AFK Arena – Getting Mythic+ Gears



Wow so mythic+. hey how’s everybody doing is Qiu here so in this video I wanted to show you on the how do we raise our gears from Mythic tier to Mythic+ yesterday I am able to get on this one of these stones which called Stone Of Force. Stone of Force is used for the gears for Strength Heroes and they are two more stones you can check on the heroes for example the intelligence heroes once you click on the strengthen button here they will need the stone of cleverness and for the agility hero we will need stone of Agility.


Oh… stone of quickness so this stone you can farm after completing chapter 20, meaning to say after chapter 21 you will have a chance to get it through afk Reward and also you can get them from the store the Guild Store and you need to save around 40k guild coins to exchange this but it’s very good because once you get this item guarantee you can make your mythic gearsinto mythic+ I will show you the difference before and after.


So before this Lucius is not able to release his ultimate, died very fast, try again can he open his ultimate no no okay we’ll go to his stat here for now he Stat is around 8400 defense and his Health is around 700 K now lets Enhance his gear. I will do for his weapon here because his weapon is obviously the best choice, for the defense it raised round 10. Multiplied by 10 from 150 become 1500 which is a lot so let’s go Wow so Mythic+ gear. okay let’s do it again and see what happened for now. can he tank this? oh no try again I wish he could release his ultimate. Ultimate! Yah we have an improvement here let’s check back on his that here. His stat is Wow 10 K defense around 11 K defense which is alot. nows this is very amazing with this stone alright that’s all for today hope you liked my video if you like my video you can help subscribe on my channel so that’s all thanks for watching Cheers


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