9Dragons Newbie Guide


9Dragons Newbie Guide?by adek1994

Levels in 9Dragons

This game has unique level system. You willsee a lot of strange names like Losing Self. Each level has 12 sublevels called Cheng (example: Losing Self 1, Losing Self 2 ? Losing Self 12, and after that is Gathering Chi 1). When your Cheng will go up, you will get 4 chi points, which you can add into attributes: STRENGHT, ESSENCE, WISDOM, CONSTITUTION or DEXTERITY, and 1 mastery point, which you can use to increase damage of weapon or learn new skill (one skill for each clan). When you level up from Cheng 12 to next level (LS12->GC1, GC12->OC1 etc.) you will get 6 chi points and 3 mastery points.

Most used abbreviations and FAQ

FAQ will be aded soon, waiting for suggestions.

Levelling Guide
until 2nd Role Upgrade

?None & Losing Self?
We need great start, don?t you think? You will start in Bamboo Village ? first place where you can get some exp. But first, you will spawn near NPC. She has ?!? mark over head, then do quests. You only need to use attributes. Open Character window (C) and add all 10 points ? I added that to Strenght. Finish quest and start next. You will get Lightfoot (LF) ? press and hold Alt button, you will run faster. You will get Basic Meditation, too. Press ?P? to recover HP and VE. For now, you can easily kill some Foxes. First ones are Lvl.1, but if you go further, you will find lv. 3 Sly Foxes. Open map (M) and find Village, there are few NPCs. If it?s your first character, you can do quests ? you will get about 30k. Near Inn you can find few Female Bandites ? about lv.6. If they are max. yellow ? kill them. Next to them are snakes. They are easy to kill and give nice exp. You will get about lv.10. You can enter most of clans now, but wait until GC. Use LF and you will find few yellow Bandits. Level up to 12 and 100%. It?s the first time when you do Chi Breathing. Run far away, to Storage or another safe place. Start Chi Breathing. You need to use mouse button to finish minigame: click left button when you see white circle, right button ? black circle, both buttons ? blue circle. If you finish that ? congratulations. You are lv.13, GC1.

?Gathering Chi?
FIrst what you need to know about 9Dragons ? there are 6 basic clans and 3 advanced (not implemented yet). League of Beggars, Shaolin, Wu Tang, Sacred Flower, Brotherhood of Thieves and Heavenly Demon ? they are basic clans.

If you are going to enter League of Beggars (LoB), Shaolin (Shao), Sacred Flower (SF) or Brotherhood of Thieves (BoT), you can do it now. For Wu Tang or Heavenly Demon you need to wait until GC8. For that 4 clans you need to do 1-2 quests to enter clan.

For LoB you will deliver eggs to one of Guards.
For Shao you need to do ?Shaolin, The Noble Clan?. You have 2 options to do that quest. First ? tell the lie or tell the truth 3 times (you will get few exp points more, but you need to run a lot more).
For BoT you need to pay 100 gold or give the blacksmith few wolf skins.
For Sacred Floer ? I don?t remember atm ^^

Guides about entering the clan will be added later.

After you enter clan, you can do your first Road to Dragon (RTD) quest. Select ?Lightfoot? skill to learn. You need to level up this clan skill ASAP. Another skills you can learn on Training Ground. For that, you need to get Contribution Points. Go to clan NPC (Librarian Monk in Shaolin) and click Clan Contribution. Donate few items and you will get points. Learn skills from master (Sifu in Shaolin) at Training Ground. After you enter clan you can use 3 types of weapon:

Primary Weapon (warrior weapons):
LoB ? Staff
WT ? Sword
Shao ? Polearm/Cudgel
SF ? Wheels
BoT ? Spear
HD ? Saber

Secondary Weapon (healer/hybrid weapons):
LoB, WT, Shao, HD ? Gloves
SF ? Dagger
BoT ? Axe

CK type Weapon (nuker weapons)
All clans ? Bracers

Until you select clan role, you can use basic clan skills with primary and secondary weapon. Learn them. All clans, except WT and HD, have Basic Protection ? self buff.
LoB ? HP
Shao ? AR (attack rating)
SF ? Dodge
BoT ? Defence

Now you are ready to grind harder On your way you will find Vipers (Lv.~14) and White Shadows Disciples (Lv.~16), Leaders (Lv.~18) and Masters (Lv.20). You are about GC8 you can enter WT/HD clan. They need more quests to do ? about 10.

Now you can grind in Zhengzhou (White Clans)/Shi Zhang (Black Clans). You will find Bandits. Grind on them before GC10, and turn on Black Shadows. You can?t find them? Did you see any Suspicious Passerby? If yes ? attack them. Black Shadows will appear on their places. Kill them until you get GC12 100%. It?s your next Chi Breathing. You are OC1 now!

?Opening Chi?

Now it doesn?t matter what clan are you. You need to do ALL the RTDs.

After you do last available quest, you will select your clan role. Each role has a penalty on one attribute ? you need 2 chi points for 1 attribute point: for warrior 2 chi points for 1 ess, healer 2 points for 1 con, hybrid 2 points for wis and for nuker 2 points for 1 str.

Warrior: uses primary clan weapon, need much HP and deal great damage. Penalty: Essence.
Healer: the role I like the most. Uses secondary clan weapon, don?t need much HP or VE, because he has great heals (at cheng10 428hp every 3 seconds per 15 sec) and buffs (at c10 +25 all, maxed +31, +36 str/dex). Penalty: Constitution
Hybrid: great mix of healer and nuker. Uses secondary clan weapon or bracers. Has +15 (c10, at c12 +19) all attribution buff and great selfbuff (dmg/def/con), at 2nd role scale buff (reduce all received damages). Penalty: Wisdom.
Nuker: kind of magician. He has low defence and dodge, but he has the biggest damage. Has buffs to wis, def and a lot of shields. Penalty: Strenght.

How to grind??
This is the easiest in my opinion. Select your best active, train your 30sec cooldown smash (the best dmg) and def smash. These 2 are greatest IMHO. Run away and med, if you are low HP or VE.
Most useful skills:
Def smash
30sec cooldown smash (best dmg until 2nd role)
AoE damage buff
YY dmg buff ? 2nd role skill
Healer/Melee Hybrid
You need to get your buffs and heals maxed ASAP. Buff yourself, heal, select active, kill mob. Heal, kill. Heal, kill. Remember ? fast heal is your best friend.
Most useful skills:
Fast heal (healer/hyb)
STR/DEX, CON/ESS, WIS buffs (healer), all atribution buff, con selfbuff (hybrid)
Rezz (healer/hyb)
Scale buff (hybrid) ? 2nd role skill
Nuker/CK Hybrid
Max your wis buff, def buff and shields ASAP. If you are under FD1, use only OC1 slow nuke ? train it hard. After you get FD1, use your RL10, FD1 slow and bleed nukes. Select mob, run away, cast, run, cast? It?s annoying, but you will like it
Most useful skills:
Def nuke (ck hyb)
Para nuke (ck hyb/nuker ? these skills are different for both roles)
FD1 bleed nuke (nuker)
BS dmg buff (nuker) ? 2nd role skill
Scale buff (ck hyb) ? 2nd role skill

Get back to grind. Stay at Black Shadows until OC2 or 3, then go to Tarantulas. There is the best possible spot for all roles, especially for nukers, because they are slow. About OC6 you can grind at Bears (melee classes) or Zombies (ck hyb/nuker). With nuker you can move to Bears too, if you have nice slow nuke. You can grind at Bears until RC1.

?Revolving Chakra?

After RC1 you can move to Earthworms, Giants or Twin Brutes. I like the most the last I said, because they are slow and has low def. All these mobs you can kill until RC4 or 5. Next mobs are bit harder for nukers, because there aren?t any slower mobs. You will grind on Drunken Swordsman and Iron Flowers. Confucianists are pain in ? (you know ^^) because of their bleed and range attacks. All mobs near CoF are dropping passes. Stay here for a bit, or move to Lighting Shadows (high RC ? low RL mobs). Chi Breathing is coming

?Raising Light?

RL levels are one of the easiest. Move to Jinan/Datong and lvl ASAP to RL4 on Bloodthief Disciples and Raiders, and move to Small Brown Bears and kill them. Small and Big Brown Bears have lower defense than ?normal? Brown Bears. They are easy to kill, and levelling is fast and funny. Get FD lv ASAP.

?Five Dragons?

If you are nuker ? first thing you need to do ? go to clan base and learn your RL10 and FD1 nukes. RL10 is your fastest nuke, great on PvP, and FD1 bleed nuke is the most powerful until 2nd role. Now you need to use only your new skills. FD1 slow isn?t as great as OC1 one, but it?s fast.

You can grind now at CC1 (Cave of Conqueror First Floor ? you can enter via Bloody Plain, which you can enter via Hefei xD) or stay in Jinan/Datong. In Jinan/Datong you will kill all types of Monks until you get FD8, in CC1 ? all types of mobs that are green or white. Yellow can be great, too. But remember, CC is PK zone, there is poison (you need to get buff from Hermit or use herbs that are hidden in Chests at Bloody Plain) and mobs are bit harder to kill, but drop rate was (I don?t know it?s still) better. At FD8 you can move to Nanchang/Hanzghou. Grind at (Blood) Red Wolves until SM.

?Sun and Moon?

SM levels are annoying ones. Kill all green/white/yellow mobs on your way (Iron Coin Guards and some more called like that), until you get SM9. Now is the funniest part of the game for nukers ? Zombies everywhere! The best mobs to kill and skill ? they are the second slowest mobs (after Deva Kings) in the game, and they don?t need too much HP. Grind here until GB.

?Golden Blossoms?

At GB1 you can find some Vanguards. It doesn?t matter for melee classes, but for nukers the best way is to kill Deva King Vanguards. After they get blue, move to Dragon Tiger Riders. In Nanchang, you will find the nearby Cane Castle. If you get GB9, move to Beast Clan (NC ? I don?t know where are that mobs in HZ) and you will find Big-toothed Red Wolves. they have low def and you will kill them easily.

?Elemental Crown?

The most annoying part until 2nd role. You will get EC2 or 3 in Beast Clan (Dragon Big Tigers or something like that), then move to Liaodong. Now you can grind on all mobs here. If you are nuker, avoid Musketeers ? they have ranged attacks. If you will get EC6, the hardest part of the game will start ? do all RTDs, learn new moves, go and fight with your fate!

Character builds

They are only my sugestions, you can modify it or use in your way. But I like these versions ^^

STR: max
ESS: 14 ? for EC relics
WIS: 14 ? for EC relics
CON: same as lvl (OC1 = 25 con, OC2 = 26 ? RC1 = 37 etc.)
DEX: needed for weapon +5 points

After lvl: 2 STR, 1 CON, 1 DEX

Healer/Melee Hybrid:
STR: max
ESS: 14 ? for EC relics
WIS: 14 ? for EC relics
CON: 14 ? for EC relics
DEX: needed for weapon +5 points

After lvl: 3 STR, 1 DEX

CK Hybrid:
STR: 14 ? for EC relics
ESS: needed for weapon +5 points
WIS: max
CON: 14 ? for EC relics (use CON selfbuff)
DEX: 14 ? for EC relics

After lvl: 2 WIS or 1 WIS 2 ESS

STR: 14 ? for EC relics
ESS: needed for weapon +5 points
WIS: max
CON: 20
DEX: 14 ? for EC relics

After lvl: 3 WIS, 1 ESS

Collectibles Mini Guide

There are a lot of collectibles and resources in 9Dragons. I?ll post here the most known.
Blood Essence
Refinement materials
Wan Daye?s Seals
Def Sets

Blood Essence

There are 4 possibilities to get Blood Essence:
? Buy from another player
? Drop from mobs/bosses
? From Blood Count (if you get 999 Blood Count you can trade that to 1 Blood Essence)
? From resource

That last is the easiest way in my opinion. You can fin Lucky Boxes on most of maps (Zhengzhou/Shi Zhang or higher ? in clan bases, Hefei and Bamboo Village they don?t spawn). In them you can find Lucky Golden Coins. If you collect 20, you can trade for Blood Essence in Hefei ? Master Refiner Mo Tailan, or CC3 Black Market Dealer.

Refinement materials

Refinements level 1 and 2 materails you can buy in General Store in Hefei (black and white bucket ? Blood of Sleeping Dragon, Blood of Crouching Dragon). For materials lvl 3 or higher, you need to trade in Hefei.
Level 3 material ? 1 BE
Level 4 material ? 2 BE
Level 5 material ? 4 BE
Level 6 material ? 7 BE
Level 7 material ? 10 BE
Level 8 material ? 15 BE
Level 9 material ? 20 BE
Level 10 material ? 25 BE
Level 11 material ? 35 BE
Level 12 material ? 50 BE
Level 13 material ? 70 BE
Level 14 material ? 95 BE
Level 15 material ? 115 BE

You can refine your weapon in Hefei, at Master Refiner Mo Tailan, near Storage. You need to pay some gold, depends of materials and level of refinement.

You can also increase your weapon?s refinement with Extreme Refinement Scroll +1 or +2, but that weapon will be untradeable. If you want to trade with that, you need to use Removal Scroll.

For more collectibles, check Guide 9D Collections

Hints ? Play9D
Don?t use EXP/DROP cards, they have neutral or negative effects.
Use only 2 slots for characters ? leave 3rd slot empty. You will need space to create GC1 characters for gifts ? free blue banner 7days, Tender Stones, Iron Separators and more.
Get at least 2-socket clothes ASAP. You need to wear Red & Blue Banners. They give nice boost to your stats and dmg.
Farm LFs at RL12. Just don?t start Chi Breathing until you get few LFs. It?s nice way to make some money.

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