AFK Arena – Labyrinth Tips and Trick, Hard Mode Overview


Hi guys today I’ll be showing you the labyrinth stage if you see a top-left corner of my portrait I’m around 1300K attack rating but now I’m removing my equipment to reduce my attack rating because the labyrinth is slightly dependent on our overall attack rating and then we also need to remove our dura just to be sure to reduce every attack rating as possible there’s also another way to reduce our overall attack rating that is to remove some of the heroes in the resonating crystal because most of them are matching the the pentagram level in the resonating crystal but we are not be doing it today. Done ready then you can go to the labyrinth and click on it and don’t forget to put back your equipment.

So for labyrinth stage is quite important because we can farm for labyrinth tokens as well as diamonds for summoning. For every stage on the the reward for example stage one it will give you 50 diamonds Stage two will give you a hundred diamonds and after completing stage three they will give you 200 diamonds that’s around 350 diamond and on alongside you will get a lot of experience and some of the items.. Yah for upgrading like heroic essence and also the labyrinth token is very important because we can exchange for epic hero guarantee epic hero for 45k tokens. Fairly easy match here after we reducing our attack rating oh okay hi Atalia she’ll be bringing us to the second floor and then here we will see two portals the left is the normal stage the right at the hard mode so for those who are not confident you can always try to secure for the normal stage because the weekly will always depend on the completion of the third labyrinth stage, so if you are not confident it is better to go for the normal stage As for the hard stage there are two special things here which is the Dark Wagon and the Cave for Treasures.

Dark Wagon is like theres only one boss here and after defeating him you can recruit him into our team which will help you in in your journey to complete stage three although it’s only one hero but you we need to be aware because it have fairly tanky HP here so my strategy here will be having a tanker in front and to lifesteal to tank in front and also the healer nemora to heal off the team others you can put like DPS ER and the bosses are not affected by CCS like stuns knock-back and all those so you might remove all those and replace with some higher DPSer so here fairly easy fight and we will fast forward to the cave of treasure okay thanks Athalia okay for cave of treasures after defeating the boss they will give you three reward it’s not three reward it either one of the three which is either you can get the guild coins or you can get labyrinth tokens or the gladiator coins so here on the 15 second mark I have Lucius shield ready to shield the whole team because the boss damage ultimate damage is still very very pain and you can see here Brutus is life stealing 146k damage instantly we bring his health to full health so having a tank in front will be much easier fight butas can always lifesteal and Lucius can always have a sheild to sheild and heal the whole team but sadly my nemora has died on the previous stages so I didn’t bring her here.

What we get here .. we get guild coins. So that’s all for today thanks.

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