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– [Instructor] In “AFK Arena”, we have five different class specializations. There’s the warrior, the tank, the ranger, the mage and the support. In this video, we’re gonna go through the tank and support specializations. Now tanks are pretty much what you think when you hear tank, they’re gonna sit there in the front row normally, absorb damage and help protect your teammates. While the support heroes are those guys that are normally gonna sit in the back row and heal and buff your teammates and keep them alive. In the tank class we have from the Lightbearers, Lucius and Hendrik. From the Maulers we have Brutus, Skriath and Anoki. Wilders have Gorvo and Ulmus. The Graveborn have Grezhul, Thoran, Torne and Daimon. Celestials have Orthros. Hypogeans have Mezoth and the Dimensionals have Arthur. The first Tank that I really wanna take a look at is gonna be Arthur the Dimensional. Now being a Dimensional, the good thing about him is that if you’ve got one of those heroes that you kept summoning that you didn’t really want, you can go ahead and ascend them and then link them to Arthur, making those heroes actually useful.

Now, the great thing about Arthur is also, you can get him from the Labyrinth Store, free to play. You can also, once you’ve summoned him, you can get his signature item, upgrade tokens from the Labyrinth Store as well. Now this is very important because his signature item is where all the magic happens with Arthur. So you’re really gonna wanna get these to level 30, to get the full functionality out of him. The whole thing about this guy is he’s just really hard to kill, heals a lot, but also supports any allies that are behind him on the battlefield. So with his signature item, he’s gonna increase the attack rate of heroes behind him, he’s also gonna increase their crit ratings and that when he has true allies behind him on the battlefield, he’ll put a little aura behind him.

So, you know whether they’re in that or not. But when there are two, at least two allies in that aura, he’s gonna recover 5% of his max health every second. But also on top of that, he’s gonna be immune to any control effects, so as long as you can keep two allies behind this guy, he’s gonna be incredibly hard to kill, buff those allies behind him immensely and also be completely immune to crowd control effects. The next tank we’re gonna look at is gonna be Lucius from the Lightbearers. Now, this guy is widely seen as the best beginner’s tank. From early game, he’s gonna be an amazing hero for your entire team. His ultimate is a shield that’s gonna encompass all of his allies. They’re all gonna heal from the shield as well. So it’s not only reducing the damage they take.

It’s also healing them as they go. He also has a defense bar with another heal. He has a big damage mitigation shield that he’ll put down, reducing the damage he takes, but also increasing his energy regeneration. And then on top of that, he also has a knockdown for his enemies that with his signature item is also gonna reduce their energy recovery rate. So he’s got it all.

He’s got a little bit of CC, but he’s got a lot of protection for his teammates, a lot of protection for himself and also some nice healing for his teammates as well. The final tank that I wanna take a look at is a new tank in the game and he’s more of a DPS in the damage he can deal than a tank and that is gonna be Daimon. Now this guy is absolutely amazing. The thing that makes him deal so much damage is his passive and ultimate.

So his passive is gonna be that he can go ahead and steal the enemy’s health. He’s gonna steal up to 26% of the enemy’s max health and convert it into a shield on himself. Not only dealing massive damage from applying that shield, but also giving himself good mitigation. And then his ultimate is gonna allow him to use this same effect against three enemies. So just the HP scaling damage, especially in PVE content, campaign and tower, he’s really gonna shine there because the enemies far outscale the health pools of your heroes, meaning the damage is just gonna be really big numbers. And it’s a really effective throughout the whole game. On top of that, he’s gonna send his doll Stitchy out to attack enemies, dealing some decent damage, but also having a single target stun that’s gonna provide a little bit of added control to the hero, but this guy, he’s one of those weird tanks. You can actually leave him in the back row and function him as a DPS. And he’s just gonna be a solid DPS that can survive, but also deal massive damage.

Moving on into the support heroes from the Lightbearers, we have Rowan, Rosaline and Raine. From the Maulers we have the Numisu. From the Wilders we have Tasi and Nemora. The Graveborn are still yet to have a support in the game. The Celestials have Talene and the Celestial twins being Elijah and Lailah. And then the Hypogeans have Ezizh. The first support hero we have to mention is gonna be Rowan, widely considered one of the best non celestial Hypogean heroes in the game. This guy is absolutely amazing. The thing that makes him so good is he sets up a potion stall at the start of the battle.

And this person stall is gonna have three healing potions and they’re really smart heals. It’s gonna wait until your allies are low before it’s actually gonna heal them. And it heals based on your allies max HP, which means it’s always gonna be a reliable heal. On top of that, if you get his signature item boosted up, it’s also gonna contain an energy potion that can actually boost the energy of one of your heroes by up to 400 energy, which is allowing your team to get their ultimates off a lot faster than the enemy team, which can be pivotal in battle.

The other fantastic thing about this guy is his ultimate. His ultimate, he’s gonna throw coins everywhere. If it hits your allies, it’s going to give them an attack buff and also generate energy. If it hits enemies, it’s gonna stun them. This guy really is the whole package when it comes to support and one of the best heroes in the game. The next support hero is gonna be Rosaline. Now she is very unique in that she actually follows the ally with the highest power and when she goes and uses her ultimate, it’s gonna increase the ultimate gauge of that ally and allow them to use theirs faster. This can be used in a wide variety of ways. You can sometimes have her following Lucius so that when she uses her ultimate, he’s gonna keep applying shields and basically just endlessly shield your team.

You could have her follow Rowan, which means she’s gonna boost Rowan. And then Rowan’s gonna use his ultimate and boost her with energy. And then he’s gonna boost her with energy again. And they’re just gonna keep cycling through like that. And then the obvious way is to have her following your main damage dealer so that they can deal with the most damage. But on top of that, she also has some cups she’s gonna throw at and these cups are really nice because they do damage based on the enemy’s max HP, which means she also has some solid damage behind her as well. The next three support heroes we are gonna look at are gonna be the celestial and hypogean support heroes. And these guys are definitely harder to get, but they have some pivotal abilities that really makes me wanna cover them. So the first one, the celestial Talene, widely considered probably the best hero in the game, she’s amazing. She deals some massive damage, but also when she takes damage, she’s gonna heal allies depending on how much damage she takes.

Also on top of that, if she does die, she’s gonna turn into a fireball, deal some damage to her enemies and as she heals up gradually, she’s gonna come back to life when she hits half HP and be able to keep attacking. And she will repeatedly do this throughout the battle. Now this is where her ultimate comes in. She’s gonna sacrifice her own HP, healing her allies, but also shielding herself proportionate to the amount of health sacrificed. On top of that, she is a leather wearing unit. And with those shields and the dodge granted by leather gear, she’s gonna be able to mitigate a lot of damage whilst also dealing some massive damage herself.

Then we have the celestial twins, Elijah & Lailah. Now this is a pivotal unit for boss fights. Even if you only get one copy of this unit, they are gonna be very helpful for you in boss fights. The reason being they have two effects that are really gonna help your team. First, their ultimate is gonna massively increase the haste of your whole team.

Meaning you support heroes are gonna support faster. Your damage deals are gonna do damage faster and healers are gonna heal more often. It’s just an amazing, amazing ultimate ability. But on top of that, they link your two front row heroes allowing them to increase each other’s attack and defense based on their own attack and defense rating. So, especially in boss fights, if you put too high damage dealers in the front row, they’re gonna both increase each other’s attack rating, allowing you to deal more damage against bosses. And finally, we have the hypogean hero, Ezizh. Now this guy is an amazing support due to his passive. He has an ability where anytime the him or his allies use an ultimate ability, it will put a de-buff on the enemy heroes, not allowing them to use their ultimate while the de-buff is up. Now, when his allies use an ultimate ability, it’s a two second buff when he uses his ultimate ability, it’s a three second de-buff. So this is such a unique ability. And this guy is available from the challenges arena shop, so you can pick him up there, free to play.

It will take you a long time to actually get enough copies to ascend him, but still that support ability, especially in some of the boss fights to lock them out from using their ultimate ability can be very, very crucial. So that is gonna be it for the tank and support classes in “AFK Arena”. That’s all the heroes, my top picks. Thanks for watching. Hope you guys have a great day and we’ll look forward to seeing you in the next one. Cheers. (epic orchestral music).

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