AFK Arena – Hero guide (Top tier heroes)



Hi everyone ! I’m making this video to talk about the best heroes in AFK arena. Don’t forget to check in the description the tier list I made recently. I’ll change it when we will get new heroes or updates about the current hero skills. First of all, Vedan. He has a lot of strengths and only one weakness that can also be a strenght for new players. He is a legendary hero which mean that you’ll be able to get him as a rare unit in summons but you won’t be able to upgrade him past level 160.


His ultimate is the skill that make him so strong and the reason you want to focus on him in early. His second skill is pretty useful because, he will attack in a line in front of him and will heal himself when hitting the targets. This skill will help him to survive to the moment he will use his ultimate. I will show you how his ultimate work… As you can see, he heal his life by hitting the ennemy with his first skill, and now he is again full life… Next is Brutus. As a mythic hero, he is a lot harder to get because you will only find him as an elite unite in summons. You’ll also be able to get one for free when finishing the chapter 14. His main strenght is his invincibility and immunity to everything for few seconds like Vedan but only activating when he is low life.


When used with his third skill, that’ll let him do more damages and be faster the lower is his life, he will be able to deal insane damages. Even better is that his second skill will reduce all ennemies defence by 50%. And last but not least, his ultimate will deal damages to ennemies in front of him in a large area multiple time and convert some of those damages into health for him. That’s why you want to be sure that he his low life when using his ultimate. Here is an example of a Brutus in a fight… Now Shemira. Shemira won’t be that great in early game because even if she can life steal with her second skill, she doesn’t deal that much damages and is slightly lacking when compared with the other solo carry. She can still be used and is easier to build than a brutus because you can get her in the labyrinth shop and in the end of the chapter 15.


But things will change when she reach the level 161. Her ultimate that can deal damages to everyone can now also steal their life. She will enter an nearly invincible state where she deal damages to everyone and she heal herself continuously. Moreover her ultimate last 12 seconds which mean that she will be able to use it again before the end (Of the previous one, bad cut sry) That’s why the best way to play her is in team with Raine she is pretty hard to get as she is a mythic hero and you can only get her for free in chapter 16 but she is a lot more useful than what most people think.


She is not a solo carry like the other 3 heroes but she is a great asset in any team because of her ultimate. When used it will leave a mark on all ennemies and if any of your hero, here for example shemira kill one. She will see her energy refilling really fast until full. That’s why this combo is great because shemira will use her ultimate again and again until everyone in the ennemy team is dead. She will also raise the damages of your ally and the damages dealt to the ennemy team Here is a little example….


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