AFK Arena – Graveborn Summoning



Hi guys today I’ll be showing you some of the factions summoning So for faction scrolls, you can get via completion of campaign’s chapters. For here you see like by completing chapter 16, you’ll get 12 faction scrolls for summoning. Today we will be going for the graveborn faction. Banners and hopefully we can get a graveborn mythic Before you do summoning.


You should always check on your wish list and see if your wish list heroes are what you desired. If you see elite heroes will have a greater chance of matching a wish hero. If any elites are produced, but the overalls odds of the elite heroes being produced is not affected, So the elite heroes odds will always be 4 % around 4 %. So you can make any changes that you want, For example, remove one and add a new hero for the graveborn. Before I do a ten summoning. This is the general summoning, but we will do the faction scrolls summoning so 10 summons. Hopefully we can get some epic today, Not epic elites. Today, All green and blue means common and rare and there’s one more thing to take note of.


When you do summoning from the general faction banner or the faction banner, You will always get tavern token. So one summon will get one tavern token. Just now we have summoned 10 faction bonuses, so we will get 10 tavern tokens. Let’S see we. What we will choose here Have a check on our heroes and I check It seems like my lightbearer Belinda need one more copy, so we can get her to ascended. So we try on the lightbearers Yeah lightbearers. You can click on lightbearers and confirm So fawkes. It’S not bad! That’S all for today, thanks

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