Adventure Quest Class Abilities Analysis


Adventure Quest Class Abilities Analysis?by Ward_Point

Warriors hack and bash away with swings of their mighty weapons. Mages cast their spells, dealing devastating damage. The Hybrids are in the thick of battle, wielding all forms of weapons and spells proficiently. However, each belong to a group of specialists. Each group learns special skills. So many of them, each specialising in unique areas. Stealthy Ninjas and Assassins strike from the shadows, mighty Mages and Wizards wield devastating Metamagics to enhance their spells, and Martial Artists empower their own bodies to beat the enemy into submission. These are only a few of the unique Classes that Guardians and Adventurers can train in.

The patient trainers of the many Classes have taught them all abilities that have enabled them to survive for this long. The Trainers have forged the armours and sewn the robes that have enabled Adventurers and Guardians alike to survive when they were youths. Their use, at some point or another, would have made your AdventureQuest life much easier and probably saved your life at one point or another.

Welcome, to the Guide to Class Abilities.

Table of Contents:

  • [GCA001] Helpful Links
  • [GCA002] Background Information: Commonly asked Questions
  • [GCA003] Matters pertaining to the Guide
  • [GCA004] General Format of the Guide
  • [GCA005] The List of Classes
  • [GCA006] Tier 1
  • [GCA007] Tier 2
  • [GCA008] Tier 3
  • [GCA009] Conclusions for each Build

Before you start reading this guide on Class Armours, I would suggest that you first read a few other guides that will guide you through the basics of AQ. Once you reach their class sections, and want a more in-depth guide on how to use the Class Abilities, then return here to read it.

Background Information: Commonly asked questions.


Question: What is this guide for since the Ultimate Guides already answer most of our questions!?
Answer: In this guide, I?ll take a look at almost every single Class Armour analyse the strengths and weaknesses of each class ability, and pronounce a judgment upon the class in general, highlighting any qualities which I find might prove useful in your quest to greatness. The Ultimate Guides provide a brief overview of the Class armours. I?m here to give you an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the Classes, telling you any strategies, chain combos and general tips for the Class Armours.

Question: What are Class Armours??
Answer: Class Armours refers to just a handful different armours that you can buy in the world of AdventureQuest. These special armours have one very distinguishing feature, which is the additional menu that pops up, with up to 10 Abilities that can be used by you.

However, to be able to use these Abilities, you must train with the NPC of that particular class. Generally, ?Training? a class involves going on a Quest which is assigned to you from the Class? NPC. You will fight monsters, and it generally ends with a Stat Roll at the end, which you must beat before you level up in a Class. Each Quest may only level your Class level up by 1, and the abilities are unlocked as you go.

Question: Oh nos! I?m Class level 7, but I can only use skills up to Class level 5! What is wrong?
Answer: For Adventurers, although you may train Class levels all the way to level 10, Abilities above Level 5 will NOT be available to be used by you. Only Guardians have complete access to ALL Class Abilities.

Question: I?m a Guardian, but I can only use abilities up to level 7 in my Golden Dragonslayer Eclipse even though I?m level 10 Dragonslayer! Is this a bug?
Answer: No. Golden Dragonslayer specialises against Undead Dragons, and as a result, Vampireslayer Class is needed to fully unlock all abilities of Golden Dragonslayer.

Question: There are abilities missing from the Guide! Did you forget them?
Answer: I am aware of that. I shall generally ignore the defences of the Class Armour unless I find its defences either too pathetic, or good enough to be used as a tanking armour. In an effort to shorten the guide, I will also ignore the ?Defence? abilities of each Class armour. After all, it?s defence. What can I say about it? All I can do is to comment about the armour in general.

Question: What are the ?Requirements? that you put in your Guide?
Answer: Most Tier 2 Classes have pre-requisites. This means that you are REQUIRED to have a minimum of a certain level in some Tier 1 Classes to be able to train in that Class. All Requirements which have been obtained from the Encyclopedia have been obtained.

Question: You use ?Pre-Sweep? Armours and ?Post-Sweep? Armours a lot in the guide! What in the world do they mean?
Answer: Nothing in this world, everything in the AQ World! Bleh, bad joke. Class Armours are currently split into ?Pre-Sweep? and ?Post-Sweep? which mean that there are some Class abilities released a couple of years ago that do not conform to the standards now. The Knights of Order are eventually going to sweep EVERY class so that all classes are well-balanced and useful for a certain period of time.

Pre-Sweep Class Armours include: Beastmaster, Berserker, Dracomancer, Knight, Vampireslayer, Paladin, Necromancer
Post-Sweep Class Armours include: Fighter, Mage, Rogue, Scholar, Dragonslayer, Ninja, Pirate, Wizard and all Martial Artist forms.

Matters pertaining to the Guide:


Martial Artist Class has four different schools, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses, thus I will evaluate the White Gi Abilities, from 1-5, then the four Martial Artist classes separately even though they are Guardian-Only due to many different abilities.

I will NOT evaluate Vampireslayer. Perhaps I may be too judgmental. But please, take the word of a person who?s been playing AQ since 2003. Vampireslayer doesn?t do its job nearly as well as Paladin, and has no strategical advantage or useful abilities. This is unlike other Pre-Sweep armours, such as Knight and Dracomancer. Although Vampireslayer class is required to be able to use Golden Dragonslayer (And its Eclipse version.) The Vampireslayer class itself is quite worthless.

Anyone who wishes to offer a different opinion about a certain Class Ability may do so, however, please do organise a proper argument which includes: Topic sentence, elaboration and example. I have no wish to see ?Eh, that skill sucks? without a proper argument behind it. If there are errors in the guide, such as spelling, linking or numerical errors, please drop me a Pm and I will correct the mistake, crediting you for finding the error. If you happen to know the Pre-requisites for each Class, please also drop me a pm, and I will credit you at the end of the guide.

For spelling, I generally will stick to the British way of spelling, although I may slip in some American spellings here and there due to influence.

General Format of the Guide


  • The Class Name
  • Register number for Search Function
  • Links to the class armours that are currently released.
  • The Description of each ability will be in BLACK. My analysis and evaluations will all be in?this bluish colour

The List of Classes


To search for a specific Class, press Ctrl+F to bring up the Search function. Then Type in ?[GCA___] to search for a specific Class. A list of the ?Topics? is given below. Please note that barring Crouching Frogzard Style, ALL Martial Artist Classes are GUARDIAN ONLY.

Tier 1 Classes:

  • [GCA101]Fighter
  • [GCA102]Rogue
  • [GCA103]Mage
  • [GCA104]Scholar

Tier 2 Classes:

  • [GCA201]Beastmaster
  • [GCA202]Berserker
  • [GCA203]Dracomancer
  • [GCA204]Dragonslayer
  • [GCA205]Knight
  • [GCA206]Ninja
  • [GCA207]Pirate
  • [GCA208]Vampireslayer
  • [GCA209]Wizard
  • [GCA210]Martial Artist: Crouching Frogzard Style
  • [GCA211]Martial Artist: Dragon?s Breath
  • [GCA212]Martial Artist: Fist of the Troll Club
  • [GCA213]Martial Artist: Slithering Sneak
  • [GCA214]Martial Artist: Gogg?s Claw

Tier 3 Classes

  • [GCA301]Assassin
  • [GCA302]Necromancer
  • [GCA303]Paladin

Tier 1




Fighter Class Armours:?Fighter Armour

Normal Attack
100% Base/Random/Stat

Melee player attacks gain +5 BtH and -5 BtH to Magic Spells.

Level 1: Weapon Proficiency

Effect: Converts all player attacks to melee.
SP Cost: 1 SP on turn in which a conversion happens

Analysis: Early on in the game, stats don?t really matter all too much because the numbers are just far too low to be of any use. If you happen to be a level 90 Character using Fighter Armour for conversion to melee, let me know *Sarcasm*

Judgment: Useless.

Level 3: Brutal Strike

Hits: 1
Damage: 120% Base and 110% Random with a special stat bonus
BTH: -5
SP Cost: 10

Analysis: The first of your offensive abilities in Fighter. Most Weapons early on have around 2-5% b2h. Which is decent enough for you to use this ability. Besides, if your Class Title is Fighter, you gain +5% b2h to all attacks. It?ll all round off to zero anyway.

Judgment: A good ability for the early levels of 10-30

Level 4: Intense Focus

Effect: -5 to all defences, All player attacks have their base and random damage multiplied by 1.1, there?s a 10% chance the attack will be a Crushing Blow and damage will be multiplied by 1.3 instead.
SP Cost: 0

Analysis: It?s not too shabby if you know that you WILL survive the enemy?s attacks and simply want to end the encounter quickly. It?s a powerful ability, however, use with care.

Judgment: Perfect against enemies that you?re confident of beating down. Otherwise, do not activate this ability.

Level 5: Call Friend

Effect: Summons Fighter Friend
SP Cost: 40

Analysis: Summoning a Guest for bonus damage is always welcome, especially during the early game. The SP cost is only for the initial Summon. As long as you stay in Fighter Armour, there will be not SP cost.

Judgment: A good skill to be used from the early 10-30s

Level 7: Combat Expertise

Effect: All melee player attacks gain +5 BtH
SP Cost: 0 Sp

Analysis: This is an excellent ability. With the addition of the Fighter Title bonus, you actually have +10% b2h to your attacks. This means that you can freely use Brutal Strike, Double Attack, and Power Attack with a decent amount of accuracy.

Judgment: Perfect if you like to spam the Fighter Class Skills due to their -5BtH cost. It complements the Fighter Skills very well.

Level 8: Double Attack

Hits: 2
Damage: 75% Base and 50% Random each
BtH: -5
Element: Same as weapon
Attack Type: Same as weapon
SP Cost: 15

Analysis: 150% base with 100% random damage is attractive. With Intense Focus, you?ll get more chances for the Crushing Blow to connect. A great ability.

Judgment: Once you have this, you?ll be unlikely to use Brutal Strike any longer. It?s a great damaging ability.

Level 9: Strength Boost

(This skill can be toggled on and off)
SP Cost: 15 SP
Effect: Increase Strength by 10.

Analysis: Increasing Strength by 10 increases your random stat damage by 1.25. It?s not altogether too useful, because all your abilities generally only get 100% stat damage. But who?s to say no to free bonus damage?

Judgment: If you?re lacking SP, do not activate this. Otherwise, feel free to use it at the start of every battle that you fight in Fighter.

Level 10: Power Attack

Hits: 1
Damage: 200% Base and Random
BtH: -5
SP Cost: 20 SP

Analysis: An excellent source of damage, outdamaging both Double Attack and Brutal Strike. Do use this ability sparingly, because its SP cost will hurt you due to your low level.

Judgment: Very useful for huge amounts of damage done in one blow. A definite keeper.

Signature Ability: If your class title is ?Fighter?, the chance of Intense Focus being a Crushing Blow is increased by 1% per class level.

Analysis: 20% chance of scoring a 1.3x normal damage!

Evaluation: All the more incentive to keep this armour in your inventory for the early game. It complements your offensive skills nicely.

Fighter, Final Conclusion: It?s defence is enough to get you past the early game. It IS specifically suited for melee weapons, so be careful if you happen to want to mix Ranged Weapons in your inventory. Fighter is a well rounded ?attacking based? class suitable for the early game between Levels 10-30. Suitable for use for ALL Builds.



Rogue Class Armours:?Rogue Outfit

Ranged spells and ranged player attacks gain +5% BTH. Magic Spells have -5% BTH

Level 1: Weapon Finesse ? Toggle

Effect: All attacks are converted to Ranged type.
Cost: 1 SP per turn. This only applies if a conversion occurs.

Analysis: Ranged conversion is slightly more useful than Melee conversion, however, most monster defences are constant overall.

Judgment: Not as useless as melee conversion, but still not all too useful, either.

Level 3: Weapon Throw ? Active
Hits: 1
Attack Type: Ranged
Damage: 99% Base, 108% Random
BTH: +5%
SP Cost: 10

Analysis: When you have this, why bother using the Ranged Conversion?

Judgment: Useful if you need a Ranged Converter. Careful about the SP Cost, though.

Level 4: Hide In Shadows ? Toggle
Effect: Combat Defences gain +5. Attack becomes:

?Strike from Shadows!
?Hits: 1
?Damage: 72% Base and Random
?BTH: +10%
?Rate: 90%
???If your class is Rogue, the Rate is decreased by 1% per Rogue level

?Sneak Attack!
?Hits: 1
?Damage: 108% Base and Random
?BTH: +15%
?Rate: 10%
???If your class is Rogue, the Rate is increased by 1% per Rogue level

Analysis: A primarily defensive ability. It actually increases your accuracy, so it?ll be useful against monsters with higher defence than normal.

Judgment: If you happen to need defensive ability, which I doubt you do, during the early game, then use it, otherwise, not too useful. However, particularly useful against enemies with higher than normal blocking.

Level 5: Call Partner ? Active
Effect: Summons a Black Cat.
Cost: 40 SP

Analysis: For 0 CHA characters, it has a 67% chance to reduce enemy accuracy by 10%BtH. This is equivalent to increasing your combat defences by 10 each.

Judgment: A must have for all high level players. Increasing all your combat defences by 10 is no laughing matter, and can definitely mean the difference between life and death.

Level 7: Combat Reflexes ? Passive
Your incredible agility grants you +5 BtH on your ranged attacks!

Effect: Ranged player attacks gain +5% BTH

Analysis: If you?re using that Ranged converter, good for you.

Judgment: If you?re not, then it sucks to be you.

Level 8: Dagger Vengeance ? Active
Hits: 2
Element: Wind
Attack Type: Ranged
?Base: Rogue Level / 3
?Random: Rogue Level / 1.5
BTH: +(10 + Rogue Level) %
Effect: This counts as a player attack, but is not affected by weapon triggers.
Cost: 15 SP

Analysis: Wind Element damage? Crap. Fixed element ain?t too good, however, if your class title is Rogue, you have a grand total of +30 BtH, which will generally ensure that the final hit of 6-30 will connect.

Judgment: The Fixed element thing really brings it down, however, it?s still worth using, especially against enemies which you have difficulties hitting.

Level 9: Dexterity Boost! ? Toggle
Effect: Increases your DEX by 10 for the duration of the battle.
Cost: 15 SP

Analysis: Increase your combat defence by 1. ?

Judgment: Still not that useful? Stats don?t count for much in early game.

Level 10: Potion Power Shot ? Active
Use one of your potions to add special power to your arrow and launch an attack that does extra damage and heals you as well!

Hits: 1
Attack Type: Ranged
?Health Potion: Fire
?Mana Potion: Water
Damage: 10-30
BTH: +25%
Effect: Heals you by 75 HP (if using a Health Potion) or 75 MP (if using a Mana Potion)
Cost: 20 SP + 1 Potion

Analysis: 10-30 damage in one hit? At level 15-30? Wow. This is decent damage. It also heals you, in fact.

Judgment: Useful if you want to damage the target as you heal, however, the SP cost is something to watch out for.

Rogue, Final Conclusion: If you ask me, the Fighter Armour is a better class armour to use in the early game for offensive abilities. However, Rogue does emphasise on accuracy over power. Damage alone will be enough to deter people from using this armour as an attacking armour. It?ll serve more as a Ranged Converter, but it does has a SINGLE useful skill that even the level 100+ use. It?s not as offensively inclined as Fighter, it tends to be more defensive. Suitable for use for ALL builds



Mage Class Armours:?Mage Robes?

? Magic Spells gain +5 BTH.
? Player attacks take -5 BTH

Hits: 1
Type: ?As Weapon?
Element: ?As Weapon?
Damage: 90% Base, 90% Random, 100% Stat Bonuses
BTH: +0 plus Stat Bonuses

Judgment: One look at its base stats, and it should cross your mind that Mage is not meant to attack in.?

Level 1: Elemental Sphere ? Active
Hits: 1
Type: Magic
Element: Your Choice (Fire/Water/Wind/Ice/Earth/Energy/Light/Darkness)

Level   Damage    Stats   BTH   COST

    1     8-30   261.6%    +1     61
    2     9-34   279.2%    +2     66
    3    10-37   296.8%    +2     70
    4    11-41   314.4%    +3     76
    5    13-46   332.0%    +3     80
    6    14-50   349.6%    +4     86
    7    15-54   367.2%    +4     91
    8    17-58   384.8%    +5     95
    9    18-62   402.4%    +5    101
   10    20-67   420.0%    +6    106

Analysis: Deal decent damage with a CHOICE of what element to hit?

Judgment: Excellent! It?s great for early levels, where there are few spells actually worth the money. Besides, the armour gives a +5% BtH to all spells, so don?t worry too much about that 6% BtH. This will last you into the early Forties, in fact, and it?s in the 40s where you will find more powerful and efficient spells.

Level 3: Summon Familiar ? Active
Summon forth a Flying Eyeball to attack your foes and restore your MP!
Summons a Flying Eyeball as a guest. Cast again to dismiss it.
MP Cost: 40 MP

Analysis: Flying Eyeball helps to regenerate your MP.

Judgment: A useful guest to have, more MP= Cast more spells. You?d definitely like this guest around if you?re a mage.

Level 4: Spiritfeeder ? Toggle
While active:
?Spells deal 75% Base, Random, and Stat Bonus damage.
?Spells cost 75% of the usual MP.
?If your current class is ?Mage?, there is a [MageLevel]% chance of the spell not dealing the reduced damage, but still costing less.

Analysis: The only thing worth noting is the last line. Otherwise?

Judgment: Unless your class title is Mage, toggling this ability on is a simple waste of time. This particular metamagic ain?t Divine Magic.

Level 5: Empower Spell ? Toggle
While active:
?Spells deal 120% Base, Random, and Stat damage.
?Spells cost 140% of the usual MP.

Analysis: 20% more damage for 40% of the MP doesn?t seem too worth it. But if you simply want to end an encounter quickly, kick this ability up and mana-dump the enemy!

Judgment: Useful for farming purposes and against monsters that require you to kill quickly. Especially useful at high levels, where most of your RAs are usually weak enemies.

Level 7: Focus Spell ? Toggle
Increase the accuracy of your spells for 30% Extra MP!
While active:
?Spells gain +5+[MageLevel]/2 BTH.
?Spells cost 130% of the usual MP.

Analysis: In total, your spell gains +15% BtH. This is a huge increase, and is very worth the extra mana that you spend on it. At high levels, irritating Am-Bushes and Sneaks will be done in by Focus Spell.

Judgment: A must have if defending Estates and farming Random Adventure. Sneaks, Syphon Vampiress and Am-Bushes are the three main enemies you?ll use this ability against in the 90-100s.

Level 8: Stable Spell ? Toggle
Your next spell does 200% Base Damage, 0% Random Damage for 50% Extra MP
While active:
?Spells deal 200% Base and 0% Random damage.
?Spells cost 150% of the usual MP cost.
?Cannot be activated while Wild Spell is active.

Analysis: Stabilizing does not necessarily give an average damage boost. Damage per cast WILL increase IF the stated condition has bee fulfilled. However, the average difference in damage is not easily seen. You?re paying a lot more mana for a small boost in spell damage IF its base damage is more than 50% of its random. Running some numbers on Frost Elf Assault saw an increase in average damage to 362 from 330. This ability is rarely used at high levels, where Base damage is generally less than 50% of the Random. FEA is just one of the few exceptions.

Judgment: Use Stabilizing only if the spell you?re casting happens to have its base damage more than 50% of its random. Not particularly good to use, maybe that?s why its level Eight while Wild Spell is at level 10. This ability is rarely used at high levels, where Base damage is generally less than 50% of the Random. FEA is just one of the few exceptions.

Level 9: Intelligence Boost ? Toggle
Increase your Intelligence by 10 for the duration of the battle!
While active: +10 Intelligence.
Cost: 15 SP

Analysis: This is much more different from the Rogue and Fighter equivalents because Mages use SPELLS. Elemental Sphere alone deals 420% Stat damage, which translates into 5 Bonus random damage. You don?t have much use for SP anyways, so just activate this at the start of every encounter!

Judgment: A must use at the start of any encounter. In the late game, spells deal over 700% Stats, and activating this gives you a free (around) 10 extra damage per spell cast, if we actually stack this boost with spellcasting buffs like the Shark Jaw and Crucible of Fire series, the difference will be significant.

Level 10: Wild Spell ? Toggle
Your next spell does 0% Base Damage, 200% Random Damage for 50% Extra MP.
While active:
?Spells deal 0% Base, 200% Random damage.
?Spells cost 150% of the usual MP.
?Cannot be activated while Stable Spell is active.


Analysis: On first look, it seemed as though it was 150% without an average increase in damage. However, upon closer analysis, and proper usage, the damage actually kicks up. Spells like Dinozard NOMOMOMOMOM gain double random, actually increasing their average damage per cast! Randomized NOMOMOMOMOM deals 431 damage with 543 MP, slightly less efficient than its normal use of 315 damage at 362 MP, but the damage difference is well over 100!

Judgment: Particularly useful on low-base, high-random dealing spells such as Dinozard NOMOMOMOM, Nightbane?s Apotheosis, Mayhem Burst, Arrows of Virtue and the like. It?s a huge boost in damage for a slight drop in efficiency. Surprisingly powerful EVEN on multi-hit spells such as Fwying Wonder.

Mage, Final Conclusion: That single one-hit spell will last you into the early thirties. Although the Elemental Sphere will rarely be used after level 35 due to its low BtH, it?s other abilities, especially Empower and Focus will remain a staple for most mages as they farm though Random Encounters. This class is VERY well suited for Mages, and will stay in your inventory into the 100s because of Focus and Empower. Only Hybrids or Mage Variants should buy this armour at all. However, Warriors should still train the Mage Class to the maximum.



Scholar Class Armour:?Explorer?s Outfit

Normal Attack:

Damage: 100% Base and Random
BtH: +0

LEVEL 1 ? Orcish Tactics

Cost: Free!
Hits: 1
Attack Type: Melee/Ranged/Magic (Your choice)
Element: Same as your weapon
Damage: 100% Base and Random
BtH: +0

Analysis: To be able to change your attack type to hit the enemy?s lousiest defence is an excellent ability.

Judgment: However, early on in the game, most monsters do not have any particular attack type that they?re weak to. Under the right conditions, it?ll be useful, but otherwise, stick with Fighter or Rogue for attacking prowess.

LEVEL 3 ? Lycan Boost

Cost: 15 SP
Click to add:
Str, Dex, End: +5 each

Analysis: A bonus to Strength, Dexterity and Endurance. However, in the early game, stats really don?t count for much.

Judgment: If you can spare the SP at the start of a battle, use it. Otherwise, forget it.

LEVEL 4 ? Vampire?s Charm

Cost: 15 SP
Click to add:
Int, Cha, Luk: +5 each

Analysis: The addition of CHA is worth slightly more consideration than raw damaging stats. If you?re a Beastmaster, the increase in 2.5% attack rate of a pet might save you. Of course, once you get the higher level version of this, the 5% boost is more? obvious?

Judgment: Once again, can be done without.

LEVEL 5 ? Zard Prism

Cost: Free!
Hits: 1
Attack Type: Same as your weapon
Element: Fire, Water, Wind, Ice, Earth, Energy, Light, Darkness (Your choice)
Damage: 100% Base and Random
BtH: +0

Analysis: To be able to switch your elements around is an excellent ability. However, there is a lack of powerful weapons, especially since the temporary Auger of Brontus and other temporary weapons have been balanced.

Judgment: If you have a strong weapon, this ability will probably last you into the early twenties. Otherwise, you?d best spend some money buying some decent weapons.

LEVEL 7 ? Shifter?s Smarts ? Guardian Only

Cost: 40 SP

Click to add:
Int, Cha, Luk: +10 each

Comments: Look to Draconic Might

LEVEL 8 ? Draconic Might ? Guardian Only

You can now tap into the awesome might of a dragon!

Cost: 40 SP

Click to add:
Str, Dex, End: +10 each

Analysis: 40 SP for +10 to stats? Not at this level. 40 SP is far too valuable to be used in such a manner. The SP could better be used for offensive strikes with Fighter or defensively with Rogue.

Judgment: Not too useful due to the SP cost.

LEVEL 9 ? Wailing Blow! ? Guardian Only

You can now damage your opponent?s mana instead of health, just like the undead Banshee!

Cost: Free!
Hits: 1 (Attacks your opponen?t MP)
Attack Type: Same as your weapon
Element: Same as your weapon
Damage: 100% Base and Random
BtH: +0

Analysis: Currently, there are few monsters who use MP to attack at low levels that I know of. At high levels, this would probably be a decent ability. However, for the low levels, where few monsters use their mana to attack at all?

Judgment: Currently, useless. MAY become more useful as the Staff releases more monsters which use MP to attack

LEVEL 10 ? Gogg?s Gift ? Guardian Only

Cost: 30 SP, 1 turn of activation

Adds +10 Blocking to the attack type the monster attacks with next and -25% element defense to the element the monster attacks with next. This bonus loses +5% element and -2 Combat Defence every time you are hit.

Analysis: Sounds a lot like the Protector gambit to me. The one turn activation is not too worth it, and it?s only particularly useful against monsters that attack with ONE attack type. Might prove useful in some situations.

Judgment: Meh. Early game, defence doesn?t count for much. Raw power in the early game is best, however, in the later part of the game, (70 onward) defence does become much more important.


Scholar, Final conclusion: Not many useful class abilities in Scholar. It?s a jack of all trades, but a master of none. You?re far better off using Fighter, Rogue or Mage. However, it is worthy to note that Zard Prism negates the need for any other weapons, enabling you to save money by buying one single powerful weapon and using Zard Prism to attack. Either way, you MUST train Scholar to level 5 to be able to unlock other classes.

Tier 2




Beastmaster Class Armours:?Feral Garb,?Primal Garb (Guardian)

REQUIREMENT: Level 5 Rogue, Level 5 Fighter

2 Hits of 75% Base and Random damage (total: 150% Base/Random, 200% Stat)

Level 1 ? Beast Claw!

Hits: 1
Damage: 200% Base and Random, 100% Stat bonus
Element: Earth
Attack Type: Melee
Cost: 70 MP

Critical Strike
Damage: 500% Base and Random, 100% Stat bonus
Rate: 30%

Analysis: A melee Earth Converter, dealing about double damage 70% of the time.

Judgment: Adventurers, if not using the Great Forest Axe as their Earth Weapon, would find this converter quite useful due to the lack of a powerful Earth Weapon. Guardians should have the respective Awe Weapons by now, and will not find this nearly as useful.

Level 3: Call Forth Beast!
MP Cost: 40 MP

3: Bat
4: Dragon
5: Frog
6: Hawk
7: Shark
8: Snake
9: Tiger
10: Wolf

Analysis: Using one turn, you call forth ONE Guest with the element of your choice. As you increase in level, you gain the ability to summon Guests from more elements.

Judgment: A versatile and very useful ability. Guardians will be using these Guests into the 80s/90s. Adventurers only have three choices. Guardians will not be using this ability, due to the ability to dual summon later on.

Level 4 ? Beastial Skin!

MP Cost: 80 MP
Effect: Gives you an addition -10% protection against your enemy?s lowest element and +5 against its highest defence.

Analysis: A useful ability to aid in your damage taking. However, use wisely. Some monsters?s lowest elements may not necessarily be their attacking Element. The same goes for Combat Defence.

Judgment: Very situational. Do note that if you switch armours, the effect of Beastial Skin is gone.

Level 5 ? Wild Force!
Effect: Pets/Guests deal 130% Base and Random damage while wearing the Garb.

Analysis: Power Rangers flying higher? Wild Force running faster? Ahem. A 30% boost in damage is very welcome both to Beastmasters and non-Beastmasters alike.

Judgment: This passive ability makes it almost worth it to stay in the Garb for the duration of the battle. Almost.

Level 6 ? Beast Lore!
Hits: 1
Type: ?As Weapon?
Element: Element Seeking
Damage: 150% Base, 150% Random, 100% Stats damage
BTH: +0 plus Stats
# There is a 25% chance of the attack dealing 300% Base, 300% Random, 100% Stats damage.
# Drains MP equal [DamageDealt/2] ? 5 MP (Minimum of 0 MP, maximum of all your MP).

Analysis: An Seeking ability, aimed at your opponent?s weakness.

Judgment: Useful in the early game, especially if you?ve been using Feral Garb. However, once you hit the 40s, you should have a full-time weapon for each element. Once that happens, this ability is nearly useless, other than for the fact that you can seek Elemental weaknesses.

Level 7 ? Internal Beast!
MP Cost: 80 MP
Effect: Increases all stats by 10 until the end of the battle or switch armours.

Analysis: All stats increase by 10. This increases your offensive ability greatly if you?re a Beastmage, considering that both Wild Force and the +10INT will stack up eventually.

Judgment: However, in short battles, the one-turn cast time might not be worth it. Depending on how long a battle lasts, make your judgment on whether to use it or not.

Level 9 ? Beast Mastery!
MP Cost: 90 MP
Effect: Summons two beasts from ?Call Forth Beast!?

3: Bat
4: Dragon
5: Frog
6: Hawk
7: Shark
8: Snake
9: Tiger
10: Wolf
+ Dismiss

Analysis: Dual Summoning. Only available to Guardians, though. Do note that you cannot summon two of the same guest.

Judgment: Very powerful when used in either a long battle, on in farming areas where you don?t need to switch Guests (Eg: Talk like a Pirate Day, Knight Final Mission.) Pick the Guests which hit the main weakness, and a secondary weakness. The Bonus damage will definitely help you in the long run. A staple ability into the 90s.

Level 10 ? Tame Beast Spirit!

Use the monster?s element and attack power, which you had previously defeated in the attack.

Analysis: Use this ability before the enemy attacks you to ?suck up? his attack. Remain in the Garb until the end of the battle. In your next battle, you may release the attack that you ?sucked up.?

Judgment: Few monster attacks are actually strong enough to be worth sucking up the damage for. Gogg is one of those strong ones, among with the Battle Troll family, but they?re strong to the extent that you wouldn?t want to be stuck in the Garb tanking their damage. Until monsters in the middle range appear, this ability is currently useless.

Beastmaster, Final Conclusion: Excellent for use between 25-60. 90% to all elemental modifiers will help a great deal. Combine that with excellent Guests, and decent damaging abilities (Claw and Beast Lore.) Beastmasters will use the Guests into the 80s, because of high CHA, which will help with the double attack rate. A definite keeper for Guardians. Adventurers might want to pass on this one. Suitable for use for ALL builds



REQUIREMENT: Level 5 Fighter

Berserker Class Armours:?Berserker Hides

Normal Attack
Contributes 1 Point of Charge.

Damage: 100% Base and Random, 100% Stats
Element: ?As Weapon?
Attack Type: ?As Weapon?
BtH: +0%
Rate: 75%

Damage: 100% Base and Random, 100% Stats
Element: ?As Weapon?
Attack Type: Ranged
BtH: +5%
Rate: 25%

There?s nothing much to comment about for its base attacking stats. It?s pretty standard for a level 30 Armour.

Level 0 ? Ticking Clock!
Effect: Boosts the damage done by player attacks and certain other specific attacks based upon how much HP you have lost.
Damage Multiplier: 1 + [2 * (1 ? (Current HP / Maximum HP))]

Analysis: A passive ability which increases your damage as you take more damage.

Judgment: This is a recurring theme for Berserker?s skills. Do watch the health.

Level 1 ? Roar of Courage!
MP Cost: 50
Effect: Boosts damage based on the amount of health you have at the point where you used the skill.
100% of your Maximum HP: x1 Base x1.5 Random
75% of your Maximum HP: x1.25 Base x1.5 Random
50% of your Maxmum HP: x1.5 Base, x1.75 Random
25% of your Maximum HP: x2 Base x2.25 Random

Analysis: For high-END Builds, especially for those with nearly 30-40 END at level 30, this skill is almost perfect for you. Drop your health to 25%, cast this, and pot up, unleash your fury on your opponent.

Judgment: It?s a gambit, and a risk depending on the amount of health that you have, but what?s some fun without some risk anyway?

Level 3: Crush!
Bash your enemies with a single massive blow that can weaken and incapacitate them!
MP Cost: 60

Choice of Crush Head, Arm, or Leg, damaging enemy?s INT, STR, or DEX respectively. For full details, read the Encyclopedia entry.

Analysis: You damage an opponent?s stat depending on the amount of health you have left. It has a stun effect, which is pretty useful, if you?re lucky. Either way, since the stat reduction only gets significant when you?re at less than half health, I wouldn?t stall just to use this ability.

Judgment: Situational ability. But the chance to Stun is nifty, and can be used for a strategical advantage.

Level 4 ? Growl of Savagery!
MP Cost: 60
Attack Class: Spell
Attack Type: Ranged
Attack Element: Wind
Attack to: Enemy Mana Pool

Analysis: So far, few monsters use MP to attack you. And those monsters that DO use Mp to attack you should NOT be tanked out using Berserker. They?re just far too damaging. Invisible Shield might prove to disrupt enemy spells much better than casting the Growl.

Judgment: As an ability, I cannot fault it. However, Berserker?s pathetic defences lets it down. You won?t be able to tank an enemy while cutting down his mana. However, if you do happen to survive, you?ll be happily bashing away with a 3x boost from Ticking Clock. Once again, a huge gambit.

Level 5 ? Berserk!
Requires 30 Charges
For 5 Turns You Are Berserk. (Berserk ends if you win the battle, if you die or if your armor is forcibly changed by some means eg Werewolf or a weapon special that gives you an armor)
While Berserk you may not do anything other than Attack.

Analysis: Berserk is a very powerful offensive ability, if a little lacking on the accuracy. However, with that amount of power, having a few hits miss doesn?t mean much. Useful until Ancestor Spirit is obtained.

Judgment: Must be used carefully. During those five turns, you cannot do anything OTHER than attack. If you happen to need to heal, you?d better pray hard that you kill your enemy before he kills you.

Level 6 ? Grisly Scream!
MP Cost: 75
Attack Class: Spell
Attack Type: Ranged
Attack Element: Wind
Compatable with Ticking Clock: Yes
Stat Bonus: No

Analysis: The Warrior?s reply to the Wind spells of the Mages. When used in conjunction with Ticking Clock and Roar of Courage, the damage on this thing is insane. It?s mana cost is cheap, and it?s damage is respectable even without the Clock and Courage boosts.

Judgment: Immensely useful against Sneaks and other monsters which require a Ranged Converter into Wind.

Level 8 ? Blood Letting!
MP Cost: 35
HP Cost: 35
Effect: (Note that for skills that have HP cost you need to have at least 1 more HP than the required amount (the skill won?t let you kill yourself)).
Contributes 2 Points of Charge.
Damage: 200% Base, 200% Random, 100% Stats

Analysis: By helping your opponent get your health lower, both Ticking Clock and Roar of Courage get their maxed boosts faster. It complements the Berserker theme very well.

Judgment: Double damage for about 5-9% of your HP, AND helps your Ticking Clock and Roar to activate? Definitely useful. Of course, do be careful with the amount of blood you let out?

Level 9 ? Nightmare Visage!
MP Cost: 100
Contributes 1 Point of Charge.
Effect: Reduces all of the enemies stats by 5 * Round(Ticking Clock Multiplier). (ie 5 (above 75% HP),10 (above 25% HP) or 15)
Nightmare Visage can only be used twice against a given enemy.

Analysis: Once again, we have another Nerfing skill. Sadly, as we reduce the enemy?s Endurance, his health doesn?t drop proportionate to his Endurance drop, unlike the Grave Rot ability of the Necropolis Fiend and his family.

Judgment: It?s actually quite a huge nerf to the enemy. However, when you?re at 25% health? You?ve got to be seriously careful, especially in Berserker.

Level 10 ? Ancestor Spirits!
Requires: 50 Charges
For 5 Turns You Are Berserk. (Berserk ends if you win the battle, if you die or if your armor is forcibly changed by some means eg Werewolf or a weapon special that gives you an armor)
While Berserk you may not do anything other than Attack.
While attacking your normal attack is replaced by a 5 hit attack, with all hits converted to Melee

Analysis: A buffed up version of Berserk, with two more hits. it?s still as inaccurate, and you still need to be as careful as you were when using Berserk.

Judgment: Who am I to say no to more damage? But do watch that health.

Berserker, Final Conclusion: For direct offensive ability, this is definitely one of the top Class armours for. All Berserker Skills require 25% health or below to take full and complete advantage of. However, to be able to have the offence that it has, it?s got to give up some Defence, and Berserker?s Defences are downright pathetic compared to most other class armours. That being said, its very useful for levels 30-70, beyond that, the monsters start to hit much harder, which makes it difficult to survive in Berserker. Suitable for use for WARRIORS and HYBRIDS.



Dracomancer Class Armour:?Dracomancer Armour


Hits: 1
Damage: 100% Base and 125% Random
BTH: +0%

As Class Armours go, at level 20, Dracomancer?s normal attack damage is decently high. If Ninja is any example, we?ll see an increase in this after the Class Remakes.

Level 1: Dragon?s Heart.
If you have 40 or less HP it fails, if you have 40 or more HP you take 40 damage, then heal 1 and then if your Endurance is greater than 30 you get MP equal to 2.5% of your HP.

Then you attack:
Hits: 1
Damage: 150% Base and Random
Attack Type: Magic
BTH: 50%

Analysis: 2.5% of MP for 40 HP. Not only that, it also converts to Magic with 50% BtH. For Mages, this is a pretty strong skill if you happen to lack mana and still wish to attack.

Judgment: However, between level 20 to 60, I think a Mage/Hybrid has better spells (Looks up at Elemental Sphere and lower at Dragon Wings.) than to attack with this. The BtH is good against Sneaks and Am-Bushes, though, so it?s worth consideration.

Level 2: Dragon?s Claw.
MP Cost: 40
Hits: 1
Damage: 150% Base and Random
Attack type: Magic
Element: Fire
BTH: 50%

Analysis: We now have a Fire Magic converter. It?s mana cost seems a bit expensive for 150% Base and Random, though.

Judgment: not all too useful, since you SHOULD have a better Fire spell by now. However, that overpowered 50% BtH is something to watch out for. It?s pretty accurate.

Level 4: Dragon?s Wings
MP Cost: 80 MP
Hits: 3
Damage: 36-52, 14-20, 36-52
Element: Wind
Type: Magic
BTH: 10%, 100%, 10%

Analysis: As Wind spells go, this is among the strongest and most mana efficient of them at your current level. It hits for a base damage of 86, which is already more than its mana cost. If we factor in random damage, the average damage will definitely be much higher.

Judgment: For Mages, this will be your Wind Spell (If you keep this armour) until you get Invisible Blast or Brilhado Feathers.)

Level 5: Summon Bob.
MP Cost: 60 MP

Analysis: He looks horrible. He attacks horrible.

Judgment: He is horrible. BUT, he?s unswept. I?m expecting something much better if the Guest summon remains in Dracomancer.

Level 6: Dragon?s Fury!
MP Cost: 35 MP
Hits: 2
Damage: 100% base and random each. You lose 1%-1 of your current HP after each hit.
BTH: +5 Each.

Analysis: A slightly weaker version of Onslaught. With the nerf to Mage attack power, few should be attacking anyway. Spells are the way to go.

Judgment: Fighter Class offers 200% Base/Random at 20 SP. The Sweep may not have hit Dracomancer yet, but it?s definitely going to be hitting Dracomancer HARD.

Level 7: Dragon Brood
MP Cost: 90 MP
Hits: 8
Damage: 8-12 each
Attack type: Magic
Element: Wind, Darkness, Light, Water, Energy, Earth, Ice, Fire
BTH: 0% Each

Analysis: As spells go, this is a weakened version of Elemental Doom (Without all the elements too.) Multi-hit spells are only get useful at high amounts of INT. Between level 20-60, your INT levels won?t be THAT high.

Judgment: It?s weaker than Dragon?s Wings, and with the disadvantage of multi-element spells. Not to be used unless for absolute and sheer fun.

Level 8: Great Dragon
MP Cost: 100 MP
Success rate: 60%
Hits: 5
Damage: 22-28 each
Attack type: Ranged
Element: Harm
BTH: 0% Each

Analysis: Finally, a source of Void/Harm (???) (Pedia was not updated) damage. The success rate is low, but it does deal well over 100 damage every time he?s summoned. The BtH might be a problem, but if you pull your stats together, you should have enough accuracy to use it against irritating Zeels.

Judgment: Harm/Void Damage is a must-have in any character?s inventory. Since the Spellcraft Series and Archmage Research series don?t come until much later, settle for the Great Dragon.

Level 10: Half Dragon!
MP Cost: 150 MP
Hits: 1
Damage: 600% base and random.
Attack type: Magic
BTH: 80%
Rate: 50%


Hits: 2
Damage: 200% base and random each.
Attack type: Melee
BTH: 40%
Rate: 50%

Analysis: The raw damage numbers aren?t very impressive, but I?m impressed by the raw accuracy of the hits. 80% for 600% damage is really strong. This can definitely hit enemy Sneaks if you don?t have a Ranged attack.

Judgment: The mana cost is a little high, but that?s what you get when you?re paying for accuracy over damage.

Dracomancer, Final Conclusion: Dracomancer is a worthy armour to be kept in any Character?s inventory by virtue of Great Dragon alone. For Warriors, Dragon?s Fury provides excellent damage. For Adventurer and Guardian Mages, Dragon?s Wings will be a staple until Invisible Blast becomes available. For ALL Builds, Half Dragon Form and the Great Dragon are excellent additions, for accuracy and Zeels respectively. Overall, still a great Pre-Sweep armour suitable for use for ALL BUILDS.?



Dragonslayer Class Armours:?DragonSlayer,?Elite Dragon Slayer (Guardian),?Golden Dragonslayer,?Golden Dragonslayer Eclipse (Guardian)

REQUIREMENT: Fighter Level 5, Scholar Level 5

Armour being used as reference: Dragonslayer Armour

All stats shown here assume Class Level 10

Normal Attack

221% Base/Random.
# On Monster Category ?Dragon?, all Player Attacks, Spells, and Specials deal 120% Base, Random, and Stats damage.
# On Monster Category ?Dragonkin? or ?Drakel?, all Player Attacks, Spells, and Specials deal 105% Base, Random, and Stats damage.
# On anything else, all Player Attacks, Spells, and Specials deal 90% Base, Random, and Stats damage.
BtH: 9%

Comments: For a level 30 Armour, its Normal attack is really high. The number falls slightly to 198.9% Base/Random against Non-Dragons, but 200% Base/Random on a normal attack is still respectable. If this can be a reference of what Post-Sweep Armours have as their base/random damage, then we?re all in for a huge and pleasant surprise. For Mages, this armour also buffs up your Spells against Dragons for no extra MP cost. Perfect!

Level 1: Dragon Strike! ? Toggle
SP Cost: 220
B/R: 496%
Stats: 652.8%
BtH: 9%

Analysis: It?s SP cost is VERY high, however, you deal over double the normal damage rather than attacking with the normal attack. It?s really strong, and if you stack up the damage boosts from this, DS? innate 120% damage against Dragons, an Elemental Orb, and Chieftain?s Ironthorn, you can hit well over 1k damage against Dragons at their weakness!

Evaluation: If you feel that you can end a battle quickly, and not need the SP in your next battle, go ahead and abuse it?s power.

Level 2: Dragon Breath! ? Active
MP Cost: 293
Damage: 13-38
Stats: 163.2%
Hits: 5
BtH: 17

Analysis: A great spell against Dragons. Should not be used against non-Dragon enemies due to the reduction in damage to 90% B/R/S. However, only best used at higher INT. Characters at level 40+ should try to avoid using this spell. There are other spells which are more damaging and efficient at the current level.

Judgement: This spell is best used at high INT, at around level 70 or so. Since Dragons appear throughout your journey, you should be keeping this armour around anyway. Mages will have a great deal of fun with this spell.

Level 4: Summon?Draykwing?? Active

Against Dragons
Hits: 2
Element: Harm
Type: Ranged
Damage: 10-29
BtH: 17%
SP Cost: 23 (In Dragonslayer), 27(In Dracomancer), 43 (Any other armour)

Analysis: This guest is powerful against Dragons. SP that goes into Dragon Strike is better used for maintaining the Draykwing. With 10-29, 227% stats and an innate 17% BtH, this Guest is perfect for use against Dragons.

Judgment: A very strong Guest against Dragons. The SP cost, as long as you wear the Dragonslayer Armour, is pretty cheap. Always summon it when you meet a Dragon. 🙂

Level 5: Poison Dragon ? Toggle
Hits: 1
Element: As Weapon
Type: As Weapon
Damage: 221% BRS (Subject to triggers)
BtH: 9%
SP Cost: 57 SP for one strike
Effect: Poison

Analysis: It only costs SP, and doesn?t cost you a turn. Use it on your first turn against a Dragon, and that little damage boost will come to help you beat the lizard down slightly faster. It attacks for 10 Turns, so you have 10 turns to regain the SP you lost before poisoning the Dragon again (Provided it survives?)

Judgment: Activate once, at the start of the battle, attack once, and deactivate. Bonus damage is always nice, and since this is unblockable, it?s even better.

Level 6: Cripple Dragon! ? Active ? Guardian Only
Hits: 1
Element: As Weapon
Type: As Weapon
Damage: 221% BRS (Subject to triggers)
BtH: 9%
SP Cost: 46
Effect: Cripple

Analysis: Reducing enemy Strength and Dexterity is highly valued, especially Dexterity. Every 10 Points of DEX adds 1 Point of blocking. Remember that when you bash the enemy Dragon with this ability.

Judgment: Synergises very well with any Nerfpet if there are any accuracy problems the Dragon may have over you.

Level 7: Dragon?s Blood ? Active ? Guardian Only (Dragon Strike Compatible)
Hits: 1
Element: As Weapon
Type: As Weapon
Damage: 221% BRS (Subject to triggers)
BtH: 9%
SP Cost: 220/528 (No Dragon Strike/Dragon Strike)
Effect: Perform an attack. Heals 60% of inflicted damage.

Analysis: Healing is excellent, but the SP cost is slightly expensive for its damage. It IS Dragon Strike Compatible, but the SP cost will hurt you like hell.

Judgment: I think Pots and Heal Spells (Above 80) are better than this. It?s not very necessary, and it?s rare that an enemy Dragon will push you into such a corner. If there is, you should be in an Uber Plate by now.

Level 9: Daze Dragon ? Active ? Guardian Only (Dragon Strike Compatible)
Hits: 1
Element: As Weapon
Type: As Weapon
Damage: 221% BRS (Subject to triggers)
BtH: 9%
SP Cost: 220/528 (No Dragon Strike/Dragon Strike)
Effect: You perform two Normal Attacks. The first does 120% Base, Random, and Stats damage and damages your opponent?s MP. The second does 90% damage and damages your opponent?s SP.

Analysis: If this is an indication of what Dragons will soon become, I look forward to it. Dragonslayer is very well rounded against any form of Dragonkin, and unlike Berserker, Dragonslayer can hold its own in defences against Dragons, while nerfing the enemy.

Judgment: Right now, it?s useless. I can?t fault the armour for not having a Monster to which it can be used against, but we just have to wait for it?

Level 10: Dragonheart Strike! ? Active ? Guardian Only (Dragon Strike Compatible)
SP Cost: 220/464
* The first hit is a Normal Attack that deals (850/37)% Base, Random, and Stat damage, multiplied by 1.2 (against Monster Category ?Dragon?) or 1.05 (against Monster Category ?Drakel? or ?Dragonkin?) or 0.9 (against anything else). You heal HP equal to 80% of the damage inflicted, rounded normally.
* The second hit is a Normal Attack that deals (1785/37)% Base, Random, and Stats damage. This damages the opponent?s MP.
* The third hit is a Normal Attack that deals (1338.75/37)% Base, Random, and Stats damage. This damages the opponent?s SP.
* The fourth hit deals (850/37)% Base, Random, and Stat damage, and Cripples the opponent as in Cripple Dragon.

Analysis: Dragonheart Strike is like a mash up of all the nerfing abilities. The SP cost is VERY expensive, and for now, it doesn?t have much use due to Dragons not attacking with Mana or SP.

Judgment: For now, still relatively useless.

7.5% chance of summoning Kian the Eternal Dragon
Damage: 128-378
Stats: 1632%
BtH: 17.5%

Analysis: The numbers are quite impressive. But there?s only a 7.5% Chance of that happening. Against Dragons, this is a really powerful spell. Even more so for Beastmasters, who have CHA.

Judgment: Considering how rarely people ever use Dragonheart Strike, I doubt we?ll see much of this. It?s raw, direct damage, but it is slightly inaccurate as spells go.

Dragonslayer, Final Conclusion: Dragonslayer?s skills are very well suited against Dragons. However, it should not be used against non-Dragons. However, the Dragonslayer?s normal attack can be used as a decent attacking staple even against Non-Dragons, as long as the other skills are not used. This armour will last you from level 30 (the Basic Dragonslayer Armour) to level 90+ because of really great effects on Dragons. (Guardians should have upgraded to the Elite Versions) Since all characters will encounter Dragons at one point or another, this class is suitable for use for ALL BUILDS.



Knight Class Armours:?Knight Armour

REQUIREMENT: Fighter Level 5

Hits: 1
Damage: 100% Base and 130% Random
BTH: +0%

Comments: It?s a Pre-Sweep armour, so expect some of its abilities to be quite weak or slightly overpowered.?

Level 1 Ability: Fierce Offensive.
40 MP Cost
Damage: One hit of (100*N)% base and 100% random damage with no additional BtH. N = MonsterMeleeDefense/25.
Converts to melee.

Analysis: Hitting harder or softer depending on the enemy?s Melee defence with conversion to melee? Well? if you do manage to actually land the hit, you might have some decent damage? But I honestly see little point in using this ability at all.

Judgment: Quite useless. If you can?t even hit the guy since he has high melee defence, don?t even bother trying. This ain?t Berserker.

Level 2 Ability: King?s Blessing.
Cost: 29 HP. Won?t happen if you have less than 31 HP, of course.
Damage: One hit of 150% base and random damage, with +30 BtH. If you have 45 CHA or more, you?ll gain an amount of MP equal to YourMaxHP/40.

Analysis: The Knight version of Dracomancer?s Dragon?s Heart. However, I find Dragon?s Heart far more useful since it regenerates more MP.

Judgment: Either way, it should only be used for accuracy purposes, with the +30 BtH, however, Dracomancer has more accurate skills.

Level 4 Ability: Onslaught.
30 MP Cost
First hit: 80% base and random damage, +5 BtH; You lose (1%OfYourCurrentHP ? 1) HP.
Second hit: 80% base and random damage, +5 BtH; You lose (1%OfYourCurrentHP ? 1) HP.
Third hit: 60% base and random with no additional BtH; You lose (1%OfYourCurrentHP ? 1) HP.

Analysis: For 3% of your health and 30 MP, you deal 240% Base/Random, 300% Stats. It?s pretty powerful, and will definitely replace your Fighter Armour?s abilities.

Judgment: Powerful, and cheap in terms of mana cost and health. This is better than Dragon?s Fury.

Level 5 Ability: Mace Stun.
60 MP Cost
Damage: One hit of 150% base and random damage, with no additional BtH. Your enemy loses 2 in his melee and ranged defense stats (cumulative).
Converts to melee.

Analysis: It is worth to note that whether you will nerf your opponent whether you hit or miss. Eventually, you?ll get your opponent?s defences down to something that you can easily beat down.

Judgment: Slightly high on the MP Cost, but worth using in general IF it is a long battle.

Level 6 Ability: Summon Squire.
60 MP Cost
No Upkeep Cost

Analysis: As Guests go, it?s weak. However, it IS pre-sweep.

Judgment: We do have other guests which deserve the Guest Slot. Say bye to this one.

Level 7 Ability: Arrow Assault!
Hits: 14
Damage: 1-4 each
BTH: 0 each
Element: Wind
Type: Ranged
MP cost: 70

Analysis: It?s a spell that does Ranged damage, so the formula for damage would be STR/10 + DEX/40. Over 14 hits, this spell is INCREDIBLY damaging, and is really perfect for taking Sneaks down. For the damage that it can hit, 70MP cost is cheap.

Judgment: Once again, the Knight response to Dracomancer. Except that Warriors can definitely use this spell, and they love it.

Level 8 Ability: Armour Ascent.
80 MP Cost
Damage: Two hits of 160% base and random damage each. BtH from all Equipment is set to 0%. Stat bonus to BtH is added normally.
Melee Conversion

Analysis: For 320% Base and Random damage, the 80 MP cost might be worth it? if it wasn?t for the Cavalry Charge. Since BtH from all equipment is set to 0, you?re going to miss pretty often in this AQ world that?s in the process of being Swept.

Judgment: This ability would actually be one of a Knight?s staple sources of damage if it wasn?t for the Cavalry Charge, which has MUCH better BtH

Level 10 Ability: Cavalry Charge.
80 MP Cost
All hits convert to melee.
? First hit: 100% base and random damage, no additional BtH
? Second hit: 80% base and random damage, +5 BtH
? Third hit: 60% base and random damage, +5 BtH
? Fourth hit: 60% base and random damage, +5 BtH
And, 25% of the time:
? A fifth hit of 60% base and random damage, +5 BtH

Analysis: A consistent 300% Base/Random with full accuracy from your stats and weapons, unlike Armour Ascent. There?s also some additional BtH as well. (It is minor, though.)

Judgment: A powerful ability, and definitely worth the 80 MP which you spend.

Knight, Final Conclusion: This is still a Pre-Sweep armour, so there are a number of things which don?t make sense, and a number of things that probably seem under/over- powered. We?ll have to deal with it. Mace Stun is useful combined with Nerfpets. Arrow Assault is Knight?s answer to Dragon?s Wings (To Sneaks too.) It?s Elemental Defences are only average, though the Combat Defences are relatively decent for a Pre-Sweep class armour. This Class Armour won?t last long in your inventory, in fact, I wouldn?t buy it at all for now due to the availability of Ninja. If you do, though, Warriors and Hybrids can definitely use this class to great effect.



Ninja Class Armours:?Shinobi Shozuku

REQUIREMENT: Rogue Level 5, Fighter Level 5

ASSUMPTIONS: Class Level 10, Scaled Class Level 10

Normal Attack
2 Hits
Damage: 130.5% B/R/S
BtH: 13%

Comments: At level 40 (You?ll be around there by the time you finish levelling this Class) 270% Base/Random/Stat per turn is pretty high. Class Armours are making standard armours look pretty obsolete, don?t you think?

Level 1: Swift Slash! (Active)
Damage: 468.44% Base/Random
Stats: 616.53%
SP Cost: 214
BtH: 13%

Analysis: Looking at sheer numbers alone gets me pretty surprised. You deal over 4x normal damage with decent accuracy. The SP Cost is pretty high, but there?s not doubt that it?s pretty worth the cost

Judgment: An accurate, and powerful offensive ability. But do watch your SP levels.

Level 2: Smoke Bomb ? Active
Effect: Enemy takes -5% BtH to all attacks. Last for Four turns, or until you switch armours. Carries over to next battle.
SP Cost: 130

Analysis: Increasing your Blocking is always good, however, at the cost of 130 SP seems to be expensive. However, Merciless Strikes have a higher chance of occurring, so it balances out.

Judgment: If you plan to use your full Ninja Combo on your target, activate and hack away. However, if you want to stall, I think using a Misc Item is far more cheaper on the SP.

Level 3: Dragon Double! ? Active
This takes one turn. You gain +5 to your Combat Defences until the beginning of your next turn.
If your opponent?s FIRST hit misses, then you deal 261% B/R/S

Analysis: It?s the same as your standard attack, but you have to block in order to inflict damage. However, if used in conjunction with Smoke Bomb and Merciless Activates? it?s 390% B/R/S, which is very strong.

Judgment: Use when long battles are in sight. Dragon Double+Smoke Bomb+Misc item to tank out your enemy and pray for a Merciless Strike.

Level 4 ? Merciless! ? Passive
Assumptions: Ninja Class 10, Class title is Ninja, Smoke Bomb is Active. Only applicable to Dragon Double counter-attacks and attacks used when opponent is Paralysed by Viper?s Bite
Chance for a Merciless Strike: 25% to deal 150% Base/Random/Stat of whatever attack you?re using.

If Ninja Death Strike is being used, in addition to all effects above.
Effect: 30% Chance to Merciless. 600% Base/Random/Stat

Analysis: This situational critical strike is nifty. It only activates if your opponent is paralysed or if you?re using Dragon Double. Moreover, it only occurs 25% of the time. If you like abusing Viper?s Bite or Dragon Double, this skill will be very useful to you. A great thing about this is that it?s a Passive ability, so if it activates, it?s great, but if it doesn?t, we?ll just find another way to survive.

Judgment: A potentially powerful passive ability with great synergy, especially if you can Paralyse your opponent, or in long battles where high Combat Defences are necessary.

Level 5: Sacred Duality! ? Active
Hits: 2
Damage per hit: 356.5% Base/Random
Stats per hit: 469.2%
BtH: 8%
MP Cost: 250

Analysis: Big Ouchie. The numbers are VERY impressive. It deals about 4x Ninja?s Normal Attack. But be careful when using it due to the conflicting nature of Duality.

Judgment: Best used against enemies like BURPs, Elite Frogzards, and other monsters which have defences which are average across the board. It?s powerful, but quite situational.

Level 6 ? Summon Ninja Tortoise ? Active
Element: Darkness.
SP Cost: 17/43 (In Ninja/Not in Ninja)
Damage: 19-57
BtH: 17%
Stats: 459%

Analysis: A decent guest. It is, after al, post-Sweep. The SP Upkeep is pretty cheap, but since Ninja?s abilities are pretty darn costly on the SP, watch it.

Judgment: Worth summoning if you think you don?t need the SP for other purposes. The damage is pretty high for a class that lasts you from 30-60.

Level 7 ? Ninja Stars!
Hits: 4
Damage: 110.95 Base/Random per hit
Stats: 146.05% per hit
BtH: 18%
SP Cost: 214

Analysis: A powerful ranged converter which converts to an element of your weapon!

Judgment: Very decent and powerful. It?s a touch dependent on your stats, though, so the Pure Warriors would use this ability best. Beastwarriors are no slouch either, but the Pures will have it best for now.

Level 9: Viper?s Bite! ? Active
Hits: 2
Damage: 117.11 Base/Random per hit
Stats: 154.13% per hit
BtH: 13%
SP Cost: 214

Analysis: Pray hard that both hits connect and paralyse. Once that happens, pull out all the stops in hitting with your Strongest Ninja Attack for a chance of a Merciless strike.

Judgment: Incredibly great synergy with Merciless. Any paralysis has strategical use, but the SP Cost is expensive, use sparingly.

Level 10: Ninja Death Strike ? Active
Type: As Weapon
Element: As Weapon
Hits: 1
Damage: 234.22% Base/Random
Stats: 308.27%
BtH: 13%
SP Cost: 214

Analysis: It?s really weak. It doesn?t even out damage your normal attack. However, there is that 30% Chance of getting a Merciless Strike, where you have a grand total of 1405% Base/Random and 1849% Stats?

Judgment: Ninja is all about a chain of commands. You?ll need your other skills to pull this off successfully.

Ninja, Final Conclusion: It?s normal attack alone shows its offensive power. Standing at an impressive 260% B/R/S, few armours at level 30-60 can compare to it. Ninja is all about a series of spells that you have to pull off in order to get maximum damage. First, throw down a Smoke Bomb, if you don?t have the SP, scale Viper?s Bite back down, then attempt a paralyse. If you paralysed, go for the Death Strike. The SP cost will keep you from dealing the most amount of damage, but all you should be aiming for is a paralyse with Viper?s Bite. With all the hype about the Smoke/Bite/Deathstrike combo, we?ve almost forgotten about Swift Slash, Sacred Duality and Ninja Stars! These three abilities, while costly in terms of SP and MP, are very good sources of damage. Swift Slash is highly accurate, and the Ninja Stars have the ability to Ranged convert, which is invaluable sometimes. Despite being aimed for the level 30-60, I believe this armour will still have use even into the 80s, before an Uber Plate is obtained. This class is highly recommended for Warriors and Hybrids.



Pirate Class Armours:?Sea Scourge,?Swashbuckler?s Raiment

REQUIREMENT: Fighter level 10, Rogue Level 5

ASSUMPTIONS: Class Level 10. Scaled Class Level 10

Normal Attack
1 Hit
220.6% Base/Random/Stats

Comments: Slightly weaker than Ninja, however, it should be noted that Pirate is a more defensive class compared to Ninja.?

Level 1: Swab the Mob
Element: As Weapon
Type: As Weapon
2 Hits
Damage: 16-48 Per hit
Stats: 358% Per hit
BtH: 17%
MP Cost: 257
Stat bonus to damage is STR/10 + DEX/40 + LUK/20
Stat bonus to BTH is DEX/8 + LUK/20

Analysis: It seems that all the Swept armours are relying a great deal more on stats, don?t they? The numbers of the damage doesn?t seem much, however, the Stat bonus to damage is pretty high. However, it is slightly costly in terms of MP for the numbers that I?m seeing currently.

Judgment: The MP Cost is slightly high, especially if you?re a Warrior. It?s good for short bursts of damage, but that requires your stats to be decent as well. Pure builds will be dealing better damage than the Hybrids or Beasts for this one.

Level 2: Summon Petey
Hits: 1
Type: Ranged
Element: Wind
Damage: 18-54
Stats: 400%
BtH: 17%
SP Upkeep: 21/43 (In Pirate Armour/Not in Pirate)

Analysis: Wow. Just Wow. . Petey even has the chance to Taunt an enemy, reducing their accuracy! This is a very strong pet both for strategical and accuracy purposes!

Judgment: Should be used and summoned whenever in a Pirate Class Armour. Incredibly accurate and reasonably strong for it?s intended levels (30-60)

Level 3: Swash Defense ? Toggle
Effect: + 5 Melee Defence
SP Upkeep: 3

Analysis: This is what makes Pirate one of the more defensive Class Armours. The addition of 5 Melee defence at a mere 3 SP Cost is very cheap and valuable.

Judgment: Faced against the Troll Family, this is incredibly useful.

Level 4 ? Keelhaul!
Hits: 2
Type: ?As Weapon?
Element: ?As Weapon?
Damage: 176.48 per hit
BtH: 8.5%
SP Cost: 257

Analysis: To be honestly, the numbers are disgusting to me. Dealing triple base/random at the cost of 257 SP is really bad.

Judgment: Don?t use this. Pirate has a lot more to offer than just raw damage anyway.

Level 5: Jolly Rotten Roger
Hits: 3
Type: Magic
Element: Darkness
Damage per hit: 15-45
Stats per hit: 172%
BtH: 17% + Stats
MP Cost: 257

Stat bonus to damage is STR/16 + CHA/16
Stat bonus to BTH is CHA/16 + DEX/16 + LUK/20

Effect: Attempts to make opponent AFRAID if at least one hit connects.

Analysis: Now, this is what I?m talking about. Beastmaster Warriors are probably going to love their choice when they see the stat bonus to this spell. It even has the extra ability to make the opponent Afraid, which is an incredible strategical advantage.

Judgment: The MP Cost is high, but that?s what you get when you include a status effect. The damage cannot be compared to a Mage?s standard spells, of course, but it?s not that weak either.

Level 6 ? Cannon Fodder!
Hits: 1
Type: Ranged
Element: Fire
Damage: 67-200
Stats: 761%
BTH: 17%
SP Cost: 193

+Stat bonus to damage is STR/10 + DEX/40 + LUK/20
++Stat bonus to BTH is DEX/8 + LUK/20

Analysis: When they said ?great fire damage?, I had no idea how great it was until I did the numbers for myself. The damage on this skill is really impressive, at a whopping 67-200 damage, WITHOUT stats. With the 761% Stat bonus, the damage will be shooting into the 200s easily.

Judgment: A powerful spell, perfect for Warriors to use, since it even costs SP. Because of the high SP Cost, use sparingly.

Level 7 ? SeaLeg Swagger ? Toggle
While active, +6 to Ranged Defence. Costs 3 SP per turn. You cannot have both this and Swash. Defence active.

Analysis: Pirate Armour is actually quite a good defensive armour to tank in. This will help you survive Sneaks much better. At pirate level 10, your Ranged defence will have a grand total of about 45.

Judgment: This definitely gives points to Pirate as a defensive armour for Warriors. The only other Class Armour with blocking ability and resistance to match is Serpent Fang.

Level 8: Grog ?n Flog
Effect: 3 Hits, Fire followed by Wind. If the Fire hit connects, chance to Burn enemy.

Hits: 1
Type: Ranged
Element: Fire
Damage: 17-50
Stats: 190%
BTH: 17% + Stats

Hits: 2
Type: Ranged
Element: Wind
Damage: 35-104
Stats: 394%
BtH: 17 + Stats
MP Cost: 257

Analysis: The first Fire hit might seem weak, however, it does provide you with a chance to Burn for more damage over time. The Wind hit has really nice numbers. Together, both Fire and Wind hits should be able to deal 257, bring your overall efficiency to 1. Once we factor in the burn? We?re going to have a real time of damage.

Judgment: It?s pretty darn strong and can last you into the 60s. The Burn damage over time will help boost the damage, instant returns are expected here. XD

Level 9: Plunder
Effect: Attempt to steal 1 HP and 1 MP potion from your opponent.
Hits: 1
Type: ?As Weapon?
Element: ?As Weapon?
Damage: 132.36% Base/Random
BtH: 8.5%
Analysis: If you want to steal potions, go ahead!

Judgment: Good only for stealing Potions. As an attack, it isn?t too good. No cost, though.

Level 10: Davey Jones? Locker
Effect: If at least ONE tentacle hit connects, it will attempt to Entangle the opponent.
Hits: 4
Type: Magic
Element: Water

First 2 hits (Locker hits):
Damage per hit: 16-47
Stats per hit: 179%
BTH: 17% + Stats

Last 2 hits (Tentacle hits):
Damage: 8-23
Stats: 86%
BTH: 17% + Stats

MP Cost: 257

Analysis: For an entangling spell, you?d definitely expect a cut in damage. And the cut in damage seems pretty severe, especially to the Tentacle Hits. However, -40 DEX is still a useful ability.

Judgment: Depending on what monsters are being released in the future, this ability may have better uses in the future. Currently, though, you might want to stick to Swab the Mob, or other spells.

Pirate, Final Conclusion: Pirate focuses primarily on defence and disruptive statuses so that you can survive longer. It?s a near-polar opposite of Ninja, which seeks to kill an enemy quickly. Swab the Mob is a great damaging skill. Jolly Rotten Roger, Cannon Fodder, Grog and Flog and Davy Jones? Locker are all powerful disruptors that make your life easier. Petey is also a guest worthy to take note of. He is INCREDIBLY accurate, (Provided that the numbers don?t lie?) and the Taunt effect will definitely help you tank out the damage in Pirate. Overall, it?s a defensive class focused on disrupting your enemy?s rhythm of battle. Due to the Stat formulas from which this class gets its bonuses from, this class is suitable only for Warrior Variants and Hybrids.?



Vampireslayer Armours: Vampire Slayer, Nighthunter Vampire Slayer

For now, not even worth evaluating. This Class is simply far too weak and has no strategical advantage compared to other pre-sweep armours like Knight, Dracomancer and Wizard. Until the Sweep hits Shadowslayer, I won?t even bother.?



Wizard Class Armours:?Generalist,?, Pyromancer,?Hydromancer,?Aeromancer,?Cryomancer,?Geomancer,?Dynamancer,?Lumenomancer,?Tenebromancer


Normal Attack: 250% Base/Random, 450% Stat (*85/(85+BTHMod) (BTHMod = -5 to +5)
BtH: 8% (+ or ? 5%)

Elemental Wheel.

                Water      Earth
           Ice                    Fire
                 Wind      Energy

Comments: Once again, like Mage, we have another armour which simply isn?t suited for attacking in. It?s defences aren?t that good either, but it?s a ?Squishy Mage? armour (Quote from IMR). It?s got AWESOME stuff that affects spells.?

Level 0: Arcane Efficiency (Passive)
If your Class Title is ?Wizard?, your spells cost less mana

Generalist: Your spells costs 5% less MP/SP/HP.

Title Ability ? Flaming / Rocky / Shadowy / Flooding / Frosty / Blowing / Radiant / Shocking Efficiency
If your Class Title is ?Wizard?, your ELEMENT spells cost significantly less mana

All others: Your spells cost 10% less MP/SP/HP
This only applies to spells whose database element ? like, what it shows in the shop or in the quick-cast bar ? is the proper element. For example, Spellcraft will NEVER get the bonus, since it?s Neutral.

Analysis: For the Generalist, 5% less MP. For the Specialists, 10%. At no penalty to your own spells? Awesome. Let?s combine that with Fairy Godmother (For non-BM Guardians.) and you?ll definitely be able to pull off around one more spell.

Judgment: It?s a passive ability that gives no penalties for improved efficiency, let?s take advantage of it!

Level 0 ? Arcane/ Flaming / Rocky / Shadowy / Flooding / Frosty / Blowing / Radiant / Shocking Potence (Passive)
Your affinity with the elements allows you to boost the power of your spells!

This applies based on the individual hit of the spell. For example, Spellcraft WILL get the bonus if it?s the proper element. For Elemental Doom, only the hit of the proper element will get the boost, but the other hits won?t.

Generalist Effect: 138% BRS to all Spells.

Specialist Effect: 172% BRS to Your Element?s spells.

Analysis: Wow. At no further penalty (The defences and attack is crappy enough as it is.) Generalists get a 40% Boost to all spells. Specialists have a 70% boost to a particular element. This damage boost is FREE too.

Judgment: Awesome. Pyromancers and Lumenomancers will be the new ?Farm Nightreign? Armours.

Level 1: Arcane Dive
Cost: 210 SP
Hits: 1
Type: Melee
Element: Your Weapon
Damage: 620% Base/Random, 1124% Stats.
BTH: 8%
Note: Note: Stat bonus to damage is INT/8, possibly +LUK/4. Stat bonus to BTH is INT/16 + DEX/16 + LUK/20.
Note2: Do not apply any triggers/effects from the weapon that switch its Type or Element. Other triggers/effects (like what the Blood Crystal Axe has) are still applied.

Level 1: Firestorm / Boulder Blast / Shadow Drop / High Dive / Snowflake Fall / Downburst / Luminous Leap / Ball Lightning
Cost: 107 SP
Hits: 1
Type: Melee
Element: Your Weapon
Damage: 775% Base/Random, 1405% Stats. (Subject to damage modifier on different Robes.)
BTH: 8% (Subject to BtH Modifier on different Robes)
Note: Note: Stat bonus to damage is INT/8, possibly +LUK/4. Stat bonus to BTH is INT/16 + DEX/16 + LUK/20.
Note2: Do not apply any triggers/effects from the weapon that switch its Type or Element. Other triggers/effects (like what the Blood Crystal Axe has) are still applied.

Analysis: For the Generalist, expensive in terms of SP, but you can choose the element. The damage is most definitely pretty high. Specialists get a lot more out of this skill. The SP Cost is halved, and you deal more damage than the Generalist. However, you lose the ability to choose your element.

Judgment: Specialists should feel free to use this. it?s strong, if slightly inaccurate. If you can afford the lousier defences against your opposing element, then go ahead. Generalists, on the other hand, need to watch their SP.

Generalist Level 3: Summon Elemental
Summons an elemental, based on the element you have selected in the skill menu. Cast again to dismiss it.

Specialist Level 3:Summon Elemental
Summons an elemental. You get to choose between your element, and the two allied elements. *Pokes the elemental wheel above*

(Insert Element) Elemental:
Damage: 19-57
Stats: 459%
BtH: 17%
MP Upkeep: 45
Note1: In same element or Allied, Upkeep is 90% of above amount. In Generalist, 100%, in anything else, 120% of the above amount.
Note2: In Same element Wizard armour, 110% damage, if in allied Element or Generalist, 100% Damage. If anything else, 80% damage.

Analysis: Looks like we have a new Beastmaster? One of these does a lot better than any of the Beastmaster?s Guests. Generalists can summon any of them. Which is really awesome.

Judgment: Specialists are limited in their choices, though, and I doubt you?d want to summon a same element guest against a monster that needs that element to kill. Still, a strong guest at level 70.

Level 4: Arcane / Flaring / Rocky / Shadowy / Flooding / Frosty / Howling / Radiant / Shocking Amplification ? Guardian Only
MP Cost: 34/28 (Generalist/Specialst)

Effect: When toggled on, every turn, the abovelisted mana is expended to add a Charge to your Amplification. That?s what Efficiency is for, XD. You save that bit of mana to use it here!

Release Element / Unleash the Flames / Seismic Slip / Call the Night / Cresting Tide / Hypothermia / Collapse the Front / Daylight / Discharge Current ? Guardian Only

Generalist (Arcane Lore Off / Arcane Lore On)
BtH: 17% At ALL Charges. (Subject to DOUBLE the normal Modifiers)

00 Charges: MPCost 273     62-186   554% Stat / MPCost 273      087-262   779% Stat
03 Charges: MPCost 273     70-209   621% Stat / MPCost 324      095-285   846% Stat
07 Charges: MPCost 273     86-258   765% Stat / MPCost 392      111-333   990% Stat
10 Charges: MPCost 273     96-288   855% Stat / MPCost 443      121-363   1080% Stat

Specialist: (Arcane Lore Off / Arcane Lore On)
BtH: 17% At ALL Charges (Subject to DOUBLE the normal Modifiers)

00 Charges: MPCost 195     099-297   0883% Stat / MPCost 195      130-391   1164% Stat
03 Charges: MPCost 195     108-325   0967% Stat / MPCost 232      140-420   1248% Stat
07 Charges: MPCost 195     129-386   1147% Stat / MPCost 280      160-480   1428% Stat
10 Charges: MPCost 195     141-423   1259% Stat / MPCost 316      173-518   1540% Stat

Analysis: A large amount of damage, regardless whether Specialist of Generalist. The damage and Bonus to Hit is affected by DOUBLE the usual modifiers. This makes Fire the most damaging, but the most inaccurate as well.

Judgment: The Specialist gets better efficiency, but the Generalist has better versatility. Regardless, the extra mana that you save from Efficiency can go to this seriously powerful spell.

Level 5 ? Arcane / Pyroclastic / Tectonic / Shadowy / Alluvionic / Glacial / Cyclonic / Luminous / Electric Lore

Effect: Increase power of spells by 50% in addition to its Potence boost.
MP Cost (Generalist / Specialist): 200% / 175%

Analysis: Awesome. Generalists get 190% power at 190% MP Cost (After taking Efficiency into consideration.) Specialists get 220% damage at 160% MP Cost. I let the numbers speak for themselves.

Judgment: Awesome. This increases your damage output especially against glass cannons such as Goggs and Sarah. This skill is what makes the Specialists so incredible at farming certain spots!

Level 6 ? Gybbi?s Arcane / Flaming / Rocky / Shadowy / Flooding / Frosty / Blowing / Radiant / Shocking Fist ? Guardian Only

Generalist / Specialist
Element: Selectable / Specialist Element
Hits: 1

Damage: ???
LvlDiff is equal to (ScaledPowerLevel ? MonsterLevel), to a maximum of 20 (and no minimum).
LvlMod is equal to 0.00004*LvlDiff^3 + 0.0008*LvlDiff^2 + 0.0183*LvlDiff + 1.
(MonsterBaseHP*0.064*LvlMod) damage, to a minimum of round(0.0075*ScaledPowerLevel^2 + 1.125*ScaledPowerLevel + 10.5)/2 damage

Stat: 449.6% / 562%
MP Cost: 339 / 257
BtH: 17%
Effect: Deals damage based on opponent?s Level and HP. Double effect of BtH Modifiers of individual Robes.

Analysis: The higher the enemy?s HP and the lower your opponent?s level compared to level 70, the better the damage.

Judgment: Too dependent on enemy HP and your level advantage odds are you won?t be doing much damage with this.

Level 7 ? Arcane / Element Sage

Sage Defence
SP Cost per turn: 56 / 54
Effect: -5% to element of choice / -7% to OPPOSING Element

Greater Sage Defence
SP Cost per turn: 113 / 109
Effect: -10% to element of choice / -14% to OPPOSIING Element

Analysis: -5% for 56 SP per turn? Ouch. Increase it proportionally? Double ouch on SP costs.

Judgment: Personally, I think that this SP Cost is rather expensive. At lower levels, you?ll barely be able to keep up Greater Sage defence for more than 5 turns before you run out of SP. There are many things to do with SP! Guests, Misc items are the most used. Better effects can be used for SP? Especially in the next skill.

Level 8 ? Dharna

Generalist / Specialist
SP Cost: 22 / 80
Effect: Adds 257 MP to your current MP pool. (Not affected by ANY Spell effects.)

Analysis: For once, the Generalist gets an advantage. Reason being that there?s because it?s all rounded and less able to take damage, there are fewer opportunities to use it effectively. Specialists can sit in this against their own Element and regenerate MP. Generalists get a decent advantage here. 22 SP is regenerated fairly easily, although a single spell usually costs more than that. However, for a level 70 spell, this is ideal.

Judgment: Viable to be used for healing loops. Especially if you?re a Beastmaster Mage.

Level 9 ? Elemental Explosion
Cost: 256 MP
Hits: 8
Type: Magic
Element: One hit of each element.
Damage: 10-29
Stats: 85.07%
BtH: 17%

Analysis: The Wizard?s version of Elemental Doom. Because of it?s multi elemental nature, it deals awesome damage on paper.

Judgment: Used properly, you have really awesome hits. Fantastic against stuff like BURPs and the like.

Level 9 ? Volcanic Apocalypse / Sinkhole / Eclipse / Deluge / Ice Age / Tornado / LACER / Supercell
MP Cost: 257
Damage (Total): 66-192
Stats (Total): 562%
BtH: 17%

Analysis: Damage. Just pure damage.

Judgment: A fairly standard level 70 spell.

Level ? 10
Conflagration (WIZ1) / Earthquake(WIZ2) / Fell Midnight(WIZ3) / Mana Tide(WIZ4) / Frostbite(WIZ5) / Vacuum(WIZ6) / Solar Flare(WIZ7) / Thunderbolt(WIZ8)

Generalists are able to cast all spells, but do not gain their Critical Effects. Specialists can cast their Element?s spell, but have a chance to Critical.
Hold ?Control? and hit ?F? to find the spell that you?re interested in.

For ALL Spells.
Hits: 3
Damage: 2 Hits of 10-30, 87% Stat and last hit of 20-59, 174% Stat.
BtH: 17%
Only the FIRST TWO HITS are required to connect before the roll is attempted.
The Critical Effect can be inflicted IN ADDITION to the normal effect UNLESS it?s the same but Stronger status.
Monsters of the Spell?s Base element are IMMUNE to that Spells effects. Eg: Earth monsters are immune to the effects of Earthquake.


Effect: If the 2 hits connect, 100% chance to attempt Burn (Level 70), if only 1 hit connects, 25% chance to attempt Burn.
Critical: If 3rd Hit connects, if Burn infliction is SUCCESSFUL, automatically rolls again to inflict Third Degree Burn (Burn level 80 AND monster gets -7 penalty to roll. If Burn Infliction NOT successful, 70% chance to roll again with monster taking no penalty.

Analysis: Burn baby burn. You would generally win most rolls based on your INT against monster END alone. Most monster?s END aren?t too high below level 70. However, the monster gets a +10 to it?s save, so it?s basic infliction is only 40%. Your Intelligence MUST be high in order to win this roll. The Critical effect gives you a basic 57% to inflict, which is slightly better, this, of course, is subject to you passing the first roll, otherwise, it attempts at a basic 50% (Which is still pretty decent.)

Judgment: While the +10 hurts the Generalists, the Critical effect of the Pyromancer makes this spell worth using. Generalists, if you?re desperate for a Burn, use it, otherwise, stick with your own spells. Definitely awesome to stack up the passive damage, besides, Burn is one of the most damaging passive effects there is.


Effect: If first 2 hits connect, inflict Aftershock (Renamed?Spiritual Seed.) with monster taking -10 penalty. If 1 hit connects, monster gains +20 to its Roll. Countdown ranges between 2 turns to 5 turns.

Critical: If the 3rd Hit connects, 77% chance to attempt to inflict?Petrify?opponent for one round. While Petrified, opponent cannot act, and Wind resistance increased by 1.5x Earth Resistance.

Analysis: A delayed Earth hit. The longer the countdown, the better the damage. Both Generalists and Specialists can use this spell decently. However, the roll for Aftershock is your INT vs Monster STR. This isn?t too good, be sure to make sure the Monster is a mage-type, or has lower Strength than your Intelligence before you try to inflict Aftershock. Specialists have a 77% chance to inflict Petrify if the third hit connects, which is the Earth version of Freezing. Enemy Wind defence is increased by 1.5x it?s Earth defence. Furthermore, the roll doesn?t take a penalty.

Judgment: Aftershock is a great status, just watch out for the roll against Strength. Petrify doesn?t take a roll penalty, so its infliction rate is decent.

Fell Midnight

Effect: If either of the first two hits connect, the monster becomes?Afraid?for 4 turns. 27% Chance of not acting each turn if enemy was hit by both hits, 20% chance of not acting if only hit by 1.
Critical: If third hit connects, 73% chance to attempt to inflict?Panic, which reduces enemy damage to 75%

Analysis: Afraid has always been a decent Status. Generally, once inflicted, you save yourself a turn of damage. Furthermore, it?s Critical effect reduces enemy damage to 75%, further increasing your effective HP. Having INT against Monster CHA also helps a great deal. Not many monsters have CHA at all, which gives you a huge advantage in swinging the rolls into your favour. This is especially helpful for Afraid, where the monster has a +20, bringing base infliction rate to 30%. Hoever, Panic has a base 70% infliction rate, and with your INT being much higher than monster CHA (Most of the time.) Any attempt at Panic should be successful.

Judgment: If you?re finding yourself taking a beating, consider inflicting Fear and praying for the best. It might save yourself a few turns worth of damage.

Mana Tide

Effect: If both of the first two hits connect, monster takes MP damage equal to *45/62 of damage dealt.

Critical: If the third hit connects, 38% to gain?Regain Mana?status. It?s level is 70, and applies ONLY to Water Element spells.
Analysis: Mana damage. Monsters are getting slightly more mana-reliant now. When used strategically, it?s pretty strong. However, it?s critical only applies to Water spells, limiting its usage. Still, some extra mana doesn?t hurt.

Judgment: A highly situational MP attack. Only use if your opponent is dependent on MP, AND weak to Water.


Effect: If at least ONE of the first two hits connect, the attempt to inflict?Numb?status. If both hits connect, and infliction is successful, monster takes -50 DEX for 5 rounds, if only one hit connects and infliction successful, monster takes -25 DEX for 5 rounds.

Critical: If the third hit connects, 77% chance of attempting to?Freeze?the monster. When Frozen, the enemy is unable to move for one turn, and have its Fire resistance. increased by 1.5x its Ice resistance.

Analysis: Numb effectively reduces enemy Blocking by 5, allowing you to hit more often. Once again, you use INT rolling against Monster?s END, which benefits you greatly, furthermore, the monster takes a -9 to its save, bringing your basic infliction to 59%. This isn?t too shabby. Freeze, however, has a 30% basic infliction rate. You definitely need to pump that INT to swing the odds in your favour.

Judgment: Numbing your opponent, followed by a chance to Freeze is incredible. Numb reduces opponent defence, effectively increasing your accuracy, synergising very well with the Freeze effect, which makes the monster very vulnerable to Fire. The effective -5 to opponent?s combat defence gives you a better chance to connect with the next, very painful, Fire Spell that you?ll use.


Effect: If at least one of first two hits connect, attempts to inflict?Vacuum. If infliction is successful, monster takes -50 END for 5 rounds if both hits connected, or -25 END for 5 rounds if only one hit connected. Monster categories ?Robot?, ?Undead? and ?Golem? are immune to this.

Critical: If third hit connects, 61% chance to attempt to inflict?Choke. If infliction successful, monster deals 60% damage for 2 rounds. Monster categories ?Robot?, ?Undead? and ?Golem? are immune to this.

Analysis: With a basic 59% infliction for Vacuum, this status is quite damaging. Decreasing enemy END by 50 effectively reduces its overall health. Be sure to kill him within the next five turns, otherwise, he?ll get his health back as his END returns. Choke is a more potent Panic, reducing enemy damage to 60%, but only for two turns. Still, a 61% chance to attempt, along with a 70% basic infliction rate is incredibly strong. The Roll is against END as well, so if you?ve already reduced his END by 50, the Choke will have a high chance of succeeding.

Judgment: Make sure you kill your opponent within five turns of inflicting Vacuum. You might have reduced his maximum health temporarily, but you really don?t want that health coming back at an inopportune time.

Solar Flare

Effect: If at least one of the first two hits connects, attempts to inflict?Blind?on monster. If infliction successful, monster takes -10 BtH for 3 rounds if both hits had connected, and -10 BtH for 2 rounds, if only one hit connected. Light element monsters are immune to Blind.

Critical: 53% chance of the third hit dealing double damage. If it connects, monster is automatically Dazzled for -5 BtH. If monster is currently Blind, then Blindness ?fades slowlyand becomes Dazzled for -5 BtH after duration expires.

Analysis: Blind is an awesome status. In this case, your base infliction rate of Blind is 70%!!! This is really high! For the next 2/3 turns, you effectively have +10 to all your combat defences. The 3rd hit has a 53% chance to deal 250% damage, and regardless whether the critical kicks in or not, when the 3rd hit connects, the monster will automatically be Dazzled, taking a further -5 BtH for three more turns after the initial Blind has ended.

Judgment: Blind is an incredibly useful status, with the monster taking a -20 to its save, its basic infliction rate is already really high. All you need to do is to boost your accuracy so that the third hit connects for the Dazzle effect.


Effect: If at least one of the first two hits connects, attempts to inflict?Daze?on opponent. If infliction successful, Monster has 27% chance of not acting if two hits connected, or 20% chance of not acting if only one hit connected.

Critical: 48% chance of inflicting?Celerity?to yourself. Monster makes a save to resist this with -20 penalty. If monster has a bonus or penalty to saves against any version of Celerity, monster uses the LESS PENALISING instead of a -20 penalty. (Eg: Opponent?s bonus to Celerity is +10, monster will get a +10 instead of a -20 penalty.

Analysis: Daze has a base 30% infliction rate, however, it uses your INT against Monster?s END, so you should be at an advantage here. It has a Fear-like effect, but shorter though. Don?t pin your hopes on Daze saving you as opposed to Fear. Celerity, on the other hand, is an incredible status. It gives you a full extra turn if you?re successful. It?s attempt rate is by far the lowest, at 48%, however, you basically attempt to get an extra turn once in every two turns! Most monsters do not have a resistance to Celerity yet, so you are generally attempting to inflict Celerity at a 70% base rate. Using INT against Monster LUK is actually not too bad either. For most monsters, LUK is a final stat added late in the game, in the level 100s, so, for level 70 use, most monsters don?t have much LUK while your INT should be a primary stat. However, the Minor roll is your LUK against Monster INT. This isn?t good, even though it?s only a Minor roll. Pure LUK Mages will break even, hopefully, however, Hybrids and DEX Mages will lose out here. Still, the loss isn?t that great. In the worst case scenario, your base infliction will be decreased to 60%. (Highly unlikely at level 70s)

Judgment: Definitely worth using, and arguably the most powerful of all the Invocations. Celerity gives you a full turn of damage, allowing you to kill your opponent more quickly.

Wizard, Final Conclusion: Efficiency and Potence are incredible, and PASSIVE to boot. Summon Elemental gives you versatility in picking your Guests. Amplify/Release is a great spell, especially if you?ve been using the extra MP saved with Efficiency to charge this. Lore makes high level Mages farm really fast. Level 9 Explosion gives really damaging spells, and definitely helps if you?re lacking a spell in a particular department. Specialists get the most fun effects, with the Critical effects of the Elemental Invocation. Lower levels up to 70 will enjoy using the Invocations, for they have many special effects that will help them through the game. High levels will use the Robes for farming.?

Martial Artist: Crouching Frogzard Style


Crouching Frogzard Style Class Armour:?White Gi

REQUIREMENT: Fighter Level 10

Assumption: Class level 10

Normal Attack
1 Hit
Damage: 130% Base, 140% Random, 100% Stats
BtH: 5%

Comments: One of the irritating things about the Martial Artist Class is that they force you to buy the White Gi before you can move on to buy the other Gi?s. You waste about 3k gold, but gold is easy to come by nowadays, and 3k should be no more than a day?s run at Ballyhoo.

Level 1: Claw Slash ? Active
Cost: 20 SP
Hits: 1
Damage: 145% Base, 155% Random, 100% Stats
BtH: +15% + Stats

Analysis: Look at Ninja and pirate. Look at their Normal Attack values at Class level 10. Are you really sure you want to use this?

Judgment: Useless, and definitely shouldn?t be used if you have Ninja or Pirate class armours

Level 2: Leaping Strike ? Active
Cost: 40 SP
Hits: 1
Type: Melee
Damage: 160% Base, 210% Random, 100% Stats
BTH: 10%

Analysis: Once again, we look to Ninja and Pirate as comparisons.

Judgment: Same as above. Useless.

Level 4: Chi Blast ? Active
Cost: 30 MP & 30 SP
Hits: 1
Type: Ranged
Element: ?As Weapon?
Damage: 220% Base, 230% Random, 100% Stats
BTH: 15%
Stat Bonus to damage is INT/8.
Stat Bonus to BTH is [CHA/16 + INT/16 + LUK/20]

Analysis: Sounds nice? Slightly more accurate than Ninja or Pirate, but it takes its bonuses from INT instead of STR and DEX like the previous two skills before it.

Judgment: You won?t be using this armour for very long, thankfully?

Level 5: Zard?s Bite ? Active
Cost: 70 SP
Hits: 2
Type: Melee
Element: ?As Weapon?
Damage: 130% Base, 130% Random, 100% Stat followed by 140% Base, 140% Random, 100% Stat
BTH: 20% followed by 15%

Analysis: Finally, something that actually beats the BASIC ATTACK of Ninja and Pirate. *rolls eyes*

Judgment: It?s not too worth using, considering the SP cost. We have a lot of better things to do with 70 SP.

Crouching Frogzard Style, Final Conclusion: *Sigh* The White Gi definitely is worthless. That you actually spend 6k on it is laughable. Both Pirate Class armours and Shinobi Shozuku beat this armour hands down. Then again, this White Gi only holds the first Five abilities of your career as a Martial Artist. I can assure you, that as you pick a Style and level up, things can only get better? I hope?

Martial Artist: Dragon?s Breath Style


Dragon?s Breath Style Class Armour:?Ancient Spirit Gi

REQUIREMENT: Martial Artist level 5

ASSUMPTION: Class Level 10

Note: For ALL Dragon?s Breath Style Abilities. Stat Bonus to damage is INT/8. Stat Bonus to BTH is [INT/16 + CHA/16 + LUK/20]

Normal Attack
1 Hit
Damage Type: Melee
Damage: 130% Base, 140% Random, 100% Stats
BtH: 20%

Comments: The first of our four schools of Martial Artists applies to the Mages. Yes, Mages, you can be a Martial Artist too! Its base attack is weak compared to Pirate and Ninja, but this armour still offers a number of abilities that can help you through the use of Chi!?

Level 6: Chi Shockwave ? Active
Cost: 50 SP & 70 MP
Hits: 1
Type: Magic
Element: Energy
Damage: 60-80. 210% Stats
BTH: 30% + Stats
Stat Bonus to damage is INT/8.
Stat Bonus to BTH is [INT/16 + CHA/16 + LUK/20].

Analysis: As I said, things can only get better after White Gi?s pathetic attempts to stand up to my careful evaluations! Although a fixed element of Energy, it deals respectable damage for the cost of 70MP and 50SP. It is also highly accurate, and it?s raw BtH beats most level 90+ Spells.

Judgment: It can probably replace your energy spell from level 50-65, don?t stretch it past 70, though.

Level 7: Chi Barrier ? Toggle
Cost: 5 SP & 25 MP per round
Gives +5 to all Combat Defences.

Analysis: +5 to all defences definitely helps you. However, the SP and MP Upkeep is painful over long battles. While Ancient Spirit Gi is no slouch in defence, its better to use Miscs to get your Defences up.

Judgment: Should not be used for incredibly long battles due to MP Upkeep.

Level 8: Defense Boost ? Passive

While I did say in my introduction that I would not comment on Defence boosts, I have to comment on Ancient Spirit Gi?s defences. 83% to all elements, while providing decent offensive capabilities is quite a dream come true. It?s combat defences are no slouch either, coming in at 37 for Melee/Ranged/Magic. If you want an armour that can last you for pretty darn long (Mages) The Ancient Spirit Gi can be your stepping stone to the Protector Set.?

Level 9: Chi Torrent ? Active
Cost: 75 SP & 90 MP
Hits: 4
Type: Ranged
Element: ?As Weapon?
Damage: 75% Base, 40% Random, 100% Stat* each for a grand total of 400% Base, 160% Random, 400% Stat
BTH: +0% + Stats** each
Stat Bonus to damage is INT/8.
Stat Bonus to BTH is [INT/16 + CHA/16 + LUK/20].

Analysis: The numbers seem to be impressive. Keyword being ?seems.? The Chi Shockwave deals a fixed 60 damage at its base. This means you need a weapon that deals 15 Base damage to actually beat Chi Shockwave. That weapon exists in the form of Golden Axe, which a level 50-60 Character will not have.

Judgment: However, despite this problem, Chi Torrent will serve you well as a Ranged Converter. Despite the loss in damage, it is far more versatile. This is much better for characters with high stats.

Level 10: Chi Onslaught ? Active
Cost: 100 SP & 100 MP
Hits: 4
Type: Melee
Element: ?As Weapon?
Damage: 80% Base, 50% Random, 100% Stats*; 75% Base, 45% Random, 100% Stats*; 75% Base, 45% Random, 100% Stats*; 130% Base, 130% Random, 100% Stats*
Grand total: 360% Base, 270% Random, 400% Stats
BTH: +10% + Stats**; +5% + Stats**; +5% + Stats**; +20% + Stats**
Stat Bonus to damage is INT/8.
Stat Bonus to BTH is [INT/16 + CHA/16 + LUK/20].

Analysis: It deals respectable damage, with decent accuracy. It?s main advantage comes in the form of converting your usually magic weapons to Melee, and the stat bonus to damage ignores the nerf that Mages have taken.

Judgment: This will serve you well as a Melee Converter if you happen to chance across a monster that you can?t beat down with spells or your Magic Weapons.

Dragon?s Breath Style Class, Final Conclusion: A Class well suited for Mages. The Stat rolls for training are all against INT anyway. The final two skills provide you with a Ranged and Melee Converter, which can be advantageous when used at the correct times. Moreover, it has very impressive defences which will last up till level 70 where Mages should get Protector. Due to the nature of the Stat Bonuses to BtH and Damage, this Class is suitable for MAGES only.

Martial Artist: Fist of the Troll Club


Martial Artist: Fist of the Troll Club Class Armour:?Mountain Cudgel Gi

REQUIREMENT: Martial Artist Level 5

Assumption: Class level 10

Normal Attack:
1 Hit
185% Base, 165% Random, 150% Stats
BtH: -5% + Stats

Comments: From its normal attack, you can probably guess the theme of this Class? armour. That?s right, power at the cost of accuracy.?

Level 6: Crushing Blow ? Active
Cost: 80 SP
Hits: 1
Type: Melee
Element: Earth
Damage: 300% Base, 300% Random, 250% Stats
BTH: 0% + Stats
?If the hit connects, the monster is dazed for 3 rounds (rounded down). If your class is Martial Artist, the monster is dazed for a total of 5 Rounds
?While dazed, the monster takes -10% BTH.
?Daze does NOT stack

Analysis: The first of the abilities that the Way of the Troll Club offers is surprisingly powerful at 300% Base/Random, 250% Stat, AND has a strategical boost. -10% BtH is equivalent of +10 Combat Defence. Considering the mediocre defences of the Mountain Cudgel Gi, this -10% BtH is very welcome.

Judgment: Definitely worth using. Sadly, it?s fixed as Earth. However, the Daze effect is incredibly useful.

Level 7: Way of the Klonk ? Active
Cost: 90 SP
You heal [30 + 4*ClassLevel] HP. On your next turn, you automatically perform the following attack:
Hits: 1
Type: Melee
Element: Earth
Damage: 350% Base, 350% Random, 250% Random
BTH: -5% + Stats

Analysis: You give up a turn, regenerating 70 HP, then hitting your opponent back for Earth damage at -5% BtH. This is NOT Dragon Double, and neither is the Mountain Cudgel Gi an armour for you to tank in. Mediocre defences prevent you from making full use of this ability.

Judgment: If you think you can out-stall your opponent using this move, you?re wrong. Never use this ability when possible, unless you?re really desperate for health and damage.

Level 8: Power Boost ? Toggle
Cost: Free!
While active, all attacks from the armour deal 125% Base and Random damage, but take -10% BTH.

Analysis: If Ironthorn had a lower level version, this would be it. The 125% Base/Random increase is welcome, but the -10% BtH is something to watch out for, especially since this Armour?s accuracy isn?t that high to begin with.

Judgment: We all love Ironthorn, why shouldn?t we love an Ironthorn effect packed into a Class Armour? However, mediocre defences once AGAIN make it slightly problematic if battles are to last longer.

Level 9: Fist of Fury ? Active
Cost: 100 SP
Hits: 1
Type: Melee
Element: Earth
Base: {6.67 + 6.67*[30 + 4*ClassLevel ? MonsterLevel]/[30 + 4*ClassLevel]}% of the monster?s base HP (minimum 0)
Random: 0
Stats: 200%
BTH: 0% + Stats

Analysis: Firstly, ensure that the monster?s level is NOT above level 70. If above level 70, don?t even bother using it, because you?ll only deal 6.67% of Monster?s HP. Reducing enemy health by a percentage is an advantage, however, you have a level limit of monsters up to level 70. Can be useful in some situations, but this skill?s use will be drastically reduced after level 60.

Judgment: It?s possible to be used from level 50-60, but once you start encountering level 70+ Monsters, you won?t ever be using this ability.

Level 10: Stunning Fist ? Active
Cost: 130 SP
Hits: 1
Type: Melee
Element: Earth
Damage: 350% Base, 350% Random, 280% Stats
BTH: -5%
Effect: If the hit connects, there is a 50% of paralysing the monster for 1 round. If your current class is Martial Artist, there is a 60% chance of the paralysis instead.

Analysis: Not only do you deal very high Earth Damage, you also get a chance to paralyse your enemy.

Judgment: Since the chance is fixed, pray hard. The 130 SP that you consume to cast the Stunning Fist is worth it, both in terms of damage and effect. A minor -5% BtH is a small price to pay for such power and strategical advantage.

Way of the Troll Club Style Class, Final Conclusion: This Armour offers very strong Earth attacks. If by level 50, you still haven?t found your Blade/Staff/Dagger/Spear of Awe, these Earth Converters will be like a dream come true. It offers two strategical advantages, one being Daze, the second being Stun. Some defence has been sacrificed, but it?s just decent enough for you to finish a battle quickly. Included in this Armour is also a mini-Ironthorn, which will definitely help you with the damage boost. Some skills are inaccurate, but it?s only a small -5%, which rarely affects you from level 50-70. Due to its very melee nature, only WARRIORS or HYBRIDS should train this Class.

Martial Artist: Slithering Sneak


Slithering Sneak Style Class Armour:?Serpent Fang Gi

REQUIREMENT: Martial Artist Level 5

Assumption: Class level 10

Note: FOR ALL SLITHERING SNEAK SKILLS. Stat Bonus to Damage is Stat Bonus to damage is [DEX/16 + STR/16], Stat Bonus to BTH is [DEX/8 + LUK/20]

Normal Attack
1 Hit
Damage: 135% Base, 145% Random, 100% Stats.
BtH: 15%

Comments: A quick look at Serpent Fang Gi tells us two things. One, it?s attack is pretty low, but its got pretty decent accuracy too. And of course, the one thing it excels most at is its Defences, which I?ll elaborate on later.

Level 6: Counterattack ? Toggle
Cost: Free!
Hits: 1
Type: Melee
Element: Earth
Damage: 80% Base, 80% Random, 100% Stat*
BTH: +10% plus Stats
Effect: If your current class is Martial Artist, you deal [100 + ClassLevel]% Stat Damage instead.

Analysis: Activate Counterattack at the start of a battle, and simply attack in Serpent Fang, allowing Counterattack to make up for your lost damage. While the damage doesn?t seem very high, higher Levels of Slithering Sneak gives Counterattack a damage boost.

Judgment: An excellent stalling tool, especially combined with Serpent Fang?s superior defences.

Level 6: Sneak Skin ? Toggle
Cost: 15 SP per round
Effect: Increase Melee and Ranged Defences by 5 Each.

Analysis: This is DEFINITELY superior to Ancient Spirit?s Chi Barrier. It costs only 15SP a round, doesn?t require a turn to activate, stacks with Misc items, and Counterattack for GREAT synergy.

Judgment: Activate when in long battles especially against the Troll Family, where they hit hard, but inaccurate. Watch the pain roll in as Counterattack stacks up!

Level 7: Defense Boost ? Passive

Within the Martial Artist Class, two class armours stand out for defence. Ancient Spirit, and Serpent Fang. Serpent Fang offers much higher Blocking, but some of its elements are at 90%. However, with Sneak Skin, Misc Items and a proper shield, this defensive armour can last you from the 50s and into the 70s! My own Beastwarrior used it into mid-seventies before I got my first uber Plate. The Defences of Serpent Fang are definitely worth a mention for incredible blocking.

Level 8: Coiled Sneak ? Active
Cost: 85 SP
Hits: 2
Type: Melee
Element: Earth
Damage: 160% Base, 160% Random, 100% Stats; 130% base, 130% Random, 100% Stats
Bth: 20% + Stats each

Analysis: Usually, by level 50, most characters would have their Awe weapons by now, having another Earth converter is nearly useless. It also costs 85 SP, which can be a problem for characters in the 50s.

Judgment: However, the Coiled Sneak does to decent damage at uber-standard accuracy. Definitely worth the SP used.

Level 9: Improved Counterattack ? Passive
Cost: Free!
You use the following stats for the Level 6 ability, Counterattack.
Hits: 1
Type: Melee
Element: Earth
Damage: 105% Base, 105% Random, 100% Stat*
BTH: +15% plus Stats**
Effect: If your current class is Martial Artist, the Stat Damage is [100 + ClassLevel]% instead.

Analysis: A 20% increase in Counterattack base and random damage! That?s excellent. It?s also got increased accuracy to boot.

Judgment: A welcome buff to the level 6 Ability. It?ll make outlasting your enemy all the easier.

Level 10: Poison Fang ? Active
Cost: 120 SP
Hits: 2
Type: Melee
Element: Earth; Darkness
Base: 200%; 100%
Random: 200%; 100%
Stat: 100% each*
BTH: +20% plus Stats**; +50% plus Stats**
Effect: 40% Chance to Poison. If your current class is ?Martial Artist?, 50% Chance to poison

Analysis: 300% Damage with high accuracy. This skill has a 50% chance to poison your foe (Your class title IS Martial Artist, right?) as well.

Judgment: Bonus damage in the form of Poison is great. The accuracy will help a great deal too. Sadly, the 120 SP cost is pretty darn high.

Slithering Sneak Style Class, Final Conclusion: This armour offers impressive defences and great synergy in terms of its skills. It follows the theme of accuracy and defence over raw power. Ultimately, it?s impressive Combat Defence (40/35/40) for a level 50 armour synergises with Counterattack and Poison Fang to deal enormous amounts of damage given enough time. Despite it?s Stat Bonuses coming from Dexterity and Strength, Mages can use this as a ?turtling? armour as they throw out their spells. Because of this, they can also take advantage of Counterattack! Since the Stat Rolls are against DEX, this Slithering Sneak Style is suitable for ALL BUILDS (Barring 0 DEX Variants.)?

Martial Artist: Gogg Claw


Gogg Claw Style Class Armour:?Swift Talon Gi

REQUIREMENT: Martial Artist Level 5

Assumption: Class level 10

Hits: 2
Type: Melee
Element: ?As Weapon?
Damage: 100% Base, 100% Random, 100% Stats.
BTH: -3% each
If your current class is Martial Artist, you gain +[0.5*ClassLevel]% BTH on all attacks from the armour.

A word of warning. This particular Style of Martial Artist completely abandons defences for incredible attack power as its namesake suggests. Pure Builds will use this armour best, since the stats of DEX and LUK will help to make up for the lack of defence in this armour.?

Level 6: Rapid Strike ? Active
A rapid series of punches imitating the fast paced Earthen bite attacks of a Gogg
Cost: 80 SP
Hits: 3
Type: Melee
Element: Earth
Damage per hit: 100% Base, 100% Random, 80% Stats
BTH: 20% + Stats each

Analysis: 300% Base, 300% Random, 240% Stats. This number seems to come nearly straight out of the Mountain Cudgel Gi. However, with high damage AND high accuracy, your defences are compromised severely.

Judgment: A powerful Earth Converter which is highly damaging and accurate.

Level 7: Lightning Kicks ? Active
A series of 3 kicks infused with Energy
Cost: 90 SP
Hits: 3
Type: Melee
Element: Energy
Damage: 70% Base, 60% Random, 80% Stats; 60% Base, 90% Random, 80% Stats; 150% Base, 130% Random, 80% Stats.
BTH: 15% + Stats each

Analysis: A grand total of 280% Base, 280% Random, and 240% Stats. It?s slightly weaker than Rapid Strike, probably because of a conversion to Energy, which is far more useful the Earth.

Judgment: It?s accuracy and damage is quite worth its SP Cost.

Level 8: Power Boost ? Toggle
Cost: Free!
While active:
?+20 LUK
?All attacks from the armour deal 115% Base and Random damage.
Defences are decreased.

Analysis: At the cost of your defence, you increase the amount of damage you deal by 15%. This ability is perfect for short battles which attempt to kill an enemy very quickly.

Judgment: Only use this ability if you wish to end a battle quickly. It?s a little too risky to leave this ability toggled on in a long battle.

Level 9: Flurry of Blows ? Active
Cost: 100 SP
Hits: 4
Type: Melee
Element: Earth
Damage per hit: 80% Base, 60% Random, 80% Stats
BTH: +10% each

Analysis: I really feel that you?re better off using Rapid Strike instead. Comparing the two, Rapid Strike has 300% Base, 300% Random and 240% stats. Rapid Strike only loses to Flurry by 20% Base, but beats it by 60% random damage. Also, Rapid Strike is more accurate, at a base of 15% BtH

Judgment: Flurry of Blows should not be used. Rapid Strike, on average, should deal higher average damage due to the 60% Random difference.

Level 10: Hundred Claw Strike ? Active
Attack in a blinding blur of motion like the Gogg, quickly delivering 3 Energy kicks and 2 Earthen punches
Cost: 140 SP
Hits: 5
Type: Melee
Element: Energy; Energy; Earth; Earth; Energy
Base: 95%; 95%; 70%; 70%; 95%
Random: 70%; 60%; 40%; 40%; 60%
Stat: 80% each
BTH: 5% plus Stats each

Analysis: A grand total of 425% Base, 270% Random, 240% Stats. This is definitely the tip-top of your offensive abilities.

Judgment: Very powerful. It is dual element, though Energy and Earth rarely clash, it?s use is quite limited.

Gogg Claw Style, Final Conclusion: Incredibly PATHETIC Defences are the cost of high power and decent accuracy. Please remember that if your Class is Martial Artist, all your abilities get a further +5% to hit, increasing their overall accuracy by a bit. Once again, Rapid Strike is stronger than Flurry of Blows, weird as it sounds. Do be careful when using this armour. Since this Class? Stat rolls against LUK, only PURE WARRIORS or PURE MAGES should even attempt to train up this class. Annihilator Builds might find this class more to their liking than the other three Martial Artist Styles. Suitable for use from 50-65. Beyond that, monsters hit a great deal harder, defence becomes the best offence.

Tier 3




Assassin Class Armours:?Whispering Raiment
Requirement: Scholar Level 5, Ninja level 10.

Normal Attack
Two hits
130.5% BRS, 16% BtH.

As raw attack power goes, Assassin is relatively weak, considering how Shinobi Shozoku does that exact same percentage of damage. However, Assassin is primarily a defensive based armour, with high Combat Defences across the board at a minimum of 40 each. It defends primarily against Water, Wind and Earth at 66% to all three, with a 81% to Fire, Ice and Energy. Light and Darkness are its primary weaknesses, at 91% each. For a level 90 armour, its defences are pretty decent, and its offence is just average, until we factor in Dual Wield.

Dual Wield

Offhand Weapon
Melee Damage: 12-34 (Ranged converts to Melee. Stat bonuses are taken from your Primary Weapon.)
Magic Damage: 9-25
BtH: 11%

Total 3 Hits
78.3% BRS for first 2 hits, stats are taken from your weapon (Assuming Assassin?s normal attack, NOT SPECIALS)

3rd Hit
Attacking with Offhand Weapon (After all calculations done.)
Melee: 21-60
Magic: 16-45
Stats: 177%
35SP Cost (If your Class Title is Assassin) Otherwise, 70.

Analysis: By Dual Wielding, if you?re using a standard weapon, your output should increase quite significantly. Stat damage is increased to around 310% Stats, there exists NO Weapon in AQ that have the numbers that the Offhands have. They?re strong. Period. You might only see a slightly lower damage output if Specials occur very often, but at 20%, it shouldn?t be too bad.

Judgment: Impressive numbers, after all the calculation, your final Base/Random of the weapon is pretty strong, and has accuracy of an uber armour. Consider that its effective SP cost is only around 10, (Factoring in your own regeneration) you can use this ability quite a lot.

Yajuu Dageki

40% Success Rate. 60% Of the time, No damage dealt.

NOT Dual Wielding.
585% BRS
16% BtH
Convert to Harm damage. No SP Cost.

Dual Wielding

Total 3 Hits
176.2% BRS for first 2 hits, stats are taken from your weapon (Assuming Assassin?s normal attack, NOT SPECIALS)

3rd Hit
Attacking with Offhand Weapon
Melee: 21-60
Magic: 16-45
Base/Random: 225% (Take the above numbers)
Stats: 398.25%
SP Cost: 21 (If your Class Title is Assassin) Otherwise, 42.

Analysis: This is where yet another of Dual Wielding?s use comes in. 40% of the time, at 21 SP per cast (When Dual Wielding), you hit with Harm damage, at a significantly higher amount than normal. A total of 340% BRS with your primary weapon, and a 2.25 multiplier for the offhand?s Base/Random is impressive. Not to mention the 400% stat that the Offhand takes into account. Really powerful. However, it only occurs 40% of the time. The damage compensates for its success rate.

Judgment: It?s one of the few sources of Harm damage, and should definitely be carried around so that Zeel Defenders and Terrorzards can be dealt with relatively easily.


+1 Melee, +2 Ranged, +3 Magic Defence for 12 SP a turn.

Analysis: Not particularly worth its SP cost, however, by toggling this on. Backstab becomes available for use.

Judgment: Only use if you plan to Backstab. Otherwise, keep this off. 12 SP A turn is quite a lot, especially once you factor in Dual Wield.

Death from Above.
Reload: 80 SP
Loads in 4 Bolts.

Analysis: That?s quite a lot of SP to use in one Load.

Judgment: Do not Reload unless you plan to shoot your Bolts later on. Otherwise, it?s a waste of your SP

ALL Death from Above skills use OFFHAND WEAPON STATS!

  • Fire Crossbow
    1 Hit
    Damage: 462.94% BRS
    BtH: 16%
    SP Cost: 34
    Uses ONE BoltAnalysis: At a respectable 463% BRS for only 34 SP cost, this is worth the SP. But please do note that you have used a turn to Reload, so the damage must make up for this lost turn.

    Judgment: Warriors will most definitely be able to use this effectively. The Wind conversion will also help you a great deal, especially if you?re lacking in a decent Wind Weapon.

  • Bolt of Judgment
    Element Seeking
    2 Hits
    Damage: 334.95% BRS Each
    BtH: 16%
    SP Cost: 287
    Uses TWO BoltsAnalysis: A very impressive 670% BRS total with Element Seeking capability. This really explains why the SP cost is so high. It?s really powerful, but once again, it balances out because you DID give up a turn to Reload. It?s SP cost is slightly expensive, though, at 287, and it uses the Offhand Weapon stats, which is quite base heavy.

    Judgment: If you?re somehow lacking in an Element of any kind and need to Element Seek, this is the ability for you.

  • Toxic Tempest
    3 Hits
    Damage: 256.79% BRS.
    BtH: 16%
    SP Cost: 230
    Uses THREE BoltsAnalysis: Three hits of strong Wind damage with a chance to Poison. Relatively decent, dealing a 768% BRS total. On average, around 350% BRS per turn.

    Evaluation: Ain?t too shabby, but there are far better sources of Poison without using SP, since SP is rather valuable to an Assassin. Even though the Monster doesn?t take a buff to its roll for this Poison, Rascorpion, Creptus or even the ScorpZards do better.

  • Rain of Disaster
    All Eight elements
    8 Hits
    Damage: 55.84% BRS
    BtH: 16%
    SP Cost: 172
    Uses EIGHT BoltsInflicts Prismatic Burn
    9-39 per hit. 8 Hits. Auto-connect.

    Analysis: You need two turns to set up Rain of Disaster before being able to pull it off. If, and only IF the final attack connects, will Prismatic Burn be attempted to be inflicted. Prismatic Burn in itself is a pretty darn damaging Status. Every turn, you?re doing 72-319 damage. It?s incredible, and has to make up for the long setup time.

Judgment: If a battle is going to stretch, the Rain of Disaster might pull things into your favour. This status is incredibly damaging, of course, don?t use this against Monsters with elements in the negatives.

Sneak Attack
Type: As Weapon
Element: As Weapon
2 Hits
Damage: 506% BRS per hit.
Accuracy: 21% BtH + Stats
275 SP Cost.

Analysis: Impressive numbers. 1000% damage with uber standard accuracy at a 275 SP cost. Really not too shabby. However, the requirement is that you must first win the Initiative roll, which means being in Whispering Raiment at the start of the battle.

Judgment: Obsolete once Backstab is obtained. The extra 45 SP cost for 10% more damage simply isn?t worth it once you have Backstab. Moreover, being required to be in Whispering Raiment at the start of the battle just to activate this ability is a constraint. While Assassin isn?t weak defensively, the necessity of taking the first hit in Whispering Raiment just to activate this is limiting.

Summon Hitokiri
Damage: 27-77
Stats: 558%
SP Upkeep: 34/57 (Whispering Raiment Equipped/Any other Armour)
22% BtH

Hits: 1
Type: Melee
Element: Darkness
Damage: 100% of the above Base, Random, and Stat damage
BTH: +0 plus Stats each

Hits: 1
Type: Melee
Element: Darkness
Damage: (85/95) of the above Base, Random, and Stat damage
BTH: +10 plus Stats each

Hits: 1
Type: Ranged
Element: Darkness
Damage: (85/75) of the above Base, Random, and Stat damage
BTH: -10 plus Stats each

Hits: 1
Type: Ranged
Element: Darkness
Damage: 25% of the above Base, Random, and Stat damage
BTH: +0
EFFECT: Inflicts Poison

This costs two HP potions; if you don?t have them, then he performs one of his other attacks randomly.
Hits: 1
Type: Ranged
Element: Darkness
Damage: 300% of the above Base, Random, and Stat damage
BTH: +0
The Hitokiri is then dismissed or unsummoned.

Analysis: This guest is AMAZING. Whispering Raiment is a reasonably defensive armour, so there?s no reason NOT to sit in it while your Hitokiri struts its stuff! It?s got incredible Darkness damage, which you can adapt to every situation! Start the battle of by Poisoning your enemy, then use the Normal/Accuracy/Power attacks for the rest of the battle! Sacrifice isn?t too worth it, in my opinion, I feel that it?s better to allow the Hitokiri to carry on to the next battle, and then Dismiss it with the Pet Whistle during that point in time. You lose out in SOME damage, but overall, you may save a potential turn from Re-summoning it.

Judgment: If you need bonus Darkness damage, this is the perfect Guest for you. At level 90, the effective SP cost is only around 7, provided you don?t use anything else. SP is there to be used, and it regenerates too. Use this whenever you can.

Seek Weak Point
10 Hits
Type: As Weapon
Element: As Weapon
Damage: 44% BRS
BtH: 16%
SP Cost: None

Analysis: Most often used in conjunction with Zetsubou Dageki, since the infliction is predicated on your attack to connect. The bonus 10% to hit is great for hitting stuff like Am-Bushes or even Sneaks. Of course, it depends on how many of the attacks hit.

Judgment: Good on theory, but it may not necessarily live up to the hype. Realistically speaking, the only reason you?ll use this is against monsters with high blocking. To overcome that blocking, you?re going to need to use this at least twice to get that +10% BtH. (The first use will add the bonus to the second use.) Quite novelty, in my opinion.

Zetsubou Dageki
1 Hit
Damage: 0
Type: As Weapon
BtH: 16%
SP Cost: 242

Inflicts Spiritual Resonance
Three turn Delay before inflicting HARM damage.
Damage (Before Modifier): 83-383

Analysis: You give up your turn, planting a Spiritual Seed that will detonate in three turns for 83-383 Harm Damage. The SP cost may seem to be high for its damage, however, this is Harm damage, which can cut the time of battles against GoldenZards and Zeel Defenders. This is also one of the few ways to kill a Terrorzard before level 100.

Judgment: As Harm damage goes, it?s among the top in damage. Once inflicted, you?re pretty sure that you deal around 200 damage. And since this is SP, both Warriors and Mages use this effectively.

Element: As Weapon
Type: As Weapon
Damage: 1000.75% BRS
Accuracy: 21% + Stats
SP Cost: 230

Analysis: A huge improvement over Sneak Attack. It costs 45 SP lesser, and does only 10% lower damage.

Judgment: If you can spare the SP to use for bursts of damage, I have no objections. Personally, I?d rather maintain Hitokiri or my Offhand weapon. Of course, if you?re up against Goggs, and you need burst damage, this is something you should look into. Not useless by any means, but places where its truly powerful are rare.

Finishing Blow

Choose one of the four following abilities.

  • Stalwart SolitudeYou gain +5 to all Combat Defences.

    IF your opponent?s first hit misses, you perform the following attack.
    1 Hit
    Element: As Weapon
    Type: As Weapon
    Damage: 1503.36% BRS
    BtH: 16% + Stats
    SP Cost: 303

    Analysis: It seems that Counterattacks are getting more and more common, this is a massively improved version of Shinobi Shozoku?s Dragon Double. Block one attack and you deal a huge whack into your enemy.

    Judgment: Make sure you stack up the buffs required to cut your enemy?s accuracy as far as possible. Black Cat is always a great summon to have, Misc items can be used to further boost the chances of blocking. For those of you with access to Blind, you should most definitely use it too.

  • Blade ShotSummons Wallo (Guest) to attack for one turn.

    1 Hit
    Element: As Weapon
    Type: Ranged
    Damage: 81-151
    Stats: 1264.36 (Taken from CHARISMA)
    BtH: 12% + Stats (Taken from CHARISMA)
    SP Cost: 291

    Analysis: As Assassin?s skills go, this is one of the more inaccurate ones. It gets a decent boost to its Accuracy if you?re a Beastmaster, but otherwise, that?s it.

    Judgment: A Beastmaster will most definitely use it well. It serves as a powerful Ranged converter, if heavy on SP. Once again, I think that there are a couple of better things to do with SP rather than squander it all on a single hit.

  • Kiss of Death
    Summons Shii (Guest) to attack for one turn.1 Hit
    Element: Energy
    Type: Magic
    Damage: 76-141
    Stats: 1116% (Taken from CHARISMA)
    BtH: 22% + Stats (Taken from CHARISMA)
    SP Cost: 242
    Effect: Attempts to PARALYZE for one turn.

    Analysis: Paralysis is always a nice ability to have, and Shii hits more accurately, if not harder. She is, also, however, limited to an Energy attack only. It is, however, a strong hit, if just slightly weaker than Wallo?s attack.

    Judgment: The Paralysis makes up for most of its problems. It?s a decent Energy attack, accurate, with a reasonable SP Cost. An excellent addition to your arsenal of Nerfs.

  • Assassin?s Creed10 + (ScaledPowerLevel-MonsterLevel-DR)% of Success for immediate death.

    If this attack is successful you deal:
    Hits: 4
    Type: Magic
    Element: Death
    Damage: A base of Monster?s HP and a random of 0
    BTH: 300


    Hits: 4
    Type: Magic
    Element: Dark, Energy, ?As Weapon?, Fire
    Damage: 107.66% BRS for Dark, Energy and Fire hits. 57.42% for <As Weapon>
    BtH: 16% + Stats
    SP Cost: 492

    Analysis: A chance of Instant Death on an enemy. The lower the level of the opponent, the better. If it fails, the damage really isn?t fantastic?

    Judgment: It?s only good for Instant Death, otherwise, the damage really sucks. Quite the all or nothing ability.



Necromancer Class Armours:?Necromancer Cloak,?Obsidian Cloak (Guardian Only)

REQUIREMENT: Wizard Level 5

Normal Attack:
Necromancer Cloak:
Hits: 1
Attack Type: Converts to Melee
Damage: 200% Base, 200% Random
Stats: No
BTH: +20%
Special: 10% Chance to cast Undead Mutant (at no MP cost) at Class level 9 and above.

Obsidian Cloak:
Hits: 2
Type: Melee, Magic
Element: ?As Weapon?
Damage: 150% Base and Random; 75% Base and 100% Random
Stats: 0%, 100%
BTH: +5%, +0%
Special: 10% Chance to Cast Undead Mutant (at no MP cost) at Class Level 9 and above

The second of the two Tier 3 Armours. Interestingly enough, the non-Guardian version?s normal attack has uber-standard accuracy.

Level 1: Undead Giant
Hits: 1
Type: Melee
Element: ?As Weapon?
Damage: 540% Base and Random
Stats: No
BTH: +20%
Cost: 30 MP

Analysis: Five times normal damage, at the cost of no stats. However, with that much raw power, who needs the stats?

Judgment: A very cheap costing ability which will help greatly in farming.

Level 3: Necro Heal!
You lose 10% of your maximum HP, and gain 10% of your total MP.

Analysis: Exactly as it said above. Wizard Robes is much better for regenerating MP.

Judgment: Don?t use Necro Heal unless you?re Untraining Stats. Wizard Robes is more efficient.

Level 4: Death Dog!
Cost: 80 MP
Upkeep: None
Hits: 1
Attack Type: Melee
Element: Darkness
Damage: 15 ? 45
BTH: +50
Attack Rate: 80%

Analysis: At class level 10, the Doom Wolf is available, which has extremely high BtH. It even attacks 80% of the time. Accurate, and decently powered for a pre-sweep Guest

Judgment: Of course, compared to the Ninja Tortoise, the damage sorta sucks. Do remember, Necromancer is still considered Pre-Sweep.

Level 5: Skull Swarm!
Hits: 2
Type: Ranged
Element: Darkness
Damage: 300% Base and 200% Random each
Stats: Yes
BTH: +20% each
Cost: 60 MP

Analysis: A total of 600% Base, 400% Random, 200% Stats for 60 MP? Wow. It even converts into Ranged! This ability is also Ironthorn compatible, further boosting that huge amount of damage!

Judgment: A very powerful ability! The raw percentages alone are nasty!

Level 6: Zombie Hands!
Hits: 5
Type: Magic
Element: Darkness
Damage: 50% Base and 25% Random each
Stats: 100% each
BTH: +5% each
Effect: For each hit that connects, you lose 2% of your maximum MP and heal 2% of your maximum HP.
Cost: 30 MP

Analysis: Heal 10% of your HP at the cost of 10% of your MP + 30 MP. Personally, it?s not all too worth it because the damage is quite crappy. At 5% BtH, you?re sure to miss, especially against monsters above level 70.

Judgment: Shouldn?t be used. I feel that you?re better off using Pots. The damage is also very weak.

Level 7: Fear!
Hits: 1
Type: Magic
Element: Darkness
Damage: 0% Base and Random
Stats: 100%
BTH: +1000% <?Not a typo
Effect: Reduces the monster?s Combat Defences by 3 each.
Cost: 60 MP

Analysis: It doesn?t do any damage whatsoever beyond what you stats help you to do. However, it WILL always connect with 1000% BtH, and reduce Combat Defence by 3 Each. Reducing Combat Defence is important, especially when you?re up against the new monsters with very high Combat Defences. And only for 60MP! That?s really great.

Judgment: A very strong ability to be used against Sneaks and Am-Bushes. Can be combined with Nerfpets for more Nerfs!

Level 9: Undead Mutant!
Summon a savage undead mutant to deal five melee attacks each of which do up to twice the damage of a normal attack at the cost of receiving no stat bonuses!
Hits: 5
Type: Melee
Element: ?As Weapon?
Damage: 200% Base and Random each
Stats: No
BTH: +30% each
Cost: 125 MP

Analysis: 10 times normal damage with no stats. With that kind of damage, who needs stats anyway? This is a skill commonly used by warriors in farming spots. Mage?s should just stick with their spells.

Judgment: Raw power alone can muscle you through farming spots to end battles very quickly.

Level 10: Become a Lich!
When you die, if the effect is fully charged, you can choose to gain the Lich temporary armour. This does NOT let you continue the current battle. See the Lich Armor entry for details.

Analysis: Surprisingly, Lich Armour offers quite a number of good abilities. Undead Assault offers 560% Base/Random, 300% Stats over three hits at Uber-standard accuracy of 20% BtH! From what I note from the Encyclopedia entry, Terror does not seem to have an MP cost at all, giving you a chance to nerf AND Freeze every turn! Drain will probably be the least used ability. And, it?s Darkness defence is excellent! As mid-level armours go, this temporary armour is powerful, and can be used into the 70s.?

Necromancer, Final Conclusion: Necromancer is a very well rounded class offering both offensive power in terms of Undead Giant (For Adventurers) and Undead Mutant (For Guardians.) Fear is an incredibly powerful ability that will help you in long battles. Skull Swarm has enough raw power such that you won?t need a permanent Darkness Weapon as long as you have this armour (Not until level 70) the Lich Armour is a powerful armour that also gives a number of useful abilities. Although the Stat roll is Intelligence, Warriors would do well to level up Necromancer class due to Undead Mutant. This Class is suitable for ALL Builds



Paladin Class Armours:?Holy Armour,?Golden Holy Armour

REQUIREMENT: Knight Level 5, Mage Level 5

Normal Attack
Holy Armour: 150% Base/Random, 100% Stats (10% chance to do Holy Might after gaining level 9)
Golden Holy Armour: 100% Base Random; 75% Base and Random (10% chance to do Holy Might after gaining level 9)

Comments: Once upon a time, this was among the top multi-hit armours. Emphasis on ?Once upon a time?? It?s defences are decent, and it defends primarily against Darkness.?

Level 1: Bless Weapon
MP Cost: 30
Hits: 1
Damage: 150% Base and 150% Random
BTH: 80%

Analysis: Accurate. Overpoweringly accurate for its mana cost.

Judgment: Perfect for use on Sneaks and Am-Bushes. However, your damage will be slightly low?

Level 3: Holy Rage
MP Cost: 40
Hits: 1
Damage: 100% Base and 400% Random
BTH: 0%

Analysis: If you happen to be lucky, you might hit in the upper limits of the 400% Random. The 40 MP cost is fine for the increase in Random damage.

Judgment: Since it doesn?t element convert, and its cheap in mana cost, it can be spammed.

Level 4: Summon Daimyo
MP Cost: 80
Upkeep: None

Analysis: Daimyo takes up the Guest slot. In a grand total, it deals 12-48 damage with 600% Stats. For an armour which can be obtained at level 40, that number is actually quite impressive. However, the Daimyo is unable to take full advantage of your CHA because at that level, your CHA would only be around 75 or lower, adding only about 5 more Random damage. However, bonus damage is always nice, and it has a minor healing effect too.

Judgment: A useful Guest, although there are many more damaging ones around now.

Level 5: Summon Steed
MP Cost: 60
Hits: 2
Damage: 250% Base and 150% Random
BTH: 0%
Analysis: The accuracy is a little low, but that?s what you give up when you deal 500% Base and 300% Random only for 60 MP. This is a very damaging ability, even stronger than Knight?s Cavalry Charge!

Judgment: Very damaging, if a bit low on accuracy. Very worth using, though.

Level 6: Lay on Hands
As you attack or use an ability in Paladin Class Armour, you get 1 Charge. If you accumulate to 90 Charges, you are able to click on this to fully heal yourself. Once used, the Charges are all used up, and the ability is reset to 0 Charges.
Effect: When clicked and activated, restore you to 100% Health and 100% Mana

Analysis: Attack or use a skill for 90 turns to charge this ability up in preparation for a Boss Fight. This ability is most often used against very scared Mages attempting to do the Quest for the Golden Set for the first time, before they realise how easy Sham actually is.

Judgment: Best used over long quests with a boss at the end that you want a SURE way of winning. With this, you effectively have two lives to take down your enemy.

Level 7: Holy Light
MP Cost: 80
Hits: 1
Element: Light
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 500% Base and 500% Random
BTH: +20%

Trigger: Monster Category ?Zombie? and/or ?Undead?
Hits: 2
Element: Light
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 300% Base and Random; 500% Base and Random
BTH: +20% each

Analysis: A powerful light spell dealing 5x your weapon?s damage. However, the Trigger is much more impressive, dealing a whopping 8 times! Even Warriors can use this ability to great effect because the Stat bonus to damage is very low AND the damage is based on your Weapon Damage anyway!

Judgment: A very strong Light Spell that both Warriors and Mages can use. It is definitely more reliable than Holy Might.

Level 9: Holy Might
MP Cost: 125
Hits: 1
Damage: 400% Base and Random with a special stat bonus (effectively the sum of 4x the bonus you would recieve for your Intelligence and Strength scores).
BTH: -5 + (((4*STR)+(4*INT))/16) + DEX/16 + LUK/20
Element: Light
Attack Type: As weapon except if ranged it is Magic if Intelligence is greater than Strength otherwise Melee.
Normal Stat Bonuses are not recieved.

Zombie and Undead
Hits: 1
Damage: 600% Base and 600% Random with a special stat bonus (effectively the sum of 4x the bonus you would recieve for your Intelligence and Strength scores).
BTH: -5 + (((4*STR)+(4*INT))/16)+ DEX/16 + LUK/20
Element: Light
Attack Type: As weapon except if ranged it is Magic if Intelligence is greater than Strength otherwise Melee.
Normal Stat Bonuses are not recieved.

Analysis: When the Ultimate Guides said that Hybrids had the best of both worlds, you didn?t really expect them to mean it, did you? For Holy Might, and Holy Might alone, Hybrids out-damage all other builds.

Judgment: Best used against difficult Zombies or Undead Monsters. The Dracovamp Lords are among those that all Characters can abuse Holy Might Upon.

Level 10: Resurrect Yourself
Charge: 15
Chance to Resurrect: 15%

Analysis: When killed, you could possibly revive yourself. But it?s only a 15% chance? Don?t get your hopes up.

Judgment: It?s a passive ability that depends on your real-life luck. *Shrugs* Pray hard for good luck.

Paladin, Final Conclusion: Bless Weapon offers incredibly high accuracy at the cost of damage. Summon Steed forms the main bulk of its offensive capabilities. Against Undead and Zombies, Holy Light and Holy Might are available, each one doing an enormous amount of damage to Undead and Zombies. Not to mention that Lay On Hands is a very powerful ability if you find Bosses too difficult for you to beat. And of course, if you like to leave things to Lady Luck, Resurrection might always save your day. Despite using STR as a stat roll, Mages should also train Paladin due to its usefulness against Undead and Zombies, both of which are incredibly common in AQ.?

Conclusions for each Build

In this conclusion, I will suggest classes that each build should train. I have omitted Classes that isn?t particularly worth for a certain class to train. However, there ARE certain classes that should be trained simply to unlock other classes.

Tier One: All Tier One class levels should be maxed out in order to unlock all Tier Two Classes. Fighter Armour is good as an early game offensive armour. Rogue and Mage should stay in your inventory all the way into the 100s due to Jinx and Metamagics. Scholar is quite optional, since its use is limited.

Tier Two: Early on, Dracomancer will provide you with a powerful Wind spell, being Dragon?s Wings. There?s a second option at Knight, with Arrow Assault. Regardless, Knight should be trained to level 5 to unlock Paladin. Berserker provides incredible offensive ability, along with Ninja. Pirate is another useful class for Hybrids. Martial Artist: Slithering Sneak/Fist of the Troll would be best for Hybrids in terms of defences and offence respectively. Wizard is just awesome, giving a much needed boost to a Hybrid?s spells, while providing a decent platform to spellcast at the same time.

Tier Three: Paladin, Necromancer and Assassin levels should be maxed out. All Tier Three classes offer a great deal of powerful abilities that can be used. Undead Mutant and Fear are probably the only two abilities that you?ll use for very long, but do not underestimate the power of Holy Might, especially on a Hybrid. This single ability enables the easy killing of Vamp Adepts and less dangerous Dracovampiresses. Assassin has a multitude of uses, ranging from raw damage, to Harm damage conversion, and status effects that plague the enemy for lots of damage. It?s main use is for Harm damage, although its other abilities really aren?t shabby at all.

Warrior (Rangers who use non-100% Special Weapons):
Tier One: All Tier One class levels should be maxed out in order to unlock all Tier Two Classes. Fighter Armour will be your main staple, with Rogue Outfit coming in a close second for defensive needs.

Tier Two: Knight is an important Class due to Arrow Assault, Mace Stun, and Onslaught. Do train it to level 5 to unlock Paladin. Dragonslayer, Berserker, Ninja and Pirate both make appearances in a Warrior?s inventory for great offensive ability. Once again, Slithering Sneak or Fist of the Troll Club are the best ways to go for the Martial Artist series. However, a Pure Warrior Build will want to consider Way of the Gogg Claw, because your much higher DEX/LUK stat will help offset some of the poor defences. Wizard?s Robes won?t be too useful, but it?s MP Guests are awesome for Warriors. Wizard should be trained to level 5 to unlock Necromancer. Beastmaster Variants will definitely want to carry around Primal Garb.

Tier Three: Although the Necromancer?s stat rolls roll against INT, it should not deter Warriors from training Necromancer Class. Undead Mutant, as mentioned above, is incredibly useful for farming. Fear is another top-notch skill that nerfs enemies, despite you not having much mana pool. Paladin is definitely worth a mention for powerful offensive abilities in terms of Summon Steed, not to mention the surprising power of Holy Light, even on a warrior. Assassin is a source of Harm damage, and that should be reason enough to train it. You get a really hard hit with the Offhand Weapon, not to mention the powerful hits from Ranged attacks (Crossbow).

Tier One: All Tier One class levels should be maxed out in order to unlock all Tier Two Classes. Mage Robes will be your staple armour. It?s not particularly necessary to carry around Figher Armour, because you won?t be attacking much since you have Elemental Sphere. Rogue Outfit is, of course, carried around for Jinx.

Tier Two: Dracomancer is definitely useful for Dragon?s Wings. Dragonslayer is definitely needed on a Mage, because it gives you what is essentially a free Empower on Dragons! Beastmaster Variants will definitely want to carry around Primal Garb. Wizard will now be your primary spellcasting platform, being able to boost your damage for FREE is just plain awesome! Not to mention the plethora of additional special effects. Train Wizard to unlock Necromancer. For Martial Artist Schools, Pure Variants may like to try their luck at Gogg Claw. Any other Variants should be using either Slithering Sneak or Ancient Spirit. While Knight may not be as useful to a Mage, Mages should still train Knight to level 5 to unlock Paladin.

Tier Three: With the spells of their current standards now, they?re much more damaging than what Paladin can offer, but early on, Holy Light and Holy Might can pretty much last as their Light Spells. Once again, Necromancer?s Undead Mutant makes another appearance. Assassin is slightly less damaging, but no less useful. Harm damage is, of course, the main reason why Assassin can stick around for so long.

And that?s the end of the Guide to Class Abilities! I hope that this guide has given you some cookies of wisdom to make your life to Uber-ness much easier!

Thanks to:
The AQ team for creating so many AMAZING Classes for us to play around with!
My cousin who first introduced me into AQ.
Icemaster Yeti who approved this.
The_Game, who gave me my Rater Test, which actually make me THINK about what Class Armours could be used as stepping stones to Uber armours.
Z.324 for giving me advice on the layout of the guide.
AQ Pedia AKs for having the Encyclopedia entries up so that I can steal the information from them. XP
Rasudido for doublechecking my numbers for Plunder to come to the conclusion that there was something wrong with the formula in the Pedia. (16/9/09)
Ocoma for running the numbers for Keelhaul and Plunder to come to the conclusion that the Pedia was wrong. XP.
Icechat?s calculating program for helping me check my numbers for Pirate Class abilities since its Appendix was still empty as of 16/9/09
phoenixfire555 for giving me information on the Pre-Requisites for Classes
Bobwin for pointing out that Wild and Stable DO have their uses, despite being seemingly useless on first sight. I dismissed the raw percentages on sight, thinking they didn?t increase average damage.
Z Grade for the confirmation of Harm damage dealt by Great Dragon
Terosin for doublechecking my Dual Wield numbers.

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