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AFK Arena – Rosaline Hero Review



all right for the Rosaleen Pros, Rosaleen will be very tanky as a supporter because she has a skill called motivation. for motivation she increased her damage reduction by 40% when she follows on an Allies on the battlefield. Next, she has a skill called spring cleaning. While performing spring cleaning she’s invulnerable for 4 seconds and enemy couldn’t damage of crowd contr her which prolong her survivability when clearing stages and campaign. Next, she has amazing support kits and supports skills. normally for supporter they will either get crowd control or the healing abilities or energy regeneration ability but for Rosalie she has all the supported kits in one hero meaning to say she can heal, he can fully recover energy and she can boost attack rating and also she has crowd control.


For the crowd control she has a skill called crazy crockery. Crazy crockeries when you max her level she was through five crockeries at the enemy. so for every crockeries that being thrown at enemy they will get mini stun. and this Mini stun is very crucial when clearing stage for example for Lucius he is preparing to ultimate to gain the shield and heal, but with this crazy crockeries, she will stun and interrupted his ultimate completely so Lucius is not able to release his ultimate. And next she can focus on the energy regen by using the dura call. Dura call is the dura which increases energy regeneration per Second so for the main dps they can focus on the damage by using the dura blade.


So you no longer need to get worried that there’s no energy regen when you use the dura blade or you’re not enough damage dealing when you are using dura call so for example belinda she can focus on damage she can use the dura blade and for the energy regeneration, Rosaline will do all the supporting regeneration here because she can wear on the dura call and transfer energy to Belinda cast her ultimate. so for her cons here Will be supporting only for one Ally so meaning to say other allies do not benefit from her supporting skills. Next she only single targets crowd control, which only targets on the single enemy it’s not like Aden that has multiple Crowd control ability. and next she had is fairly weak here when she solo and she will randomly cast her ultimate on either one allies (wrong) when the highest attack rating hero get banished or get coffin.


Which is the disadvantage here. so that’s all for today hope you liked my video if you like my video can help subscribe on my channel and got thanks for watching Cheers.


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