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Just A Little Bit About Us

I have been a professional Gamer for 14+ years! Many years ago I ran into problems with trying to find good quality game guides for all of the games I was playing. Rather than testing myself, it was always nice to get a good strategy guide before I started the game until I could tweak and write my own strategies. I was always referencing a few guides constantly as I progressed through the game. Many times I would find that the guides would be deleted or I something else would happen to the guide where I could not use it any longer. This is when I decided to create this site so that all gamers would have a one stop place to find all the guides they need for any games that they play. All guides are preserved and will never disappear!

As we became popular as a site, I had many gamers who started professional streaming on Twitch or other outlets wanting to write guides to be featured on the site. We then started providing back links to either their own website or streaming channel. When that happened we decided to allow?Guide Submissions?and it has helped the community a ton. We are constantly stretched in our time to keep up with all the guide submissions but it?s well worth it for the gaming community!

If you would like to?Contact Us?to leave some kind words of encouragement or any other comments, it is always appreciated!

Happy Gaming!