Adventure Quest Worlds Storyline Walkthrough


Adventure Quest Worlds Storyline Walkthrough by Icy

Table of contents:

?? Introduction

?? The Prologue

?? Chapter 1

?? Chapter 2

?? The First Lord of Chaos: Escherion*

  • Mobius (Part 1)
  • Otto
  • Faerie
  • Cornelis
  • Mobius (Part 2)
  • Relativity
  • Hydra
  • Escherion*

?? The Second Lords of Chaos: Xing and Xang

?? The Third Lord of Chaos: Vath

  • The Pine Forest, Snowbeard?s Tavern, and the Llama Farm
  • The Mountain Path and Dwarfhold Keep
  • The Upper City
  • Vath?s Keep and the Dwarves? Prison
  • The Fight with Vath and the Rock Roc

?? The Forth Lord of Chaos: Kitsune

  • The Pirate Ship and Akiba
  • Hachiko and the return of DT!
  • The Yokai Shrines
  • Kitsune

?? The Fifth Lord of Chaos:Wolfwing

  • Darkovia Grave
  • Darkovia and Shadowslayer Z
  • Safiria?s Castle
  • Lycans
  • Wolfwing

?? The Sixth Lord of Chaos: Kimberly

  • Mythsong City
  • Stairway to Haven
  • Beehive
  • Orchestra & Faust
  • Kimberly and Discordia

?? The Seventh Lord of Chaos: Ledgermayne

  • ArcanGrove
  • Cloister
  • Mudluk
  • Natatorium
  • Gilead
  • Mafic
  • Para-elemental
  • Ledgermayne

?? The Eighth Lord of Chaos: Tibicenas

  • SandSea
  • Sandport
  • Pyramid
  • Sand Castle
  • Djinn Realm

?? Skyguard

?? =AQW= Storyline FAQ

?? Credits



This is a very detailed guide on how to complete the Storyline of AQW. There are steps on where to go and what monsters to fight in each area
Although some may already be part way into this, it should help you through whatever problems you have.

Each section is divided, so you can find where you need to go using the table of contents.
And there are pictures to show you where you should be.

We ask that you give us two days after a release to add the material before PMing any of us, but if there is a correction, or something that we?ve missed altogether, please contact us.

* At the end of the First Lord of Chaos? conquest, you can re-do some quests and see a new cutscene by talking to the Time Faerie by joining Mobius.


The first step to completing the storyline is to complete the prologue. To start the prologue, /join battleon and look for the button that says . Then, click the button that says to begin the prologue.

After watching the cutscene, you will find yourself in an area called Newbie (/join newbie). Follow the trail until you reach the house with a sign that says ?Book Wyrms?. Speak with the NPC, Dogear, or click the button that says . Three quests will appear. Finish them in order. All the items you need can be found in Newbie, so you don?t have to travel anywhere else to finish these quests.

  • Jars of Slime: Collect 8 Jars of Slime, dropped by the Slimes in the area.
  • Sneevil Boxes: Collect 4 Sneevil Boxes, dropped by the Sneevils in the area.
  • Behind the Bush?: Click on the feet sticking out of the bush by Dogear to get the Bush Investigated item.

When you finish these quests, a new NPC, Maya, will appear and give you another quest.

  • Defeat Dogear: Go inside the bookstore and defeat Dogear to get the Book of Lore.

Maya will give you the Book of Lore, which you can access at the bottom of your screen to view your progress along the game?s main storyline.

Continue down the path until you meet Robina and Artix. Click the above Robina?s head, read the dialogue, and watch the cutscene. You will find yourself in a new location, Dragonfire (/join dragonfire). Find the Princess, watch the cutscene, and defeat her in battle.

Read through the rest of the dialogue. Congratulations: you are now done with the Prologue!

Chapter 1

Now that you?re done with the Prologue, click the Story button again in Battleon. It?ll show that you?ve finished the Prologue and unlocked the next step: Chapter 1. Click the ?Go? button to proceed to Chapter 1.

You will go to Portal, the area just outside the city of Swordhaven (/join portalundead). After a brief cutscene, you can talk to Cleric Dawn to complete an optional quest.

  • Fire Gem: Collect 1 Fire Gem, dropped by the Skeletal Fire Mages in the area. It is a rare drop (but it?s worth noting that the Burn It Down staff, the quest reward, sells for 12,500 gold).

Go down towards the gates and you?ll see a guard lying on the ground.

  • Enter the Gates: Defeat 4 Skeletal Fire Mages.

After you complete this quest, you can enter the gates.

You are now in the city of Swordhaven (/join swordhavenundead). Talk to Artix. He has three quests you must do before you can enter the castle.

  • Undead Assault (Storyline): Defeat 10 Skeletal Soldiers.
  • Skull Crusher Mountain (Storyline): Defeat 8 Skeletal Ice Mages.
  • The Undead Giant (Storyline): Head north from where Artix is until you reach the drawbridge leading to the castle. Defeat the Undead Giant there to obtain the Undead Giant?s Sword.

After completing Artix?s quests, head back to where the Undead Giant was and enter the castle.

You will now be in Swordhaven Castle (/join castleundead). Talk to Robina, who has two quests for you.

  • Talk to the Knights (Storyline): Speak with all five of the surviving knights. Sir Prise is in the lower-rightmost room. Sir Render is in the upper-rightmost room. Sir Junn is in the lower-leftmost room. Sir Pent and Sir Loin are both in the upper-leftmost room.
  • Defend the Throne Room (Storyline): Collect 12 Skeleton Skulls, dropped by Skeletal Vikings and Skeletal Warriors in the area.

Then, proceed to the Throne Room to watch a lengthy cutscene. In the middle of it, you get to choose between Good and Evil. (At the moment, you can change your alignment by clicking the ?Story? button in Battleon and playing through Chapter 1 again. Note that it now costs 100,000 gold to change your alignment.)

At the end of the cutscene, a rewards shop will open. Congratulations, you have completed Chapter 1! ?

Chapter 2

Now that you have chosen between good and evil, the storyline splits a little. You?ll notice that for Chapter 2, there are separate Good and Evil buttons. Each button will take you to a different zone, where you can do all the quests. (NOTE: No matter what alignment you pick, you can do all the quests for both good and evil. Just return to Battleon and click the other button.)

You will be sent to a much brighter, cheerier Portal (/join portal). Walk through the gate, through an undead-free Swordhaven (/join swordhaven), and back into Swordhaven Castle (/join castle). If you talk to the knight, Sir Ated, you can find the Good Shop, where you can buy items if you chose Good. Head up the stairs, enter the throne room, and speak with King Alteon. You will be asked to recover some chaos-tainted soldiers in an effort to find a cure against the chaos.

Chaos Crypt
You will find yourself at the Chaos Crypt (/join chaoscrypt). Enter the building and defeat the Chaorrupted Soldier. Head downstairs and defeat the two Chaorrupted Soldiers there. Walk down the stairs again and defeat two more Chaorrupted Soldiers. Return to Swordhaven Castle and talk to King Alteon to finish this quest and begin the next one.

Chaos Forest
Talk to King Alteon to get to the Forest of Chaos (/join forestchaos). Proceed forwards into the forest. Defeat every Chaorrupted Wolf in each room (two in the first room, three in the second room, and two in the third room) and proceed to the room with the Chaorrupted Bear. Defeat it, and return to the Castle for your next task.

Chaos Marsh
Talk to King Alteon again to get to the Chaos Marsh (/join chaosmarsh). Talk to Wez. He has four quests for you to complete.

  • The Sabbatia: Collect 20 specimens of Sabbatia, dropped by Chaos Spiders.
  • Grasses: Collect 20 specimens of Marsh Grass, dropped by Chaorrupted Wolves.
  • The Spiders Have Changed?: Collect 15 Chaos Spiders (defeat them).
  • Things that go bump in the night: Bring back 1 Monster Description (defeat the Marsh Smell-O).

You will be sent to Shadowfall (/join shadowfall). It will now appear on your map! Walk into the dragon?s mouth. If you head to the left, you can access the Evil Shop, where you can buy items if you chose Evil. If you head to the right, then right again, you will find Gravelyn. Talk to her, and after some talking, you will be asked to retrieve her father?s armor.

Chaos Crypt
You will find yourself at the Chaos Crypt (/join chaoscrypt). Enter the building and defeat the Chaorrupted Soldier. Head downstairs and defeat the two Chaorrupted Soldiers there. Walk down the stairs again and defeat two more Chaorrupted Soldiers. Head downstairs once again, and you will see Sepulchure?s Armor. When you try to collect it, it will come to life and you will have a boss battle! Defeat it, then click the button that says ?Return to Shadowfall?. Talk to Gravelyn to finish the quest and begin the next one.

Uninsurance Money
Talk to Gravelyn, and she will send you to Portal. Continue forwards through Swordhaven, into the Castle, and to the throne room. When talking to King Alteon, click the option that says ?Tax Collector?. A ! will appear above the Tax Collector?s (the pig?s) head. Talk to him, and you will find yourself in a prison cell in the Swordhaven dungeons (/join prison). Attack the right wall of the prison to proceed. Move through the prison the same way you did with the Chaos Crypt (defeat all of King Alteon?s Guards: two in the first room, two in the second room, and one in the third room) until you reach the room with the Tax Collector. Defeat the Piggy Drake, and a ! will appear over the Tax Collector?s head. Talk to him, and he will let you into the vault. Collect 5 Gold bars and return to Shadowfall. Speak with Gravelyn to finish the quest.

The First Lord of Chaos: Escherion

Mobius (Part 1):*

Now you can move on to the first lord of Chaos!
To begin, go to Mobius (/join mobius). There will be two people there. Both have the same quests; it depends on whether you are good or evil. Renn is the RuneWarrior on the side of Good, and Zio is the Illusionist on the side of Evil.

  • Winged Spies: Bring back 5 Eyeball Wings: Drops from Chaos Sp-Eye
  • Mobius Survivors: Save 5 Survivors. They have a ?Help!? bubble flashing on and off. Starting from the startpoint of Mobius, go up. There are two survivors in that room. Then, go to the room on the left. There are two more survivors in that room. Go up and find the fifth and final survivor.
  • IMP-possible Task: Bring back 5 Imp Teeth. Drops from Fire Imps.
  • You Can?t Miss it!: Bring back Tower Info. From the start of Mobius. Go up the screen. Travel to the left arrow. Go up between the houses to the Portal Area. If done correctly, you will witness a cutscene. You will then have Tower Info. Click ?Return to Camp? and give it to Renn/Zio to complete it.
  • Far Sighted: Bring back 5 Cyclops Contact Lenses. Drops from Cyclops Raiders.
  • Slugfest: Bring back 1 Slugfit Scalp. Drops from Slugfit. To get to him, walk up the path through the gate. Go up the right path instead of going left. Slugfit will be in that next room.

All items for these quests are in Mobius.


After completing Part 1 of Renn/Zio?s quests, go through the gate. Once you get to the next screen, enter the horizontal door of the inverted house. This will take you to Anna and Otto (/join otto). During this cutscene, we receive the first look at the First Lord of Chaos, Escherion.


After watching the cutscene in Otto, you should be at the Faeries (/join faerie). The second piece of the Runix cube lies in this new zone, but you need to complete the quests to get it.

  • Chain Reaction: Collect 8 Sneevil Chainsaws, dropped by the Chainsaw Sneevils throughout the area (they shouldn?t be hard to find).
  • Epic Drops: Collect 7 Dew Drops, the pink flowers that appear after you accept the quest. From the screen where you accept the quest, there are: two in the screen to the right, two in the screen to the left, one in the screen left then up, and two in the screen to the left twice.
  • Jarring Theft: Find the Healing Jar, which will be dropped by a random Sneevil in the area.
  • Tree Hugger: Go to the right and up to the purplish tree. Defeat the Cyclops Warlord.
  • The Second Piece: Go to the left and up. You will see a tree with a shining spot in the middle of it. Go to that dot and you will be taken to Aracara. Defeat the spider to get the quest item.

For both of the last two quests, you will need friends to win; the monsters are hard.


Now you can proceed to the Ruins of Cornelis (/join cornelis) to collect the third and final piece to the Runix Cube. Finish the six quests from the green moglin, Anise.

  • Ruined Runes: Collect 8 Gargoyle Chips from the Gargoyles.
  • Energize!: Find the Teleport Info. You will need to look around until you find the teleporter. (Hint: It?s in one of the highest points of the ruins.)
  • Blueish Glow: Collect 10 Blue Gems by fighting the Gargoyles.
  • Quickdraw: Find the Golem. Go back to the teleporter and walk through it. On the next screen will be the Golem.
  • Arm Yourself: Fight the Golem until he gives the quest item.
  • You?ve been framed: Go into the first building. Go up to the big picture on the wall and click it.

Go back to Anise, after turning in the last quest, and click the button that says ?Renn and Zio?.

Mobius (Part 2):

After clicking that button, you will unlock four more quests at back in Mobius.

  • Some Assembly Required: After accepting the quest, click the ?Runix Cube Minigame? button. You then must complete the puzzle. If you want to skip it, click the Solve button and you get the quest item.
  • Teleporter Report: From where you get the quest: Go up, then to you left, up again and you?ll get the quest item.
  • Disguise!: Beat Cyclops Raiders to get the eight Cloth Scraps. They are located in various places in Mobius.
  • To-Go Box: Go back to Faerie (/join faerie) and defeat the Chainsaw Sneevils until you have all four Cardboard Boxes.


After completing the quest, you will be sent into the tower. You?ll find yourself inside the Tower of Relativity (/join relativity) after a short cutscene. (The entrance to the tower is the blue teleporter in Mobius.) To proceed through the tower, you must finish the quests to unlock various doors.

Ignore the first room and just walk through the door on the north side of the screen. (Be careful to avoid the portal in the middle of the room, as that will send you back to Mobius.) Progress down the stairs, walk up to the door, and accept the quest. You will need one Cyclops Door Key, which is dropped by the Cyclopses in the area. After you complete the quest, turn in the quest and click the ?Progress? button.

After walking through the door, walk down the stairs again. Walk up to the door and accept the quest. This time, you will need 6 Keys from the Fire Imps in the area. Find the keys, turn in the quest, and walk through the door. If you head upstairs, you will see a treasure chest that doesn?t do anything as of now. So, head downstairs, ignore the Head Gargoyle, walk up to the swirling, purple-and-black portal, and accept the quest. You will need a key, dropped from the Head Gargoyle, so defeat it until it drops the key, turn in the quest, and proceed through the portal.

Enjoy the cutscene that will bring you back to Mobius.


Now, when you talk to Zio or Renn, you will get sent to where the Lake Hydra is (/join hydra). Accept the quest at the bonfire and head right three screens, or until you see the Hydra?s Heads. Each Head drops a Hydra Tooth, so defeat nine of them. They also drop equipment, if you?re interested in that.

Rune Locations
Starting at the Hydra?s Heads, go left one screen. The first rune is located in that room. Walk up to the runestone and click the X above it three times (be sure not to click it more than three times, or you?ll waste Hydra?s Teeth!).
Go left one screen again. The second rune is located there.
Go left, to where the bonfire is, and head up one screen. The final runestone is located there.
Go down one screen, back to the bonfire, and turn in the quests. Watch the cutscene.


To get to him, go back to where the three Hydra?s Heads were in Hydra, talk to Renn or Zio, or /join escherion. You will see a large, purple portal; go into it to watch a cutscene.

After that, you get to actually fight him. You must kill his staff first; otherwise, you will not do any damage against him. Because his staff respawns often, you need to kill it every time it comes back.

When you defeat Escherion, you will watch a cutscene that will take you back to Mobius. (After the first time, you will stay there unless you click the ?Cutscene? button.) Talk to Renn or Zio to access the Good/Evil reward shops for Mobius. Congrats! You are now done with the First Lord of Chaos!

* These zones are marked with an asterisk, because they contain monsters that are very difficult, if not near to impossible to solo. Be prepared to bring friends.

Second Lords of Chaos: Xing and Xang

To see a Sneak Preview for the Second Lord of Chaos, go talk to Warlic in his Magic Shop in Battleon and Select Decisive Chaos!.

The Third Lord of Chaos: Vath

The Pine Forest, Snowbeard?s Tavern, and the Llama Farm:

You can now move on to the Third Lord of Chaos! (Don?t ask us where the Twins went; we don?t know, either.)
To begin, go to Snowbeard?s tavern (/join tavern). Talk to Snowbeard, the dwarf, who will have some quests for you to complete.

  • Adorable Sisters: Talk to all seven sisters throughout the tavern.
  • Warm and Furry: Bring back five Bear Skins, dropped by Pine Grizzlies in the pine forest (/join pines).
  • Shell Shock: Bring back five Red Turtle Shells, dropped by Red Shell Turtles in the pine forest.
  • Bear Facts: Bring back one Chaorrupted Skin, dropped by Twistedclaw in the pine forest.
  • Give Snowbeard his Gold: Bring back Snowbeard?s Gold, acquired at the end of Donna Charmer?s quest chain.

That being said, the next thing you need to do is finish Donna Charmer?s quest chain. Make your way over to the Llama Farm (/join llama). Donna Charmer will have quests for you.

  • The Spittoon Saloon: Bring back six Red Shell Spittoons, dropped by Red Shell Turtles in the pine forest.
  • Bear it all!: Bring back six Bear Teeth, dropped by Pine Grizzlies in the pine forest.
  • Leather Feathers: Bring back eight Leatherwing Feathers, dropped by Leatherwings in the Pine Forest (they?re in the Guru Forest, too).
  • Follow Your Nose: Bring back a Pine Air Freshener, dropped by any monster in the Pine Forest. You might have to kill several of them before it drops.

You should have gotten Snowbeard?s Gold as a quest reward for finishing the ?Follow Your Nose? quest, so bring it back to Snowbeard to finish his quest chain. You can now enter the Dwarfhold Keep!

The Mountain Path and Dwarfhold Keep:

From Pines, head one screen to the right of Donna?s Llama Farm, and then head north through the wooden fence. You will find yourself on the Mountain Path (/join mountainpath), which currently has nothing of interest (unless you want to farm some monsters). So proceed along the path until you reach Dwarfhold (/join dwarfhold). Talk to Ironfist, the dwarf elder, who will have more quests for you.

  • Bad Memory: Bring back the Memory Stone. Follow the path until you find a hole with an arrow pointing to it. Go down the hole, and the Memory Stone should be there. There will be a short custcene when you click on it. The quest is automatically turned in.
  • Squeeze Water from Stone Bring back three Water Stones, dropped by Balboas on the Mountain Path.
  • Carrion Carrying On: Bring back six Vultragon Beaks, dropped by Vultragons on Mountaintpath.
  • Bagged Lunches: Bring back eight Food Pouches, dropped by Drow Soldiers in the area.
  • Radiant Lamps: Bring back three Vials of Glow Ichor, dropped by Glow Worms in the area.
  • Having a Blast: Bring back eight Piles of Bat Guano, dropped by Albino Bats in the area.
  • Secret Weapons: Bring back eight Draconian Weapons, dropped by Drow Soldiers and Chaotic Draconians in the area.

You need a key to enter the Upper City. Ironfist won?t have a key for you, but you can talk to Geopetal to forge a key for you. Naturally, she has quests of her own.

  • Rock Star: Bring back seven Limestones, found on the ground throughout the area.
  • All that glitters? Bring back five Gold Deposits, dropped by Drow Soldiers in the area.
  • Gemeralds: Bring back six Chaos Gemeralds, dropped by Chaotic Draconians in the area.
  • Talc to Me: Bring back one Block of Talc, dropped by Albino Bats in the area. Note that you might have to kill several bats before it drops.

Go back to the golden gate to the Upper City. When you try to use the key, it will break, so go back to Geopetal for one last quest.

  • Rock Me Amadeus Bring back one Key Mold, dropped by Amadeus (the mole-monster in the hole).

With this new key, proceed through the Upper City Gates.

The Upper City

Upon going through the gates, you should find yourself right next to Jorxlol. He has quests for you. (Am I the only one seeing a pattern, here?)

  • Disapoofed: Bring back one Vath?s Plans. You should get them when you click on the golden doors in his castle. (Head right, and go inside the golden castle.)
  • Hoodwinked: Bring back 6 Assassin Hoods, dropped by Drow Assassins in the area.
  • Claws for the Cause: Bring back 3 Draconian Claws, dropped by Chaotic Draconians in the area.
  • Scrambled Eggs: Bring back 12 Cracked Eggs, dropped by Chaos Eggs in the area.
  • The King?s Wings: Bring back the Terradactyl Wings dropped by the Terradactyl.
  • Bugging Out: Bring back 3 Beetle Glands, dropped by Rhino Beetles in the area.
  • Lizard Gizzard: Bring back 1 Lizard Gizzard, dropped by the Cave Lizard.

That completes the disguise. Time to enter Vath?s Keep!

Vath?s Keep and the Dwarves? Prison

Go back to that golden door you went to for the ?Disapoofed? quest. You should be able to go through that. Follow the path (through /join vath) until you reach Vath. Watch the cutscene. I?m not going to spoil it for you. But at the end, you will end up in the Dwarves? Prison (/join dwarfprison). Follow that path until you reach Mick Guyver, who will have even more quests for you.

  • Mock the Lock: Bring back four Balboa Cores (dropped by Balboas), three Rusted Claws (dropped by Albino Bats), and one Magnesium Flare (dropped by Drow Soldiers). All of these monsters can be found in the area.

Go back to the entrance of the dwarves? prison, where you start off. Click on the metal bars, then return back to Mick Guyver.

  • Jailhouse Rock: Bring back Elfis? Keyring, dropped by Warden Elfis.
  • Explosives 101: Bring back three Nitrate Elements (dropped by Albino Bats), three Drow Shoelaces (dropped by Drow Soldiers), and two Flint Stones (dropped by Balboas). All the monsters can be found in the area.

Click on the large boulder and watch the cutscene. Now that you?ve freed the dwarves, it?s time to return to Vath?s keep!

The Fight with Vath and the Rock Roc

Return to Vath?s keep (/join vath or talk to Mick Guyver in the tavern). Once again, follow the pathway until you reach the spot where you met Vath the last time. When you walk into the light, you will watch a cutscene. Following that, AQW?s first storyline-related minigame!

The Fight with the Rock Roc (Part 1): Use your mouse to move around, click to shoot a fireball, and hold/release your click to release a continuous stream of fire. When running on the ground, you move slower, but you can also click to eat drow archers to replenish your health. It?s not too tricky of a minigame ? just be sure to replenish your health often, as the arrows and the Rock Roc itself tend to whittle your HP down quickly.

After defeating the Rock Roc in the air, watch a short cutscene, and prepare to take him out on the ground. Bring some friends with you ? the Rock Roc has 20,000 HP and is not an easy beast to take down. When you?re done, proceed up the mountain towards Vath.

The Rocky Balboas will attack you on the way up, so be careful with them. Watch another cutscene at the top, and prepare to fight Vath himself (along with Stalagbite). They both have smalls amounts of HP, but here?s the catch: Attack Vath, and Stalagbite will deal insane damage (He can and WILL hit you for above a thousand damage); hit Stalagbite, and you will only do a tiny fraction of your normal damage against Vath.


Make sure you have friends with you (and that?s friends, plural, with the s) and attack Stalagbite first. Once Stalagbite is down, attack Vath. If you do it the other way around, Stalagbite will kill each and every one of you without fail.

The battle is long and difficult, but once you defeat Vath, you are treated with another cutscene. Congrats, you are done with the Third Lord of Chaos!

The Fourth Lord of Chaos: Kitsune

The Pirate Ship and Akiba!

It?s now time for the Fourth Lord of Chaos! Kicked off by a war in /join yokaiboat (formerly /join warpirate), this section of the storyline was inspired by Real-Life Artix?s trip to Japan.
If you talk to Cap?n Herlock on the pirate ship, she?ll tell you to rid her ship of the Kappa ninjas. So defeat the two in that room, head upwards, defeat the four in there, head to the right, and defeat the three in there. You can now set sail to the town of Akiba!

Watch the cutscene. Once you arrive at Akiba (/join akiba), head all the way to the right. Talk to Daisuke and click the Story Quests button. Watch another cutscene, and you?ll be shipped to the Dragonkoi Tournament (/join dragonkoi). Head upwards into the arena to battle everyone in the room in a series of one-on-one matches against everyone in the room (Announcer Guy will tell you who your next opponent is). You can talk to them in the waiting room to fight them again if you want to. Be sure to rest between matches!

Now you have completed the tournament, you can collect Reputation at Dragonkioz (/join dragonkoiz). You will fight in 3vs3 matches and can gain rep by completing each quest. The last quest is member only, but the other two you can get even if you are non-member. As you rank up, you will be able to get more weapons in the Reputation shop there.

Hachiko and the return of DT!

Last time we left off with Ryoku charging his ?Soul Nuke? attack. You now should return to the tournament (/join dragonkoi) for a cutscene. To watch it, go click on the Announcer and click ?Final Battle.? You will watch a cutscene that will unlock a new area and let you access quests from Princess Miko. Right after watching the cutscene, you will be sent to a new location in Akiba, that you couldn?t get to before. From there, you can take four quests from Princess Miko, you must complete all four quests in (/join hachiko):

  • Dog Days: You need to bring back five ?Ninja Questioned? and five ?Samurai Questioned? to compete this quest.
  • Faceless Threat: You need to bring back one ?Note from DT? to complete this quest. Just fight the Samurai until it drops.
  • Zodiac Puzzle Key: You need to bring back one of each of: ?Rat-Ox-Tiger Piece,? ?Rabbit-Dragon-Snake Piece,? ?Horse-Sheep-Monkey Piece,? and ?Rooster-Dog-Pig Piece? to complete the quest. This is without question the hardest quest to complete. Only certain monsters drop the items, but here is the key to it. Good luck!


    Each key has three Zodiac animals in its name. Each room in the Hachiko Tower represents a different Zodiac animal. Each key is dropped in the room that its animal is represented in.
    For example, the Rooster-Dog-Pig key is dropped by samurai and ninjas in the rooster, dog, or pig rooms on the third floor.
    How can you tell which room is which animal? There is a sign of some sort ? for example, the rooster room has chickens outside of it, the tiger room has claw marks outside of it, and the rabbit room is decorated with carrots.


  • DT: You need to bring back one ?Soldiers Rescued? to complete this quest. Just go up to the roof and you?ll find a familiar monster to fight. He drops the quest item.


Return the quest to Princess Miko and you?re done.

The Yokai Shrines

Wander on past the Hachiko Tower to enter the Bamboo Forest (/join bamboo). Ai No Miko will have more quests for you.

  • Jinmenju Tree: Bring back a Jinmenju Clue. To find that, wander the Bamboo Forest (or head up three screens) to find the Jinmenju Tree. Walk up to the shrine behind the SoulTaker.
  • Yokai Bandits: Bring back five Jinmenju Fruit Cores and one Charred Paper Talisman. They?re all dropped by Tanuki in the area.
  • The Fiery Fiend: Bring back a Jinmenju Fruit Bundle, dropped by the SoulTaker by the Jinmenju Tree.

Return the quest to Princess Miko and head to the Junkyard (/join junkyard) by either heading north from the Jinmenju Tree or clicking the Junkyard button while talking to Ai No Miko. You?ll find her again in the new area, with more quests for you.

  • Dumpster Diving: Bring back a Tsukumo-Gami Tribute. To get that, follow the path until you reach the Tsukumo-Gami shrine.
  • Reduce, Respawn, Recycle: Bring back five Wild Kara-Kasa, four Wild Bura-Bura, three Wild Biwa-Bokuboku, two Wild Koto-Furunushi, and one Wild Bakezouri, all dropped by the local Tsukumo-Gami. (It?s not as difficult as it looks. The monsters in the area drop multiple items simultaneously.)
  • The Hunt for the Hag: Bring back one Fresh Liver, dropped by Onibaba by the Tsukumo-Gami shrine.

Return the quest to Princess Miko. Next, head to the Yokai River (/join yokairiver) either by talking to Princess Miko or going back to where the SoulTaker is and heading right instead of up. You?ll meet Princess Miko there again, and she has more quests for you.

  • Su-She: Bring back one Nori Recipe, one Cucumber Recipe, and one Sumeshi Recipe. They?re all dropped by Kappa Ninjas and Funa-Yurei in the area.
  • Kappa Cuisine: Bring back one Kappa Maki Roll. You get this by fighting the local monsters for six Dried Nori Leafs, one Fresh Cumber, and three Bundles of Sumeshi and taking them to the Funa-Yurei Shrine.
  • Hisssssy Fit: Bring back one Nure Snake Skin, dropped by Nure Onna.

After turning in that last quest, head back to the Nure Onna, but continue heading left. You will meet Hashi Hime at the bridge, who will tell you of Kitsune?s past. So talk to her, watch the cutscene, and then continue onwards to the Yokai Graveyard (/join yokaigrave).

As Princess Miko mentioned, she won?t be able to accompany you to the graveyard, but you?ll meet a new character there, Neko Mata, who has more quests for you.

  • The Purrrfect Crime: Bring back ten Skello Kitty Tails, dropped by Skello Kitties in the area.
  • The Face Off: Bring back four Ninja Face Masks and four Samurai Face Masks, dropped by Ninja/Samurai Nopperabo in the area. (Keep following the path upwards until you find them.)
  • Who is the Greatest?: Bring back one Bone of the O-Dokuro. To get to the O-Dokuro, continue following the path up until you reach the new area (/join odokuro). (Note: You WILL need a lot of friends to beat this.)

Bring proof of O-Dokuro?s defeat back to the Neko Mata.

Fight with Kitsune

You can now fight Kitsune and do the Yokai War(/join yokaiwar). After defeating the boss. Watch a cutscene and continue to Kitsune. Kitsune changes forms, so watch out!


When in his fox form, all attacks will do 0 damage. Wait until he is in human form to use skill attacks.

Fifth Lord of Chaos: Wolfwing

Darkovia Graveyard:

On to the Fifth Lord of Chaos! You start off in the Darkovia Graveyard (/join darkoviagrave) with a vampire and a werewolf guarding the entrance to Darkovia itself. You get the same quests from each of them, so click whichever you prefer.

  • A Grave Mission: Walk to the far left of the Darkovia Graveyard to get the Mausoleum Homage.
  • Lending a Helping Hand: Retrieve eight Scorched Metacarpals, dropped by Skeletal Fire Mages in the area.
  • Bone Appetit: Now get ten Rattlebone Mandibles from the Rattlebones.
  • Batting Cage: Go get six Caged Albino Bats from the Albino Bats.
  • His Bark is worse than his Blight: You can now see the boss at the far right of the Graveyard. He drops Blightfang?s Skull for this quest.

The vampire and werewolf will now let you in to Darkovia!

Darkovia and Shadowslayer Z:

Walk through the door to reach Darkovia (/join darkoviaforest). Talk to Shadowslayer Z, who will have more quests for you.

  • Lil? Red: Get Red?s Big Wolf Slaying Axe. To get that, go to Greenguard East (/join greenguardeast or click the button in Z?s dialogue). Instead of her usual quests, she?ll offer a new quest for her axe:
    • Can I axe you something? Get Documentation from a Spider, Wolf, Slime, Frogzard, and Wereboar, all dropped by the respective monster. Spiders and Wolves are found there in Greenguard East; the wolves are by the entrance to Darkovia. The other three are found in Greenguard West (/join greenguardwest); slimes by the Black Knight, frogzards by the Ninja trainer, and the Wereboar by Insomniac Beauty. If you can?t find it, ask around and hopefully someone will help you.
      Turn in Red?s quest and then return to Z.
  • A Dire Situation: Bring back eight Dire Pelts, dropped by Dire Wolves in the area.
  • Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Bring back three Vials of Blood, two Vials of Sweat, and one Vial of Tears, dropped by Blood Maggots in the area.
  • What a Lich! Bring back a Necrompendium, dropped by the Lich of the Stone. Head up one screen and all the way to the right to find him.

Vampires and Werewolves:

Work your way up through the Castle (/join safiria) until you reach Safiria. She will have four quests for you to do around the Castle before she?ll talk to you.

  • Feeding Grounds: Bring back eight Maggot?s Dentures, dropped by Blood Maggots in the area.
  • Going Batty: Get six Bat Soothed from the Albino Bats.
  • Lycan Knights: Find the Corrupted Lycans and bring back four Lycan Ears.
  • Twisted Paw: Go out back behind the Castle and fight Twisted Paw to get Twisted Paw?s Head.

Go out through the back of Safiria?s Castle, past Twisted Paw to get to the Lycans(/join lycan). Head up until you get to the cave of the Werewolf King. After watching a cutscene, you will be able to start the quests and continue with the storyline.

  • A Gift of Meat: Go and take six Hunks of Meat from the Dire Wolfs.
  • No Respect: Go around and defeat the Lycans and the Lycan Knights to get five ?Lycan Defeated? and two ?Lycan Knight Defeated? to complete this quest.
  • Vampire Knights: Defeating the invading Vampires to obtain ten Chaos Vampires Defeated.
  • Sanguine: Beat Sanguine to get Sanguine Mask.

Continue on past Sanguine to the Wargrounds (/join wargrounds). Head on in either direction (/join lycanwar or /join vampirewar) and defeat the enemies in each room until you reach the boss, Edvard. There will be a cutscene before and after the boss battle; afterwards, head upwards to the Chaos Cave.

Wolfwing and the Fifth Beast of Chaos:

Right at the entrance, Z will be back with more quests for you.

  • Search and Report: Follow the map until you see a large, circular trapdoor. Then return back with the Chaos Gate Investigation.
  • The Key is the Key!: Return with the Chaos Gate Key, dropped by a Werepyre in the area. Note: They don?t drop it all the time.
  • Secret Words: Defeat Werepyres in the area until you get the Secret Words.
  • Dracowerepyre: Follow the path back to that trapdoor. You?ll be able to enter it and witness a cutscene. Then, fight the Dracowerepyre and return to finish the quest.

You are now able to fight Wolfwing, so head through the room with the Dracowerepyre to reach him. But be careful: he?s really powerful and has some special abilities to bring to the challenge.


Wolfwing cannot be stunned, and one of his attacks heals him!

Sixth Lord of Chaos: Kimberly

Mythsong City:

Upon reaching the first part of Mythsong (/join mythsong), you will be in the center of the city which has a variety of quests. Here you can access the daily quests and do a variety of other quests.

  • Seek and Destroy: You get this quest from Metallika in the town. Return with 3 Tune-a-Heads and 5 Beetle Wigs to complete this quest.
  • The Four Horsemen: After getting this quest from Metallika, find 1 Beatles Vocal Chords, Grateful Undead Vocal Chords, Elwood Bruise Vocal Chords, and Jake Bruise Vocal Chords to complete it.
  • Pet Toys Shop: Find Falco the pet owner for this quest and return with 10 Beetle Appendages for completion.
  • REP Speedwagon: To complete this quest from Falco, go to the Beetles and get 1 Plastic Walrus Toy.
  • HPbreaker: For this quest, go to Pat Minotaur and fight monsters in the area for 4 Shattered HP Bars.
  • Crit ?em with your best shot: Take this quest from Part Minotaur and get 4 Defeated Grateful Undead and 4 Defeated Rock Lobster to complete.

Stairway to Haven:
Now that you have explored the city of Mythsong, you can advance to the next zone, Stairway to Haven(/join stairway). Talk to the NPC, Mozzy Mogbourne, there and select these quests to move on in the storyline.

  • Stairway to Haven: Find 4 Grateful Undead Shirt and 4 Rock Lobster tail, from the Grateful Undead and the Rock Lobsters.
  • Rolling Stones: Go back to the Rock Lobsters and get 5 Mossy Stones.
  • Light My Fire: Obtain 1 Box of Brightburn Matches from the Grateful Undead.
  • Knockin? on Haven?s Door: Go all the way to the top of the stairway and fight Elwood Bruise and Jake Bruise for the items Defeated Elwood and Defeated Jake.

Advance to the Beehive (/join beehive) to continue. Talk to the Great Godfather Of Souls to begin the quests.

  • Staying Alive: Go into the Beehive and defeat the Stingers for 8 Tattered Sting Sweaters.
  • Killer Queen: Go farther in until you reach the Queen in the hive. Defeat her for a Jar of Royal Honey which you?ll need to finish the quests
    • Now go to the Great Godfather of Souls and complete the dancing minigame. You only need to beat normal mode to move on, not hard and extreme.

Orchestra & Faust:
Go to the far right of the Mythsong Town to move on to Orchestra and fight the Chaos beast, Faust(/join orchestra). You will meet a NPC who will give you information about the Chaos Lord, Discordia.

  • Bad Moon Rising: Get 15 Fire Fleas from the Mozards and Pachelbel?s Cannons and return to Don Giovanni.
  • Burning Down The House: Go fight more Pachelbel?s Cannons to get 1 Cannon Powder.
  • Superstition: Now fight more Mozards for 5 Luck Mozard?s Claws.
  • Soul Man: Finally you can move on to the Chaos Beast. Go to the top of the building and fight Faust until you obtain the Faustian Contract.

Discordia and Kimberly:
To finish the Mythsong part of the storyline, goto palooza(/join palooza) and start working your way to the Chaos Lord. You need to beat every monster in each room to continue to the top. Fight Discordia to unlock a cutscene that will reveal who the real chaos lord is. After watching the cutscene, fight Ponygaryyellow and continue through each zone until you get to Kimberly. After beating her, you?ll be allowed to the event shop and will have completed the Sixth Lord of Chaos!

Seventh Lord of Chaos: Ledgermayne


You can get to Arcangrove from Greenguardwest or by typing /join arcangrove. From the town, you can access a large amount of Reputation quests that don?t effect the storyline.
From Rayst:

  • A Necessary Sacrifice: Defeat 10 SeedSpitters to complete.
  • Gorillaphant Poaching: Acquire 10 Slain Gorillaphants and return to Rayst to complete.

From Blakk:

  • Thistle Do Nicely: Get 5 Thistles from the SeedSpitters.
  • Pleased To Meat You: Obtain 8 Lore-Strip Gorillaphant Steaks.

From Moonwrath:

  • ArcanRobe: Find: Spool of Arcane Thread x10 and return to Moonwrath.
  • Ebony and Ivory Tusks: Get 6 Gorillaphant Tusks to complete this quest.

From Reens:

  • Mustard and Pretzel Root: Get ?Batch of Mustard Seeds x3? from the Gorillaphants and ?Pretzel Root x4? from the SeedSpitters for this quest.
  • Thyme and a half: Get 10 Bundle of Thyme from the SeedSpitters.
  • Experiment 107: Elder?s Blood Potion: Get 50 Slain Gorillaphants to complete. This is a Daily Quest.
  • Experiment 231: Sparrow?s Blood Potion: Obtain 12 DOOM Dirt, 17 Snapdrake, and 30 Bloodlily from either the Gorillaphants or SeedSpitters. This is a Daily Quest.
  • Experiment 808: Viper?s Blood Potion: Find 20 Jagged Cherries, 10 Shard Cabbage, 15 Joyshards and 1 Sourpalm from the Gorillaphants or SeedSpitters. This is a Daily Question.

There are also two quests from Rayst that you will need to complete to move on to the next zone(Cloister).

  • Observing the Observatory: Just Find the Observatory(At the top of the tree) to complete this quest.
  • Ewa the Treekeeper: Go to the Cloister(/join Cloister) and you will receive the quest time. Note that you don?t have to return to Rayst to complete; it will auto-complete for you.


Now you have found the Cloister and completed the quests to get here. The Bear-like NPC, Ewa, will start the next row of quests to continue the Storyline.

  • Bear Necessities of LifeRoot: Go deep into the tree and find the LifeRoot. It blends in well, so keep a sharp eye for it.
  • Acorny Quest: Get 10 Acornent Shells from the Acornents.
  • Ravenloss: Obtain 8 Cloister Fruit Bundles from the Karasu to complete.
  • It?s A Bough-t Time: First go to Reens in ArcanGrove and buy a Mana Potion(you only need one), then go through the tree as Cloister and find the three supporting pillars. Click on them to get the quest items. After you find all three return to Ewa to complete the quest.
  • Wendigo Whereabouts: Go all the way into the tree and find Wendigo to get the ?Defeated Wendigo? quest item. He?s really hard to solo, so bring friends!

There is also one hidden quest that you can complete. Find the Pillar with a green branch on it. Click on it to open the NPC, Cloister, and to access another quest.

  • Sprig Cleaning: Get 20 Slain Acornent and Slain Karasu and 1 Slain Wendigo to complete this quest and get it?s rewards.


First talk to Rayst in Arcangrove to start the quests for Mudluk. Rayst gives one quest that you will need to complete first:

  • Find Paddy Lump:From the starting point in Arcangrove, go two screens to the left to get to Mudluk(/join mudluk). Find Paddylump to complete this quest. It will automatically turn-in so you won?t have to go back to Arcangrove.

Now you can begin Paddylump?s quests:

  • Toothy Smiles: Fight Swamp Lurkers to get 10 ?Swamp Lurker Tooths?.
  • Slimy Cyrus: Get 5 Slimy Skins from the Swamp Lurkers and Swamp Frogdrakes
  • Lord of the Fleas: Join Arcangrove and fight Gorillaphants to get 12 ?Huge Fleas?.
  • Not The Best Idea: Defeat Swamp Frogdrakes until you get 12 ?Slain Frogdrakes?
  • Gates and Guardians: This is one of the more tricky quests so far. Before you can fight the Tiger Leech to get the ?Rod of Defiance?, you need to unlock the gate by turning on the correct crystals. The AQW wiki: Mudluk shows the screens and the possible combinations.


Again, talk to Rayst in Arcangrove to begin the quests for the Natatorium. Click the ?Where to go next?? button to do his one quest:

  • Water You Waiting For: Go to the Natatorium(/join Natatorium) and you will get the quest item ?Nisse Found?. It will auto-complete so you don?t have to go back!

Now you can begin Nisse?s quests to continue the storyline:

  • Dive Right In: Go around Natatorium and collect 12 purple corals. Don?t walk over them too quickly or they might not register as more than one and you?ll have to do it again.
  • Seafood Diet: Collect 20 Angler Fillets from the Anglerfish to complete.
  • Mercenaries: Beat enough Merdraconians to get 15 ?Rescued Merfolk?.
  • Synchronized Slaying: For this quest you?ll have to go to areas all around Arcangrove for the monsters. Get 5 Brain Coral from the Seed Spitters and/or Gorillaphants in Arcangrove(/join arcangrove); 4 Staghorns from the Acornents, 3 Sea Fans from the Karasu and 1 Sea Whip from Wendigo in the Cloister(/join cloister); and finally 6 Anemones from the Swamp Frogdrake and/or the Swamp Lurkers. Then return to Nisse to turn the quest in.
  • The Deep End: Now you must fight Nessie to get the ?Defeated Nessie? quest item. It?s kind of hard to open the gate and may take awhile:


There are three pressure points you must cover to unlock the gate. Walking on the shells will move the statues to cover the points. For each one you need to figure out the correct pattern and timing.

This Mini-game guide explains how to do it with Screenshot help. ([P.8] Natatorium Gate)


Again go to Rayst in Arcangrove and click the ?Where to go next?? to begin the Gilead storyline:

  • Find Umbra, the Master Shaman: Walk left from Rayst to find Gilead(/join gilead). It will auto turn in, so you can stay in Gilead.
    You can now do the Gilead quests from Umbra to continue:
  • The Root Of Elementals: Fight 5 Earth Elementals to receive the item ?Dreg?. Then go to Arcangrove(/join arcangrove) and fight Seed Spitters to obtain 4 ?Seed Spitter Spirits?.
  • Eupotamic Elementals: Go find and beat Water Elementals to receive 5 ?Aqueous Essences?. Then go to the Natatorium(/join natatorium) to fight Merdraconians to receive 6 ?MerCores?.
  • Breaking Wind Elementals: Now defeat Wind Elementals to receive 5 ?Welkin Essences?. Then fight the Karasu in the Cloister(/join cloister) to obtain 8 ?Karasu Souls?.
  • Fighting Fire With Fire Salamanders: Go defeat Fire Elementals to receive 5 ?Prye Essences?. Then go to Mudluk Village(/join mudluk) and fight as many Swamp Frogdrakes as needed to receive 5 ?Fire Salamanders?.
  • Guardian of the Gilead Wrap: You need to get ?Defeated Mana Elemental? from the Mana Elemental to complete. There are many orbs located around Gilead that need to be activated in a certain order to unlock the gate. Get a pen and paper and write down the combination from the gate and then click the orbs in reverse order. Then the gate will open and you can continue.


Begin by talking to Rayst in Arcangrove to begin the Mafic storyline:

  • Find Felsic, the Magma Golem: Go to Mafic(/join mafic) by walking one screen from the right of Rayst.

Now you can continue the quests offered by Felsic:

  • Liquid Hot Magma Maggots: Fight the Volcanic Magma Maggots until you obtain 8 ?Volcanic Maggot Slain?.
  • Scorched Serpents: Defeat the Scoria Serpents for 8 ?Captured Alpha Serpent?.
  • Playing With Living Fire: Go fight the Living Fires to receive 10 ?Extinguished Living Fire? quest items.
  • Kindling Relationship: You need to get the ?Defeated Mafic Dragon? item from the Mafic Dragon to complete. To lower all three drawbridges, use this helpful picture.

Para-elemental plane and the Great Mana Golem:

After completing Mafic, you can walk up the Arcangrove tree and go through the portal to the para-elemental plane(/join elemental). Talk to Rayst there to continue:

  • Obey Your Thirst For Adventure: Get eight ?Captured Mana Imps? from the Mana Imps and return to Rayst.
  • Captain Falcons: Beat the Mana Falcons until you get five Astral Feathers.
  • Big, Bad and Baddest Bosses: You need to go to all the previous zones and get items from the bosses: Go to the Cloister(/join cloister) and beat Wendigo for the ?Astral Orb of the Cloister?. Go to Mudluk(/join mudluk) and beat the Tiger Leech for the ?Astral Orb of Mudluk?. Go to the Natatorium(/join natatorium) and beat Nessie for the ?Astral Orb of Natatorium?. Go to Gilead(/join gilead) and beat the Mana Elemental for the ?Astral Orb of Gilead?. And finally, go to Mount Mafic(/join mafic) and beat the Mafic dragon for the ?Astral Orb of Mafic?.
  • The Great Mana Golem: Find your way to the top of the para-elemental plane and get the ?Mana Golem Defeated? item to complete.

Chaos Lord Ledgermayne:

If you?ve made it this far in the storyline, you are ready for the last chapter of Arcangrove! Go to Arcangrove (/join arcangrove), and find your way up the tree past Rayst to get to the portal. That will allow you to enter the chaos lord area (/join ledgermayne). Then you can begin the final quest:

  • Chaos Lord Ledgermayne: Find you way to Ledgermayne and obtain the ?Ledgermayne Defeated? quest item.


Every once in a while when you are fighting Ledgermayne, he will charge a super attack and one of the two blackish-gray pads will light up to purple. When that happens, run to the purple pad before the attack hits. If it hits, it can kill you, but if you?re on the safe-zone pad, you will actually get healed a small amount.

You have now finished the seventh chaos lord!

Eighth Lord of Chaos: Tibicenas


The quests at Sandsea (/join Sandsea) are not required to continue the storyline, although you may want to do them for reputation.

From Zhoom:

  • Dissertations Buper Camel: Get 10 ?Bupers Camel Document? from the Bupers Camels.
  • Crafty Creepers: A Favorite of Mine: Acquire 8 Cactus Creeper Heads from the Cactus Creepers and return to Zhoom to complete.

From Cassim:

  • Vase Case: Defeat 9 Desert Vases for Ceramic Vase Fragments.
  • Oasis Ornaments: Obtain 8 Sandsea Cotton from the Catus Creepers and 4 Oasis Jewelry Pieces from the Buper Camels.

From Nkuku:

  • Running a Stable Stable: Get 12 Pile of Sand and 5 Palm Plant Fronds by clicking on the sand piles and palm leaves in this map. They are on the ground and you must have accepted the quest before they will appear.
  • Parched Pets: Get ten Barrels of Desert Water from the Buper Camels and/or the Cactus Creepers.

From Kephri:

  • The Power of Pomade: Defeat Buper Camel for seven Flexible Camel Spit.
  • Salon Quality Shampoo: Get six Cactus Oil from the Cactus Creepers and seven Sand Flowers from the small yellow flowers around the area. Must have accepted the quest for them to appear.

From Bastet:

  • What?s for Desert: Get 13 Sand Flowers from the small yellow flowers. Must have the quest to see the flowers. Also obtain three Prickly Pears from the Cactus Creepers.
  • Porter-Inn Steaks: Get eight Robust Camel Steaks from the Buper Camels and seven Palm Plant Fronds from the Palm Leaves. Must have accepted the quest to see the leaves.
  • Delectable Desert Desserts: For this quest, you will need to travel around the map to collect the items. For the 5 Pots of Honey, go to the Beehive (/join beehive) and fight the Stingers. For the 4 Powdered Snow Sugars, go to the Northlands(/join northlands) or King Coal area (/join kingcoal) and defeat the Snow Golems. For the 7 Cactus Figs, you can stay in the Sandsea and battle the Cactus Creepers.
  • Oil Spills: This quest will also take you all over the map. Get 8 Corn Oil from the Scarecrows in the Farm(/join farm). Fight the River Fisherman for the 5 River Fishman Oil. And for the final part, get 3 Bupers Camel Lards from the Buper Camels.
  • The Scarab Sandwich: This quest is a bit easier than the previous two, but still requires you to go different places. First, destroy the Desert Vases for 10 Dried Scarabs. Then click on 8 Piles of Sand ? you must have the quest to see the sand piles. Finally, go to the Marsh(/join marsh) and beat the witch for the Dark Witch?s Pointy Hat quest item.
  • Lore Style Surf and Turf: Bastet?s final daily quest is possible the hardest, so you might want to bring friends. Go to the Natatorium(/join natatorium) and beat Nessie to get one Nessie Seared Steak. Then go to the Stairway (/join stairway) and beat the Rock Lobsters for the Rock Lobster Tail. Visit Twisted Tooth in the Pine Forest (/join pines) and defeat him to get the Twisted Tooth Strip Steak quest item. Finally, find the Grizzly Bear at the citadel(/join citadel) and defeat him to get the Grizzly Bear Prime Rib. Then you can complete the quest at Bastet.


To get to the Sandport from the Sandsea, go two screens up and one to the left and you?ll arrive in the Sandport(/join sandport). From there, you?ll have a new set of quests which are necessary to continue the storyline.

  • Sandport and Starboard: To complete this quest, just visit the entire sandport area and you?ll get the Sandsea Port Explored quest item.
  • Shark Diving: Get 8 Sandshark Tooths from the Sandsharks. They spawn randomly with Tomb Robber, so you?ll probably have to fight them too.
  • Thieving Cut Throats: Obtain 10 Robbed Tomb Robber quest items from the Tomb Robber. (Same spawn info as previous quest)
  • Lost and Found: Defeat the Tomb Robbers and/or Sandsharks for 14 Precious Sandsea Relics.
  • Sell-Sword Sell-Outs: To complete this quest, go to the final screen in the Sandport and defeat each of the Horcs there. You will receive the Horc Sell-Swords Defeated quest item


Go the same direction you did for the Port except continue past the Inn to get to the Pyramid. Or just /join pyramid. You?ll find yourself right outside the pyramid. Go in and Zhoom will be waiting with more quests.

  • Scared Scarabs: Fight the Golden Scarabs until you receive eight Golden Scarab Shells.
  • A Noob is Guard: Defeat the Anubis Deathguards for ten Freed Anubis Spirits.
  • Bandaged Aids: Battle the Mummies for seven Triple Ply Mummy Wraps.
  • Keys to the Royal Chamber: Battle any of the monsters(Anubis Deathguard, Golden Scarab, and Mummy) for the four Pharaoh Key Fragments.
  • Confront Duat: From Zhoom, go 2 screens to the right ?> 1 screen up ?> 1 screen to the left ?> 1 screen up ?> 1 screen to the left ?> 1 screen up ?> 1 screen right ?> 1 screen up. You are now at Sek-Duat and will watch a cutscene. Afterward, you will need to complete a minigame against Sek-Duat to get the quest item. You DON?T have to beat him, just stay close enough and you?ll complete it.

Cave of Wanders:

From starting in Sandsea, go two screens up, two to the left and one up to get to the Cave of Wander (/join wanders). You?ll firstly need to complete five quests from Sek-Duat.

  • They?ve Gone Dark: Collect eight Dark Medallions from the Kalestri Worshipers in the area.
  • Bad Doggies: Obtain ten Hound Defeated quest items from the Kalestri Hounds.
  • Essentially Evil: Get ten Evil Essences from the Kalestri Worshipers and/or the Kalestri Hounds
  • Loose Threads: Defeat Lotus Spiders to obtain six Spider Defeated quest items.
  • Seek the Treasure: For this quest, you need to find the secret chamber in the maze. You can try it yourself, or use these directions:


    From the starting screen: Up ?> Left Up?> Left ?> Left Up ?> Left Up ?> Right ?> Up ?> Right ?> Right

Once you get there, the quest should auto turn in. Return to the starting screen and talk to Zhoom:

  • Dreamsand: Get one Dreamsand from the Lotus Spiders.
  • I Dream of?: Return to the same room with Sek-Duat and defeat him to get ?Sek-Duat defeated?.

Sand Castle:

From starting in Sandsea, go two screens up, two to the left and one down to get to the SandCastle(/join sandcastle). Talk to Zhoom to begin the quests:

  • Sand Castle Explored: Make your way throughout the castle until you get to the last screen. Then you?ll receive the Sand Castle explored quest item.
  • Furry Fury: Obtain ten War Hyena Pelts from the War Hyenas in the castle
  • Keep Secrets Under Wraps: Defeat the Mummy Minions to get Zahart?s plans.
  • Gem Jam: To get the five gate gems, defeat either the Mummies or the Hyenas.
  • Enter the Sphinx: Get one Sphinx Defeated from the Sphinx.

Djinn Realm and Tibicenas:

From starting in Sandsea, go two screens up, one to the left and then down to get to the Djinn Realm. Talk to Efreet to continue the quests:

  • Unlamented Lamia: Obtain ten Lamia Snakeskins from the Lamias.
  • E-vas-sive measures: Return to the Sandsea(/join sandsea) and destroy the Desert Vases for five Freed Air Djinns
  • Tri-hump-hant Camels: Go again to the Sandsea and this time fight the Camels for seven Humps of Clay.
  • I Don?t Mean to Harp On It: Defeat the Harpies for ten Harpy Feathers/
  • In-djinn-ious Solution: Go around the Djinn Realm and place five Portal Mists at the markers.
  • Chaos Lord Tibicenas: Fight and beat Tibicenas for the Defeated Tibicenas quest item. He?s hard, so you probably want to bring friends.

You have completed the Eighth Lord of Chaos!

=AQW= Storyline FAQ

NOTE: If you see questions being asked frequently or believe a question deserves to be here, feel free to PM one of us suggesting the question!

(I) General Questions
(II) ?Prologue?, ?Chapter 1 ? Swordhaven is under attack!?, and ?Chapter 2 ? Alignment Quests?
(III) Chaos forest and Chaos Marsh
(IV) Chiral Valley
(V) The Twins
(VI) Dwarfhold
(VII) Yokai Isle
(VIII) Useful Links

(I) General Questions

1. Why can?t I fight the new boss?
?- You need to do all of the quests up to the boss in the storyline to unlock the current boss.

2. What is the storyline?
?- The storyline is the main story behind AQW that will possibly lead to the explanation of the AQW universe. In the storyline there are thirteen Lords of Chaos who all have a section of storyline devoted to them.

3. What happens in the storyline?
?- Drakath ? the Champion of Chaos ? is trying to summon an unknown entity/place through portal. To do so, he must break thirteen seals by releasing the thirteen Chaos Beasts. He does this through the 13 Lords of Chaos.

4. What do the monsters drop?
?- You can find a list of all monsters, the items they drop, and a host of other information in the AQW Wiki.

5. Why aren?t the Northlands quests in this guide?
?- It?s true that the Northlands quests do hint at a new Lord of Chaos, but currently, there?s currently no evidence that it will be an integral part of the storyline.

(II) ?Prologue?, ?Chapter 1 ? Swordhaven is under attack!?, and ?Chapter 2 ? Alignment Quests?

1. Where can I get the Platinum Axe of Destiny?
?- The PAoD was released for testers of the prologue and is not available anymore.

2. Why is Swordhaven on fire?
?- Swordhaven is under attack. To unlock the normal version, you must complete all of Chapter 1 of the storyline. (Or you can type /join portal, /join castle, or /join Swordhaven.)

3. How do I change my alignment after I have chosen it?
?- You must pay 100,000 gold to either Alteon (/join castle) or Gravelyn (/join shadowfall) to buy a good or evil contract, which you must then give to Alteon or Gravelyn to switch sides.

(III) Chaos forest and Chaos Marsh

(IV) Chiral Valley

1. I thought there was a war?
?- The war was completed so they took it out of the game. So, you only need to complete the quest chain.

2. Why must I do quests at the ruins and the forest?
?- You need to find pieces of the Runix Cube.

3. Where can I find Escherion?
?- He is in his tower (/join escherion) at the end of the Chiral Valley quest chains.

4. Do Escherion?s weapon and armour drop?
?- Yes they do, but the armour has a very low drop rate.

(V) The Twins

1. What happened to them? I thought there were supposed to be quests.
?- They were introduced to influence future actions. They haven?t been forgotten.

2. Are there any quests?
?- Yes. Talk to Warlic in the magic shop to get the quests that involve teleporting Battleon.

3. Are they both Chaotic?
?-We do not know. Any answer we can give about them would be purely speculation and guessing.

(VI) Dwarfhold

1. How do I make my character invisible?
?- In the Upper City, there is quest chain that involves wearing a Cape of Disapoofing (invisibility).

2. How do I blow up the rock in the prison area?
?- Make sure you have done all the quests, then click on the rock. Make sure you haven?t got the quest to melt the railings confused with blowing up the rocks.

3. Where can I buy the Dwarfhold house items?
?- If you have completed the quests in the Dwarves? Prison (/join dwarfprison), head to Snowbeard?s Tavern (/join tavern), go up the stairs into room 101, and talk to Mick Guyver. If you haven?t completed the quests yet, head to the Dwarves?s Prison and talk to him there.

4. Where are the daily quests?
?- Otix, the barkeep at Snowbeard?s Tavern (/join tavern); Donna in the Llama Farm (/join llama); and Ironfist and Lister in Dwarfhold (/join dwarfhold) all have daily quests.

5. Why doesn?t Geopetal?s last quest unlock?
?- When you complete the quest ?Talc to Me?, you will notice that a new quest, ?Rock Me Amadeus? appears, but is still locked. To unlock that quest, you must try to enter the Upper City with the key Geopetal gives you.

(VII) Yokai Isle

1. Why can?t I get into the Dragon Koi tournament?
?- You need the invitation letter from the pirate ship (/join yokaiboat).

2. Why do I have to restart the quest in DragonKoiZ every time I log out?
?- This isn?t a bug; it was made so you have to restart the quests if you log out.

3. Where can I buy the Yokai Isle House?
?- Talk to Obaasan in Akiba (/join akiba).

5.Who is Hachiko?
??- Hachiko is a dog who faithfully waited for his master outside the tower every day, even though his master never returned. He is a sign of respect and loyalty. He is based off of Hachik?, a real dog.

(VIII) Darkovia

1. I heard that using skills on Wolfwing heals him. Is that true?
It isn?t true. Wolfwing, however, does have an attack that heals himself.

2. How many people do I need to beat Wolfwing?
3 or 4 is better since at low HP, he goes Berserk and does massive damage. Also bringing a healer will make it easier.

(IX) Mythsong

How do I beat the Mythsong Dance mini-game?
Time your keys to get as many of the arrows as possible. If there is one you can?t get, leave it to be sure you get the others. This Minigame will help.

Do I have to do anything to unlock the items in Mythsong?
Nope. With the exception of the reputation items, you don?t have to unlock anything.

But I thought Discordia was the chaos lord?why did it change?
Discordia was under the influence/power of Kimberly so wasn?t in control of his actions.

(X) Arcangrove

How do I defeat the various minigames at Cloister, Mudluk, Mafic, Gilead, and Natatorium?
This Guide on Minigames explains in detail how to defeat each of the minigames.

How do I defeat Ledgermayne?
Every time he starts doing a powerup, run to the pad that is lighted up. When the attack hits, you will be healed if you are on the pad. If not, he will do a lot of damage. After the power up hit, you can continue attacking.


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