Adventure Quest Custom Weapon Guide


Adventure Quest Custom Weapon Guide by Deimius


Section A ? Frequently Asked Questions
Section B ? Quest for the Custom Weapon
-Section B1 ? Location
-Section B2 ? Quest Guide
-Section B3 ? Monster Encounters
Section C ? Weapon Parts
-Section C1 ? Hilts
-Section C2 ? Handles
-Section C3 ? Blades
-Section C4 ? Gems
-Section C5 ? Custom Weapon Parts Conclusion
Section D ? Weapon Comparisons
-Section D1 ? Comparison Links
-Section D2 ? Warrior Weapons Conclusion
-Section D3 ? Hybrid Weapon Conclusion
Section E ? Closing Notes
Section F ? Acknowledgments

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Section A ? Frequently Asked Questions
What?s the custom Weapon? What does it do?

What is the Custom Weapon?
The custom weapon is very similar to normal weapons in adventure quest, except you can change various aspects of the weapon (by aspects, I mean the element, BtH, damage, and various different specials). You change these aspects by obtaining different parts which you obtain from the Custom Weapon Quest.

Are there any requirements to get the custom weapon? / How much does it cost?
There are a few requirements. The big one it is guardian only. Second, you?ll need 5000 gold and you must be at least level 20 to purchase the weapon.

Are there any limitations to the Custom Weapon?s customization?
Yes. The damage type cannot be changed from melee. This means it?s strictly only for warriors and hybrids and that mages won?t get any stat bonuses for it.

What are custom weapon ?parts?? / What do they do? / Where do I find them?
You can only get the parts in the custom weapon quest. Each part controls an aspect of the custom weapon. Hilts control the element, gems control the weapon?s special, handles control the weapon?s BtH and blades control the weapon?s damage. Not all parts are unlocked straight away. As you level up, more parts become available to you.

What is the chance of get ?
There is an equal chance of getting all parts. Because of this, as you unlock more parts, the chance of getting a specific part gets smaller.

Can I have more than one part for a specific aspect/stack parts?
No. You can only have one type of part controlling one aspect of your custom weapon, at any time. This means only one handle, one blade etc ?

How can I see which custom weapon parts I have?
If you haven?t used your Custom Weapon since you last logged in, it will just be named Custom Weapon (instead of name?s Weapon) and will not give any information really. When you equip it, it should accurately display your weapon?s parts as well as the weapon?s stats.

Also, when you?re awarded with a new part, the old part you currently own, is displayed.

Why didn?t the Custom Weapon get a 33% boost to its base and random damage in the recent melee/ranged weapon boost?


The Custom Weapon is a permanent weapon that replaces itself with a bunch of temps. There?s still a bunch of things that aren?t quite right that we need to work on.

Quoted from Kalanyr.

Section B ? Quest for the Custom Weapon
At level 90+, this quest is seriously tedious. All you can do is keep at it and hope you get lucky.

Section B1 ? Location

1. Start at the main town area (battleon)
2. Head to the guardian tower
3. Go through the door
4. Go right to the stables
5. Then up to the teleporter
6. Next, right to the war room
7. Finally, talk to Logan(the guy standing to your left) and select ?war room mission!?.

Section B2 ? Walkthrough

Yulgar: Welcome to you! My friend Blackhawke has come with some good news. It seems a large caravan carrying a massive cargo of weapon parts was raided in the northern hills!
Yulgar: From what I hear, the parts are scattered everywhere. Someone would just have to wander around for a while, fighting off the occasional monster off course, to find some.
Blackhawke: A little word of advice: Watch out for the bandits who raided the caravan. They?ll be out looking for the parts too, and they?re well-armed.
Yulgar: Bring the pieces back to me when you?ve found the ones you want and I will forge you a custom weapon from them!
Yulgar: You only need to buy the weapon ONE TIME? after that, whenever you go out and find new parts, i will automatically forge it with the new pieces.
Blackhawke: You will find blades that determine your damage, handles that determine your accuracy, hilts that determine your weapon element, and even magical gems that? do magic things. Hmf. I?m a fighter, not a mage.
Yulgar: Well what are you waiting for! Start hunting in the hills for the weapon parts!

You will then enter a Battle. To see a list of all possible monster encounters go to the Monster Encounters Section. If you win you will then have to face a stat roll.

Luck Check!

Search the area for a
weapon part. Ask yourself
if you feel lucky today.

Difficulty: 50
Stat used: Luck

If unsuccessful you will be given two options:

Give up ? This returns you to the guardian tower entrance.
Battle on! ? This puts you into Battle, and you can repeat the cycle

If Stat roll is successful you will find a weapon part and be given two options:

You found:
an ?
You currently have a ?
do you want to keep an?

Keep it! ? you will get to keep the part and will discard the type of weapon piece you had previously.
Don?t take it! ? You will not take the part and keep all previously owned weapon parts.

Either option you choose if you have a complete weapon(one of every type of piece, hilt, handle, blade and gem.) you will be taken to this next screen, also with 2 options.

You now have a complete weapon! Go
back to the inn to buy it! If you already
bought it, you can return to town or
continue questing to possibley
improve your weapon! As you level
up better pieces will start showing

Quest on! ? This puts you into another Battle, and you can repeat the cycle.
Back to the inn! ? This takes you to Yuglar where you get 3 more options.

Yulgar: Welcom back! Remember after you buy your weapon ONE TIME, you don?t need to buy it again. It will be re-forged whenever you go find more parts.

Leave the inn ? Takes you back to the guardian tower entrance.
Quest again! ? This puts you into another Battle, and you can repeat the cycle.
Forge my weapon! ? This will take you to the custom weapon shop where you buy the custom weapon ONCE. If you have already bought the custom weapon, every time you get a new weapon part it will automatically be forged onto your custom weapon.

Name: Custom Weapon
Price: 5000
Level: 20
Sellback: 0
Location: Custom Weapon Quest
Description: Your own unique weapon.

Blackhawke: Now THAT is a fine weapon!

Section B3 ? Monster Encounters

Level 35 or less
Drakel Caster
Drakel Water Mage
The Bloatt
Torch Foot
Evil Eye
Orc Archer
Green Knight(20)
Lance Knight(18)
Axe Knight(12)

Levels 36-69
Junior Zard Pack
Little Gogg
Tank Knight(40)
Orc Bandit
Umazen Bandit
Harpy Warrior
Undead Paladin(42)
Half-Dead Knight(35)
Frost Colussus
Jotun Shevite(35)
Jotun Shevite(55)
Dwarf WarMaster
Duke of HaZard

Levels 70-89
Death Knight
The Roc
Weapon Golem
Drakel Swordmistress
Zard X-3(80)
Rascally Sheepbiter
Rock Man
Black Knight(70)
Tank Knight(70)
Soralag, Drakel/Dragon Hybird(60)
Half-Dead Knight(70)
Drowned Angry BURP
Fire Master

Levels 90+
The Reaper
Mr. Worm
Huge Salamander
Zombie Hydra
Umazen Queen
Pzycho Fiend
Kel-Al Relish, Jr.
Mega BURP(100)
Duke of HaZard(80)

Section C ? Weapon Parts
This is a list of all the weapon parts you get and what level they become available to you.

Section C1 ? Hilts (Control Element)

(No Level Requirement)
Fire Ore: Fire
Seashell: Water
Stone: Earth
Ice: Ice
Solidified Wind: Wind
Bronze: Energy
Golden: Light
Obsidian: Darkness

Section C2 ? Handles (Controls BTH)

Level 0+
Primitive: 1%
Basic: 2%
Passable: 3%
Well Balanced: 5%

Level 50+
Superior: 7%
Excellent: 8%
Masterwork: 10%

Level 90+
Perfect: 15%

Section C3 ? Blades (Controls Damage)

Level 0+
Katana: 3-22
Umazenian: 5-21

Level 30+
Golden: 4-28
Haxxor: 6-25

Level 70+
Crystal: 5-30
Very Sharp: 7-26

Level 90+
Shadowsteel: 6-32
Arcanium: 8-29

Section C4 ? Gems (Controls Special)

Level 0+
Clear: No Special

Well Formed and Perfectly Shaped
Rate: 50%
Hits: 1
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 150% Base and Random.
BTH: 20%

Energetic and Perfectly Shaped
Rate: 50%
Hits: 1
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 200% Base and Random.
BTH: 0%

Level 30+
Energetic and Shaped
Rate: 33%
Hits: 1
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 400% Base and Random.
BTH: 0%

Well Formed and Shaped
Rate: 33%
Hits: 1
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 300% Base and Random.
BTH: 40%

Level 65+
Energetic Unshaped
Rate: 15%
Hits: 1
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 500% Base and Random.
BTH: 0%

Well Formed Unshaped
Rate: 15%
Hits: 1
Attack Type: Magic
Damage: 400% Base and Random.
BTH: 60%

Rate: 100%
Hits: 3
Attack Type: Ranged
Damage: 33.3% Base and Random each. (Plus stat bonuses)
BTH: 10% Added to number seen on weapon information.

Section C5 ? Custom Weapon Parts Conclusion

  • Obviously the best and most recommended handle to get would be the perfect handle. However, if you are not level 90 then the masterwork handle would be the next best thing (just keep working your way up the list of handles).
  • For the blades, Both Arcanium and Shadowsteel are equally good in my opinion ^_^. It?s up to you if you like a big range with a possibility of hitting higher, or a small range and have less chance of hitting lower. It also seems that while wearing the Nemesis or Reign plates, Arcanium is stronger and while wearing Shadow Cloak or Valhallan Plate, Shadowsteel is stronger. Please note that the other lower level blades are just like lessor versions of Arcanium and Shadowsteel Blades, just switch crystal with Shadowsteel, Very Sharp with Arcanium and so on and so forth.
  • Most people, me included prefer having no special (clear gem). Specials, especially at later levels only lower you damage per turn because they do not factor in stat or armor bonuses. So if you were in a highly damaging, multi hit armor, Reign for example or most other mastercrafts (with some exceptions) you would be doing more damage on the normal attack than you would on the special, this is why I recommend you use a Clear Gem. Still, the specials are very accurate and this only applies to the high levels (90+) and top tier armors (ubers and epics), so if you insist on having a special then Well Formed Unshaped is the best.
  • Finally for the hilt you should obviously choose the element of a weapon you need.So for warriors, your Custom weapon should look like this:
    level 90:
    Handle: Perfect
    Blade: Arcanium
    Gem: Clear
    Hilt: The element of weapon you need

    Level 70:
    Handle: Masterwork
    Blade: Crystal
    Gem: Clear
    Hilt: The element of weapon you need

    Level 30:
    Handle: Well balanced
    Blade: Golden
    Gem: Clear
    Hilt: The element of weapon you need

    Level 0:
    Handle: Well balanced
    Blade: Katana
    Gem: Clear
    Hilt: The element of weapon you need

    For Hybrids:
    level 90:
    Handle: Perfect
    Blade: Shadowsteel
    Gem: Clear
    Hilt: The element of weapon you need

    level 70:
    Handle: Masterwork
    Blade: Very Sharp
    Gem: Clear
    Hilt: The element of weapon you need

    level 30:
    Handle: Well Balanced
    Blade: Haxxor
    Gem: Clear
    Hilt: The element of weapon you need

    level 0:
    Handle: Well Balanced
    Blade: Umazenian
    Gem: Clear
    Hilt: The element of weapon you need

    Section D ? Comparisons
    Exactly how good is this Custom Weapon and what element should I be using it for?

Section D1 ? Comparison Links

Important Note:Due to the recent buff to all melee and ranged weapons which the Custom Weapon was unfortunately excluded from, the level 90 blades currently have the power of a level 53 weapon. For the mean time, you?re best of using a different weapon. Eventually, this will be fixed though; watch this space.

High level Weapon Comparisons
These comparisons use both level 100 and level 130 assumptions. They usually compare weapons from level 90 weapons all the way to the top tier weapons. All show how the Custom Weapon compare to weapons of different elements.
Fire Weapons Comparison ? By Rasudido
Water Weapons Comparison ? By Rasudido
Wind Weapons Comparison ? By vezha
Ice Weapons Comparison ? By Deimius
Earth Weapons Comparison ? By Mystical Warrior
EnergyWeapons Comparison ? By Mystical Warrior
Light Weapons Comparison ? By Deimius
Darkness Weapons Comparison ? By Rasudido

Important Note: These conclusions are made for only the level 90 Custom Weapon ONLY. They do not apply in any way, to the Custom Weapon with different level parts. Custom Weapons of lower level will also have different weapon competition.

Section E ?
Closing Notes

Here are some helpful links on the Custom Weapon.


Thanks Game Staff for creating the game.
Thanks Q&A; and H&S; AKs for their time.

Special thanks to:
The Game, my CRE tutor who has taught me a lot! Practically everything I know.
Wilderock for inspiring me to write this guide and everyone else at the USoR for being so great to me.
Z.324 Multiple Corrections and additions to the guide.
vezha for suggestions and notifying me on a few updates that were necessary.

And of course, everyone else who took the time to read through or comment on the guide.

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