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AFK Arena – 5 Secrets you Might Not Know


Hi guys is Qiu here in this video. I will share with you the five secrets in AFK Arena, which you might not know. So, let’s jump into it all right. The first secret lies between Belinda’s signature item, so Belinda bless on Lucius and Lucius go see. We pierce through Brutus immunity, have a closer look again blessing, no immunity for you Brutus. The next one will be my favorite, the ultimate stealer charm on opponent, nemora, and we will get the free heal from opponent. Nemora have a closer look here: Nemora get charmed and her ultimate will heal us. This is very nice. The next one will be drunken kicked by Athalia, so Athalia is actually drunk here.

No, not really. Ok, I try to remove her equipment and she’s the only hero in AFK arena, which we can control on her action here. She will kick further or closer, so we can position a better position. The next one will be the hacker here for all the stages that scaling from team attack Ratings. The difficulty scales from team attack rating this method will work, so I will remove all my equipment from my heroes, drop my rating to 3.3 K and then go to Rickery, cart and reset my highest level heroes so now reset and it dropped to 800 K. Now, when we activate our arcane labyrinth stages, we’ll have a easier fight and Voyage of Wonders also same ok, the next one will be Bond with Soren, not very sure.

This one is a good one. You see we having linked with Soren and Belinda, because the twins get charmed by soren, So Belinda will share damage with Soren and also, if Belinda get damaged, Soren also get damaged. The last bonus tips here, my favorite heroes. I will put on the second slot of my wish list and I will get coincidently more copies of them. Lucius already at Ascended Brutus, also two more copies away and for the gravebond Ferael, two more copies away. So this might be coincidence, but it might also work for you to. Let me know down below in the comment if it worked thanks for watching .

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