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Welcome adventurers! Today we’ll talk about Arena of heroes. Arena of Heroes have three modes: Arena of Heroes, Legends Challenger Tournament and a Legends Championship. Let’s talk about each of those. We’ll start with Arena of Heroes. In the Arena of Heroes you have to compete with other players in your ladder in order to be as high as possible in the ranking. That will allow you to have higher amount of rewards that you will get at the end of the season. You have two types of rewards in the Arena of Heroes: First one is daily rewards that are being rewarded daily and second one is the season rewards that are being rewarded at the end of the two-week season.

Amount of diamonds you will get is based on your current standing in the ladder. You have to make sure that you have a defensive formation which can be set up by clicking the formation button. This team will protect you from all the attacks, whether you are online or offline. In order to increase your ranking you gotta challenge other players. You can see their defensive team strength over here and the amount of arena points they have right now. You have several free challenge attempts every day and they are based on your VIP level. When you challenge an enemy team you can change the setup of your team accordingly to your needs and begin the battle when you are happy with that. All the fights in the Arena of Heroes are being done automatically, so you can’t use the skills manually. When you win the fight you will get a random reward and some ladder points that will most likely increase your ranking. After you have exhausted all your free attempts you can use arena tickets in order to challenge more enemies if you want to. When the season is over you are getting your season rewards and it all starts again.

The next arena mode we are going to talk about is Legends Challenger Tournament. Over here you are getting gladiator coins every hour based on your standing. Your ranking division may rank anywhere from novice to champion. When you reach the champion rank you will also get the challenger points, that allows top 10 players with the most challenger points to take part in the Legends Championship. The mechanics here is very similar to the Arena of Heroes, but in this case you will have to set up 3 defensive teams and 3 offensive teams.

When you challenge an enemy you can adjust your team positions or change the team order in order to adjust your team to the enemy setup. Keep in mind that you don’t need to win every fight, your goal is to win two fights, so it’s best of three. Losing here doesn’t change your ranking, you just won’t be able to get to the next step, while winning will increase the amount of gladiator coins you will get every hour. Keep in mind that you can have only 10 000 gladiator coins collected in the legends challenger tournament. And overall maximum of 500 000 coins in your storage. You can spend your gladiator coins at the challenger store, where you can exchange them for the heroes or the emblem choice chests. Moreover, from time to time, during the events you can exchange gladiator coins for the special rare heroes. Now let’s move on to the Legends Championship. Legends Championship is a cross server tournament. All participating heroes will have their levels set at 240 and their gear will be at the mythic level.

All of their union attributes will be maxed out and signature items and furniture bonuses may be used. However, heroes will not receive factional gear advantage bonuses and will not start with any artifacts. Top 10 players from Legends Challenger Tournament are the ones who will take part in the Legends Championship. Then those players fight each other in the group stage of the Legends Championship. In the group stage, all players fight each other once. If a player in a group finish with equal amount of points, players that reach top of their group stage will then progress through the 64 player knockout stage of the Legends Championship. And over here you can actually see who is fighting who, who is winning and who is getting to the next stage of the Legends Championship. Also at this stage of Legends Championship, all the players are able to battle wager. You can take a look at the formations of the players and pick the one who you think will most likely win.

After you’ve made the bet, you wait till the end of the fight and you will see the actual distribution of the votes between the contenders. When the second stage of 64 player knockout is concluded we are moving on to the finals: the fight where we can see the best of the best. Participants and winners of the Legends Championship are getting special frames as the reward. I hope you enjoy this video! If you find it useful please like, share and subscribe to the AFK Arena official channel, where we will be releasing more official tutorials and content breakdowns. Dosvidanya!.

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