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In this guide, I’ll be showing you how to use the Library. The library is an AFK Arena feature, that allows you to get additional rewards and make your heroes stronger. We will cover all the aspects of the library: unions, elder tree, field of stars and i’ll tell you how they work. The first point we are going to talk about are unions. On the union screen you can see different combinations of unions and each of those will give bonuses to those heroes that are being part of that union. To understand how it works let’s go to lightbringers union and we will use them as an example for our explanation.

So each union consists of several heroes. You can see those two heroes at the bottom of this screen. Depending on the ascension tier of the heroes in your union they will get additional stats. There are three tiers of union bonuses: you get the first tier bonus when you insert any of the heroes that are required for the union, you get the second tier where all of the heroes in the union are elite plus or higher and you get the third tier stat bonus, which is actually pretty cool, when all the heroes in your union are legendary plus. So as an example I’ve set one of the heroes to the lower rarity and you can see that we are not getting all the benefits. When selecting the heroes for your union you can use your own units your own heroes, your friends heroes and your guildmates heroes. So as you can see here we have a lot of different options. Let’s get this 5 star Belinda and get our maximum bonus. You can select which of your heroes will help your teammates and friends by clicking my support heroes over here and those heroes will be available for your friends and guildmates.

And the small advice guys: it might be beneficial to save one of those fodder tier heroes that are not really useful just for the sake of having the maximum union bonus for your heroes. The next thing we are going to talk about is the elder tree. Elder tree can be unlocked when you beat chapter 8 40 in the campaign and after that you will be able to enjoy this feature. The tree itself buffs your attributes a little bit and giving bonuses to all the heroes. You get some of those flawless droplets when you ascend your heroes and those will help you to level up your tree. But after completing campaign stage 12 40 and reaching level 15 on the elder tree (on the main tree) you will unlock dura’s virtues. Basically each tree branch or the virtue represents different classes. We have support, mages, warriors, tanks and rangers here. You will see all the heroes affected by this virtue of the same class over here in the middle of the screen, below that will be the stat bonuses that you are getting for leveling up the branch. And at the bottom of the screen you will have the available skills that are being unlocked for those specific class heroes.

Unlocking those additional class skills will require you to level up the duras vitrues to the specific levels. You can see the requirements if you click on one of their skills. In order to level up the dura’s virtues you will need a twisted essence which is MAINLY acquired from the twisted realm. Of course, there are other ways to get it, but twisted realm is the main way to get it, for most people. Leveling duras virtues can give you flat stat bonuses and percentage stat bonuses as well so it can be quite a powerful way to make your heroes stronger. And the last topic that will be covered in this video is field of stars. Field of stars is a feature of AFK Arena that will make your progress faster. It will boost your afk rewards and overall progression speed. You can see different constellations here and each of those actually affects specific area of the game.

For example Longhorn over here will affect your afk rewards and it will boost the amount of those rewards you will get over time. Sands of time is giving you daily flat bonuses to your afk rewards, The Chalice is giving you additional rewards to your daily and weekly chest rewards and also it’s giving you bonuses to arcane labyrinth tokens. And the northern helm is giving you additional afk bonuses and bonuses to your team hunting when you’re fighting the guild bosses, so you’ll get more stuff out of that. Each of the upgrades in different constellation have its own requirements it’s usually a campaign chapter being completed or amount of heroes or some terms of progression you have done already and in order to do an upgrade you’ll have to pay some gold and wait for specific amount of time for upgrade to finish.

But if you are in a hurry and you don’t want to wait you can use diamonds to speed it up. Be mindful though that you can do only one upgrade per constellation at a time, so if you want to start the second upgrade over here it will ask you to finish the first upgrade first. And a small advice for you guys the big torch constellation is really useful because it allows you to unlock the new feature in tavern that’s called the hero choice pack that will guarantee that you will have this specific hero that you always wanted to build, but there is one problem: you cant make celestial and hypogeans heroes here, so it’s only for the normal factions. Hope you enjoyed this video! If you find it useful, please like, share and subscribe to the AFK Arena official channel where we’ll be releasing more official tutorials and content breakdowns. Dosvidanya!.

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