AFK Arena – Top 3 Tips to Clear Stucked Stages


hi guys it’s Qiu here welcome back to my channel did you ever get stuck and certain roadblocks that you couldn’t proceed further anymore don’t worry I will share you my tips on how I cleared these stages and progress further so stay tuned it’s really normally we get stuck a certain point of campaign chapters that was because our level you never ever catch up on enemy’s level but what we should do here so we need to try on every possible combination of heroes in the game. you should put them on the resonating crystal there are no useless heroes in this game, Rowan even his elite only he did a well job in baiting silvina and also baiting Thoran skill so my team can survive longer. secondly we need to identify the main threat in enemy team.

In enemy teams Silvina and Isabella will be the main threat because the once Silvina jump on any of our mages, Isabella will straight burst down us so Their combo are very nice here. after finding main threat we need to get the counters to them. Fawkes here will Coffin on the Shemira to stop her from damaging our team and then Rowan he do the bait role here, bait Silvina and bait Thoran. 3rd we need to find the pattern so after finding the pattern and the best formation to clear this stage we will need to stick on this formation and hope that RNG luck will carry us to victory, because sometimes enemies might miss on us and we will dodge their attacks or Our attack will crit on them, this will bring us to victory this stage I stuck for one week and finally I cleared this so thanks for watching

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