Adventure Quest Worlds Adventure Coins Guide


Adventure Quest Worlds Adventure Coins Guide by moneybags

[1]What are Adventure Coins?
[2]What can I do with Adventure Coins?
[3] Where can I use my Adventure Coins?
[4] What is the difference between an AC item and a normal one?
[5] Now that I know all about ACs, how do I get them?

  • [5.1] Buying ACs
  • [5.2] Cherry Credits
  • [5.3] Upgrade Cards
  • [5.4] Mailing
  • [5.5] SMS

[6] AEXtras
[7] Yahoo! BattleBar
[8] Ballyhoo

[1] What are Adventure Coins?
?[Adventure Coins] are used to customize your character and buy more inventory space.

That?s exactly what it is. Adventure Coins is the secondary currency of AQW. Like the secondary currencies in other AE Games (AdventureQuest / WarpForce ? Z-Tokens; DragonFable ? Dragon Coins; MechQuest ? Nova Gems; EpicDuel ? Varium), Adventure Coins are used to purchase elite items*, including the legendary Dragon Blade and the heart-chilling Sepulchure?s Undead Blade.

*Note that since weapons have equal damage, the ?elite? part is based on looks, the item?s reputation in other games, etc.

[2] What can I do with Adventure Coins?
Well, you can obviously buy items. In addition, you can buy extra bank slots and backpack slots for just a small price of 200 ACs. Not a bad deal, considering the large amount of great items in AQW to collect.

As a note to Non-Members: you probably realize that there aren?t many house items that are for free players. With ACs, there?ll be a larger selection of house items to choose from.

Finally, a lot of limited edition items are worth ACs. For example, Quibble?s Shops. Cysero has stated that Quibble mainly sells AC items, so it?s great to have some around when he comes to town. To have a look at Quibble?s shop, click the link here.

[3] Where can I use my Adventure Coins?
AC Items are all over Lore, from the rocky Dwarfhold Mountains to the mysterious Yokai Isle. Take a look in some shops, and you will eventually find yourself one, if not more, AC item. For starters, there?s a shop with 100% AC items right in the town of BattleOn (/join battleontown). Go to Valencia, and then select the AdventureCoin Shop button. Inside, you?ll find a truckload of fantastic items.

For a complete list of AC items, look here: AC Item list.

[4] What is the difference between an AC item and a normal one?
Firstly, the difference between an AC item and a Member-only item is that an AC item does not expire. Once your Membership expires, you will never be able to use Member-only items, but with AC items, you can use it for the rest of your AQW career.

Secondly, AC items have a very unique sellback. If you buy an AC item, and you do not like it, you can sell it. If it?s within 24 hours of your purchase, you will receive 90% of the original price back. However, if you sell it after 24 hours, the percentage will drop to 25%. Personally, I think this system is awesome, as you get to test an item knowing the loss won?t be that great.

Finally, the color of AC items is different in character pages. AC items will appear in an orangy-yellowish-goldish color, while Membership items appear in purple, and free-player items appear in black.

[5] Now that I know all about ACs, how do I get them?
Currently, there are four ways of obtaining ACs.

[5.1] Buying ACs
Before we get started, let?s go over the prices.

2,000 ACs???-$9.95 USD
5,000 ACs???-$19.95 USD
12,000 ACs???$34.95 USD

And then there?s SMS, which the amount varies by country. It should, however, be equivalent to the amounts above per AC. For more SMS information, look here

ACs can be bought with SMS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, PayPal, ClickandBuy, Cherry Credits, PaySafeCard, PayByCash, Gaming Cards, or by Mail.

[5.2] Cherry Credits
The above link shows what it is, where it may be purchased, and other important information. To buy 5,000 ACs, it?ll take 28,000 Cherry Credits. 2,000 ACs cost 14,000 Cherry Credits, and 12,000 ACs will cost 56,000 Cherry Credits.

To purchase ACs with Cherry Credits, login here. Then, it should take you to this page here. Scroll to the middle to the page, and you should see the prices for the number of ACs. Choose the amount you would like to purchase, then click the button. Cherry Credits is the fifth option on the next page.

[5.3] Upgrade Cards
Artix Entertainment Upgrade Cards are found in the UK, the US, and Canada. In the UK and in Canada, there is only one type of Upgrade Card. With that one, you can buy 6,000 ACs or Upgrade your Free-player account for three months + 1,000 ACs. In the US, however, there are 2 more types of cards.

The $9.95 card (rare) gives a player 2,000 ACs, and the $34.95 card (rare) gives the player either 10,000 ACs or a six-month Membership with 2,000 Tokens. Store Locater

Another Upgrade Card is the Ultimate Game Card. To find one near you, here is a store locater. UGCs are powered by PayByCash, so to use them, you must select the PayByCash option. It should be the first option once you click it. For more information on Ultimate Game Cards, please take a look at this page here.

[5.4] Mailing
Mailing is yet another way to buy ACs. Here is the mail-in form. Note that mail-in forms are not accepted from Australia or New Zealand. Also, be aware that AE receives the mail anywhere in between a day to six weeks; the further away you live away from Florida, US, the longer it should take. Do not expect to have your ACs given to you immediately after you?ve put your money in the mailbox.

The form should be pretty straightforward. The product type would be how many ACs you are purchasing, and in the character section, just need to put your character name (login name, username, etc.), and its character ID.


16. How can I find my AQW character ID?
??-First, you must log in on the AQW upgrade page (accessed from the AQW Homepage).
??-Then, choose any package/offer. It doesn?t matter which one.
??-Then click to pay with ?PayPal?.
??-There will be a drop down menu at the top of the screen. Click this to bring it down. Underneath the offer you chose it will say ?Character ID: *number here* ?
??-That number will be your character ID.


??-Purchase a house.
??-Your character ID will be the number on the bottom right hand corner where the room number usually is.


??-Log in to AExtras.
??-You will see:
??-Logged in as: Name
??-Account ID: ID#
??-Offer System: PayBuyPartner / SuperRewards

Taken from the =AQW= Frequently Asked Questions

[5.5] SMS
On the bottom of the very first Upgrade Page, you should find an SMS option. Basically, all you do is you text PASS to a number (varies by country), and you?ll receive a text message back, with further instructions. If you follow the instructions, you?ll eventually get the Access Code, in which you must enter to receive your ACs. In my opinion, SMS is great if you?re not looking for a huge amount of ACs? but just a little bit.

[6] AEXtras
AEXtras are third party offers that give you ACs, but in turn, you must do an offer. To complete some offers, you might have to give your e-mail, do a quiz, make a purchase on something, or sign up for a website. Note, this is very important:

?If you are under age 18, check with your parents first before signing up for any of the offers. The offers are not available for players Age 12 and under.

?The Offer companies are NOT owned by us
All offers are separate and have nothing to do with Artix Entertainment or AQWorlds, and we cannot be held responsible for the results of any offers accepted. (Other than giving you AdventureCoins for a completed offer)

?Read the offers CAREFULLY
Remember, nothing in life is free. So PLEASE read the small print on the offers carefully. Make sure that you read ALL of the terms of the offer on their website before you sign up for anything. The ?small print? is often at the very bottom of the screen (like the Cell Phone ones that try to start charging you a monthly fee).

?Do not sign up with fake info
If you sign up using bad (fraudulent) information, you might not get the AdventureCoin reward.

?Be SMART with your email
Always use a different free email account when signing up for offers. Artix Entertainment will never spam you or give out your game account email address, but the offer companies might!

These are very helpful tips to completing offers. Another one is reading the small description under the name of the offer. For example, if an offer has this ?AdventureCoins awarded when you enter a valid mobile number and confirm your pincode. Offer reports on a 15 minute delay.? written under it, I wouldn?t advise doing the offer. In my opinion, giving out a phone number is not worth it for a couple of ACs.

[7] Yahoo! BattleBar
This is a 100% free way to earn ACs? no catches or anything. Trust me. All you?ve got to do is download the Toolbar, and do a few searches. Every 6 searches will earn you one AC. It may not be a lot, but it?s a quite a few considering that thousands of people use it. The max ACs for a day is three at the moment. If you think about it, you?ll receive 21 ACs in a week. That?s almost 1100 ACs in a year!

A common question is, ?Can the Toolbar be used on multiple characters?? The answer is a definite yes, but there are a few steps in order to do so. Firstly, one must uninstall the current toolbar, and then download it again on their secondary character. A player must do that every time he/she wants to earn ACs from the Toolbar for multiple accounts.

For more information, look here and here.

[8] Ballyhoo
Ballyhoo is a recently implemented free source of ACs. More than 90% of the time, you?ll receive gold, but occasionally, you?ll receive 5 ACs. It?s not a reliable source, but hey, it?s free. To view an offer, just type /join ballyhoo. Click on her to view an advertisement, and after you do so, you?ll get your reward. The staff have confirmed that the AC drop rate is a little less than 10%. Also, its been stated that US players may view an ad 10 times a day, while non-US players may only view the ads 5 times.

[9] Credits
Jonzee_Boy, thanks for the broken link fix! 🙂 lonewulfy, thanks for the time you?ve put into reading and editing the guide! Thank you, Sam041, for the Toolbar additions ^^ Thanks to Mecha Mario and Relentless for corrections in the guide! Thanks to Dragonnightwolf for Toolbar additions! Thanks to Lord Coxy for a Toolbar information fix. 😀

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