a slight difference may occur because seconds are rounded to zero once the time is converted to HH:MM:SS format.

That’s pretty much all. I don’t think I need to talk about eventual Wonders, as there’s nothing complex with it.

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Last note, I couldn’t be bothered to edit the wikia (having a “Research Time” column is pretty much inaccurate) – but feel free to do so yourself if you wish. :P
Instead, I stored my current data in a database lol, and for those interested I also made a little mIRC script that gets you researches requirements (time, gold, buildings) by a simple command (!res) – so for the i.r.c users, join #8Realms (server SwiftIRC) :P. I mostly have values for many Renaissance and Industrial researches so far – your contributions are welcome!

Happy birthday to all,
– Crupulus


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