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AirRivals Acronyms Guide


AirRivals Acronyms Guide by XanSteel

PA= power arrow
RL= redline
relic=hezmerreze relic site
KOS=Kill On Site
SSoC=Special Skill opening Card
fSoC=Final Skill opening Card
KSOS: Kill Steal On Sight
KOS: Kill On Sight
HKH: Hornian King Habitat
HH: Happy Hour
BBM: Back Move Mach
ABM: Air Bombing Mode
GBM: Ground Bombing Mode
BB: Big Boom
Frenzerker: Berzerker skill with frenzy
Lagzerker: Massive missile shot cause by lagging, which causes your missiles not to shoot, and shoot all at once, once the lagspike is over.
Reynard ? Reynard Beach
Edmont ? Edmont Valley
Ardor ? Desert of Ardor
VB ? Violence Blizaard
CC ? Crystal Cave
Plain ? Plain of Doleful melody
Relic ? Hermeiz Relic Sitte
Den A ? Site of Den (A)
Bark/BC ? Bark City
Den B ? Sit of Den (B)
RL ? Redline
SC/Sunken ? Sunken City
SL/SV ? Starlite Valley
Zaylope/ZB ? Zaylope Beach
BBS/Blackburn ? Blackburn Site
BMM/Bach ? Bach Mountain Chain
Tylent/Jungle ? Tylent Jungle
Stone ? Stone Ruin
Mid Level Maps: (4x)
RNB ? Rock?s Nest Bottom
RNM ? Rock?s Nest Middle
RNT ? Rock?s Next Top
High Level Maps: (6x)
ID ? Island?s Dream
Chaos ? Chaos
DC ? Dimensiopn Corridor
G-ark ? G-Ark Engine Room
FF ? Fantasy Flow
LV ? Lumine Volcano


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